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Learn Numbers 123 Count & Trace kids game is a fun all-in-oneeasy to play app designed for kids, that’s perfect for preschool,toddler and kindergarten kids. 123 Numbers is the best numberseducational app for children along with tracing, counting anddrawing 🎨 Need numbers learning app for kids with easy to learnbasic number and counting or baby counting games for kids withnumber writing practice? Try our number games for toddlers 1234learning for kids! Here learn to write numbers for toddlers andcounting for kids in a playful manner. Number learning app for kidsis a free Preschool Games for kids to Learn Numbers, Tracing &Counting for Toddlers Number Tracing – Learn the shapes of numberswith this colorful beginner’s mini game in all-in-one kit -educational app Counting numbers for nursery kids toddler orpreschool child is a numbers learning app for kids to learn thenumbers, tracing, counting. Learning numbers for kids! WritingCounting Games! - happy kindergarten games, which will help tolearn to count. While playing with little numbers your child learnto write numbers with early learning math games for kids. Numbergames for kids to learn is best early education for babies.Children count the objects and tap on each one to learn numbers ina preschool friendly counting game for early learning Numberlearning games for kids for free with 123 music song helps to learnto count for babies. Baby number games with number balloon gamegame & number matching to complete the sequence is fun to play.123 learning numbers is a fun way for counting numbers for nurserykids learn from 1 to 20. Learning numbers for preschoolers &number games for kids to learn Endless Numbers are the best gamesto learn numbers for boys and girls What does “Learning numbers forkids! Writing Counting Games!” - kids number games 123 forpreschoolers free offer: - Number Flashcards - Preschool games forkids 1st grade free - 123 learning for nursery children - EnglishNumbers Tracing and counting - Kids Handwriting Game - NumberColoring Pages - Number Matching & Puzzle - Interactive &Entertaining games - Best number tracing app for kids - Numbertracing activity games - Kids Number Counting Game - Number gamesfor toddlers age 2 - Learning games for toddlers age 3 - abc &123 learning games for 3 years to 4 years old - Educational gamesfor 4 to 5 year kid - Memory math games With our kindergartenlearning games kids learn the numbers & phonics. Thekindergarten games free for 5 year old help preschoolers to developmemory, attention span, vocabulary and speech. Top 10 games forkids & children are exposed to writing numbers for kids throughbuilding puzzles and doing simple math. Fun learning games for kidsto learn counting numbers. Toddler games free has fun games forgirls, games for girls, math games, educational games, learninggames for children, kids games for free Play number learning gamesfor kids for free on android today! Special thanks to Freepik.com

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Balloon Pop Kids Learning Game Free for babies 🎈 9 APK
GunjanApps Studios
Best Kids Balloon Pop game for Preschool & KindergartenLearning Turn your smart phone or tablet into a fun toy phone foryour kid 25 fun & learning activities for babies, toddlers& pre-k kids age 2-5 years old. Toddler games are perfect forpre-k and kindergarten children who want to learn by playing.Educational toddler games for pre-kindergarten kids help your babydevelop basic skills like hand eye coordination, fine motor,logical thinking and visual perception. If your child is inkindergarten, or going to attend preschool, this is a free learningapp for your children Balloon popping Games free (All-in-one)features : - Learn Alphabets & Numbers in 5 different languages- English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German - 25 Mini Learninggames for toddlers age 3-5 years old - Adjust the size of theballoons according to your toddler's skill level - Learning theNumbers & counting turning into fun! Mini Educational games forboys & girls with balloon popping games for your children! -Bubble popping games for Babies learn animal sounds & vehiclesounds & learning games for toddlers age 3 - Balloon Pop KidsBaby Game provide free ABC Alphabet for kids. Fun educational gamefor your toddler - Little Children will enjoy this colorful balloonpopping with musical notes & learn the different instrumentsounds & musical piano with different colors & shapes -Best Educational game for toddlers with Puzzles & Memory game.Kids puzzle games for 3 & 4 years old with bubble popping fun -Early Learning Games with Funny Peekaboo kids free animals to playwith - Pre-k activities for toddlers like Matching Alphabets andNumbers in awesome train games for early learning - Popping gameswith 123 number Counting for toddlers to learn numbers - Balloonpopping preschool learning games for boys and girls. Great fortoddlers, as a baby game - Funny & Colorful Kids monster game.Tap the hidden monsters and pop the bubbles - kids memory matchgame are simple educational games for kids aged 2-5 years old -Toddlers can learn the basics of ABCs Alphabet (letters) & theNumbers (1-20) , Zoo Animals & Piano Musical sounds using thisapp (games) with different colors & shapes - This KidsPreschool Learning Games will improve kids memory skills & agreat mode of education for toddlers entering kindergarten gamesfor 2 years old & games for 4 year olds - Balloon Pop Kidsgames help your toddler learn the alphabet, Numbers, Vehicles &animal Sounds with no effort! - Balloon popping just for fun gamesfor 3 year olds - Pop the balloon for kids is an educational babygame that keep your pre-k, preschool & kindergarten agechildren entertain for hours - Coloring pages with animatedcharacters - Fun Scratch the Farm animals to play with animatedanimals - Fireworks game - Babies can tap or drag to create adazzling show of lights, complete with authentic sound effects toset off fireworks - Learn Colors and shapes with Coloring pages andcolor bounce popping game - Play with Piano, Trumpet, Bongo,Xylophone and more musical instruments and enjoy the music partywith animals Suitable for kindergarten, toddlers, early learners,preschool and 1st grade kids, Ballon pop Learning games is anaward-winning android app used in schools. Kids Preschool LearningGames for little kids will improve kids memory skills & a greatmode of education for toddlers entering kindergarten, pre-kchildren (2,3,4 or 5 years age). Kids pre k baby phone game is aneducational game to develop the concentration of kindergarten kidseven before they complete their toilet training RECOMMENDED AGE:Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner LANGUAGES - English,Spanish, Portuguese, French, German
Kids Preschool Learning Games - 70 Toddler games 3.0 APK
GunjanApps Studios
★★★★★ Kids Preschool and kindergarten Learning Games free -All-in-one ★★★★★ ★ Includes 70 mini kids games with interactive,helpful voice narrating, colorful graphics, and great sound effectsto help your kids learn Alphabets, Spelling, Numbers, Colors,Shapes, Vehicles, Body parts, Days and Months, Musical instruments,Coloring Pages, animals, fruits & vegetables with HD flashcards ★ Toddlers can practice the basics of ABCs (letters) and theNumbers (1-10) using this app (games). Educational games increaseschild skills & interest in learning new things using the phoneor tablet in a fun way ★ Preschool baby games are fun educationalgames to improve child memory and offers free learning games forkids ★ kids learning games act as brain trainer & draw theirattention to practice the spellings of Alphabets (letters), Numbers(123), Colors, Animal name, Fruits and Shapes and improve kidsmemory skills ★ Identification of shapes and Colors in the gamepaintbox and the jungle Animals is made easy and fun as they aredisplayed in a more fun colorful & magic way. ★ 250+ DrawingPages for little kids to draw, color or doodle ★ Kids Musical Pianogames and Xylophone toddler games ★ Kids Dress Up game ★★★★★ Turnyour smart phone or tablet into a fun toy phone for your kid ★★★★★ADVANTAGES: ★ Kids Preschool Learning Games for little kids willimprove kids memory skills & a great mode of education fortoddlers entering kindergarten, pre-k children (2,3,4 or 5 yearsage) ★ Educational games develop the concentration of kindergartenkids even before they complete their toilet training ★ Kids pre kbaby phone game will help to recognize digits, tracing and countingof numbers (123) 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ★ The balloon pop numbergame 123s is smart fun for the junior play ★ Baby phone game helpwith the Vocabulary Builder of letters of alphabet & improvememory ★ Coloring pages fun help identify the Colors before theyread books or ride school bus. Best Coloring book app ★ Pre-Keducational (All in one) app with transport vehicles and car games★ Connect dots with balloon pop game is easy to use and perfectkids games ★ Baby educational games that will keep your preschooland kindergarten age kids train while children (toddlers) arelearning ★ Kids Preschool Educational Memory puzzle brain traineris designed as an educational tool by experts for preschooltoddlers ★ Memory puzzle English Game user interface is simple andfun with clear images for Alphabet (letters), Numbers (123),Colors, Animals, Fruits and Shapes ★ Baby phone game will help yourkid's memory training and puzzle solving FEATURES: ★ Balloon popGame: This game is designed to teach number counting ( 123.. ). Itincludes number counting 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Kids will love theballoon sound when they click to connect, count and want to playthis cute & fun game with the number song! Great for toddlers,as baby games or games for 3 year olds and games for 4 year olds ★Learn the alphabet game: colorful endless alphabets in the ABCPlayground, enjoy alphabet song. Perfect games for 4 year olds ★Learning colors for kids. Your kid will be busy and entertainedwith identify same color match puzzle game. Choose the correctpaint color & learn to draw coloring book fun game ★ Shapebuilder kindergarten preschool game: identify same shapes puzzle& improve their memory & skills in memory matching game(same to same). Perfect playkids games for 5 year olds ★ Baby homeadventure kids game with jungle animals (flash cards). Perfectgames for 3 year old toddlers ★ Learn fruits name in the peepa kidsapp: enjoy barnyard playground kids learn educational games whilematching objects. Perfect games for 3 year olds Present your boysand girls a kids games kit as perfect gift for junior play to LearnAlphabet & Numbers and be a little Math genius and abcs master.Preschool games for little kids are great for pre-k, kindergartenand preschool children who want to learn by playing
Alphabet for Kids ABC Learning - English 1.4 APK
GunjanApps Studios
Here comes an app with Music and colorful letters to help yourtoddler learn Alphabets in English ! Best educational games forkids to Learn English letters and help Writing the alphabet.Looking for a fun, free, and simple educational app to help yourtoddler learn phonics and flashcard letters of the alphabet? Lookno further than Alphabet for Kids Abc Alphabet for Kids Abc is afree phonics and alphabet teaching app that makes learning fun forchildren, from toddlers all the way to preschoolers andkindergartners. It features a series of tracing games to help kidsrecognize letter shapes, associate them with phonic sounds, and puttheir alphabet knowledge to use in fun matching exercises. Anytoddler, kindergartener or preschool age child can learn Englishand the English alphabet simply by following the arrows with theirfinger. Toddlers are focused on alphabet reading and writing,tucking menu commands away from moving fingers. Kid-friendlyeducational app • A colorful early education app that helpschildren learn the English alphabet • Includes mini games, phonicspairing, letter matching, puzzle, quiz and more • Uppercase andlowercase letters to trace, listen to, and match • Learn thealphabet game: Your kid will be busy and entertained with thesecolorful endless alphabets in the ABC Playground, enjoy alphabetsong. Preschool Memory Game is designed to learn sequencealphabetical letters with HD Flash cards. Perfect games for 4 yearolds ( learning kids ) • Alphabet for Kids Abc Fun Free - AnEducational preschool Abc Game application which makes learningAlphabet fun and easy for kids, children, toddler to enhance memoryskills • All Alphabets includes letters A to Z and isfully-featured free game (with puzzles and memory games) • Kidsalphabet games - Preschool English learning app(Basics) game, forkids, children of age group 2-4 years • Alphabet flashcards -Learning and identification of the alphabets & letters throughABC flashcards for kids game made easy and fun with games havinglarge flash cards • Alphabet sounds learning app - will help withthe recognition of letters of alphabet for preschool kids, toddlerswith simple and interactive user friendly interface and helps buildmemory • Includes alphabet song, which is great for helping kid's,toddler's brain grow to learn quick • Alphabet sounds learning appis made to learn things in different way as compared to the nativeway of practicing using a pencil and a paper, really interestingfor kids, children, toddlers • Kids learning game - includeseducational learning games for kids, free games and puzzles forpreschool kids and children, which helps writing and kids learn toread • Alphabet for kids is an ABC kids tracing and phonics game& is very easy educational Memory puzzle game to help developtheir concentration and cognition skills • Kids alphabet learningapp with sound will keep your toddlers, kids entertained, educatedand quiet in a car, in a restaurant, on a plane or everywhere •Read, Play, learn, and also practice alphabets ( Educational ).Extremely easy to learn for children. Human voice for Alphabets •First Grade Learning Games with Simple, large and cute ABCalphabets for children, kids, to be remembered easily • ABC forkids, learn Alphabets & Letters : A to Z letters withpronunciation and cute fun graphics. It's Educational and fun forkids ( games for kids play ) • Kids learn very quickly throughplay. Kids learn Alphabets for fun Free is an interactiveeducational game through which your child can develop hand-eyecoordination and observation skills • Baby phone game help with theVocabulary Builder of letters of alphabet & improve memory (memory games for kids play ) Best Kids alphabet games ABC for kidswith ABC flashcards for kids game ★★★★★ Turn your smart phone ortablet into a fun toy phone for your kid ★★★★★
ABC PreSchool Kids Tracing & Phonics Learning Game 18.3 APK
GunjanApps Studios
ABC PreSchool Kids Tracing & Phonics Learning game (350+Worksheets) is an educational app to help your toddler learn basictracing starting from lines, phonics and trace the letters of thealphabet ABCs and numbers 1 to 10, shapes & colors. ABCPreschool Worksheets includes fun, educational activities fortoddlers and kids! If your child is in kindergarden, or going toattend preschool, this is a free learning app for your childrenLooking for kids drawing games for free with alphabet games fortoddlers? Try our abc games & free preschool games - mix ofdrawing for toddlers with alphabet for kids!🎨 ✍ Best Learning appsfor kids with tracing and phonics games. Learning of Englishletters, numbers, Shapes, curves, slanting lines, straight line,simple lines and free drawings, colors and more other basicvocabulary. Any toddler, kindergartner or preschool age child canlearn English and the English alphabet and numbers simply kidstracing letters by following their finger Preschool kids of age 3and above can learn ABC Alphabets English and the numbers to learnhow to write. Kids tracing games has toddlers focused on alphabetreading and writing numbers Suitable for kindergarten, toddlers,early learners, preschool and 1st grade kids, Alphabet Tracinggames is an award-winning app used in schools. Kids learn to writeletters of the alphabet, numbers and shapes. Early learners havefive practice options: capital letters, lower-case letters,numbers, shapes or a simple coloring book in educational games forkids & learning games for toddlers age 3 ✪✪✪✪ Features of ABCPreSchool Tracing & Phonics ♬✪✪✪ ★ Learn writing Alphabet andNumbers tracing - ABC for kids, learn Alphabets & Letters ★Learn Colors while tracing letters and 123 counting ★ Learn Shapes★ Fun phonics song animations from A to Z ★ Fun phonics ABCanimations & counting numbers 1 to 10 ★ Free Drawings &Free App ★ Start with Tracing lines and curves to trace ★ Uppercaseand lowercase letters to trace ★ A colorful early education appthat helps children learn the English alphabet, Numbers, Shapes andColors ★ Learning games for toddlers age 2: ABC tracing for kids ★Tracing alphabets slate for kids ★ New Connecting Dots WorksheetsCOLORING Choose from over 350+ images to color, paint, draw, ordoodle. Let your kids doodle their fingers away and show theirartistic skills. Choose from a variety of crayons, glitters andpatterns to color LEARN Let your toddler learn Alphabet for Kids.Easy for kindergarten kids to learn the ABC's (english alphabet)and numbers by tracing the dashed lines. There are audio for eachletter and number so your kids can get familiarized with the soundsABC PreSchool Tracing & Phonics ♬ is a free phonics andalphabet teaching app that makes learning fun for children, fromtoddlers all the way to preschoolers and kindergartners. Finally,abc kids alphabet letter free toddler school free educationallearning game with letters for toddlers to learn shape of numberand letter. Best Kids alphabet games ABC for kids with ABCflashcards for kids game. ABC games for toddlers and babies willeasy learn abcd games for kids free! Best App for learning ABC onandroid ! Get abc kids tracing and phonics for free & preschoolgames for little kids today
Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide 7.8 APK
GunjanApps Studios
★★★ #1 Math App on Google Play ★★★ ★★★ More than 10 Milliondownloads ★★★ Free Math Games for everyone from kids to adults.Best maths practice game to train your brain & is designed forall ages including kids, girls and boys, adults including parentsand grandparents. Smallest in size Maths App on Google Play !Easiest multiplication and division games with Addition andSubtraction games all in one app. Increase your brain power with anexcellent educational game for learning mathematics for kids andadults of all ages. An xtra math. Languages: English, Spanish,German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Indonesian, Malay& Vietnamese Features : - Addition games: Adding numbers withQuiz and Practice games - Subtraction games: Subtracting numbers tosolve the equations - Multiplication games: Multiplication tableslearning and duel play mode - Division games: Practice and learnDivision tables - Exponential and square root: counting mathpuzzles for kids and adults - Multiply number game - Math puzzlegames - Maths Times Tables - Math classic 15 Puzzle, Sudoku andmore math exercises for brain - NEW Online Multiplayer math gameEach category has different play modes to improve math skills -Play, Learn, Quiz, Practice, Duel and Test. Math games can beEducational Learning for kids or brain training app for Adults.Basic and simple Math Game of addition, subtraction, multiplicationand division with colorful worksheets. Each set of worksheet showsa score after completion. Mathematical calculations to play andpractice with simple addition, subtraction, multiplication anddivision. Now download and play for free on android ! Improve yourmathematics skills or learn counting numbers. The games are sosimple and easy even the youngest kids can play it. You can name itxtra math as well. Fun addition and subtraction games withmultiplication tables, designed for all smartphones and tablets, nointernet connection needed. Including Times Tables Multiplicationsand Division. With this educational app, parents, teachers andeducators can help children to learn faster. This Math Genius gameis a fun game designed mainly around the topics of addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. xtra math Download ourQuick Brain Mathematics game now from Google Play and share thisamazing game to practice maths & Exercises for the brain
Crazy Turkey Run & fun - 2 1.0.5 APK
GunjanApps Studios
★★★★★ Play the impossible smash hit free gamewith your best fiends this year! ★★★★★Meet Crazy Turkey, the brave who rush to escape bloody aliensafter realizing, they are kidnapped from Earth. These turkeys arecrush into pumpkin in a hidden secret factory & are transportedto the grand feast.This is when the crazy turkey makes an escape for its life &run away in secret war to shoot, attack & destroy all tinyalien creeps and dash stupid monsters on undead land of Mars. Willthe angry Turkey be able to rule the sky & escape back toparadise Earth?? Or will it die headless in defense with themonster DescendantsTest your skill in this fast-paced, hectic endless runner that’snot for the faint of heart! Try to stay alive long enough to getthe highest score and upgrade your favorite ride, enhance yourshooting with awesome guns and weapons, unique power-ups, andtighten your seat-belts for a endless runner game to help turkeytrip to freedom !!. Be ready to run, fly and survive through thisdulp addictive, adrenaline-fueled, 2D-action thriller game whereyou control a ride bugs rising in revoltCrazy Turkey Run and Fun (Free game) - Features----------------------------------------------------------------------------★ Shoot, kill, crush & wipeout different types of stupidzombies, tiny Monsters and creepy aliens while flying into the deadno man’s land★ Collect the gold coins hidden in smashy monster swamp and becomea true hero billionaire to upgrade different hi-tech space jetplanes - Hugo, Tiny shuttle, hawk, glider & sky copter★ Run like hell to kill stupid zombies through fun worlds of crossyspace bay, deep Jungle safari, desert hill loop & Frozen caveswith hidden killer road of modern combat★ Complete daily missions & challenge best fiends onFacebook★ Unblock your shooting & hunting enemy strike with your bestfiends with awesome sniper guns & unique weapons, in an endlessgame to crush stupid zombies & tiny monsters!★ It's Just A Regular Arcade, mino monster shoot, super addictiveand perfectly suited for everyone from small children to gamingveterans, to alien hunters who like to grab the plane for joyrideand to rule the sky arena and survive frontline battlefield betweenplants vs zombies★ Play free to Shoot, run and kill time in a SUBWAY, while flyingon a (real) plane, in the car on the crossy road, during servicesin a TEMPLE (or maybe even on TOILET!) or while eating abanana★ Free Holiday collectibles to Run - JETPACK, DIAMOND, TEMPLEARMOR, AXE, BALL, PLANTS & more★ Escape the crazy turkey run in a pumpkin and do not forget tograb hidden Treasure in the crazy twist world of bloodyMonsters★★★★★ Game Play rules ★★★★★+ Play with single hand - Don’t tap the screen with both hands todie+ Try to stay alive as far as possible and don't fall or crash yourjoyride under the monster swamp+ Tap android mobile device to shoot and touch the screen to jumpand move.★★★★★ Warning - #1 free game for kids on Thanksgiving ★★★★★it’s just a regular Arcade surfers style 2D action game &highly addictive. For gamers who like amazing run games or fight vszombie shooter, this monster shooter is easily a 5 stars game.Sure, Crazy Turkey is not a shoot war apocalypse but thisthanksgiving game offers lots of fun for kids too. It's very easyto learn but hard to master. But have you got what it takes to bethe BEST SHOOTER on Android? As they say: no pain, no gain, soattack to Shoot em allThis free game will not consume tons of data from your mobileplan rather use it to surf the web, watch youtube videos and listento free music
Crazy Turkey Run & Fun - Endless running game 1.0.3 APK
GunjanApps Studios
Meet Crazy Turkey, the brave who rush to escape bloody aliens afterrealizing, they are kidnapped from Earth. These turkeys are drillup & crush into pumpkin in a hidden secret factory & aretransported to the epic grand thanksgiving feast to fulfill theirhunger.This is when the hunter Turkey makes an escape for its life& run away to kill in secret war to shoot, attack & destroyall tiny alien creeps and stupid monsters on Mars. Will the angryTurkey be able to drill up to rule the sky & escape back toparadise Earth?? Or will it die headless in defense with themonsters & crush under their crazy wheels. Try to stay alive inthe most popular action packed alien shooter full of zombie,chicken, duck, birds, pumpkin & Turkey, this thanksgiving. Somepeople may call Crazy Turkey run to be an alien hunter dash, attackRun & gun, Shoot em up, Endless thanksgiving Runner or anamazing battle run, but it is Just A Regular Arcade, endlessrunning and shooting game. - Crazy Turkey Run is free fantasyaction game to play, so enjoy running, chasing, shooting, escapeand be a true hero !!- Experience and attack funny characters,Zombies, hilarious aliens, amazing hi-tech rides, guns and lot morein game- Simple and smooth gameplay with "touch and click" controls- everyone can play- Race through awesome out of the world and funtracks, from dark underworld, scary mountains, windy deserts,chilling caves, mythical forest, inhabited jungle, secret factoriesand warehouses- Complete an epic battle of strength and power withnew daily missions- Leader-board - Attack, shoot and compare highscores with friends- Unlock badass guns and bullets to escape, runin game and ruin Thanksgiving on MARS !- Upgrade your power-ups toin an epic battle of strength and power !- Amazing 2D Graphics andfun action game for kid- Best Thanksgiving games
Kids Learn Number 123 Fun Free 1.7 APK
GunjanApps Studios
★ Kids Numbers Learn Preschool Game Free- Includes 4 differentlevels of interactive, helpful voice narrating, colorful graphics,and great sound effects will help your kids to improve their skillsin learning numbers, (0 123 456 789 10).1 Kids can practice theNumbers (123...) using this application (games). Educational gamesincrease child skills & interest in learning new things usingthe mobiles/device in a fun & an interesting way.2 EducationalGame would be really fun for the kids because this is an attemptmade to teach the educational things in interesting way to improvechild memory compared other educational games.3 Observation Skillsare developed by paying close attention to many details, focus,analyzing, reasoning and memory. Kids Numbers helps your child todo all these. It helps your child develop his/her abilities withoutpressurizing his/her brain. It is a fun, simple educational game. 4Kids Numbers Learn Preschool Game Free- will help with the skill torecognize digits (numbers 123 etc) in fun & an interesting way5Identification of colorful numbers can be easy & fun for childas these numbers are displayed in the larger view along with theimage displayed for the each number with related objects like oneelephant.6 Kids Numbers Learn Preschool Game Free – Improve skillsfor count different Objects (Spelling of Numbers and objects)7 KidsNumbers Learn Preschool Game Free – teach sequence of Numbers 8Kids Numbers Learn Preschool Game Free – toddler Missing NumberMemory Game 9 Kids Numbers Learn Preschool Game Free Identificationof Numbers (123). Kids can read, Play, learn, improve memory skills& also practice Numbers (Teach Number Sequence)10 Kids NumbersLearn Preschool Game Free is an interactive app which makeslearning Numbers easy, simple and fun which helps kids learnsNumbers (123) faster.★ What does the game offer?✔ Kids can read,play, learn, improve memory skills and also practice Numbers ✔ Kidsget familiar with sounds and spellings of Numbers.✔ Kids LearnNumbers - Kids learn Count Different Objects and identify differentnumbers ✔ Improve skill game test child memory by missing thenumbers.✔ Toddlers learn ten different objects and with countnumbers✔ Toddlers Find the missing number in ‘Number Puzzle game’.★Balloon Game : This game is designed to teach numbers( 123.. ). Itincludes numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Kids will love the balloonsound when they click on correct and want to play this cute &fun game again and again.