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My Aurora Forecast Pro - Aurora Borealis Alerts 4.1.4
My Aurora Forecast Pro is the best app for seeing theNorthernLights. Built with a sleek dark design, it appeals to bothtouristsand serious aurora watchers by telling you what you want toknow -whether that is exactly how likely you are to see theauroraborealis or details about the solar winds and high-resolutionsunimagery. With this app, you'll be seeing the Northern Lights innotime. - Find the current KP index and how likely you are to seetheNorthern Lights. - View a list of the best locations to viewfromright now. - Map showing how strong the aurora is around theworld,based on the SWPC ovation auroral forecast. - Freepushnotifications when auroral activity is expected to be high.-Forecasts for the next hour, several hours and several weeks soyoucan plan your Northern Lights viewing long in advance (subjecttoweather conditions). - Solar wind statistics and sun imagery.-Tour information so if you're considering to go to locationssuchas Iceland or even Alaska or Canada, you'll be able to findtoursthat we can recommend to you. If you want the latest updatesongeomagnetic activity and enjoy viewing the aurora borealis,thisapp is right for you.
FlightConnections - Worldwide Flight Route Map 1.0
FlightConnections is the Swiss army knife that should notbemissingin your travel toolkit. It’s one of the best toolsfortravelhacking, trip planning and travel inspiration. Want toknowwhereyou can fly from your local airport? Need to knowwhichairlines areoperating? Prefer to fly with a specificallianceonly?FlightConnections is here to help! FlightConnectionsprovidesanoverview of all flight routes worldwide. Flightschedulesandtimetables from every airline in the world (900+) for12monthsahead are presented in a very convenient way.Withinseconds,FlightConnections provides you with scheduleinformation ofanyflight route, operated by any airline. Find themostconvenientflight route at the most convenient departuretime.Search forflights with up to 2 stops and filter downextensively:to showflights and airports operated by a specificairline orallianceonly (very useful for award travelers). Even themostseasonedtravel gurus, travel professionals and travelagents,awardtravelers and non-revs, cabin crew and pilotsareusingFlightConnections daily. Don't waste hours searchingflights,useFlightConnections! FLIGHTCONNECTIONS MAIN FEATURES•InteractiveFlight Route Map. • Plan a trip based on yourpreferredlocalairport. • Find new, nearby airports on the map. •Filterbyairline or alliance. • Discover airline routes andflightschedules/ timetables. • Compare direct flights orconnectionsflights. •Show connecting flights with one or two stops.• Showconnectingflights with different airlines, or the sameairlineonly. • Findcheap flights and book flight tickets for thebestprice available.• Useful for frequent travelers,travelprofessionals, cabin crewand pilots, backpackers anddigitalnomads. Any questions orfeedback? Contact usat:contact@flightconnections.com
Molnus 1.0.131
HJL IT & Development AB
Manage all your Molnus-compatible cameras with full controloversettings. Get notifications for camera events like image-uploadandbattery-status. Features: - Control all your camerasettingsdirectly from Molnus. - Control your camera from browser orapp. -Secure upload and cloud storage. - Push notification tobothbrowser and app. - Photo gallery for easy management of photos.-Get push-notifications when pictures are uploaded. - Takephotosdirect browser or app with swift delivery. - Register newcamerasfrom browser or app. - Share cameras with other users thathavefull control. - Take part of other users cameras with fullcontrol.
UISP CRM 1.3.5
Ubiquiti Inc.
All the tools you’ll need for your ISP business. Organizeyourclients and leads From assigned plans and credit balance, toquotessent to potential new customers, you’ll always know what’s upwithyour database. Billing and recurring invoices Customize taxratesper client (or service), invoice frequency, discounts… wecould goon. Also, we handle invoice generation for you.Automaticsuspensions Take full control over what happens whenpayments areoverdue. Set up late fees, and service suspensions tobe executedautomatically. Seamless traffic shaping We take care ofdownloadand upload speeds based on your clients’ service plans. Youdon’thave to do it manually. NOTE: This app requires UISP 1.1 orlater.See https://unms.com/
Portugal Offline Map and Travel Guide 1.42
Portugal Offline Map - free maps designed specificallyfortravelers. Advantages of offline maps: - Save money in roaming-Work fast even with bad Internet connection. - You can see themapif there is no Internet: in the subway, on the plane Allfunctionswork offline: - Portugal Offline Map with travel guide -Alltourist attractions on the map - Wiki descriptions fortouristattractions - Address search - Search by category (airports,metrostations, train stations, hotels, etc.) - Save and editfavoritelocations - Automotive and pedestrian GPS navigation in thepaidversion
electricityMap 1.2.3
electricityMap is a live visualization of where yourelectricitycomes from and how much CO2 was emitted to produce it
Portugal Travel Guide in English with map 6.9.17
Traveling to Portugal? Discover everything that Portugal hastoofferwith this free guide in English with maps and offlinelists.The bestrestaurants, hotels, activities and monuments inPortugal.Portugalhas much to offer. Visiting its monuments,wandering itsstreets,meeting the people and learning their customsis a must.That's whyyou have this guide toPortugal, created usingphotosandrecommendations from real travelers. And remember thatyou cansaveyour lists offline. Portugal is waiting for you!🌏Features🌏: ➢Thebest places in Portugal recommended by realtravelers likeyou,with tips on what to see, where to eat and whereto stay. ➢In'What to See', you'll find a selection of must-seesights thatyoucan't miss in Portugal. ➢ In 'Activities', you'llfind thebesttours and excursions in Portugal. ➢ In 'Where to Eat!,discoverthemost highly-recommended restaurants in Portugal. ➢ In'WheretoSleep', you'll find a selection of the best hotels inPortugalforall budgets and all types of traveler. ➢ Completebasicinformationon Portugal. ➢ Photographs shared by fellowtravelers. ➢Downloadyour lists to view their recommendations andphotos 100%offline.Save on roaming charges and download your guideto Portugalbeforeleaving the house.
SmarterVegas.com 2.5.6001
Darko Media Ltd.
Enjoy the best deals and promotions in Las Vegas and easily stayintouch with friends and family with our free SmarterVegas® app.Saveup to 50% off hotels, shows, attractions and more. Makeyourreservations on your phone directly with the hotel or theofficialbox office or use our exclusive vouchers. • Las Vegas hoteldeals •Las Vegas show discounts • Las Vegas attractions coupons •See adetailed map of everything around you • Additional info onmuseums,dining, spas and much more Press: • "There are plenty ofways tosave cash in Vegas" - Lonely Planet • "You can often findgreatdeals in Vegas, so while settle for decent?" - USA TodayTravel •"Check Smarter Vegas for special promo codes" - Buzz Feed
Majorca Travel Guide in English with map 6.9.17
Traveling to Majorca? Discover everything that Majorca hastoofferwith this free guide in English with maps and offlinelists.Thebest restaurants, hotels, activities and monumentsinMajorca.Majorca has much to offer. Visiting itsmonuments,wandering itsstreets, meeting the people and learningtheir customsis a must.That's why you have this guide toMajorca,created usingphotos andrecommendations from real travelers. Andremember thatyou can saveyour lists offline. Majorca is waiting foryou!🌏Features🌏: ➢ Thebest places in Majorca recommended byrealtravelers like you, withtips on what to see, where to eat andwhereto stay. ➢ In 'What toSee', you'll find a selection ofmust-seesights that you can'tmiss in Majorca. ➢ In 'Activities',you'llfind the best tours andexcursions in Majorca. ➢ In 'Where toEat!,discover the mosthighly-recommended restaurants in Majorca. ➢In'Where to Sleep',you'll find a selection of the best hotelsinMajorca for allbudgets and all types of traveler. ➢ Completebasicinformation onMajorca. ➢ Photographs shared by fellowtravelers. ➢Download yourlists to view their recommendations andphotos 100%offline. Saveon roaming charges and download your guideto Majorcabeforeleaving the house.
With Radical Storage, you can now make the most of your holidaysorbusiness trips without worrying about your luggage. Simplychoosethe luggage storage location that meets your needs, book itin lessthan no time and feel free again! We designed thisconvenientapplication with your needs in mind!
Volotea 3.38
Welcome to the official app for Volotea, the airline thatconnectsEurope’s small and medium sized cities with direct flightsat verycompetitive prices. Using our app means you have everythingin thepalm of your hand: you can find the best offers, and accessyourbookings and boarding passes, as well as checking the statusofyour flight at any time too. BOOK A FLIGHT Book your flightsmoresimply and easily from your mobile. During the booking process,youcan access your recent searches, go forward and back at anytime,and access our best tariffs and exclusive offers fromtheMegavolotea subscription service too. You’ll also be able toaccessall extra services and view the breakdown of your flightprice,including all the details. FLIGHT CHANGES AND ADDITIONALSERVICESMake changes to your booking and book extra serviceswithout havingto go to one of our desks at the airport. Remember,you can makechanges to your booking up to 7 days before departureand with ourFlex plan, you can make unlimited date and itinerarychanges up to4 hours before your flight departs, at no additionalcost. ACCESSYOUR BOOKINGS You can easily view all your bookings inthe “YourJourneys” section of our app. You can view flights bookedthroughthe app or through any of our other sales channels,includingtravel agencies or our website. PASSENGER PROFILE In orderto savetime and avoid filling in details repeatedly, our app letsyouenter passenger information, contact details andpaymentautomatically while you’re booking your flight. Completeyourprofile and speed up your bookings. You can even save yourpaymentmethods so you don’t have to enter them again. You can alsocheckyour Volotea Credit balance on your profile and use it forfuturebookings; they’re all benefits! FLIGHT STATUS Our app letsyoucheck the status of your Volotea flights at any time. You onlyneedto enter your route information or flight number to checkitsupdated status at any time, with additional information onouraircraft and the services we offer. MOBILE CHECK-IN (atairportswith permitted access) For greater convenience you cancheck in foryour flights directly from your cell phone. Saveprinting yourboarding pass and go straight to the departure gate.You can storeyour boarding passes straight into your Passbook or,if you prefer,you can download them conveniently on your mobile ortablet.HOTELS, CARS, FLIGHT + HOTEL AND MUCH MORE ON YOURDESTINATIONThrough our application, you may also reserve rentalcars and hotelrooms at your destination. The reservation process isadapted foryour mobile device, making it easier to use. You canalso accessour partner’s deals directly. You will also be able toaccess thebest content about our destinations on our Travel Blog,withreviews and interesting facts you might not know aboutyourfavourite destination. AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS Receive ourtopoffers via automatic notifications.
FieldClimate mobile is an agro-meteorological datamanagementsolution. Some selected improvements at a glance: +Comprehensivesummary of last temperature, precipitation, wind,wet-bulbtemperature, humidity & leaf wetness measurements +AddedCUSTOMISATION perfects the user experience + LOCALISATION&DEVICE MANAGEMENT to react when needed + Support for newsensors(e.g. CO2) and Plant Available Water overlays for Map Viewas wellas Station Overview
Athens Guide by Civitatis 4.2.7-build.519
Athens Guide with information on what to visit, where to eat, howtosave, and more. We also offer transfers, excursions and guidedtoursin English.
Urban Journalist 4.8.0
Urban Journalist
With Urban Journalist you experience the best in cities.Discover,share, plan, and stay up to date with the best places andthings todo, curated by people you trust. All in one app. Downloadnow andstart exploring! · Discover Discover the best hotspots andeventsin your city, or on your city trip. Be inspired by peopleyoutrust, friends, local experts, influencers, and like-mindedmembersof the community. · Share Inspire others with yourfavoritehotspots. Start saving your favorite hotspots and sharethem withyour friends. Remember all the places you’ve been to byaddingphotos, tags, and comments · Stay up to date Your city hasmuchmore to discover than you think! Stay up to date withtrendingrestaurants, events and things to do and get the most outof yourcity. · Plan Plan and organize your trips together withfriends.Select a destination, invite your friends, find thebestrecommendations and start planning your trip together.
Nova Sport 3.2
Nova Sport is a social network built around sport and a toolthathelps you to: -Discover your university's sports offer andinteractwith other people on your campus - Find all the Teams,Clubs ,Sport Communities of your University/College -Find sportpartnersnearby -Create and join sports activities Nova Sport offersto theUniversities’ Sports Centers several services such as: - atool toManage their Sports offer, - a Booking system - Trackthestatistics of the attendance to its Sports Center, - SendPushNotifications Soon many more services will added such as: -manageUniversities’ Sports Clubs & Teams - Advanced reportingsystem- Posting Photos, Videos, Sports Events The perks of usingNovaSport is that it is not just a standard tool, but also asocialnetwork.
RTP Play
Access over 20 live broadcasts and thousands of content withyourRTP Play app. With RTP Play you can: - Watch programs, channelsandlive streams; - Access exclusive content; - Listen toradioprograms and podcasts; - Transfer audio content to take withyou; -Browse the wide range of programs through our catalog ofgenres andchannels; - Continue to see / hear from where you stayed;- Saveyour favorite content; - Stream content to your TV usingChromecastor AirPlay; - Access all RTP programming; ...and muchmore! Alsoavailable for Android, AndroidTV, IOS and AppleTV. RTPPlay whereall the programs meet!     - If you would liketo make asuggestion or report a problem with the application,please contactus at play@rtp.pt.     - TRANSMISSIONRIGHTS The programshave different broadcast rights, whichdetermines the time they areavailable. Broadcasting rights controlwhich programs can bewatched live inside and outside the country.     - UPDATES By selecting the INSTALL option,you areallowing the RTP Play application to be downloaded andinstalled onyour device, allowing future versions to be updated asthey arise.Automatic updating of this app only happens if you haveenabled thecorresponding option on your device     -LICENSINGAGREEMENT   By downloading the RTP Play app you areagreeingto the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy we havecommittedto: http://media.rtp.pt/rgpd   You can access ourTerms andConditions at:http://media.rtp.pt/rgpd/termos-e-condicoes/  You can accessour Privacy Policy at:http://media.rtp.pt/rgpd/privacy-politics/
StreetComplete 31.3
Help to improve the OpenStreetMap with StreetComplete! Thisappfinds incomplete and extendable data in your vicinity anddisplaysit on a map as markers. Each of those is solvable byanswering asimple question to complete the info on site. The infoyou enter isthen directly added to the OpenStreetMap in your name,without theneed to use another editor.
Pairi Daiza 1.6
The Pairi Daiza App allows you to localise yourself and tovisualiseall the activities of the Garden. Define your route,identify theanimals near you, discover all the places ofinterests, find yourfavorite restaurant and all the animations inthe park swiftly. Thesearch engine allows you to find all theinformation you need andlocalise it in the park. Look no further !This app is the best toolto guide you through your journey inPairi Daiza.
ServiceMax Go 1.8.3
ServiceMax, Inc.
** Enterprise App - Before submitting a review ensure your appisconfigured for your use by your mobile apps team ** ServiceMaxGois the latest mobile app for Service ExecutionManagement,including Field Service Management and Asset ServiceManagement.ServiceMax Go, available on Android phones and tablets,empowerstechnicians, field engineers and maintenance personnelwitheverything they need to plan their work, execute itefficiently,and effectively communicate with customers andcolleagues.ServiceMax Go delivers an enhanced design that'spurpose-built forfield workers with simple navigation, intuitivescreens, andpowerful offline capabilities - enabling completevisibility formaximum productivity. Features of ServiceMax Go •Instant access toall pertinent data: entitlement verifications,customer &product service history, location, contacts,estimates, warranties,parts, and more • Multiple calendar views topreview daily andweekly tasks, driving directions and travel times,appointmentdetails, and instantly respond to new work orders •Step-by-stepservice execution instructions that can be easilyconfigured byadministrators without coding • Templatized checklistswith sectionnavigation, progress status, and inline navigation forinspections,safety checks, diagnostics, and more • Instant accessto documents,videos, and technician and expert collaboration •Search to quicklylocate parts and products in own or nearbytechnicians’ trunkstock, customer consignment, stocking hubs, spareparts, and more •Real-time, automated pricing validatesentitlements for accuratetime and materials estimations • Easilycapture and share photosand videos taken at the customer site,email service reports orcontracts • Smart Business Docs to createservice reports,invoices, etc. for customers to sign while on-siteto expediteprocessing • Instant access to IoT data and analyticsfor equipmentdiagnostics and faster resolution • Secure, richexchange of datawith third-party applications through app-to-appintegration •Intuitive field-ready design features large targets,fewer clicks,dedicated screens, time-saving formula fields, anddata validation• Automated notifications and SMS triggered bychanges in data orlocation to inform stakeholders in real-time •Advanced data andbusiness rules validation during data entryensures data integrityand adherence to business processes even ifconnectivity is notavailable • Fast, reliable offline functionalitywith powerful andflexible sync engine that enables technicians toaccess and updatecustomer and product information
XC Analytics 1.3.5
XC Analytics
XC Analytics is a tool designed to debrief flights,analyzeperformances, and easily identify weaknesses and strengths,be itfor you or for any IGC track. It is based on the team'sknowledgeof free flying at the highest level for several years. Theaim isto allow any paragliding, hang gliding, and sailplane pilottoidentify the key components of his flying technique, based onthetracks recorded by his ad-hoc device. It means the pilotwillaccess: - A representation of his flight, with theoptimizedcircuit related to his track log - A set of more than 40statisticsthat regroup most of the parameters related to freeflyingperformance - More than 30 dedicated charts to analyze andspot, inthe blink of an eye, how to improve his free flyingtechnique - Theability to compare those characteristics with otherpilots
Wynd 1.00.209
Wynd Technologies, Inc.
Wynd is here to enable healthy spaces for people to be attheirbest. The Wynd app delivers personalized air quality insights,tohelp you take the right actions to stay healthy and happy.*OutdoorAir Quality* • Understand what your outdoor air qualitylevels are– real-time data on AQI, PM2.5, Ozone, CO, and NO2. Wyndsourcesdata from certified institutions and governmental airqualitystations *Personal Air Quality* • Pair your Wynd Tracker toreceivepersonalized, real-time air quality readings and trackyourpersonal exposure • Track your air quality over time – viewyourexposure over hours, days, weeks, months and years •Exporthistorical levels of personal air quality exposure inCSV*Effective Solutions* • Connect your Wynd Portable Purifiertocontrol the purification level remotely • Enablesautomaticpurification based on your personal air quality to createa bubbleof clean air around you at all times • Monitor filterlevels foroptimal purification performance and get a notificationwhen yourfilter needs to be replaced
Netatmo Weather
NetatmoDiscover the first Personal Weather Station made for Androidphonesand its App!A Netatmo Weather Station is required. Find out more abouttheNetatmo Weather Station at www.netatmo.com.Become a contributor and be part of this unique PersonalWeatherStation network: measure locally with your Netatmo WeatherStation,monitor directly from your phone with the Netatmoapp!DASHBOARD:-Access your station’s measurements (temperature,humidity,barometer, felt-like temperature, CO2, air quality,rainfall andwind speed and direction) directly from yourphone.-Intuitive and easy navigation! Swipe between outdoormeasurementsand indoor measurements in one easy gesture.EVENTS AND NOTIFICATIONS:-Notifications for peak and variation events (CO2concentration,extreme temperatures, low and high pressures…).-Automatically logs events in your personal timeline.EMBEDDED FORECAST:-7 days of forecast, available at your exact Netatmo WeatherStationlocation!
Mapei APP 2.9.6
Mapei SpA
Learn more about MAPEI from our product catalogs,technicaldocumentation and videos. The grout and sealantcalculators allowyou to estimate the correct amount of productneeded for yourproject. Stay up to date with Realtà MAPEI magazine,ourcommunication tool with the world of construction and withanyoneappreciating and using our products.