1.0 / December 2, 2017
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Even though things are always changing for the Kardashian family inways they never expected, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and the rest of theKardashian/Jenner clan are determined to remember that familyalways comes first. Although the family members frequently are atodds, between siblings and their rela… MORELocation(s): LosAngeles, CaliforniaNetwork: E!Executive producers: Kim Kardashian,Khloé Kardashian

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    "Keeping Up : Kardashians"
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    December 2, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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This inspirational series features programs that nourish the mind,body and spirit while offering insights into living one's bestlife. "Super Soul Sunday" explores issues that includespirituality, the afterlife and personal fulfillment. A regularfeature of the program is Oprah's Soul Series, a series of in-depthconversations between the former talk show host and some of themost recognized spiritual thinkers of our time. Other segments ofthe show include feature-length documentaries and short-formcontent.First episode date: 16 October 2011Network: Oprah WinfreyNetwork
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About Answers with Ken HamAnswers equips Christians to provide answers to a 'doubting'worldin a so-called age of science. Ken Ham speaks oncreation/evolutionissues and encourages the body of Christ to trustin the authorityof God's Word.About Ken HamSince moving to America in 1987, Australian Ken Ham—presidentandfounder of Answers in Genesis-US, the highly acclaimedCreationMuseum (well over two million visitors since it opened),andvisionary behind the construction of a full-size Noah’sArk—hasbecome one of the most in-demand Christian conferencespeakers andtalk show guests. (In one year alone he appeared onFox’s TheO’Reilly Factor and Fox and Friends in the Morning, CNN’sTheSituation Room with Wolf Blitzer, ABC’s Good Morning America,theBBC, and so on). He became internationally known for his2014creation/evolution debate with Bill Nye “The Science Guy,”whichhas been watched by an estimated 15 million people.In May of 2007, Answers in Genesis opened its high-techandacclaimed Creation Museum and education center in theCincinnati,Ohio, area (on 70 scenic acres in Petersburg, Kentucky).Thebrainchild of Ken Ham, the state-of-the-art facilitycontainsdozens of world-class exhibits—including impressiveanimatronicdinosaur models, a $1 million allosaur fossil,andplanetarium—which are now on display inside the75,000-sq-ftmuseum. In its first seven years, the museum attractedover twomillion guests. AiG is building the Ark Encounter, anattractionfeaturing a life-size Ark as its centerpiece, about 40miles southof the museum.A biblical apologist, Ken gives numerous faith-building talkstotens of thousands of children and adults each year (hereceiveshundreds of invitations to speak annually) on such topicsas thereliability of the Bible, how compromise over biblicalauthorityhas undermined society and even the church (which isseeing amassive exodus of young people), witnessing moreeffectively,dinosaurs, “races,” and so on. Ken cofounded AiG in1994 with thepurpose of upholding the authority of the Bible fromthe very firstverse.Ken is the author of many books on Genesis, includingtheeye-opening book Already Gone, coauthored by renownedresearcherBritt Beemer on why so many young people have left thechurch, thebest-selling The Lie: Evolution, and a number ofchildren’s books(Dinosaurs of Eden, D is for Dinosaur, A is forAdam, and so on).Other recent coauthored books include One Race,One Blood and HowCould a Loving God …?, and the provocative bookAlready Compromisedabout Christian colleges and how they treat theauthority of theBible.Ken is heard daily on the radio feature Answers with KenHam(broadcast on more than 850 stations) and is a frequent guestonnational TV talk shows. Since the Creation Museum opened, hehasbeen interviewed on CBS News Sunday Morning, The NBC NightlyNewswith Brian Williams, The PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer, andmanyother outlets. Ken is also the founder of the award-winningAnswersmagazine, which won the prestigious “Award of Excellence”(for topChristian magazine) in 2011 from the Evangelical PressAssociation.He also writes articles for AiG’s popular website,which was the2012 recipient of the “Best Ministry Website” asawarded by the1,200-member National Religious Broadcasters (in 2014the websitewas receiving over 1.5 million visitors a month).Ken’s emphasis is on the relevance and authority of the bookofGenesis to the life of the average Christian, and how compromiseonGenesis has opened a dangerous door regarding how the cultureandchurch view biblical authority. His Australian accent, keensenseof humor, captivating stories, and exceptionalPowerPoint/Keynoteillustrations have made him one of NorthAmerica’s most effectiveChristian communicators. Several of hislive talks were recordedand released in a well-produced DVD set andcurriculum titledFoundations (2011).
Our Daily Bread Daily 1.0 APK
Our Daily Bread is a devotional calendar-style booklet published byOur Daily Bread Ministries in over 55 languages. The booklet is oneof the most widely read Christian devotionals in circulation today.
The Wendy Williams Show 1.0 APK
Radio host and author Wendy Williams joinsthedaytime syndicated talk-show field, bringing herdistinctivepersonality to television. In addition to celebrityinterviews,regular segments include Hot Topics, which usually opensthe showand features Williams giving her honest, opinionatedandoften-unpredictable take on the latest pop-cultureandentertainment headlines, and Ask Wendy, in which she offersadviceto audience members seeking solutions to their problems. Thedaily,hourlong program is broadcast from a studio in New YorkCity.Original network: SyndicationPresented by: Wendy Williams
"Keeping Up : Kardashians" 1.0 APK
Even though things are always changing for the Kardashian family inways they never expected, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and the rest of theKardashian/Jenner clan are determined to remember that familyalways comes first. Although the family members frequently are atodds, between siblings and their rela… MORELocation(s): LosAngeles, CaliforniaNetwork: E!Executive producers: Kim Kardashian,Khloé Kardashian
If Loving You Is Wrong Show 1.0 APK
Couples and friends in a middle-classcommunityare the focus of this drama series by Tyler Perry. Whileit may seemtypical, below the surface lie heartbreak and deceit,threateningeverybody's well-being. Residents include marriedRandal and Marcie;she desperately wants children; he's having anaffair with Alex, thewife of best friend Brad. Elsewhere in theneighborhood, divorcedEsperanza pursues a budding relationshipwith Julius while keepingit secret from her vindictive ex,Edward.First episode date: 9 September 2014Network: Oprah Winfrey NetworkGenre: Soap opera
Steve Harvey - The Morning Show 1.0 APK
Comedian Steve Harvey's TV filmographyincludesstarring in his own sitcom and hosting a long-running gameshow. Henow adds a talk show to the list with this hourlong entryinto thedaytime talk game. Harvey, whose media work also includeshosting amorning radio show, brings a humorous, common senseapproach toeveryday problems as he interviews real people withreal issues.Harvey draws from his own life experiences as hecovers a range oftopics that include relationships, finances,parenting, workplaceissues and friendship.First episode date: 4 September 2012Final episode date: 24 May 2017Presented by: Steve HarveyExecutive producers: Steve Harvey, Rushion McDonald, MOREAwards: Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show /Informative,MOREEpisod
Real Time With Bill Mahler 1.0 APK
Acerbic comic Bill Maher welcomes a panel of three guests fromdiverse parts of the political spectrum for a lively discussion ofcurrent events. Also usually included as part of the show are acomedic monologue and an interview with a newsmaker or politicalfigure.Theme song: Real Time with Bill Maher Theme SongPresentedby: Bill Maher