1.0.0 / June 16, 2015
(3.7/5) (7)


Modern Fantasy Strike compares millionsofflights across hundreds of airlines- putting the world’s topAirWarship's deals at your fingertips.

It’s quick and easy to find cheap flights with ModernFantasy-the world’s top flight comparison app. With over 35milliondownloads so far.

Modern Fantasy saves you money- whether you’re looking forthecheapest thunder flights for your war, or last minute flightsfor aspontaneous getaway.

It only takes a few seconds to search for flights usingModernFantasy. Our comprehensive flight checker includes high endflagcarriers, charter flights, and the best of the budgetairlines-giving you the greatest choice when it comes to cheapflights.

Need to buy jet tickets on the go? With our app you cansearchfor and book flights instantly from your smartphone. We showyouthe flights and when you’re ready to book we send you a directlinkto the airline or travel agent.

With Modern Fantasy Strike there are no added fees- justcheapflights.

Highlighted features: Console Quality of Next-Gen 3DBackgroundEnvironments Based on Real Satellite Imaging!
Next-Gen 3D vibrant landscapes. Immerse yourself in thecityscapes,tropical sands and more! Unparalleled visuals andspecial effectsincluding: HD textures, realistic lighting, sunglare, etc.

More New Features:

* Rules adjustment of medal penalty that disconnect inVSmode.
* Adjust weapon purchase rules from time limit to ammo limit.
* More balance of planes stats.
* Easier and more comfortable gameplay control.
* Effect improvement of interfaces and animations.
* Monthly open for nickname customisation in case of abusing.
* Removal of take off animation.
* More realistic cannon sound.
* Optimization of game icon and loading interfaces.
* Better High Quality display on the large screen devices.
* Easier to get ready for the game after learning thenewtutorial.
* Slight adjustment of victory bonus in each mode.
* Difficulty adjustment of Survival mode.
* General bug fixes and stability improvement.

اطلاعات برنامه اندروید Modern Fantasy Strike

  • نام برنامه
    Modern Fantasy Strike
  • نام بسته
  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    June 16, 2015
  • حجم فایل
  • حداقل نسخه اندروید
    Android 2.1 and up
  • نسخه
  • توسعه دهنده
    PdM DeX Entertainment
  • تعداد نصب
    100 - 500
  • قیمت
  • دسته بندی
  • توسعه دهنده
    Email [email protected]
    Kg Pomotodon Inanam Batu 2 Jalan Kionsom 88857 Kota Kinabalu Sabah
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