2.0 / July 27, 2019
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Send a Happy Birthday Card to your awesome nephew! There are tonnesof happy birthday card tailored just for your nephew! HappyBirthday Nephew Card is EASY TO USE and FREE TO USE! As simple as,Selecting your card, Edit with your own message and Send rightaway! You also can Share to your Social Media and share it to thewhole world!

اطلاعات برنامه اندروید Happy Birthday Nephew Card

  • نام برنامه
    Happy Birthday Nephew Card
  • نام بسته
  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    July 27, 2019
  • حجم فایل
  • حداقل نسخه اندروید
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • نسخه
  • توسعه دهنده
    Janet Jaquiline Jiokis
  • تعداد نصب
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Happy Birthday Aunty 2.0 APK
Janet Jaquiline Jiokis
Send a Happy Birthday Aunty to your most beloved aunt! We gottonnes of card made just for your awesome aunt! As simple as,Selecting your desired card, Edit and Send them right away! You canshare them to your Facebook or Instagram or any other social mediaplatforms! Send her a card and let her now that she is awesome!
Motivational Quote Photo Frame 1.0 APK
Janet Jaquiline Jiokis
Motivational Quote Photo Frame is a motivational quote written bysomany famous people. You can find all the motivational quote youneedto face life! But, what's more important is you should be arolemodel and motivate the people around you especially yourfriends andfamily! Inspire other people and keep motivating themto face thechallenges in every day life. Let them know andmotivate them sothey can do it just like you! Motivational QuotePhoto Frame willcustomized your quote and your photo into one cooland inspiringmotivational photo frame! Let other people know thatyou want toinspire them as well! Motivational Quote Photo Frame isdefinitelyfor you! Keep inspiring and motivate other people sothat thepositive vibe can be created. This motivational quote plusphotoframe is truly wonderful work of art! Features: + Moremotivationquote photo frame (more than 20+) + Easy to use + Freeto use + Fastapplication + Shareable to your social media + LessHassles +Compatible to most phones + More features
Blood Photo Sticker 1.0 APK
Janet Jaquiline Jiokis
Prank your friends with Blood Photo Sticker! As simple as,selectingthe right blood sticker, add to your photo and share toyourfriends! They will totally be freaked out!Features:+ Easy toUse+Step by Step sticker selection+ Free to Use+ No hiddencharges+ Freeupdates to get the latest stickers+ Hassle Free+Share to yourFacebook or Instagram+ Loads more features...UseBlood Photo Stickernow to prank your friends!
Happy Father's Day 1.0 APK
Janet Jaquiline Jiokis
Happy Father's Day is here. Send a Happy Father's Day card toyourawesome dad! This Happy Father's Day card is so easy to use.Assimple as Selecting your desired card, edit with your ownmessageand send them right away! There are lots of card design tochooseand send to your beloved dad! We know your father is awesomeandthat's why we want you to send the a father's day card!
Price Tag Photo Editor 2.0 APK
Janet Jaquiline Jiokis
Have a business you just started and wants to promote your productsonline? Hiring or outsourcing photo editor is too costly? Want toedit your product online fast and on the go? Now you can do allthat with Price Tag Photo Editor! This app is for you if you havethis thoughts! Now you can be your own photo editor to edit yourproducts online, fast, easy, on the go and free! Price Tag PhotoEditor helps you to promote your business real fast, real easy andreal free! Now you can promote your products immediately. Whetheryou want to sell online, sell on social media, sell on website,sell on Whatsapp or almost anywhere online, now you can do it withease and fast. Make fast money without worrying of editing yourproducts. Don't have to wait your photos edited outside! You canedit your photo fast and get instant result! Why wait when you canedit your own! Time is money and that's why Price Tag Photo Editorwants to help you make money fast! Features: + More than 50 photostickers + Free + Easy to use + Resizeable + Rotateable + Instantresult + No hassle + Share instantly + More features.. Make moneyfast and promote your products instantly. Don't wait your productsto be edited when you can edit the product yourself like aprofessional!
Star Photo Frame 2.0 APK
Janet Jaquiline Jiokis
Now you can create a stunning photo with Start Photo Frame! Use itas your Facebook profile pictures, Instagram profile pictures andother social media platforms! It will make your photo look morecooler and stunning! Tonnes of photo frames to choose from! Youwill get the latest frames from time to time! It is FREE for you toUse! It is EASY to Use!
Lips Photo Editor 1.0 APK
Janet Jaquiline Jiokis
Your face photo looks boring? Your lips does not looks fabulous?Your lips does not look attractive? If you have this doubt, nowEdit or Add that Fabulous lips into your photos just like a Pro!Lips Photo Editor is the one for you to add that flare and sexinessinto your photos! This will make your photo looks more attractivecompared to before! Lips Photo Editor will assist you just to addthat sexy lips you always wanted! There is No need to have asurgery when you can edit your lips the way you want it too!Features: + More than 100++ of various lips available + FREE + Easyto use + Ability to rotate + Ability to resize + Ability to changecolors + Ability to Share to your Social media + Step-by-step guide+ Constant update to get the latest fabulous lips + More FeaturesLook good with your lips with Lips Photo Editor
Reaper Photo Editor 1.0 APK
Janet Jaquiline Jiokis
Want to create a reaper photo effect into your photos? Don'tknowhow to edit reaper in your photo? Now you can with ReaperPhotoEditor! Create a stunning reaper effect, just like aprofessional!Features: + Tonnes of reaper stickers available + Freeto Use +Easy to Use + Step-by-step application + Multiple stickerseditors+ Change size of your stickers + Rotate your stickers +Ability tochange colors + More features