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Unseen no last seen & hidden chat for whatsapp is a simpletoolto read incoming messages without read sign and showing bluetickor online status. With hidden chat for whatsapp you don’t needtogo offline or remove internet connection while chattingwithfriends to show yourself offline. The best application to hidelastseen, blue check and read sign. You have now the freedom toreadyour friends’ messages incognito, without leaving any lastseennotice or blue double check notification For FREE. Recoveryourprivacy with Our App Hidden Chat for WhatsApp without beenseen.Noneed to remove internet connection or activate offline mode.Userfriendly , attractive and easy to use Environment. Finally! Nomoreread receipts, no check marks, no blue double tick or lastseen!Hide - Blue Ticks or Last Seen is really easy to use: whenyoureceive a message from one of these messenger apps, it will alsobereceived in the Hide - Blue Ticks or Last Seen application.There,you can read it freely, whenever you want, without having anyofyour friends knowing that you have seen it.

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    Hidden Chat for WhatsApp & No last Seen
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    August 16, 2018
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Modren Apps
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CV Maker - Resume Maker 2.2 APK
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Job CV Maker-Portfolio Maker Free app is an all in one solution forbuilding Innovative and Leading Edge Resume / Curriculum Vitae. Ifthis is the first time you are trying to write a professionalresume / curriculum vitae for finding your dream job, this freeresume maker app will help you to get on a right track of resumewriting. With the simple User-Friendly Interface professional cvmaker free, allows you to build resumes in just about a minute withdifferent Languages and different formats. CV Maker ProfessionalApp contains different types of Professional CV Formats. You canalso change your font size and style as desired. There are severalresume formats included, you can use them to help you create agreat looking Resume / Curriculum Vitae to help you in your jobsearch. CV Maker for Job Application is the easiest tool to createCV with creative styles, just in a short period of time. You cansave your resumes as PDF format and then you can share these resumeusing bluetooth, email, whatsapp or any other social sharingplatform. Create a CV/ Resume is very simple with this free resumemaker ! Just fill in the blanks to create your resume / curriculumvitae and Save as PDF file. CV maker and Resume maker is the app tocreate your cv and resume instantly and search and apply for thejob.job cv maker is best app to find and apply for new jobs . FreeResume maker app The app is the free resume maker app to generateyour resume in a short time without logging to your computer byusing your mobile phones.This resume builder tool has 4 differentResume termplates to generate your resume .use any of them andapply for differents jobs using free resume app.thus Job resumemaker is a tremendous app CV Maker for Job search cv maker for jobsearch is a great tool in search for your jobs.while applyingcreate a cv within few minutes using this cv builder app. Job cvmaker Job cv maker is the wonderful cv maker for job applications.Free CV Builder app The app is the free CV Builder tool app tocreate your cv in a limited time by using your android phone .Thiscv builder and cv maker pro tool includes 4 different cv formats tocreate your cv .so create your cv and share it using any of themand apply for new jobs. cv maker, cv maker app, cv maker for jobapplications.cv creator free . cv builder app. cv builder free. cvbuilder 2018.cv builder free uk.cv builder app free.cv maker withphoto. Cv maker for job .cv builder. Cv builder app. cv builderfree. cv builder 2018. Cv builder free uk . Resume maker. resumemaker free . resume maker app. resume maker for internship. Resumemaker with pdf format .cv creator. Cv creator with photo.resumemaker for fresher. Best resume maker app. free resume maker app .resume maker free for android .resume creator . resume creater .resume creator in word format . resume creating app. resumebuilder. Resume builder app free. resume builder pro Key featuresof Free Resume builder, CV, Free Resume Maker, Resume is …. • Startcreating resume now made easy with resume app free • 10 differentfree resume formats are available in this make resume app • Step bystep guide to create job winning CV photo, Resume are available inthis CV maker professional • Edit, Delete your Resume Quickly areavailable in CV Library. • Opportunity for creating several resumesto adapting a profession you are applying for, by using thisperfect resume maker • Save the resumes and use it as perconvenience by using resume application and a completely resumebuilder app free • With this free resume maker you has the featureto update CV Caremark , Resume for future use Resume builder AppFree / CV / Free Resume App includes has: Contact informationObjective Academic Information Work Experience Projects Strengthand Curricular Activities Industrial Exposure Reference Picture andSignature etc. Make use of our free resume app and a free resumemaker and build resume with a perfect CV Maker for freshers.
Super VPN Proxy Free - Easy VPN Proxy 2018 1.1 APK
Modren Apps
Super VPN Proxy is the most trusted security, privacy and accessforandroid to unblock sites, watch video , browse privately andsecureWIFI hotspots with top performance on speed, stability,andsecurity. Free VPN Proxy gives you true online freedom bypassinggeo-restrictions and accessing world’s content fromanywhere, withjust one click. No need to spend much moneytravelling around theworld, free unlimited Super VPN will show youthe beauty of thewhole world.Enjoy multiple VPN proxy server tobypass blockedwebsite and apps as if you were in another country.Bypass locationrestrictions, internet filters and censorship atsuper high speedVPN.Bypass firewalls of school Wifi when you are atwork or school.Secure your internet connection under Wifi hotspot.Browseanonymously & privately without being tracked. Hide yourIP andlet you enjoy private browsing. A free and unlimited VPNdesignedto unblock websites, bypass security and create as secureWifihotspot. A privacy VPN proxy which uses proxy settings to hideIPaddress and data encryption. No registration required for thisfreeVPN and no VPN master trial period is necessary. This VPNproxymaster connect through country to country or region to regionwhichyou can use in different countries like ,Russian VPN , Uae VPN,Saudi Arabia VPN , usa VPN , Canada VPN ,and more others .EasyVPNMaster Proxy Unblock Sites free VPN android unlimited proxywhereyou can ever get unlimited VPN access of bypass or unblocksitesnow You can unblock any apps or websites using Super VPNProxy. Nowyou can access social networks such as Face book,Twitter, YouTube,and Snapchat, etc. or other blocked websites fromanywhere,bypassing the Geo Area restrictions. Hide your IP and letyou enjoyprivate browsing. Protect data privacy, personalinformationsecurity and internet security. Works with Wifi, LTE,4G, 3G, andall mobile data carriers. Protect your network trafficunder VPNFree. Browse anonymously and securely without beingtracked. Enjoyprivate browsing.VPN Unblocker is the world fastestVPN proxyservice for Android that allows you to access yourfavoritewebsites from mobile devices wherever you are, maskIP-address,protect personal data and enhance online security. ThisSuper Vpnapplication can be used for unlimited period time and freeofcharge! Super VPN Unblocker makes it possible for a user toforgetabout the paid subscriptions. Internet anonymously andsecurely –enjoy your time staying on different websites! By itsnature, SuperVPN Proxy also protects you when accessing WiFihotspots bycreating a secure, private tunnel between you and theInternet.Best VPN Free is the best VPN tool for accessingeverything on theInternet.Show IP address The Free VPN applicationof auto proxy VPNconnection & Wifi protection app will show myWifi router IPaddress and device information.Wifi booster signalboost Speed upyour network with just 1 touch, you can enjoy surfingthe web,watching movies without worrying about lag.Internet speedtestSpeed test of download & upload speed and ping, helpyoudetermine the network connection status on yourdevice.MainFeatures:* Easy to Use easy VPN free.* Protect yourprivacy*Unblock geographically restricted websites.* Noregistrationrequired, no settings required.* Speeds up your networkbrowsing.*No speed limitation, no bandwidth limitation.* One-clicktoconnecting VPN.* Switch countries with easy.* Encryptsyourinternet traffic.* Top server speed & reliability.* Usingmostsecure VPN solution.* Use the basic features for free forever.*Nosystem root required.* Free VPN proxy, connect as a hare tounblocksites, WiFi hotspot secure and protect privacy.I wish EasyVPN Freewill make your life better and more convenient.
Fly GPS Location Changer - Fake GPS Location 1.0 APK
Modren Apps
Fake GPS is a Location Changer app to set your phone locationtoanywhere in the world with a just single click. The GPS Fakeappwill overwrite your current location and any third partyapps,websites or services will think you are in Paris, New York,Dubai,London or any other places!It’s simple and great fun totrickpeople with Fake GPS Location. You can use the app (FakeLocation)to pull a prank or show that you’re somewhere else as anexcuse.Usethis Location cheater so you can fake your location. FakeGPS Freewill overwrite your current proximity elegantly so that youcanprank your friends on any social network to think you aresomewhereelse. Find people in different cities, fly GPS from cityto citywithout moving. Geotag that photo even if you forgot to turnonlocation when you were taking it.Use the app so you can faketheGPS on the go. It will overwrite your current proximityelegantlyso that you can prank your friends on any social networkto thinkyou are somewhere else. Find people in different cities,fly GPSfrom city to city without moving. Geotag that photo even ifyouforgot to turn on location when you were taking it. fakeGPSlocation changer can make your friends think you're on adreamvacation in Rome, when in fact you’re at home! A fast, funnyway totrick your friends by simply faking (changing) yourphone’sGPSFeatures:-simple GPS changer technique.- Select alocation onthe map- Change GPS location to the selected location-Allows usersto change location immediately with Joystick-Enterlatitude/longitude directly from the joystickHow does itwork?First enable the developer settings on your device (onolderversions it is not needed).To enable the developer settings gotosettings > about phone > and click on the androidversionabout 5 times.In the developer, options enable mocklocations.Setyour location to be 'device only'(use only GPSlocation).Open theapp, move the red dot anywhere you like and clickon the map.Youcan get your original location by a single click onResetButtonPermissions:- Internet - to display the map view-AccessCoarse and Fine Location - to fake your current location-Allowmock locations under Developer settings (Applications).
Always on Display - Super AMOLED & Smart Watch 1.3 APK
Modren Apps
Always ON Display-AMOLED(AlwaysON Screen) is designed fortheproposeto show basic / primaryinformation in black screen.Yourphone will permanently show time, date and notification e.g.call,sms, other apps notifications. It always have a black screentoreduce battery consumption.AlwaysOn Display-AMOLED keepsyourscreen always ON and stays with black background to consumelessbattery. The screen allows you to activate it by wave yourhandhover the proximity sensor. This way, you can check the time,dateand your notifications whenever you want. Always onDisplay-AMOLEDprovides all the information at first stance, date,notificationsand more and all without even touching the phone, justtake a lookat your phone to view all the information you need. Thisis madepossible thanks to Always on Display. Most of the screenstaysblack except for a few pixels.If you want to view what's goingonyour phone, you can simply take your phone out of pocket toviewall the latest notifications, in a similarly pleasingandminimalistic manner by using this best Always on Displayapp.SmartWatch (Always on Display-AMOLED) provides informationabout, time,date, notifications and more and all without having totouch thephone, just by looking on it. AMOLED made possible, thankstoAlways on Display. Most of the screen stays black except for afewpixels.The App is basically designed taking in mind to consumelessbattery and more elegant Always on Display-AMOLED with time,date,notification, sms and call information.How to use this App(Alwayson Display):1. Open Always on Display-AMOLED, startservice3. Towake up your phone, double tap on screen it also havesome otheroptions to wakeup.4. To turn off screen just press powerbutton5.The user can ON or OFF service.Main featuresSmart Watch -Always OnScreenBlack Wallpapers - Always On ScreenEasy to useAlways onAmoled a New way to a Smart Watch.Choose your favoriteFont Style,Font size, text color.Change clock style there a vastvariety ofstyles of clocks (Digital, Analogue).Displays batterylevel, withelegant design with awesome performance.Get the optionto Enable orDisable showing notifications Automatic rules -preserve batteryusing predefined rulesDisplay notificationsinformation.Always onDisplay-AMOLED – Screen remains always ON withbasic information ofe.g. time, notification and batteryusage,(double tap will turnONthe screen).Select the informationthat you want be displayed onthe screen it has your customsettings.Always on Display- AMOLED–Changes display position of infoon the screen.Auto ON/OFF Screenfeature. Allows phone to sensepocket, and get off in pockets andsaves battery, but putting out itfrom pocket it will again showthe time in no time.Auto night mode–It also have a great featurethat in dark environment screen willautomatically become dim, itwill also save thebattery.Customization - change the text color,text size ,fontstyle, brightness and more.Its your own Always onDisplay- AMOLED,before using personalize it according to yourchoice it has all youneed in an app of this type.
Barcode Scanner-QR Code Scanner, QR Bar Code Maker 1.0 APK
Modren Apps
The App to Scan QR Code and Bar Code Scanner From your mobile.Barcode Scanner: QR Code Scanner and Bar Code Scanner is theuniqueApp to Scan QR Code and Bar Code Scanner From your mobile. QR&Barcode Scanner is the fastest QR / Barcode scanner out there.QR& Barcode Scanner is an great app for everyAndroidphone/tablet .QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code readerisextremely easy to use; simply point to QR or Barcode you wanttoscan and app will automatically detect and scan it. No needtopress any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom. QR &BarcodeScanner can scan and read all QR / Barcode . After scanandautomatic decoding user is provided with only the relevantoptionsfor individual QR or Barcode type and can take appropriateaction.You can even use QR & Barcode Scanner to scan coupons /couponcodes to receive discounts and save some money.QR code Readerfreeis optimized for QR code / Barcode decoding . QR code Reader isanultimate Barcode reader app for any Android device. Enjoy allthebenefit by scanning QR code / Barcode from everywhere toaccesspromotion and coupon .QR scanner .QR code reader. QR codescan best. QR code reader pro. coupons QR code. QR code readerprivate. QRcode reader for android. bar code scanner. bar codereaders. barcode. bar code scanner for android. bar code scan. barcode scanneroriginal. bar code reader apps free for android. barcode readerand scanner. bar code reader app. Code Scanner. Bar CodeScannerQRcode reader was designed with camera only permissiongranted. Ifyou are very concern about personal privacy , this isright QR codescanner app you need. It is safe and fully compatiblewith Android4.x or above.QR Code Scanner:Scan product Barcodes withQR &Barcode Scanner in shops and compare prices with onlineprices tosave money. QR & Barcode Scanner app is the only QRcode reader/ Barcode scanner you will ever need.Barcode Reader:BestQRscanner, bar code reader & QR code reader for Android!Scansall QR code & Barcodes! Very simple & easy to use!Theappbar code generator also allows you to create a unique bar codeforyour app. create a value of your bar code in your database thenputthat value in our bar code generator menu.We Hopes you willfindour app QR code generator and bar code generator useful foranyone.QR Code generator and QR code creator is the new app. Theappincludes 6 different types of inputs to create QR code code.youcan include text ,name ,url,vcard,email and your mobile app linktocreate a QR code for you.Bar code creator:This app QR codecreatorcan also be use and used for creating a Barcode for yourproductsalso. so this is a unique bar code creator app:QR codeGenerator:The app QR code creator allows to generate your ownprivate QRcodes for your brands and products. so use this QR codeprivate appto create QR codes and bar codes of your products andbrands .Youcan easily download the generated QR code and share itwith whereyou want :so enjoy this awesome feature of thisappFeatures of ourQR Scanner(QR Code Reader): QR Code reader.Barcode reader. QRCode Maker. Barcode Generator. All-in-onescanner & readerapp: scans all standard 1D and 2D code types(including almost allQR code & Barcodes) Simple & easy toUse Instant scanInternet connection is not required for scanningQR code orBarcodes QR code Reader is the fastest in thegoogleplaymarket.Bar Code Reader user Guide:To scan the QR code,simply openthe application, align the code. QR Code Reader willautomaticallyrecognize any QR code. When scanning the QR code, ifthe codecontains a URL, you can open browser to the site by pressbrowserbutton . If the code contains only text, you can instantlysee.QRcode reader is widely used to decode QRcode & bar codetypessuch as ISBN, EAN, UPC , data matrix and others.QRcode readerprowith feature , easy to decode small or far away QRcode orBarcode.
Smart Manager - Battery Saver 1.1 APK
Modren Apps
A smart manager is the best Ram cleaner tool to optimizeRAMperformance, accelerate, RAM Clean cache, clean up memory,killbackground application completely and thoroughly.Smart Managerhelpyou to have a long battery life and optimize the space Storageinyour device Smart Manager: Battery Saver is a Free andattractivePower-Saving Application . it will enhance and extendyour phone'sbattery life to watch funny Video,film,dramas, listenaudio andmuch more.With his Smart Manager you can stop batterydraining andlower battery and energy consumption.It has also aquick chargingfeature even with your regular phone charger. Themobile hangingproblem will be resolved by more cleaning of RAM Likea RAMbooster. For understanding Check your Ram status before/aftercleanRAM.A smart manager is the best Ram cleaner tool to optimizeRAMperformance, accelerate, RAM Clean cache, clean up memory,killbackground application completely and thoroughly. The mosttrustedand safe Android app is a speed booster, battery saver.AndroidSmart manager helps accelerate Ram and clean up cache files.Thesmart manager also provides real-time protection andsecuresprivate data with app lock function. Smart Manager is aBatteryManaging and fast charging app that allow you to reduce theusageof your phone energy and ensure battery durability.
Hidden Chat for Whatsapp - No Last Seen 1.0 APK
Modren Apps
Hidden Chat for Whatsapp 2018 is a simple application to readyourincoming Whatapp messages and sending messages withoutappearingonline and without showing blue ticks anymore. You canavoid BlueTicks and read unseen WhatsApp messages without knowingyourfriends. No Double Blue Ticks and No Last Seen, You can readyourfriends messages and chat anonymously. This last seen hider isveryeasy to use: when you receive a message from one of thesupportedChat Apps, it will also be displayed in Unseen. There, youcan readit whenever you want, without having any of your friendsknowingthat you have seen it. Don’t bother removing theinternetconnection or activating offline mode anymore: Unseenprovides asimple yet beautiful design and makes it easily to sortand accessyour messages. Invisible Chat is one of the best Appexist onGoogle Play Store, it let you receive and Read SilentlyWhatsAppmessages without appearing Online Also you could enableChat-HeadsBubbles to Read your WhatsApp messages, In addition youcoulddirectly replay to these messages. With hidden chat forwhatsappyou don’t need to go offline or remove internet connectionwhilechatting with friends to show yourself offline. Our app is thebestout there to hide last seen, blue check and read sign. Unseen,NoLast Seen and Hidden Chat unseen WhatsApp for WhatsApp andFacebookMessenger unseen messenger. Using this app you can readincomingmessages without showing double blue tick, read sign andonlinestatus no last seen. Hidden Chat for Whatsapp 2018 is asimpleapplication to read your incoming Whatapp messages andsendingmessages without appearing online and without showing blueticksanymore. You can avoid Blue Ticks and read unseen WhatsAppmessageswithout knowing your friends. No Double Blue Ticks and NoLastSeen, You can read your friends messages and chat anonymously.Withhidden chat for whatsapp you don’t need to go offline orremoveinternet connection while chatting with friends to showyourselfoffline. Our app is the best out there to hide last seen,bluecheck and read sign. You can see every message without gettingseenunseen WhatsApp. No need to go offline to check a singlemessage.This is an offline chat for WhatsApp and Facebook messengerunseenWhatsApp. It is a good solution for those who want to readmessageswithout showing double blue tick sign and read sign to thesender.Unseen, No Last Seen and Hidden Chat unseen WhatsApp secureyourmessages so don’t worry about deleted messages in WhatsApp,usingthis app you can easily get the deleted messages. Sometimeyourfavorite message is deleted by sender, you can view thedeletemessage of WhatsApp and messenger in Unseen, No Last SeenandHidden Chat. unseen WhatsApp. If you don’t want to reply tosomeonebut you want to read all the incoming message withoutshowing readsign. You can easily get this features in Unseen, NoLast Seen andHidden Chat. unseen WhatsApp
live Satellite View 2018 - Live Earth Map 1.0 APK
Modren Apps
Live Earth Map 2018 : Satellite View, GPS Tracker is a powerfultoolto enjoy live earth view real time. Explore earth from spacelive.Visit live earth view real time. Live earth map online app isusingmaps to display the powerful insights of the nearbylocations. Nowglobal GPS tracking device in your pocket, it is thesurveillance oflocation through the use of the GPS. Enjoy the realtime streetatlas view with actual satellite view in free map toolsapp. ThisSatellite earth view let you search Google map live &also seeyour home on Google street live view. Nearby place locatorearthtracking is a route planner application through which you caneasilyfind the best and shortest way from current location to thedesireddestination location with voyager view in a live earth map2018.Find live earth location of your favorite places that youwant tovisit. Satellite earth Map uses global positioning systemfor routetracking. Global earth map navigation make ease to routenavigation.