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Sniper Hunter Champion: Deer Shooting 1.3
Mechanic Game Studio
The key to stay alive is to stay alive whatever happen. You areinjungle starving to death. Human body needs food and powerproteinis a perfect diet to eat. Hunt down animals in forest andeat it tosurvive. That’s not the only thing you do. You also needto protectdeer from lions and other predators. Don’t let your foodto eatothers. Compete with other players who is best shooter. Killdeerin given time as many as you can. These are the last daysofsurvival apocalypse on earth. Snipper shooters are most deadlyinan incredible and huge Safari world forest, where your missionisto stay alive and hunt as many deer as you can. Hunting erahascome. Deer among us. Snipper Hunter Champion: Deer Shooting isaDeer Shooting sniper game. These reptiles and their animationsareas real. Become an ultimate heroic Deer hunter, strike theDeer,catch your prey! This is a war between your life for food andthesurvival humans. Thrilling and adventurous deer huntingmissionshas been designed so that you could feel real deerhuntingadventure while hunting. Different kinds of shooting gunse.g.sniper, pistol is available in this hunting game you mustselectany gun according to your choice and start hunting the deers.Ineach coming level number of deers will be more than thepreviousone so you have to all the deers in the given time tocomplete eachlevel successfully. Multiple environment e.g. desert,mountains,desert and snow have been designed so that you couldbecome thebest hunter and could hunt the deers in any situationwithout anydangerous. Your life is very important to hunt deers sobe safe,protect yourself from any wild animal attack in the jungle.If youwill die then your mission will be failed and you have toplayagain to complete the hunting mission. Hunt and look atthephoto-realistic deer and lions, from small to giant,fromherbivores to carnivores, in this fabulous simulation.Thisoutstanding high-end shooting game of hunting in the junglegivesyou the wonderful opportunity to explore and dive intotheimpressive super deer adventure. The game scene has a greatsafarijungle land in the woods far from city. To build a winningBattleArena team, you’ll need to design the most efficient andeffectiveSnipper team, one that will allow your Snippers to EnjoyDeershooting game. You can rescue your life by a speed runracingyourself from lions or attack them in this war. Do not standstill,fire and reload your weapon's charge, it isn't a forestpuzzle.Move, at this time your damage value from a clash with theforestmonsters will gradually decrease but not the hippopotamus. Ifyouneed to take rest after active battles on this survival arena,makea break using pause mode, where you'll be completelyinvisible.Features: • Smooth Game Play • Good high quality graphics•Different Snippier Guns • Jungle environment with full of horror•Great audio effects • Increasing number of clever deer ineachcoming level • Realistic deer running and eating grassanimations •aim to set the exact target on the deer • Camera zoomfacility towatch deer from far away • Career mood and championshipmood •Different deer animations • And a forest full of animals youmayhaven’t see before It’s open season join the hunt today!Developedfor fans of FPS games, Sniper games, Hunting Simulators,and theDeer Hunter games. Disclaimer: - This game is free to play,but youcan choose to pay real money for some extra items, whichwillcharge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasingbyadjusting your device settings. -This game is not intendedforchildren. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears inthisgame. Remember that we're always reading your feedback and arehardat work creating new Weapons, features and of course fixinganybugs you may find. Leave your feedback and suggestions wewillappreciate.
Forest Deer Hunting 1.7
If you love to play hunting game then get ready to install thisfullof action game. There are number of animals in the deep andgreenforest. Your mission in this game is, you have to take aimand openfire on the target. Modern and latest sniper gun is withyou to huntand shoot deer. There are three animals in the veryfirst level andthen gradually increasing in every level. Therefare multiples goodfeatures in this shooting and action game givenbelow. GameFeatures:- 3D model of animal Sniper gun RealisticEnvironment
Archery bird hunter 2.7.19
Archery bird hunter is now for mobile owner, however itsnamecontains the word of bird but this game also contains duck anddeerhunting! Archery bird hunter is the best and most realisticarchery2D simulation game for you. Archery bird hunter deliversrealisticarchery experience between all archetype games, amazinganddeferent color birds ducks and deer of Archery bird hunter makeitmore interesting. Shoot arrows at birds ducks and deer to killthemand get coins and the coins are usable to buy huntingequipmentfrom shop of Archery bird hunter game. For more enjoy ofArcherybird hunting game we add burning Arrow in game when playerusesthis option the arrow will burn hunted birds and ducks. Arunninghorse is also added to game which brings gifts such asburningarrow, coins and arrow. For every level the number of birdsorducks is shown in a table in beginning of level, if you hunt allofthem the level become complete and another level be unlocked oryoucan unlock another level by spending achieved coins. Archerybirdhunter consist of several levels, Level one of Archery birdhunteris a place with a tree and a dog, birds sit on tree, when youhuntbird dog collects hunted bird in a basket. Level two ofArcherybird hunter is near to river, ducks fly over the river andif youdon’t shot for about 5-10 seconds ducks will sit in water andthehunting of duck become easy. Third level of Archery bird hunteriswith a chariot which follows birds in forest and you huntthemFourth level of Archery bird hunter is with a boat whichplayerdrives in river and follows duck and hunt them. Fifth levelofArchery bird hunter is deer hunting, deer run over the greenhilland you shoot on them. Sixth level of Archery bird hunter alsodeerhunting, but in this level the player follows deer using achariotof vehicle to hunt deer. Other levels of Archery bird hunterwillbe added soon. Archery bird hunter game also consist a shopwhichplayer can buy hunting equipment. How to play Archery birdhuntergame: ★ Swipe on bow (arch), pull or rotate it, if yourelease thearrow is shot. ★In each level hunted and achieved coinsare show ina table. ★ Tap on shop button and buy needs of hunting ★if you seea running horse try to touch on this as much as you, thiswillgives you gifts.
Deer Hunting Free 1.0.2
If you love to be the best deer hunter in this 3d game, pleasegrabyour gun and challenge the animals in the mountains and forest.Youcan become the forest deer hunter to get highest number of deerinthe limited time. Make some plan and strategy to take deersdownwithout alerting the other surrounding barbary stag,otherwisestags will be disappeared in the beautiful shooting valleycoveredin snowfall and mountains. Deer hunting games is yourprimedestination this year. If you are the best android game of2017then you should try to hunt wild deer in forest and go forforestdeer hunting. This deer hunting game has all the features of2018and best graphics to entice you into playing it more andmore.There are multiple features which will unfold once you willstartplaying Deer Hunting 2016. This game is a classic deer hunt inthemodern era of thrill and action. Hunt Deer OR Be Hunted byWildAnimals:- You are alone in the deep forest, there are manywildanimals like dinosaur, bear, lion, sheep and others. Theseallanimals are very dangerous and wild, you have to be very carefultohunt white tailed deer. You can see big bucks in the junglethatare to be hunted by sniper gun. Lion hunting or dinosaurhunting isnot an easy task like desert deer hunting, you have to beverysharp to take them down. In the forest dino can attack on you,youhave to kill and shoot dino quickly otherwise he will takeyou.Wild deer Hunter lets you hunt and kill the biggest andmostdangerous animals in the this world. You can hunt themwithpowerful and modern guns you will rely on your marksman skillstoshoot and trap animals including Zebras, Bears,Cheetahs,Elephants, Lions and even dinosaurs running away fromyou.Furthermore, chasing your targets on a moving truck makes thegameeven more challenging. Apply your action, shooting,huntingfighting and safari shooting skill to escape. You areleading asquad of american sniper commandos who are trained foraccurateshooting and combat skills in the most challenging game andactiongame. Stay yourself for the ultimate deer hunting experience.Useyour sniper gun to shoot and hunt classic deer. Aim accurateandkill the unkilled jungle animals and become the best deerhunterand enjoy with jeep engine physics in this 4x4 dirt tracktrialsforest driving simulator. With this 6x6 bumpy car dare todrive offroad mountain hill jeep in most classic hill tops. You areplayingtop new free hunting game of deer hunter in this 3d game.DeerHunter Free Features:- First person shooter sniper actionmissionsRealistic movement and fully functioning sniper rifleIntelligentbullet tracking to find your target easily Deadlyweapons andmultiple missions. Wilderness of Assault shooting gunsto killChallenging levels with increasing number of deers Smoothand userfriendly game to play Graphics and Sound effects Real TimeJungleEnvironment Should you have any suggestion, please feel freetocontact us and let us develop better shooting games. Giveyourfeedback at:- https://www.facebook.com/MartilGames
Taloor Hunter Birds Hunting 1.0.1
Taloor Hunter 3D game is for those passionate gamers who aregettingtired of typical sniper shooting games and want some newfun andadventure. Increase your hunting fever, get your huntinggun andallow us to take you on birds Hunting 2017 adventure. Enjoythe mostrealistic hunting experience ever. Wild bird Hunting isall aboutprecise shooting, aiming quickly and shooting at theright time.Develop your skills as a bird hunter by shooting downas many birdsas possible in a limited amount of time. Become aTaloor Huntingexpert by playing this great bird shooting game3D.Everybody likesto play jungle hunting and commando shootinggames, that’s why weare presenting you a brand new idea in thecategory of snipershooting games, the desert Taloor Hunting - 3D.Play this desertshooting game adventure while taking perfectkiller head shots ofblack birds which are flying everywhere in thejeep safari jungle.Be a sharp shooter and aim the Taloor birdperfectly. Your accuracymust be very high while hunting the flyingbirds as the accuracy isthe key factor in every bird huntinggames. The sniper huntingsimulator is specially designed to boostyour sniping skills in mostrealistic manner. Feel yourself anelite force commando and be aperfect sniper shooter to hunt downall the taloor in this desertgame. In this top free birds huntinggame you have to be best birdshunter of 2016.There are number ofbirds flying everywhere likeeagle, crow, duck sparrow etc but youhave to hunt only taloor inthis Taloor Hunter game 2017. Somepeople loves deer hunting gamesbut some of them like lion huntingor dino hunting games. This gameis llike duck hunting game youwill enjoy to play this full ofadventure game. You have to be verysharp in this taloor huntingjungle game. Grab your gun for birdshunting season in this newfirst person shooter game.Multiplestypes of deer and other animalsin desert on ground. Deer huntingin desert or Lion hunting injunlge is not included in yourchallenging mission. If you want tobe a real animal hunter or realbird hunter or real birds shooter,you have to be expert snipershooter and hunter. In this taloorhunting 2018 3d game take allbirds down.How to Play Taloor HunterGame:-• Tap the shoot buttonat bottom left corner to perform sniperkiller shots.• Use thesniper telescopic zoom to increase youraiming accuracy.• Completeeach sniper simulation mission to unlockthe next level.• Swipe thedevice screen to find and hunt the taloorin jungle.• Avoid missshots and delay fires.• Kill all birds withingiven time.TaloorHunter Features:-- Hunting birds, Best huntingsimulator SAFARI3D.- Driving off road on luxury 4x4.- Beautifulgraphics andrealistic scenery.- Realistic animated birds to behunted.- Soundsof Africa, enhancing the reality effect.- Besthunter scoretable.Give your feedbackat:-https://www.facebook.com/MartilGames
Deer Hunting Season Safari Hunt 1.0
RS Games Studio
Enjoy the King of Hunting games :Deer Master Hunter3d:SafariRainforest Hunting 2018 is the best wild animal huntergameof theera. Presenting best master hunting game for fans ofRPGgames& action games, shooting games 2018. Start realdeer,hunter+master game among sword-swinging role-playing games,deerhuntinggames, fantasy & monsters hunter knight games. Playastheroyal hunter defending the hunter lineage of a kingsaspromaster.You belong to a lineage of warriors and hunters, sohuntas2018 descendent. Are you ready for the wild hunting action!Inthemost visually stunning FPS deer hunting simulator gameforhuntinggames lovers. Let us take you to the Savannah ofCentralAfricanrain forest on an epic hunt journey of wildhuntingmasters.Experience the real hunt of deer and stags theworld’s mostexoticwild animals.Be ready for the brand new masterclub hunts ofroyalehunters. Diverse jungle environments of over 100wildanimalspecies enter as an master of hunters. Master ofhuntersenjoy thebest graphics of magazines, scopes, stocks, barrels&Takehunter skill to the next level!!! As pro hunter2018.Hunterofhunters shoot like a Pro masterOur Deer Master Hunter3d:SafariRainforest Hunting 2018 is for fans of real FPSgames,extremeHunting Simulators and the wild Deer Hunter. Get intothereal funof hunter world as master. Enjoy playing wild, forestdeerhuntingin African rain forest with modes. Real wildforestenvironment andreal wild animals hunter. Hunt the deer asprohunter of 2018. DeerMaster Hunter 3d: Safari RainforestHunting2018 Features:-Challenging Levels of x-ray forest hunting tobecomepro hunter2018 in shooting games- Many animals to hunt downin asinglebullet- Multiple Weapons and Hunter tools for legendsofhunting-Attractive Environment for hunters- High-qualityGraphicswithx-ray vision for hunt and termal detection- SupersmoothGameplay& Cool HD User interface easy- Animals huntinglikestags,beers, reindeers, rinos, tiger, lions , elephants &moreIf youlike this real Deer Hunting Season Safari Hunt game,pleasetry ourother games by clicking “More from Developer RS Games”orbyvisiting our publisher account and don’t forget to rateandreview.
Deer Hunting in Hunter Valley 1.7.4
Deer hunting fever is at the high, so it’s time to grab yourhuntinggears for deer shooting in the snow valley. As the seasonis on! sohunt as many moose as you can to become the ultimate deerhunter andget rewards. You can become the ultimate deer hunter toget highestnumber of moose in the limited time. Plan itstrategically withoutalerting the other surrounding barbary stag,otherwise stags will bedisappeared in the beautiful shootingvalley covered in snowfall.Deer Hunting in hunter valley hasfollowing features for elite deerhunter - Multiple waves for mooseshooting - Sniper weapon scopezoom in option - Beautiful wildanimals in the environment - Realtime wild deer hunting animation- Wild and attractive shootingenvironment and graphics - Muchmore… If you like the best deerhunter game, please share withother deer hunting fellows. Shouldyou have any suggestion, pleasefeel free to contact us and let usdevelop better shooting games.Follow us Facebook.com/hawksgamesTwitter @hawksgames
Animal & Deer Hunter 2018 1.3
PlatTuo Gaming Studio
Get ready for real modern animal & Deer hunting Jungle animalisthe most thrilling action game category and subcategory inRealAnimal Shooting Games. The best jungle animal hunting gameswhereadventure awaits you to hunt wild animals in a real forest.Ifyou're a person who has the nerve for dangers, then thismountainhunter game is the best animal hunting simulator toexperience wildhunting. Be a professional wild animal hunter inanimal shooting& 3D hunting game to shoot wild animals anddeer, by showingbrave actions to the HUNTER AROUND THE WORLD.Hunting deer in theforest animal & deer shooting game, bewareof furious wildbeasts counter attacks. Unleash your safari hunting,chasing andanimal hunter games skills to target beasts in addictiveforestanimal game. Get ready to put your life in danger to track,huntand shoot lion, deer, horse, pig, goat, wolf and bear in thebesthunter game of 2018 "Animal & Deer hunter 2018. Animal&Deer Hunter 2018 Features: - Addictive Deer hunting game -Animalhunt game with range of animal shooting rifles & guns -Besthunting game with 7 challenging levels - Efficient &accuratecontrols to handle weapons in jungle hunting game -Realistic 3Danimal simulator environment in mountain hunter game -Multipletypes of Animals - Modern and Multiple levels of Weapons -Downloadtop action adventure game - Jungle wild animals & deergame forfree Animal hunt game lets you take part in different wildmissionsto track forest carnivores and predators down by utilizingbountyshooting and wolf hunting talents in the forest animalshootinggame. It’s a free non-stop jungle animal hunting gameoffering areal jungle theme to shoot angry wild animals.Stimulating Animalhunter game gives an excellent chance to huntlarge boar, elephant,bear, lion, wolves and many other animals in3D forest animal gametheme. Be ready. aim. fire whenever you spotanimals in wild huntgame free. Hunting animals will help you earngold in free deerhunting game for boys in 2018, you can unlockpowerful rifles tohunt animals. Don’t let furious animals attack inhunter gameotherwise, hunting animal game will over. So skilled prohunters!Get your weapons prepare for thrilling adventure in bestjungleanimal hunting game.
Lion Hunting - 2017 Sniper 3D 1.1
Action Action Games
Lion Jungle Sniper Hunt 3D is an incredible shooting game tohuntwild animals in the jungle. Enjoy the latest hunter gamewithdangerous wild animals to kill from all over the world.AimandShoot! Wild Lion Hunter offers you the unique game-play thatyoucan hunt wild lions in jungle wilderness with realistic graphicsofjungle and life of jungle!Hunting wild jungle animals is freefunwhen one is a professional hunter as an unprofessional willexposehis life in trying to kill energetic creatures.Lion HuntingSniper3D lets you hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals intheworld. With access to powerful guns you will rely on yourmarksmanskills to kill and trap Lions and other animals. Moreover,lionschasing other animals as a prey and hunt them makes the gameevenmore challenging. Do you have what it takes to become ahuntinglegend?Come of age, like a real hunter, improve yourtrackingskills, stalk your prey, and put your hunting skills to thetest inthe hunt of real wild animals. It's Open Season, returntowilderness to hunting jungle animals. Lion Hunting SniperWildSafari 3D Deadly Shores is fun when one is a professionalhunter asan amateur will endanger his life in trying to killfuriousbeasts.Journey to the world’s wildest locations and hunt forrealwild king of Jungle and other animals in Hunting Safari now! Itistime to load out your weapons and get your 5 star shooting fix!Thestaggering Lion Hunting sniper wild Hunter 3D is here. Jointhisjungle hunting adventure. Hunter 3D lets you hunt the biggestandmost dangerous animals in the world.Lion Safari Hunting3Dsimulator is an unforgettable adventure for real hunters, whereyouwill meet face to face with wild animals including Lions,Rhinos,Zebras, Deer, Stags etc and hunt them.If you are a hunter -getyour gear and go hunting right now. Grab your hunting rifle,jumpinto the jungle for animals hunting on your way to Safari tohuntvarious animals in indigenous to Africa.Game Features:-FirstPerson Sniper 3D Shooting- An ultimate hunting action- Gameplay issimple yet entertaining- Well-organized and efficient guncontrol-Over 30 immersive hunting missions to complete- Realistic3Dgraphics and awesome sound effects- Dozens of real worldweaponsand upgradesTips for a successful hunt:1. Be careful, wildanimalsare dangerous and can attack people.2. For best shootingresults -use the scope.3. Do not approach your prey too close - youwillfrighten the animal away.4. Use the money earned from huntingtobuy new guns that would allow you to get to inaccessibleplacesfull of animals.Caution: Great killing ahead! Take down allthedangerous predators from the firepower of your guns and takethehunting to the next level. Aim and shoot to kill the animals andbethe best shooter. While playing this incredible hunting game,youcan earn best hunt badges to become the best hunter.PLEASENOTE:-This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoney forsome extra items, which will charge your Google account.You candisable in-app purchasing by adjusting your devicesettings.-Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears in thisgame.Thank yourfor playing with us, follow the updates, writereviews and leavecomments!
Animal Hunting Wild Adventure:hunting game 1.0
Gaming World Inc.
Animal Hunting Wild Adventure: hunting animals gamesBestshootinggame where you don’t just go on a killing spree and startrandomlykilling animals. There are targets and also there areanimals whichyou are not allowed to kill. From Hunting the moles,deer to thebears and wolfs, this animal hunting game gives you thebestexperience of precise shooting and sniper skills. Catchelusiveanimals with your sniper bullet and get points for that, bagthemas many as you can. While Face shooting the huge bears, bobcatsandwolves in augmented graphics and best audio compatibility;youwon’t be disappointed with this game. Find the deer hidinginbushes and aim at them while running or get them by surprise.Killthe massive animals before they attack on you. Aim with bothscopeon and without it. Finest action is produced in this gamewhich isthe complete merger of high tech game development bylinking itwith the craze for one of the oldest hobby in this world.We havemerged Hunting game and sniper shooting together to form thebestshoot animal shooting hunter game ever. Start from deer andwolvesand move towards killing huge animals like bears andelephants.Pass each scenario for each animal and unlock new kinds.Difficultylevels in each level are different from others. Followtheinstructions and don’t get run out of time. Shoot as manyanimalsas you can and become an animal shooting veteran as youadvance inthe game. Different set of geographical locations to testthehunter’s resilience in climatic changes where in Arctic regionyouhave to hunt down the huge white bears and the weather ismakingyou senseless, shooting the deer in deserts is melting youmindwith heat. Multiple locations mean different kinds of weathersaswell. There is nothing between your firearms and the wild deerandwolves, every time you open it at them, make it count. Inlimitedtime span of hunting adventure this is the mostimportantthing.Animal Hunting Wild Adventure: hunting animalsgamesFeatures: • Dangerous environment Full of wild animals.•Variety ofAnimals to Kill.• Best 3d Forest, arctic and desertenvironment.•Difficulty Bar for each Animal.• Shooting from avantage point.•Shoot through Tree leaves.• Animal scatteredquickly• Aim atRunning Wild Animals.• Unlimited AmmunitionBonuses.• Immersive 3Dgraphics.How to Play• It’s a first personShooting• Select theanimal you want to shoot first• Start fromdifficulty level one.•Kill all the targeted animals in each levelto move into nextlevel.• Avoid killing friendly animals.• It willfail the mission.•Kill the animals before times up.• Double zoomfor more precision.•Permit yourself to pull the trigger when targetis in range.• Eachanimal can be killed with two bullets atleast.Pick up your snipergun and start bagging the biggest and mostexotic animals in thewildest parts of the globe. Take the challengeand show yourfriends how good, a hunter, you are. The game is freeto play andwithout any exclusives so download this fun pack rightnow andstart your career as a professional hunter.
OffRoad Wild Hunter Shot 1.0
GoodStudy Games
Do you want to be challenged in sniper hunting while going fordeerhunting season? This deer hunting season game of a deer hunter3Dis going to evaluate the sniper game skills of the deer hunter3Dand challenge him to maximum in sniper hunting. The wildlifeshooting challenge is great for hunting deers and using sniperisof-course going to give you the best shooting challenge youhaveever faced.This dear hunting game is all about the deer hunt ofthedear hunter for shoot to kill. This dear hunting game hasdifferentdeer hunt arenas where each deer hunt arena has differentdearhunter levels and each dear hunter level has a set dearhuntingmission for you.There are a total of 20 dear hunting levelsin eachdear hunter arena. In order to achieve your objective ofhuntingdeers,you just have is to shoot to kill in this dearhuntergame.Game Features:- Over 200 immersive hunting missionstocomplete- Realistic 3D graphics and awesome sound effects-Dozensof real world weapons and upgrades
Wild Animal Shooting 1.0
DragaTown Studio
Wild Animal Shooting is free fun when one is a professionalhunteras an unprofessional will expose his life in trying tokillenergetic creatures.Wild Animal Shooting is perfect field forthehunter to Hunt in the Forest.Let’s go hunting with WildAnimalShooting. This is an amazing and addictive action andAdventuregame to take you to an ultimate adventure in the mostrealisticenvironmentwith tress, grass, outdoor, mountains etc. bestworldforest places.This is a hunting simulation game whichsimulatesyour hunting skills in a quite realistic environments.There are anumber of wild animals in search of their prey in thejungle. Youhave to select animal from Wolf,Fox, pig ,Birds and Deertohunt.The stunning sound effects, in the gameplay, adds totheexcitement of this 3d shooting game. Become a skilled DeerandAnimal hunter, by playing this 3d Wild Animal Shooting gamewiththrilling actions pack with slow motion of built.It’s huntingtime!and Best huge Wild Animal Shooting in Safari.Aim your scopeandshoot for precise head shot before the furious beasts jump onyouto kill you. Hunt the most dangerous wild animals; wild Fox ,Deerand Wold, Wild PIG , Wild Rabbit and also many WildBirds.WildAnimal Shooting Have many Sniper Shooting Guns SoComplete theLevels and Unlocked your Gun. Each Animal Have Manylevels in thehunting points.Let’s play free Action games withspecial lookinggun. In life looking mode you'll feel that yousimply squaremeasure in real hunt life.Animals feel jungle as theirperfectsanctuary. When someone gets into it they take it as aninvader. Sothe sniper should grasp his sniff and be tolerant.WildAnimalShooting Top Features:★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ FirstPersonShooting Jungle environment Efficient gun control EnemyAI(Artificial Intelligence) 3D Graphics and Sound effects RealTimeJungle Environment Many game play mission with differenttasksHunting animal mission Thrilling game Fun and joy of huntRealisticsound Best controls Action packed missions Realisticassault andkiller rifles Sniper scope views. Use the Army NightView Scope.Real scary jungle and animals sound Quickly downloadthisinteresting game. Real-time wild animal hunter and WildAnimalShooting simulator Realistic Animated Wolf ,Fox ,Rabbit,Pig,Birds, Deer. Amazing Jungle Hunter and Shooting Experience
Taloor Hunting 1.7.2
Taloor Bird Hunting presents you the most addictive and full offunBird shooting game for android users. You can see and installthisgame on Play store for free! Install, play and enjoy it.TaloorBird is found in the Arid areas like deserts. This birdisconsidered as Royal family Hunting bird because Arab sheikhsarefond of Hunting the Bird of this Family. In Desert hunter gameyouhave to hunt Taloor bird one by one. This Hunting game isarelaxing first person perspective Bird Hunt game. Users canlookaround the map by swiping the screen. There crow and pigeonarealso flying in the air, don't hunt them other wise you willloseyour game. There are deer and other animals in desert onground.Deer hunting in desert or Lion hunting in junlge is notincluded inyour challenging mission. if you want to be a realanimal hunter orreal bird hunter or real birds shooter, you have tobe expertsniper shooter and hunter. You have a Sniper gun and to beveryactive, smart, accurate in aiming and shooting. If you miss tohuntBird in your first try, he will fly away from your eyesight.Youhave to shoot him as early as possible. We hope you like our3DBird Hunt game. There are real 3D Desert graphics intheenvironment of this shooting and hunting game. You have tohuntTaloor Bird to clear the mission in given time, if you fail tohuntthem, then mission will be failed and game over as well. It ismoreinteresting and full of fun game, you will really enjoy to playit.Taloor Bird Hunting FEATURES:- - Radar is available to findbird. -Multiple and addictive missions - No connectivity required -Zoomoption is available - User friendly and easy to play - Real3Dmodels of Bird - Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt - BestSniperShooting Experience in Desert Give Feedbackat:-https://web.facebook.com/MartilGames
Hunting Jungle Wild Animals 1.4
Key Stone Games
Get ready to enjoy the biggest thrilling shooting andhunting“Hunting Jungle Wild Animals” 3D game on 2018. In thisHuntingJungle Wild game you are walking alone in the jungle withbestmodern weapons, dangerous animals is around the adventuristjungleselva areas. In which you have to target, shoot and killdifferentdangerous 危险 animals like deer, lion, wolves, tiger,rabbit,kangaroo, fox, wolf, giraffe, buffaloes etc. This HuntingJungleWild game is here for you great enjoyment time with manydifficultaction levels with 3D stunning graphics and realisticadventureavontuur environment. This game will develop your interestand youcan also full amazing and attractive sound of weaponshooting andExtreme Animal Hunting violent in this addictive actionaçao game.The Hunting Jungle Wild Animals killer action is full ofadventuresbase attractive game. Hunting Jungle Wild Animals game isrealhunting experience In this Hunting Jungle Wild Animals gameyouhave to be a sharp sniper hunter and put the triggerprofessionallyto hunt the jungle selva lives. This real HuntingJungle WildAnimals is an exciting and thrilling action and you willbecomeprofessional target shooter in this hunting jungle wild game.ThisHunting Jungle Wild is a competition between you and dangerous危险animals of the jungle where you have to use best modern weaponstokill them all dangerous animals. You have to use manydifferentweapons in this game like pistol, rifles, random guns, andsniperto shoot the animals and unlimited ammunition will use youwhiletaking a gunshot to the target. May be you have played manydeerhunting, lion hunting and many hunting game but this HuntingJungleWild 3D game is new and modern mode of hunting caza. ★★★STORY ★★★There are many hunts exciting levels in this HuntingJungle Wildgame. All coming levels are more challenging and moreexciting thanprevious levels. You have to face these challenges andclear allexciting levels and this hunting jungle wild game is veryrealisticspecial hunting полювання idea. You have a limited time tohuntdangerous animal in first level. You have to unlock firstmissionto enter next mission. You know you are in jungle wherenumber ofwild hunting wolf and many dangerous animals are found injungleџунгла. To enter next level, you have to clear thepreviousmission. There are animals running and walking here andthere inthe beautiful jungle environment 境. You have to be verysharp tohunt animal until time will be over. If time go to end soyou willbe lost the mission. You will really like this huntingjungle wildchallenge 3D game. Simple and easy gameplay than otheranimalhunting games on the Google play store and it’s absolutelyfree onGoogle play store. Everyone can play this Hunting JungleWildimprove your animal hunting skills by playing this realanimalhunting challenge 2018 game. ***** Game Features *****★Differentrandom guns and pistols to use for hunting 3D game. ★Wildanimalsincluding lions, elephants, wolfs, etc... ★Differentthrillingenvironments e.g. snow, jungle, desert, and mountains.★Manychallenging levels in each environment 环境. ★Set Aim to exacttargetto the animals. ★3D extreme animal hunting adventurousjungleenvironment 环境. ★Simple and easy gameplay like shootingbutton,zoom camera button, etc. ★First Person Sniper 3DShooting★Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom ★3D Graphics and Soundeffects★Winter & Snow Filed Environment ★Real-time Lion &DeerHunting
Sniper Hunter Championship : Dinosaur Shooting 2.1.1
Mechanic Game Studio
Dinosaur is a crazy dangerous and wild animal you can survive intheera of dinosaur apocalypse only if you can survive in wild.Becomehunting champion and win the war against dinosaur andmonsters.These are the last days of survival apocalypse on earth.Snipershooters are most deadly in an incredible and huge forest,whereyour mission is to stay alive and kill as many dinosaur asyou can.Dinosaur era has come. Dinosaurs among us. Sniper HunterChampion:Dinosaur Shooting is a Dinosaur game. These reptiles andtheiranimations are as real. Become an ultimate heroic dinosaurhunter,strike the dinosaurs, catch your prey! This is a warbetweendinosaur and the survival humans. Hunt and look atthephoto-realistic dinosaurs, from small to giant, from herbivorestocarnivores, in this fabulous simulation. This outstandinghigh-endshooting game of hunting in the jungle gives you thewonderfulopportunity to explore and dive into the impressive superdinoadventure. The game scene has a great dinosaur land in thewoodsfar from city Kill more dinosaur and win the championship.Bywinning the championship you can become a superhero of humankind.Once a champion always will be champion. Make sure to becarefulbecause they are the wild animals too and they fight backand enjoyfree dinosaur game. Enjoy the strange game and experiencethewildness of this free game. The survival guide is simple: hitandsmash these horror villain lizards. In this dino world quest inthetropical forest your mission is to destroy a certain amountofhunting on you prehistoric predators at every level. Ifyou'llsurvive in a fight thanks to your battle skills of theassassin,then for each completed level you'll get a new morepowerful gun inyour weaponry. In this hunter age, craft your way tothe fullweapons arsenal to have a choice of weapons and to increaseyourchances of survival. with many dino species, each has aspecificroar sound. Carnivorous: dinosaur king Tyrannosaurus (T.Rex). Inorder to build a winning Battle Arena team, you’ll need todesignthe most efficient and effective Sniper team, one that willallowyour Snipers to Enjoy Dinosaur game. You can rescue your lifeby aspeed run racing yourself from dinosaurs or attack them inthisdinosaur war. Do not stand still, fire and reload yourweapon'scharge, it isn't a dinosaur puzzle. Move, at this time yourdamagevalue from a clash with the ancient monsters willgraduallydecrease but not the hippopotamus. If you need to takerest afteractive battles on this survival arena, make a break usingpausemode, where you'll be completely invisible. Features: • SmoothGamePlay • Good high quality graphics • Different Sniper Guns
Desert Birds Sniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2018 4.0
Play Vertex
Let's go for hunting in safari desert with the modern gunforshooting the flying birds. Have you ever done wingshooting inthedesert? Let's start! Take your Sniper and Hunt the flyingbird.Desert Birds Sniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2018 game is justforyou to hunt the bird. The game is one of the best bird targethuntsfilled with a 3D Gun on Google Play Store. Enjoy realhuntsexperience as a HUNTER. Play the shooting game of 2018 inthesafari desert, which is full of eagles, sparrow, crow, anowl.Hurry up, Huntsman! You have to shoot them with differenthuntingsskills, be a Real Hero of Wings Hunter (Shooter) Game. ShowyourSniper Huntsman skills in front of crazy and tricky birds.Yourmission is to survive yourself as well as shoot them withinthegiven time. You are a frontline safari hunter, just showyourprofessional hunt tactics & skills to survive. You havetocomplete several challenging missions so shoot an eagle,sparrow,owl, crow. It's really awesome huntings quest to hunt inafantastic environment, you have to aim your target with eagleeyeso that makes you a skilled wild wings hunter. Desert BirdsSniperShooter - Bird Hunting 2018 is all about thrill, funadventure.Birds are very smart so to be a professional Bird Hunteryou musthave good aiming skills while holding your breath. You haveto docommando action for winghunting with the evil eye. Some aresharpto get away from your vision so, you have to take extra carewhileyou are hunting them within the given time to unlock nextmission.Shoot Flying Birds quickly to unlock next mission of thefree game.Your success will also let you unlock new Bird forshootings. Enjoythe thrilling adventure with animals like flyingbird. You have tosurvive by shoot most dangerous birds. You havemodern weapons toperform in a frontline sniper target shooting.Flying wings huntinggives you a chance to be a modern wingshootinghunter. Never giveup at any level as every level is thrilling alsoa little bit hardfrom the first level. Every Mission is full ofthrilling action,adventure and shoots excitement for winghuntingLovers. FEATURES -HD Graphics - Multiple Challenging Missions tobecome a Real Sniper- Friendly Graphical User Interface and SmoothGame Play - BirdsHunting is FPS (First Person Shooter) Game - BestBird with RealAnimations - Best Accuracy of Sniper Gun - Full ofThrill &Action in Game-Play - Easy to Locate Bird with the Helpof Radar. -HOW TO PLAY - Aiming the bird by zooming lenses. - TapFire whenthe bird is the exact center position of your aim.Download DesertBirds Sniper Shooter - Bird Hunting 2018 Play forFREE. Like us onFacebook. https://www.facebook.com/playvertex
Duck Hunting 3D 1.4.3
Grab the shotgun and master eye looking straight down the barreltopractice preseason duck hunting. This waterfowl hunter gamehasmultiple missions with varying degree of entertainment. Theendlessenvironment is very addictive and more entertainingcomparatively.On the hand, the natural pond mission is ideal tokick off yourcampaign slowly. Duck hunting 3D is giving you anopportunity tocompete against best hunters from all around theglobe. Outfoxother players by shooting more gooses in a shortperiod of time.Check leader board to see your position among otherhunters. Thepond environment has a time-based gameplay and theobjective is tosecure enough coins to unlock mission 2. Shootingother animals areprohibited and causes an immediate failure of yourpreseasonshooting campaign. Purchase better shooting guns and extrabulletsfrom inventory store. Duck hunting 3D has the followingfeatures 1.Two hunting seasons with multiple waves 2. Powerfulshotgun forwaterfowl shooting 3. Beautiful game music The key to besuccessfulin Duck hunter 3D is not going too fast. Wait extrasecond or twowhen waterfowl are coming in, then rise up to shoot,there's plentyof time to take three careful, spot-on shots beforethe birds gettoo far away. Don't be spasmodic when mounting yourshotgun. Justtake your time, and focus completely on hitting geese.Reward yourfriends by sharing the enjoyment of Duck Hunting 3D. Weare keen tolisten your feedback.
Forest Archer: Hunting 3D 3.0
Natural Action Games
Welcome to the forest version of the popular safari archergame.This deer hunting game, built in 2017, has innovative anduniquefeatures. For those who enjoy hunting sports, archery huntingandhunting hobbies. Bow and arrow game, arrow throw game, aimingandshooting game. In a vote on a brown horse, you go in the woodsandfight wildlife. It contains more than twenty animals andbirds.Mountain goats, mountain deer, reindeer, american bison,leopardsfrom wild cats, foxes, white-necked eagles, Black-browngrizzlybear, wild wild boar, moose, duck, crow, etc. If you areinterestedin deer hunters, duck hunters, wild monster hunts,without hurtingreal life, Is a very productive application for youto experience.It is a game to travel in the depths of the forest,meet all kindsof creatures, and assume the role of hunter in thewildlifesimulator. As a man of horses, go through the depths of theforestand hunt the wild animals that you have foresaw. Sportingactioninvolving American animals, forest animals, wild pets, wildbirdsand forest birds Till the end. Start by seeing 12 arrows foreachgame in the jungle with dozens of animals and dozens ofstunningbirds. Find the prey, release, launch the arrow. And feelthefriction rubbing in contact with the air, the sound of thewind.Most of the forest animals are very wild and cruel. Be carefulofyour cruel enemies. Learn to hunt without hunting. Whennecessary,raise your pitch and run fast. Go out on top of the hilland watchyour prey, set the position of your aiming in the forest.The bisonare huge bulls that live on American springs and ovals.Leopardsare wonderful skinned, cool cats that you have to becareful not tofeed when you are out in the woods. Ducks, eagles,turtles,predatory birds can also be hunted in the air. Deerspecies,mountain beaks, bears, foxes may face different challengesfor eachsection. * Easy and very practical controls. usual joystickand twobuttons for easy hunting games and shooting gamesexperience. *Jungle hunter game, animal species more than 20. *Real 3D bowmangame, best archer with horse. * Super cool deepforest landscape,Light mapped and shadows. * Gradual shoot system.Feel the air flowof arrows. * Great sounds, each animal sounds, bowsound, windsound of arrow, etc. * 5 different gameplay speed anddifficulty.Slow to fast, easy to hard. * Realistic animalcharacters. They canrun, escape, attack, kill, bite. * 40 differentsimple to complexlevels and missions * Realistic physics. Coolarcher gameexperience. Funny equestrian (horse-drawn)entertainment. * Awesomeflights of birds with realistic 3D physcodes. * No blood, seamlessparticle system for arrows rout. Tips: *Each level you have 12arrows with bow. * For high score, you canplay hard or fast gamemode. * For the high score, give priority topredatory birds.
Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter 3D 1.11
Have you got what it takes to bring down wild dinosaursandbloodthirsty zombies in the ultimate hunting game? Afailedexperiment has created monstrous creations that roamEarth’spost-apocalyptic wasteland. As an elite shooter, you mustnow huntto survive. Complete missions to unlock powerful newweapons andbecome the ultimate sniper. Breathe in and ready yourweapon. KeyFeatures: - SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE USING DEADLY SNIPERSKILLS -STORY-DRIVEN GAMEPLAY PLUNGES YOU INTO A POST-APOCALYPTICWORLD -PLAY TONS OF MISSIONS AND CHALLENGES - EARN BONUS XP ANDREWARDSWITH PRECISION SHOOTING - HUNT DINOSAURS IN EXOTICJURASSICLOCATIONS - INCREDIBLE NEXT-GEN BULLET-TIME EFFECTS WITHEVERYSNIPER HEADSHOT - BECOME EVEN DEADLIER BY UPGRADING YOURWEAPONS -STALK YOUR PREY IN INCREDIBLY DETAILED LOCATIONS ON LANDANDUNDERWATER! JOIN AN EPIC STORY IN EXOTIC LOCATIONS! Uncoverthemystery behind the most controversial scientific experiment inU.Shistory. Human and resurrected dino genomes have merged,creatingmonstrous abominations known as the Humanosaurs. Now theyrun amokin a post-apocalyptic wasteland strewn with abandonedbuildings anddinosaur nests. Kill the living and the walking deadalike. Hunt tosurvive. PRECISE SNIPER-SHOOTING ACTION Scan yourprey for weakspots and earn bonus loot and XP. Pinpoint criticalorgansincluding brains and lungs using your thermal sights. Replayepickills with incredible bullet-time. For any hunter unluckyenough tobe caught in the enemy’s gaze then prepare to face offagainst youropponent’s fury in a nail-biting quick-time event.You’ll only haveseconds to react. ELIMINATE DEADLY ENEMIES Stalk anincrediblevariety of dinosaur, zombie and Humanosaur enemies onland andunderwater. Use precision skills and upgrade your weaponsto takedown prey including the Einiosaurus that can withstandincredibleamounts of damage and the mighty 3-ton Tuojiangosauruscoated invicious spikes. AN ARSENAL OF AWESOME UPGRADEABLE WEAPONSPick offyour dino and walking dead foes with up to 14 modern andclassicsniper rifles as well as explosives including flashgrenades. Eachrifle has 15 upgrades, including increased stabilityand clip size.Stalk your prey from within the shadows by enhancingeach rifle'sscope and zooming capabilities, ensuring you become theultimatesniper hunter. Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter is finallyavailable onGoogle Play! Discover our other games:http://t-bull.com/#gamesLike us on Facebook:https://facebook.com/tbullgames Follow us onTwitter:https://twitter.com/tbullgames
Lion Hunting 1.6
Want to experience the thrill of hunting, the wild lions, inaforest environment? Then lion hunting is the ultimate 3dhuntinggame to do so. Lion hunting is an addictive 3d shootinggame, withamazing 3d graphics and engaging gameplay, wherein youwill have tohunt, the lions, and survive from their attacks. This3d shootinggame consists of two gameplay modes - Hunter mode andsurvive mode.In the hunter mode of this 3d lion hunting game, youhave toinitially hunt, the female lions, and later hunt, the malelions,which are of attacking nature. In the hunter gameplay mode,youwill be given, a score, based on the number of lions you hunt.Inthe survive mode of this 3d shooting game, you will have tosurvivefrom the male lions, wherein the number of seconds, yousurvive,will be considered. Stay alert on the arrival of the wildhungrylions, on the hunt for its prey, in this 3d animal huntinggame.Experience the beautiful scenery with trees alongside, a lake,andmountains, as you play this 3d animal shooting game. Thestunningsound effects, in the gameplay, adds to the excitement ofthis 3dshooting game. Become a skilled lion hunter, by playing this3danimal hunting game. Hunt as many lions as possible, toscorehigher, in this 3d adventure game. Also, survive as longaspossible from the wild lions in this 3d adventure game.Competeagainst your highest score, in order, to score higher inthis 3danimal hunting game. Hunt all the lions and become an expertlionhunter and a sniper hunter, by playing this sniper game, gungameand lion hunt game, which is one of the top gun games,animalgames, sniper games, shooter games, lion games and animalshootinggames. Have fun, shooting and killing, the dangerous lions,in thisgun game, lion shooting game and sniper shoot game, which isone ofthe best shooting games, gun games, animal games, snipergames,lion games and hunt games. Make sure you properly aim,beforeshooting, in this gun game, sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the top gun games, animal games, lion games,snipergames 3d, animal shooting games and lion hunting animalgames.Always be prepared for a sudden attack from the wild lions,in thisgun game and sniper game, which is one of the best animalshootinggames, gun games, lion games, best shooting games, lionhuntinggames and lion shooting games. Experience the amazingsoundeffects, by playing this sniper game and sniper shootinggame,which is one of the best shooting games, animal hunting gamesforkids and animal hunting games 3d. Show your skill, bysurvivingfrom the hungry lions, in this sniper shooting game, shootgame andlion hunter game, which is one of the top animal huntinggamesfree, sniper shooting games 3d and good quality sniper games.Killthe lions using a sniper gun and become a sniper shooter,byplaying this lion shooting game and sniper killer shootergame,which is one of the best lion hunting games 3d, shooter games,freeanimal hunting games and animal sniper hunting games. Hunt downandshoot, the flesh hungry lions, in this sniper new game, sniperhuntgame, lion shoot game and sniper latest game, which is one ofthetop animal hunting games with gun, shooter games andanimalshooting games for free. It is time to get this 3d snipergamedownload, lion hunting game download, sniper best game, shootgame,sniper killer 3d game and lion shooter game, on android, forfree.Key features 1. Two gameplay modes ñ Hunter mode and survivemode.2. Stunning 3d graphics and amazing sound effects. 3.Addictiveadventure game. 4. Challenging gameplay. Lion hunting isthe best3d animal hunting game. Download this top 3d lion huntinggame andhunt as many lions as possible, all for free. Twitter pageFollowus on Twitter athttps://www.facebook.com/outthinkinggames/Facebook page Like us onFacebook athttps://twitter.com/outthink_games
Commando Hunter: Sniper Shooter 5.1.0
🔫As a commando hunter and sniper, you need to lurk behind enemytoshield your teammates from offense!Train your shooting skillstoincrease your hit rate!Commando Hunter: Sniper Shooter is one of#1shooting game in 2018!Game features:● a variety ofpowerfulweapons: AK47, MP5, M4 and other 6 kinds ofworld-renownedfirearms, pistols, rifles, submachine guns, shotguns,sniperrifles, grenades and other weapons of all kinds.● Richgameplay:Slide the left side of the screen to control the movementof thecharacter. Click the Acceleration button to sprint.Afterdiscovering the enemy, click on the aim and then shoot. Afterthebullet is used up, pay attention to switch the firearm. Ofcourse,you can also use the firearm to perform a melee attack.●Realistic3D game screen, high quality game sound: Perfectfirst-person lens,the smooth picture can be very clear the positionof the enemy, isdefinitely the pinnacle of mobile anti-terrorismgame screen. Thebackground music is full of substitutions, takingyou into the realbattlefield; the actual firearms sound andfootsteps are recorded,so that you can clearly distinguish theposition of the enemy withgunshots.● No need for WiFi: Playanytime, anywhere to play, allmap levels can be played downstreamin offline conditions, downloadCommando Hunter: Sniper Shooter,enjoy the thrill ofshooting.Download Commando Hunter: SniperArcher, become thebravest assault commander in the army!🔫If youlike the first-personshooting game, then Commando Hunter: SniperShooter is definitelythe option you can't miss!
African Deer Hunter 2018 1.5
Game Description:African Deer Hunter 2018 is a new additioninsniper deer hunting games from the makers of Fun ActionHuntingstudios. Deer games helping users in making their huntingdeerskills better. This is adventurous game whereas player you’llhuntdown the deer & other animal hunting experience will make uprohunter in hunting games for free. Get back to the valley for adeerhunt in a beautiful jungle. Get your hands on experience inDeerhunting game & animal hunting games. Chase the Deer totakedown: Deer in deer hunting game is main animal to hunt. Chasethemfirst place sniper scope on the target prey & release theshot.In this game as deer hunter, u need to hunt deer &otheranimals in meantime to go for new level. MobileFriendlyControls:Check the super easy mobile controls for users touse.Play with them to get best user interface experience inhuntinggames for free.Hunting Games For Free:Involve urself inHDenvironment with best sniper weapon & start enjoyinghuntingexperience. Play as u like but release every shot &learn waysto hunt animals down. Big Game Hunter is waiting for thecompany toplay withHunt the Deer before it ran away:Move insideJungle tochase deer you're getting a pointer on map chase by Sniperdeerhunter player. Do Ur best in deer hunting games & reach ontopin the leaderboard of Deer Hunting & Sniper Games. Movefromone region to another in search of deer & play journeyofhunting as safari animal hunter.Deer Hunting Safari huntingAnimalGames:Get the most realistic hunting experience in-game byvisitingbest environments & hunting of More than 200 preciousanimalshunting. Act like pro hunter in deer games. Play withmultipleanimals in hunting arena. Deer hunting game is easy to playbut ifyou’ve aim of becoming pro hunter in deer hunting gamesthenpractice hard.How to Play:Use the mobile controls availableonscreen check help tab also for guidance & startenjoyinghunting games for free without Wi-Fi.Hunting Games:In NewHuntingGames You’ll find this safari deer hunter as the best gameto playin animals hunting game. This Action game is in Best games2018 ofhunting deer.Hunting games with no Wi-Fi Deer sniper Safaribesthunting is easy to play but hard to master. The game isdevelopedfor Lovers of First Person Shooting game. Play like prohunter inbest free hunting games of 2018.Deers need shot in gungames forkids whereas sniper player u’ll take animals down. Thisgame isalso among the best shooting games for kids. Take shot ondeer& take them down. The best action hunting game has manylevelsto play unlock new adventures, weapons, up gradation, gemsetc.Shot like pro in shooting game. Outdoor games & shootinggamesin hunter games & safari hunter is making boom in deerhuntinggames. Become Deer hunter today by downloading this awesomedeerhunting game for free.Best HD Sniper& Deer HuntingGames:BestDeer & collection of unique animals in HDenvironments willmake your day. Safari animal hunter is huntingsimulator easy totake hands on. Become Pro Hunter in Animalshunting games &deer hunting games for free. Try best ultimatedeer huntingexperience for free. As Safari Hunter You’ll get deerdown byhunting in meantime with the best sniper weapon. Snipershooting ondeer is easy. let’s try this now.Game Features:HDGamesBestEnvironments with Multiple Species to huntMobileFriendlyControlsBest Packs of Sniper for HuntingAnimalsLeaderboardIn-AppPurchasesBest GameplaySuggestions/Feedback:Feel free to contact usfor queries: [email protected]:funactionhuntinggames.comfacebook.com/FunActionHuntingGames
Dragon Hunting 1.2
Do you want to become a hunter and saviour, by helping out,someinnocent people? Then dragon hunting is the game you mustbelooking for.Dragon hunting is a very engaging, adventurousandaddictive game, with some amazing graphics and soundeffects.Inthis hunting game, you will have to shoot down thedangerousdragons, to protect the village from gettingdestroyed.Considerthis shooting game as a mission of safeguarding avillage from somelife threatening creatures, which have the abilityto turn even anentire village into ashes.This hunting game presentsyou with someamazing gameplay like never before. Develop yourshooting skills bybecoming a hunter.As the game goes, theexcitement increases due topresence of some mesmerising, shooting,3D fire effects.Enjoy everymoment of this game, by hunting down thedragons, with a beautifulscenery view in the background.Shoot downthe dragons as quickly aspossible as they have the ability to emitfire and can do a lot ofdamage to the village and its people.Thisanimal hunting game alsorequires you to focus hard so as tosuccessfully hunt down thedragons. Become a skilled animal hunter,by playing this 3Dgame.While shooting these dangerous animals, makesure, you reallyaim at them, before pulling the trigger.Theemergence of a goldencoloured dragon at a particular stage, in thegame, adds to theexcitement in this shooting game.Hunting down thisgolden dragonbecomes really important, as it will kill you withoutshowing anykind of mercy.Never give up whatever threat comes yourway, as youhave to complete your mission, by hunting all thedragons, andsaving an entire village.Give yourself, the title of adragonhunter, by playing this adventurous game. Play this game, asmuchas possible, to develop skills as that of a hunter.Become anexpertsniper shooter, by playing this gun game, sniper shootinggame,sniper new game and dragon game for kids, which is one of thebestgun games, sniper games, shooter games and dragon gamesfree.Shootall the dragons and become an expert dragon hunter, inthis dragonshoot game, sniper hunter game, sniper killer game anddragonshooter game, which is one of the top animal games, dragongamesfor kids, animal shooting games and hunt games.Become adragonhunter, by killing the dragons, in this sniper latest game,dragonhunter game and dragon ultimate game, which is one of thebestanimal games, dragon games for kids, animal shooting gamesanddragon games 3d.Use the sniper gun effectively, to shootthedragons, in one of the best hunt games, dragon games 3d,dragongames for free and dragon hunting games.Beware of the fiercegoldendragons, in one of the best hunt games, dragon games 3d,dragonkilling games and free animal hunting games with gun.Whatmakesthis game special, is the animation effects, and is one of thetopanimal hunting games 3d, animal shooting games for free,dragongames for girls and dragon shooting games.Take up the missionofprotecting, the village, from the wild dragons, by playing oneofthe best animal hunting games free, dragon games for boys,dragongame apps and dragon games for children.Have fun shootingthedragons with a sniper gun and become a sniper killer shooter,byplaying this Sniper shoot game, sniper killer 3d game andsniperhunt game, which is one of the best animal shooting games,animalhunting games for kids, sniper shooting games 3d and animalsniperhunting games.Make sure you do not fall short of bullets,whileshooting the dragons, in one of the best dragon games in 3d,sniperhunting games, sniper games 3d and good quality snipergames.Getthis 3d sniper game download and dragon game freedownload, or oneof the best animal games and dragon games for kids,onandroid.Dragon hunting is one of the best shooting games.Downloadthis top shooting game, for free, and experience thethrill, inbecoming a hunter, and hunting dangerous animals.
Frontline Animal 3D Shooting 1.0
Millennium Studio
Frontline Animal 3D ShootingFrontline Animal 3D Shooting Game isTopFree Animal Hunting Game on Play Store.In this commando actionwildanimal shooting adventure game you will have to use allyourbattlefield skills to survive in this 3D shooting game. Killthewild animal like a real hunter, improve your tracking skills,stalkyour target, and put your hunting and shooting skills to thetestin the hunt of real wild animals. It is time to load outyourweapons and get your 5 star shooting fix! Deadly animals are inthejungle and they are crazy to attack on you. Utilize yourArmyCommando special shooting skills for fight against animals andfindescape from the hunted Island. Hunt different wild animalslikecougar, lion, elephant, giraffe, deer-stage, gorilla, zebra,blackpuma, crocodile, dinosaur and buffalo. Angry Gorilla is inthecrazy jungle and attacking on animals by its big punch tosurvive.Utilize Army special combat commando skills for shooting tosurviveand fight against animals and find escape from the huntedIsland.Hunt the deadly sharks swimming under ocean depth lookingfor someprey. In this modern sniper shooting game of shark hunting,do notlet blood thirsty sharks closer to you.Utilize your topsniperguns, commando action fighting and shooting skill to escape.Inwild hunter animal modern shooter game it’s a mission ondeadlyshores to survive. Plan the Mission to escape from thedangerousIsland to survive and return back home. Brace yourself fortheultimate deer hunting experience. Use your combat commandosniperguns to shoot them in frontline animal 3D gun shooting game.Killor be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between you andwildangry gorilla. In deer hunting games you just have to shootdeerwith your gun or riffles but in lion and wild animal, killingtheseanimal can attack on you and can kill you. Show yourbrutalattacking skills to hunt down wild beast in the jungle andsaveyourself from their counter attacks in this survival island.Youareequipped with deadly sniper shooting guns and modern assaultriflesto hunt the wild animals. Even from old era soldiers aretrained asarcher shooter and they also learn archery hunting. Allwarriorsand knights were expert in hunting the running animals atJungleIsland. Hunt safari animals & escape life safeguardmissions.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with uniquecombos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Armyourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latestmilitarygear. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that killsthe bigfive of zebra, elephant, and buffalo? Escape from an Islandlike areal survival hero to struggle for your freedom. Survivallandadventures begin with a hard time from lost Island alongwithwilder tiger. Go for hunting adventure and sedate angrygorillabefore it attacks and kills you. Game includes deadlyattacks,extreme wilderness, survival escape missions and you needto be aSurvivor Hero!! Hey Commando have you got all skills,Fronline ArmyCommando training test, power, assault shooting andwilderness toevolve as brave hunting warrior in this thrillingadventures gamefor a life escape mission. Test your frontline 3Dsniper skills bychoosing targets carefully; or go into assault modeas you clearthe forest of the wild beasts! Become the best Commandoon thisSurvival Island. Use all the possible tools and weapons todefendyourself from wilderness creature.
Sniper Hunter Safari Survival 1.0.3
Scene9 Games Studio
Hunt for real animals in hunting safari now! In this escapemissionyou will have to use all your skills for survive in thisjungle!Shoot at dangerous crazy animals. Unleash skills forshooting assniper shooter. Don't let the deer escape. Come of age,like a realhunter, improve your tracking skills, stalk your prey,and put yourhunting skills to the test in the hunt of real wildanimals. It istime to load out your weapons and get your 5 starshooting fix!Angry Gorilla is in the crazy jungle and attacking onanimals byits big punch to survive. Lonely survivals on a wildisland.Utilize Army lone Survivals skills for shooting to surviveandfight against animals and find escape from the hunted Island.Huntdifferent wild animals like Tiger, Heyna, Cheetah, Lion,Lioness,Elephant, Giraffe, Deer-stage, Gorilla, zebra,Elephant,Hippopotamus and Buffalo. Use your sniper gun to shootthem. Killor be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between youand willdangry gorilla. In deer hunting games you just have toshoot deerwith your gun or riffles but in lion and wild animal,hunting theseanimal can attack on you and can kill you. Show yourbrutalattacking skills to hunt down wild beast in the jungle andsaveyourself from their counter attacks in this survivalisland.Utilize your action, fighting and shooting skill to escape.It’s amission on deadly shores to survive. Plan the Mission toescapefrom the dangerous Island to survive and return back homes.Braceyourself for the ultimate Deer hunting experience. Rivalbusinesstycoons conspired to keep you locked up, now it's time totake yourrespect back. You are equipped with a modern deadly sniperrifle tohunt the wild beasts. Even from old era soldiers aretrained asarcher shooters and they also learn archery hunting. Allwarriorsand knights were expert in hunting the running animals atjungleisland. Hunt safari animals & escape life safeguardmissions.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with uniquecombos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Armyourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latestmilitarygear. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that killsthe bigfive of zebra, elephant, and bufallo? Escape from an Islandlike areal survivals hero to struggle for your freedom. Survivallandadventures begins with a hard time from lost Island alongwithwilder tiger. Go for hunting adventure and sedate angrygorillabefore it attacks and kills you. Game includes deadlyattacks,extreme wilderness, survival escape missions and you needto be asurvivor hero!! Hey commando have you got all skills, armycommandotraining test, power, assault shooting and wilderness toevolve asbrave hunting warriors in this thrilling adventures gamefor a lifeescape mission. Test your sniper skills by choosingtargetscarefully; or go into assault mode as you clear the forestof thewild beasts! Become the best commando on this survivalislands.Trap carnivore and predator animal in jungle sniper. Useall thepossible tools and weapons to defend yourself fromwildernesscreature. Game Features : • 12+ real animals, 6 deadlyweapons andmultiple missions. • Realistic Shootings with Gunseffects,animations and sounds. • HD Jungle Autumnal environment,Efficientgun control and Camera zoom to get accurate shots. •Wilderness ofAssault shooting guns to kill. This is the perfecthuntersimulators for you to play and it's totally free! YourFeedback,Ratings & Comments are valuable for us. Thank You!
Forest Duck Sniper Hunter - Bird Hunting Game 1.0.3
Horizon Games Studio
Duck Hunting Season is back!Boost your hunting fever, getyourhunting gun and allow us to take you on Forest Duck SniperHunterBird Hunting Game Enjoy the most realistic hunting experienceever.Forest Duck Sniper Hunter - Bird Hunting Game is all aboutpreciseshooting, aiming quickly and shooting at the right time.Developyour skills as a bird hunter by shooting down as many ducksaspossible in a limited amount of time. Become a duck huntingexpertby playing this great duck shooting game 3D.Try to masteryourshooting skills, by becoming a duck hunter, by playing duckhuntingwhich is one of the best shooting games.The hunting fever isat thehigh so grab the hunting gun and go for a duck hunt.Duckhunting isone of the best hunting games. Download this top duckshooting gameapp for free and enjoy shooting as many ducks aspossible withsuper hunting weapons, by becoming a bird hunter.Earnthe title ofan expert bird hunter, by hunting, as many ducks andscoring asmany points as possible in this realistic huntinggame.Duck hunting3D is a first person shooting game with efficientweapon controland eye-catching 3D graphics and sound effects.Inthis mostrealistic duck hunting game 3D, hunt the ducks from thepassing byriver. Shoot at the flock by using the accurate timingand aimingskills and get multiple hunts with a single shot.Withconsideration of limited time, challenge yourself byhuntingspecific number of ducks with the limited ammo to completehuntinglevels. Forest Duck Sniper Hunter - Bird Hunting Game is oneof akind first person shooting game with efficient weapon controlandeye-catching 3D graphics and sound effects. Enjoy duck huntingwithrealistic animations and interesting gameplay modes. WildDuckhunting has two interesting modes. Finish the arcade mode firstbypassing all the hunting levels and unlock the second modeofhunting infinitely. HOW TO PLAY- Touch and move with your lefthandon the screen to look (aim) around.- Press the fire button onthedown right side to fire.- Aiming accurately at the duckwillconfirm you that it is hunted down.Game Features:* First person3DShooting* Efficient Weapon control* Beautiful game graphicsandsounds* Stunning graphics & sound effects* Fun, challengingandaddictive gameplay* Real time Duck Hunting with animations* Easytoplay, hard to master game * Multiple maps* Multiple DuckHuntingWeaponsAlways keep in mind that you have to beat yourhighestscore, by imagining yourself as a hunter and a shooter, byplayingthis Forest Duck Sniper Hunter - Bird Hunting Game.Pleasegive usyour positive feedback to make the game features moreexciting andchallenging. Will be thankful for your support andsuggestions.
Dinosaur Hunter Shooter Free 1.0
Welcome to world of hunting, shooting, deadlyattacks,action,adventure, thrill and much more. Here we are talkingaboutdinosaurhunter shooter simulation game presenting byAnimalhuntersimulation 3D. Hunting of dinosaurs on Jurassicisland.Dinosaursare thirsty for blood. Save yourself from deadlyattacksand shootthem all. Amazing actual dinosaur hunter simulationgamewithextraordinary performance. Hunt dinosaurs otherwise, youwillbehunted. Enjoy great hunting trip and become a wildhunter.Foresthunting of dinosaurs in Jurassic environment, it isamazing.Becomebest jungle sniper and hunt wild dinosaur.GamePlayFinddinosaurswith help of radar and shoot them. Otherwise,dinosaursattack onyou and there will be a chance they kill yourplayer.Fivedifferent professional weapons will available. Twoweapons willbeunlocked and others are locked. Weapons likeassaultrifle,shotgun, cross bow are locked. These professionalequipmentcan beunlocked through coins or virtual cash. This virtualcash canbeearned through completing levels of wild animal:dinosaurshooter.Coins can be also earned through inn app purchasesbyspending realmoney. To fulfill your zest of dinosaurhuntingadventure, thereare 30 exciting levels in deadly attacks:dinosaurshootersimulation. On completion of each level, next levelwillunlock indinosaur hunter survival mission free game. Everynextlevel willbe more thrilling, exciting and interesting.Oncompleting all 30levels, you will become legend wild animalhunter.In this game itis the best opportunity for you to becomedinosaurhunting hero.Experience real jungle shooting in realdinosaurhunting adventure.Test your skills as real dinosaur huntingexpertand become bestjungle sniper.Graphics and animationsNextgeneration stunninggraphics with eye catching colorcombination,realistic animationson dinosaur models in realisticwild jungleenvironment of aJurassic island, will definitely impactexcellentimpression onyou. High definition graphics of real dinoshooterhunter will makeyou in love with real jungle dinosaurhuntersimulation. Controlsand PerformanceSmooth flowing controls ofrealdinosaur huntershooter will make you love with this game. Thegameis compatiblewith almost all the android OS devices. Deadlyattack:dinosaurshooter simulation will take small memory to load.That isreasonit gives best performance even on devicesoflowconfiguration.Relative sounds of game are also fantastic.Boostupfun for your hunting experience. Feel yourselfprofessionalhunterwhile playing dinosaur hunting fury. It will beexcellentJurassichunting trip for animal huntinglovers.FeaturesThere are30exciting levels in forest dinosaurshooter huntingsimulationAftercompleting one level, next level willbe unlock inhunting fury:dinosaur shooting simulation.Every nextlevel will bemoreexciting, thrilling and challengingPlayer willhave fivedifferentprofessional weapons: Assault rifle, shotgun,pistol andcross bowArchery shooting with cross bow will beexcellent dinohuntingexperienceEvery professional weapon willhavelimitedbulletsInn-app purchases included that used for gettingmorecashand advanced weaponsYou can use real money to earn coinsCoinswillbe used to unlock locked weaponsCoins can alsoearnthroughcompleting levels of real dinosaurshooterhuntingsimulationAdvance radar system will be availableforindication ofdinosaursHours of playing withoutgettingboreAddictive game forwild animal hunting loversPowerfulzoom ofguns will ease dinosaurhuntingSmooth controls FPS ShootercontrolsStunning 3D graphics& quality sounds, Well performanceand suchother things willboost up funDinosaur hunter shooter 3D istotallyfree gameYou canplay this game offline without internetaccess
Deer Hunting Sniper Game 3D 1.0.2
Shooting & Hunting Games
Introduction:Do you want to be challenged in sniper huntingwhilegoing for deer hunting? This deer hunting game of a deerhunter isgoing to evaluate the sniper game 3D skills of the deerhunter andchallenge him to maximum in sniper hunting. The wild lifeshootingchallenge is great for hunting deers and using sniper isof-coursegoing to give you the best shooting challenge you haveeverfaced.How the Deer Hunting started:A great war soldier decidedtospend his life in the wilds after retirement to become adeerhunter. A soldier can never stay away from a realshootingchallenge so the great war soldier is back at shooting lifelookingfor shoot to kill. Wild life is the best option availablefor ourdeer hunter for shoot to kill.What is the purpose of thissnipergame 3D?This sniper game 3D is all about the deer hunt of thedearhunter for sniper rifle. This dear hunting game has differentdeerhunt environments where each deer hunt environment hasdifferentdear hunter levels and each dear hunter level has a setdearhunting mission for you. There are a total of 20 differentdearhunting levels in each dear hunter environment. In order toachieveyour objective of hunting deers you just have to do rifleshootingto hunt them in this dear hunter game.Guidelines forplaying thisdear hunting game:You will have your sniper rifle onyou for thedeer hunt as you try to become a wild life hunter fordear hunting.You need to use the sniper rifle in following mannerfor the deerhunt:1. For rifle shooting, in this hunting game, clickon theZoom-Enable button in left bottom corner of the screen.2.Once youhave enabled zoom, a bullet button will appear on the rightbottomcorner of the screen in sniper gun shooting game.3. You canclickthe bullet button for rifle shooting in this hunting deergame.4.Aim well and hunting deers will be very easy in this sniperhuntergame.5. Touch the bullet button for hunting deers in thissnipergun shooting game.6. In this hunting deer game you will havetoaccomplish the mission set for a certain level tosuccessfullyunlock next level.7. Once you have cleared a level inthis snipergun shooting game, you can always come back and give itanothershot to better your previous mission completiontime.Superiority ofthis sniper rifle shooting game:Following is thelist of salientfeatures which make the rifle shooting a pleasure inthis huntingdeer game:1. This hunting deer game is totally free toplay but youcan spend money to remove ads or to buy weapons or tounlockenvironments.2. This sniper hunter game has awesome graphicswhichare very pleasing for your eyes and mind. The graphics arehighquality as well as very smooth so you are going to have yourbestgaming experience while playing this greatest sniper gunshootinggame in the history.3. Top Quality Fun: Its great fun toplay thishunting deer game as the challenge keeps on gettingtougher andtougher with every cleared level. The aim to get betterand betterhelps you keep going until you are at the top of theworld in thissniper game 3D.4. Realistic Missions: The missions inthis sniperhunter game are very realistic and they keep you fullyengaged.Each mission is time bound with a specific kill target tokeep youfully focused.5. Player Feedback Incorporation: We are atall timeslooking for your feedback and try our best to make yourgamingexperience more and more interesting.Who is this sniperhunter gamefor?Anybody who loves hunting games for sniper shootingor want tobecome a professional sniper hunter should play this gameandestablish the basic skills for sniper shooting in thesimulatingenvironment mapping to the real wilds.What is the besttime to playthis sniper gun game?Whenever you have free time forsnipershooting, just pull out your sniper rifle for hunting deersandenjoy doing the sniper shooting this great game.Keep playing&enjoying SNIPER SHOOTING!
Stag Hunt in Snowfall Wild: Animal Hunting Games 1.0
STORY LINEStag Hunt in Snowfall Wild is jewel among AnimalHuntingGames the year is 2050 the food is just banished from theworldsome wild satgs and deers are left to feed humanity. You lovetohunt!! Now enter in this dangerous rain forest snow coveredjunglewith your best sniper shooting gun to hunt down and feeshumanityfor survival. Only animals are out there wild deer, stagtake theaim and shoot. AWESOME Game Features of Stag Hunt inSnowfall WildAnimal Hunting Games: 1. Dangerous Realistic JungleEnvironment2.Wild animals out there to hunt3. Hunting amongdifferent animals4.Be Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunter of arena5.Different levels astarget6. Multiple levels with each animal foreasy to difficult7.Best Sniper Shooting Experience in JungleHow toPlay Stag Hunt inSnowfall Wild Animal Hunting Games:1. Stag, Deerhunting games.2.Choose the level to play, hunt all to unlock next3.Take, zoom andshoot at target with Sniper gun4. Navigate in foreston swiping onleft of your phone5. Use zoom and shooting buttons forhit
Wild Pixel Deer Hunting World 1.0
Jeffrey Nielsen
People are racing to the top to become elite pro hunters. Doyoulike to go to the zoo, or hunt animal s like buck, duck,bear,moose, elk and rabbit or enjoy fishing. Do you like skeetshooting?Then you should explore the wild pixel deer hunting world2017 andbecome a hunting legend! You will love this first personshooter.It's big, 3d, hd maps will impress the pickiest of picky.Go to warwith your friends and challenge them too a deer huntingshowdown onthe deadly fury island. See who can snipe from thefurthest rangeand hold the sniping trophy or clash by killing closerange.Runaround and kill the pixel deer by shooting them with yourweapon ofchoice. You can pick from 3 it's your call. Use a bow andarrow orchoose from 2 different guns to shoot : shotgun or sniperrifle.Dash for cover on foot or take the pixel deer head on with adeadlyassault.Just aim the x dead on the target and tap to pullthetrigger. Unlock skins for your gun and craft your future.Likeother survival mini simulation games, you can't tell your storyifyou're dead! Do you have what it takes to become a pocketstickmanassassin hero? I plan on releasing a 2018, and 2019 blockbuild forthis game! You can fill the mine with all the tnt and fishanyshores in the worldbut nothing is as satisfying as writing yourownbook. This simulator is as cool as a 2016 jurrasic parkdinodinosaur VR! What's your story?If you like fun, addicting,onlinegames or apps like minecraft, call of duty, car buildingracer, rpgs, mmo s, fps, or roblox. you should get this game. Deerdeerdeer!!! Hunt hunt hunting!!!
Pixel Wild Deer Hunting World 1
Jeffrey Nielsen
People are racing to the top to become elite pro deer hunters.Doyou like to go to the zoo, or hunt animal s like buck, duck,bear,moose, boar, elk and rabbit or enjoy fishing. Do you likeskeetshooting? Then you should explore the wild pixel deer huntingworld2017 and become a hunting legend! You will love this firstpersonshooter. It's big, 3d, hd maps will impress the pickiest ofpicky.Go to war with your friends and challenge them too adeerhuntingshowdown on the deadly fury island. See who can snipefrom thefurthest range and hold the sniping trophy or clash bykillingclose range.Run around and kill the pixel deers by shootingthemwith your weapon of choice and completing new quests. You canpickfrom 3 it's your call. Use a bow and arrow or choose from2different guns to shoot : shotgun or sniper rifle. Dash forcoveron foot or take the pixel game head on with a deadlyassault.Justaim the x dead on the target and tap to pull thetrigger. Unlockskins for your gun and craft your future. Like othersurvival minisimulation games, you can't tell your story if you'redead! Do youhave what it takes to become a pocket stickman assassinhero? Iplan on releasing a 2018, and 2019 block build for thisgame! Youcan fill the mine with all the tnt and fish any shores intheworldbut nothing is as satisfying as writing your own book.Thissimulator is as cool as a 2016 park dino dinosaur VR! What'syourstory?If you like fun, addicting, online games or apps likecall ofmini, car building racer, rpg s, mmo s, fps, or bigfoot. Itsyourduty to get this game. Deer Deer Deer!! Hunt hunt hunterhunting!!!
Lion Hunter Sniper Safari - Animal Hunting Game 1.3
KARATECH - Free Games
Lion Hunter Sniper Safari 3D is an incredible hunting game tohuntwild animals in the jungle. Enjoy the latest shooting gamewithdangerous wild animals to kill from all over the world.LionHunterSniper Safari offers you the unique game-play that you canhuntlions in jungle wilderness with realistic graphics of jungleandlife of jungle. Hunting jungle animals is free fun when one isaprofessional hunter as an unprofessional will expose his lifeintrying to kill energetic creatures.As you know the lion is thekingof jungle and the the lion king is very sharp animal and youalsoknow the running speed of lion is very fast so deal with lioninjungle very carefully because they have ability to attack onyouwhen you want to shot the lion completely set your aim ontargetlion for shot to kill. if you miss the shot then lion runaway orclimb away from targeted position now they try to attack onyoubefore they attack on you shot them otherwise they willkillyou.Just Like a Sniper hunting game, lets you hunt the biggestandmost dangerous animals in the world. With access to powerfulgunsyou will rely on your marksman skills to kill and trap Lionsandother animals. Moreover, lions chasing other animals as a preyandhunt them makes the game even more challenging. Do you have whatittakes to become a hunting legend?Play this animal shootinggame,just like a real lion hunter, improve your hunting skills,stalkyour prey, and put your hunting skills to the test in the huntofreal wild animals. It's Open Season, return to wildernesstohunting jungle animals. Lion Sniper Hunting game is a fun whenoneis a professional hunter as an amateur will endanger his lifeintrying to kill furious beasts.In this lion hunting simulator,thereis a valley with surrounded by mountains and rivers. Therearelions roaming around to look for prey. You are a lion hunterwhoshoot and kill lions. You can see around and aim from yoursnipergun to shoot the lion. If your fire is missed, the lion willcometoward you and you can become his prey. You are equippedwithSniper gun and, you have to survive with your accuratefiringtactics.Lion shooting game is an unforgettable adventure forrealhunters, where you will meet face to face with wild animalsandhunt them.If you are an animal hunter - get your gear andgohunting right now. Grab your hunting rifle, jump into thejunglefor animals hunting on your way to Safari to hunt variousanimalsin indigenous to Africa.Lion Hunters are usually equippedwith bestrifles, snipers and other modern weapons with scope. Thehunter inthe jungle has to be active, alert, accurate in aimingandshooting. Lions are wild animals and can attack on the hunter,sohe has to be ready to rescue himself in case of danger andescapeto the safe point.Game Features: • Smooth gameplay. •Fabulousanimations. • Simple controls. • Real 3D graphics andenvironment.• Best sniper gun for accurate shooting.  • FirstPersonSniper 3D Shooting. • An ultimate hunting actions. • Gameplay issimple yet entertaining. • Well-organized and efficientguncontrol. • Realistic Hunting Environments. • Over 30immersivehunting missions to complete. • Dozens of real worldweapons andupgrades. • No connectivity required while playing. •This is veryaddictive, full of fun and enjoyable.Tips for asuccessful hunt:
1.Be careful, wild animals are dangerous and canattack people.
2.Keep your eye on the target. 3. Relax, aim andshoot. 4. Use themoney earned from hunting to buy new guns thatwould allow you toget to inaccessible places full of animals.
5.For best shootingresults - use the scope.
6. Do not approach yourprey too close -you will frighten the animal away.
This is theperfect huntersimulator for you to play and it's totally free! YourFeedback,Ratings & Comments are valuable for us. Thank You!
Duck Hunting Season 3D 1.0
Duck Hunting Season 3D is a free android game on Play store,tofocus on the most beautiful and addictive hobby of hunting BirdsinDesert. If you have ever been a hunter, or you have beenshooter,it will really relax your mind. It’s really awesome deserthunterfree game to hunt bird in desert.This Duck Hunting Season,BirdsHunting game is all about thrill & fun. Birds are verysmartand clever so to be a professional Birds Hunter you must havegoodaim and shoot skills while holding your breath. You have todocommando action some time hunting birds. Some birds are verysharpand quick you have to take extra care while you are huntingthem.Its like a deer hunting in desert now you can hunt duck ininforest or desert. if you want to be a real hunter you will havetotake you sniper to get duck down.Shoot Flying Birds fast andwiselyto unlock next level. Your success and efficiency will alsolet youto unlock new Birds for shoot. You have sniper gun and toperformin a front line at the start of the Missions. Duck HuntingSeasonprovides a chance to prove you as one of the best modernSniperShooter of 2017 and hunting game as well. Just be consistentandnever give up at any level. Every Mission of this hunting gameisfull of action or thrill and shooting excitement for actiongameLovers. There is a Desert environment in this hunting gameandmultiple attractive Missions to play. You have to complete Leveltounlock next Mission in given time. If you fail to completemissionin specific time then you will fail to finish level and gameover.So, be professional, sharp and smart to finish your task.Ifyou areFPS games fans, then time has come to download and play newdeerhunting game of pro with marvelous game play and splendidgraphicswhich are absolutely incredible and you will surely loveplayingthis first person shooter game. Duck Hunting GameFeatures:-* FirstPerson Shooter Desert Sniper Hunting.* Real 3DBird Models withBest Animations.* Best Sniper gun for efficientAccuracy.* Full ofAction and Real Thrill in game play.* Radar isAvailable to findthe location of Bird.* Challenging & MultipleMissions tobecome a Real Sniper.* Smooth Game play & FriendlyGraphicalUser Interface.GiveFeedbackat:-https://web.facebook.com/MartilGames
Deer Hunting Free 2018 1.0.1
RS Games Studio
If you are looking for the best deer sniper hunter game in thisyearthen play this ultimate epic hunting game and hunt down deer,bear,lion, dinosaur, wolf and other wild animals in African forestWinterseason, snow covered mountain, cold in the middle, perfectseasonfor hunting.Everybody knows stabile, Winter season starts,snowcovered mountain, cold in the middle, perfect season forthehunting. Grab and reload your lethal weapon sniper and come outinsearch for deer hunting, animal hunting or dinosaurs hunting.It’sreally hunting time, if you are a best sniper and deer hunterthenyou will enjoy to play this deer hunter games! ClassicMountainDeer Shooting Arena: Hunterwill let you hunt deer and huntanimalson the top of snowy covered mountain. There are number ofdeer inthe snowy mountain, forest(Junlge) hunting and shooting thedeer& lion as a real expert hunter and ultimate shooter. Ashuntingis your hobby, show your skills of shooting & hunting,grab yougun to kill all wild and deadly animals in forest.Come outto be anAmerican sniper assassin and hunt deer in this snipershootinggame. This mountain deer shooting arena game is filled withaction,thrill, adventure, hunting and shooting nordens. Thosehunter andshooter who love to be a forest hunting will love to killdeer.Wild and dangerous lion, bear, deadly dino is also in themountainsand if he gets in your way don’t fears take a shot andkilled thelion, take them all deadly and wild animals down. Thereare numberof modern and latest weapons including Blaser-R93,Deagle, Mp5KA4,STW-25, TT Pistol, MP5, AK47, M4, SRS Sniper, M24Sniper, ExoticSniper, AK47 Sniper, SVD Sniper, Sniper gun andAssault rifle youcan choose the gun whatever you want to try.Choosethe best weaponfrom shooter and hunter’s inventory to survive usingyour superarmy war commando sniper force hunter skills. It’s openhunterchallenging season in free online 3D FPS junglegameplayadventurer. Fight wild African jungle animal fury &pulltrigger to shoot first then finish mission to be hero of themodernera. Epic Deer Hunter Features:-- Multiple Challengingmissions- Anultimate hunting action- No connectivity required whileplaying-Different animals in gameplay Bear, Boar, Deer, Lion, Dino-FirstPerson shooting game (AI)- Gameplay is simple and easyyetentertaining.
Dino Killer - Forest Actin Game 2018 1.0
The Knights Inc.
The Knights Inc. Presenting the master piece from Action games.Youare warmly welcome in the action game category . Alwaysbelievingto present the game idea out of box. This time we have oldcreatureto check your shooting skills. Take your sniper gun withyou andpress Play and enter into the world simulation shootinggames wheredino are waiting for a challenging shooting master.Prove that youcan even kill the dinosaurs in this dino huntingsimulation game.Play This dinosaur game and become pro shooter. Inthis Dino KillerForest action game 2018, keep one thing in mindthat there is nochance of miss shot, You will be in serious troublein the game ifyou missed fire. You will lost your chance and willhave to startthe game again. In this Hunting game there aremultiple of levelswhich are designed in way that you enter onto theforest forhunting and start hunting different animals. Don't killinnocentpeople and innocent creatures. It’s a free action game. Youdon’tneed to spend a single penny to enjoy this action game.Accordingto this age’s trending games we developed this foresthunting game.We have provided number of guns in the shooting gameso you couldimprove the accuracy of your shot.No wifi required toplay thisfree action game. Just tap on Install button and get freegame andstart playing. Your feedback really matters for us. Kindlyshareyour ideas and thoughts. Stay tuned for further updates. Weareready to response 24 hours for your kind queries.Thanks!!!DinoHunting Kill Safari Sniper Shoot
Deer Hunt Sniper Shooting Safari Animals Hunter 1
Colorful Arcade Games
Hunting is a passion and most of us love hunting in real lifebutnot often get a chance to fulfill this desire.So don't be upsetwehave created such a realistic free hunting game for you tofeellike a hunter and deer hunt and many more wild animalshunting.DeerHunting game is now here for you to have memorableriding on thesafari jeep and after reaching in the middle Africanjungle youhave to hunt the deer in the jungle. The jungle is fullof wildlifeanimals like deer, lions, elephants and foxes etc andyou have tohunt them to complete all the levels successfully.DeerHunt is whatyou will want after playing this sniper shooting:Gunshooterthrilling deer hunter game. Here is one of the best DeerHunterGames 2018 for the real safari hunters who love to hunt inajungle. You might have played different deer hunter games 2017e.g.deer hunting, wild animals hunting, dinosaurs hunting gamesbutthis one is the best deer hunting game among all.Thedifferencebetween deer hunter games 2017 and deer hunter games 2018which isDeer Hunt Sniper Shooting Safari Animals Shooter is thatyou get alot of deer hunting in different levels and in differentsafarideserts.Deer hunter game 2018 is an unforgettable adventureforreal men where you have to come face to face with the lords ofthewilderness and hunt them down to be a deer hunter.If youarelooking for a hunting simulator 4x4 and want to be a deerHunter.The best hunting simulator 4x4 is different as you get wildkillingof different animals,dinosaurs hunting games but this one isthebest deer hunting 2017 and deer hunting 2018 game among all.Ifwesay that Thrilling and adventurous is end in these deerhuntingmissions then it would not be wrong because Deer huntergames 2018has been designed so that you could feel real deerhuntingadventure while hunting in real life.You will get Differentkindsof shooting guns which includes sniper, pistol which areavailablein this hunting game you have to select any hunting gunaccordingto your choice and start hunting the deers. Respect thehuntingregulations in this deer hunter games 2018 and you willbecome thebiggest, baddest deer hunter!In this game you need SniperShooting, Gun Shooter because its different from the general gunshooter,you must quietly shot the enemy which are different animalslikedeer,dino etc!Game features:- Hunting animals. Besthuntingsimulator is safari with Gun Shooter.- Beautiful graphicsandrealistic scenery.-Sniper Shooting-One of the thrillingsniperhunting jungle animal game- Realistic animated animals tobehunted.- Best hunter score table.Main Features:
-Different gunsandpistols to use for hunting.-Wild animals includinglions,elephants, wolfs, deers etc... in the safarijungle.-Differentenvironments e.g. snow, jungle, desert, andmountains.- 30challenging levels in each environment withincreasing number ofdeers.- Unlimited bullets in the guns areavailable in this animalshooter 3d game.- Set Aim to exact targetto the animals.- zoomcamera to clear the target.- 3D safari parkadventurous jungleenvironment.This is the best action games 2017 onplaystore withoffline availability which is a bonus for actionloving games loverwho love free hunting games.I bet in 2018 youwill say this is thebest action games 2018 for sure.So guys don'tbe late just hit thedownload button and install Deer Hunt SniperShooting SafariAnimals Hunter on your mobile.
Deer Hunter Crazy Deer Hunting 1.0.7
Kool Games
Looking for crazy deer hunting by the deer hunter but feelingnotenough challenged in sniper shooting? This deer hunter crazydeerhunting game is going to test the sniper game skills of thedeerhunter and challenge you to maximum in sniper shooting. Thewildlife sniper shooting challenge is best for hunting deers andusingsniper is no doubt going to give you the best snipershootingchallenge of your life in this game.Background story ofCrazy DeerHunting:Kool Games has now successfully deployed oursoldier inmultiple hunting games as our soldier can never stay awayfromsniper shooting challenge of hunting games. Our soldier alsolovesto spend his life in the wilds now for hunting games and hasalsobecome a true sniper rifle shooter of hunting games.What isthisendless dear hunting game about?This dear hunting game is allaboutthe deer hunt of the dear hunter for sniper rifle shooting.Thisdear hunting game has different deer hunt arenas where eachdeerhunt arena has unlimited dear hunter levels and each dearhunterlevel has a set dear hunting mission for you. This isactually anendless game having unlimited dear hunting levels foreach dearhunter arena. In order to achieve your objective ofhunting deersyou just have is to do rifle shooting to hunt them inthis dearhunter game.How to play these hunting games?You will haveyoursniper rifle on you for the deer hunt as you try to becomeaprofessional wild life hunter. You need to use the sniper rifleinfollowing manner for the deer hunt:-1. For rifle shooting, clickonthe Zoom-Enable button in left bottom corner of the screen2.Onceyou have enabled zoom, a bullet button will appear on therightbottom corner of the screen in sniper gun shooting game3. Youcanclick the bullet button for rifle shooting in this huntingdeergame4. Aim well and hunting deers will be very easy in thissniperhunter game5. Touch the bullet button for hunting deers inthissniper gun shooting game6. As this hunting deer game hasunlimitedlevels so accomplish the mission set for a certain leveltosuccessfully unlock next level7. Once you have cleared a levelinthis sniper gun shooting game, you can always come back and giveitanother shot to better your previous mission completiontimeWhythis endless sniper gun shooting game by KoolGames?Following isthe list of salient features which make the rifleshooting apleasure in this hunting deer game:1. Totally Free: Thishuntingdeer game is totally free to play but you can spend money toremoveads or to buy weapons or to unlock arenas2. Extremelydelightfulgraphics: This sniper hunter game has awesome graphicswhich arevery pleasing for your eyes and mind. The graphics arehigh qualityas well as very smooth so you are going to have yourbest gamingexperience while playing this greatest sniper gunshooting game ofyear 20163. Top Quality Fun: Its great fun to playthis huntingdeer game as the challenge keeps on getting tougher andtougherwith every cleared level. The aim to get better and betterhelpsyou keep going until you are at the top of the world in thissnipergame4. Realistic Missions: The missions in this sniper huntergameare very realistic and they keep you fully engaged. Eachmission istime bound with a specific kill target to keep youfocused in thissniper game5. Player Feedback Incorporation: We atKool Games areat all times looking for your feedback and try ourbest to makeyour gaming experience more and more interestingWhoshould playthis endless sniper hunter game?Anybody who loves tohunt for funor want to become a professional sniper hunter shouldplay thissniper game and establish the basic skills in thesimulatingenvironment mapping to the real wilds.When to play thisendlesssniper game by Kool Games?Whenever you have free time, justpullout your sniper rifle for hunting deers and enjoy playingthisgreat game by Kool Games.ENJOY & Thanks!
Deer Hunting - Elite Sniper 1.2
Bleeding Edge Studio
Let’s go hunting with Sniper deer hunting. This is an amazingandaddictive action pack game to take you to an ultimate adventureinthe most realistic environment with trees, grass,outdoor,mountains etc. Those who love hunting will love this firstpersonsniper shooting game where you don't have a squad & youneed todo it all alone. Grab your gun, test your sniper skills anddon'tlet the deer escape. Let’s go hunting in the real junglewildernessenvironment. Do you trust your sniper shooting skills?Let’s showhow to hunt. The game gives you an awesome experiencewith real 3Dgraphics, sound effect and the environment. The deermight beunaware of your presence so take your best shot to becomethe besthuntsman of the jungle.Jungle deer hunting is all aboutthrill& fun. Deer is a smart and clever animal so to beaprofessional deer hunter you must have good aim and shootskillswhile holding your breath. You are on a Deer huntingexpedition of2017 in a dense jungle environment where you have tohunt deer in aspecified time. In this Deer Hunting encounter yourshooting andhunting expertise should be at par to win thisimmersive challengewhile enjoying a best deer huntingexperience.Hunting the rabbits,deers and fox is not easy they aresensitive to fire sound andstart to run and therefore very hard totarget. Aim the headshot tobecome pro in this game.Wide range ofsniper riffles are availableto unlock. Unlock the weapons byclearing level or purchase them.The game is completely free to playgame but you can buy sniperrifles. Collect the best sniper riflesby clearing each level.Keepyour eyes open to find wild animals. Donot waste your time; JustDo It. And get your best shot. The beastwill run away afterhearing the fire so be careful and aim the headand don't allowthem to run into the woods. Try to complete thelevels and unlockthe sniper weapons to shoot with ease. Difficultyincreases withthe increasing levels. Test your sniping skills andhave fun.DeerHunting - Elite Sniper Features:• 3D Graphics andSound effects•Real Time Jungle Environment• Multiple Missions•Multiple weapons •Interactive Environment• Great Deer HuntingExperience• Smooth Gameplay & Interface• Powerful shootingweapons• First PersonShooting• Efficient gun control• 3D Graphicsand Sound effects•Real Time Jungle Environment• Multiple Missions•Multiple weapons •Interactive EnvironmentDownload now Deer Hunting- Elite Sniper andENJOY UNIQUE DEER HUNTING EXPERIENCE WITH AMAZING3D GRAPHICS.
Deer Hunting Season Sniper Hunter 3D 2018 1.0.9
Kool Games
Deer Hunting Season Sniper Hunter 3D 2018 is a real challengeinsniper hunting by Kool Games. This Deer Hunting SeasonSniperHunter 3D 2018 game of a deer hunter is going to test thesnipergame skills of the deer hunter and challenge you to maximuminsniper hunting. The wild life shooting challenge is bestforhunting deers and using sniper is no doubt going to give youthebest shooting challenge of your life.Story of Deer HuntingSeasonSniper Hunter 3D 2018:Kool Games have kept US Army soldierbusy indriving games but a US Army soldier can never stay away fromashooting challenge. So our US Army soldier is now back atspendinghis life in the wilds, becoming a deer hunter again andlooking forshoot to kill. Wild life is the best option availablefor our USArmy deer hunter for shoot to kill.What's this dearhunting game byKool Games?This dear hunting game is all about thedeer hunt of theUS Army dear hunter for shoot to kill. This dearhunting game hasdifferent deer hunt arenas where each deer huntarena has differentdear hunter levels and each dear hunter levelhas a set dearhunting mission for you. There are a total of 20 dearhuntinglevels in each dear hunter arena. In order to achieveyourobjective of hunting deers you just have is to shoot to killinthis dear hunter game.How to play this sniper hunting game?Youwillhave your sniper rifle on you for the deer hunt as you trytobecome a professional sniper hunter. You need to use thesniperrifle in following manner for the deer hunt:-1. In thissniperhunting game, click on the Zoom-Enable button in left bottomcornerof the screen.2. Once you have enabled zoom, a bullet buttonwillappear on the right bottom corner of the screen in this thissnipershooting game of Deer Hunting Season.3. You can click thebulletbutton for shoot to kill in this hunting deer game.4. Aimwell andhunting deers will be very easy in this hunter game.5.Touch thebullet button for hunting deers in this sniper shootinggame.6. Asthis hunting deer game has different levels so accomplishthemission set for a certain level to successfully unlocknextlevel.7. Once you have cleared a level in this snipershootinggame, you can always come back and give it another shot tobetteryour previous mission completion time.Why this snipershootinggame?Following is the list of salient features which makethesniper hunting a pleasure in this hunting deer game:1.TotallyFree: This hunting deer game is totally free to play but youcanspend money to remove ads or to buy weapons or to unlockarenas.2.Extremely delightful graphics: This hunter game hasawesomegraphics which are very pleasing for your eyes and mind.Thegraphics are high quality as well as very smooth so you aregoingto have your best gaming experience while playing thisgreatestsniper shooting game of year 2018.3. Top Quality Fun: Itsgreat funto play this hunting deer game as the challenge keepsbecomingtougher and tougher with every cleared level. The aim toget betterand better helps you keep going until you are at the topof theworld in this sniper game.4. Realistic Missions: The missionsinthis hunter game are very realistic and they keep youfullyengaged. Each mission is time bound with a specific killtarget tokeep you focused in this sniper game.5. PlayerFeedbackIncorporation: We at Kool Games are at all times lookingfor yourfeedback and try our best to make your gaming experiencemore andmore interesting. Our team of professional and efficientdevelopersis always up for making required changes as soon aspossible.Whoshould play this hunter game?Anybody who loves to orwant to becomehunter should play this sniper game and establish thebasic skillsin the simulating environment mapping to the realwilds.When toplay this sniper game:Just pull out your sniper riflefor huntingdeers and enjoy playing this great game by KoolGames.Enjoy &Thank You!
Deer Hunting 2018: FPS Sniper 2.0
Intellect Software
Hunting season has started with the snowy winter this year.Braceyourself for the most addictive wild deer hunting 3D game of2018in the realistic snowy jungle environment. Deer hunting 2018takesyou to the trip of the largest Jurassic safari jungle ofAfrica inthis winter season of 2018, prove yourself as aprofessional deerhunter by hunting wild animals. Deer hunting 2018brings youhunting in the snowy mountains and desert environments.Open andexplore a huge Realistic 3D world in hd quality inhabitedbyvariety of Wild Deers.Enjoy the real hunting in the wild junglesofAfrica. Jungle deer hunting 2018 is the best and ultimatehuntinggame of 2018. Hunt across different regions of the worldwithbiggest and latest hunting experience of new era. Top of thelistdeer hunting game is free to play. Brace yourself for theultimateDeer hunting experience.Let us take you to the safari tripwith avariety of 3D Modern Sniper rifles. The wild deer huntingchallengeis most addictive, attractive and amazing 3D action gameof the newyear 2018 with full of adventure in the most realistic3Denvironment with realistic snowy jungle trees, mountains,waterlakes and grass etc. ★ Become a ProHunting running deers isnoteasy they are sensitive to fire sound and start to run andveryhard to target. Aim the headshot to become pro in thisgameKeepyour eyes open to find wild animals. And get your bestshot. Thedeer will run away after hearing the fire so be carefuland aim thehead and don't allow them to run into the woods. Try tocompletethe levels and unlock the sniper weapons to shoot withease.Difficulty increases with the increasing levels. Test yoursnipingskills and have fun. ★ Game Features- Unlimited ammo.- Widerangeof guns and snipers.- Efficient sniper rifle controls.- Bestevergraphics and background.- More than 100 gameplay missionwithdifferent tasks.- Ultimate fun and excellent, realistic3Denvironments.- 3D first person shooting game.- Best 3D graphicsandjungle environment.- No connectivity required while playing.-Thenatural sounds of deer and fire.- Best sniper gun foraccurateshooting.- Real 3D deers with best animations.- AI(ArtificialIntelligence).- Best natural Sound effects.- Real TimeJungleEnvironment. ★ How to play- Hunt the animals and followtheinstructions.- Unlock the sniper rifles from weapon store toaimand shoot more accurately and more with more power.- Camera zoomtoget accurate shots.- Mission based gameplay to completeallmission- Shooting accuracy and skills- Finish the first levelthenyou unlock the next adventurous missions.★ Note- Nonetworkconnection is required to play this game.- This game is freetoplay and contain ads. Download and start hunting in the wild now
Desert Birds Hunting Shooting 1.2.3
RS Games Studio
Hunting in desert is the most beautiful and addictive hobbyofhunting birds in Desert. If you have ever been a hunter, oryouhave been shooter, it will really relax your mind. It is areallyawesome hunter free game to hunt birds in desert. ThisBirdsHunting game is all about thrill & fun. Birdshuntingexperience are very smart and clever so to be a professionalBirdsHunter you must have good aim and shoot skills while holdingyourbreath then shoot them. You have to do commando action sometimehunting birds. Some birds are very sharp and quick you have totakeextra care while you are hunting them in deser tπουλί. Whenyoucomes to hunting of the birds just want to grab an air gun,jumpinto a jeep and go to some deserted or forested area whereyoucould find a penalty of the wild birds around. Your targetflingtaloor in a flock with a lot of other birds and it’s not easytoaim in a bunch of birds. Best bird shooter aims the targetwithpatience and precision. Desert Bird hunting 3D is a firstpersonshooting game with efficient weapon control and eye-catching3Dgraphics and sound effects. Enjoy Bird hunting withrealisticanimations. In this most realistic bird hunting game huntbirdsfrom the passing by desert. Shoot at the flock by usingtheaccurate timing and aiming skills and get multiple hunts withasingle shot. With consideration of limited time hntedbird,challenge yourself by hunting specific number of birds withthelimited ammo to complete hunting levels. Boost your huntingfever,get your hunting gun and allow us to take you on forestsniperhunting word. Enjoy the most realistic hunting πουλίexperienceever. Forest sniper bird hunting game is all aboutpreciseshooting, aiming quickly and shooting at the right time.Developyour skills as a bird hunter by shooting down as many birdsaspossible in a limited amount of time. Become a birds huntingexpertby playing this great bird shooting game. Hope you'll enjoythiscrazy and amazing πουλί game for kids and adults as well. HOWTOPLAY Game:- Touch and move with your left hand on the screentolook (aim) around. Press the fire button on the down right sidetofire. Aiming accurately at the birds will confirm you that itishunted down. Game Features:- * First person 3D Shooting [fps]Game* Efficient Weapon control * Beautiful game graphics andsoundeffects * Stunning graphics & sound effects * Fun,challengingand addictive gameplay * Real time Birds Hunting withanimations *Easy to play, hard to master game * Multiple maps forFinding Birds* Multiple Hunting Weapons Thanks for your support andkeep playingour games!
Jungle Deer Hunting 3D-sniper shooting 2018 HD 2.2
Glactico Games
Let's go with deer hunting sniper shooting HD 2018.This isanamazing hunting game for free.This safari deer hunting junglegamewill take you in the most realistic environment withlakes,birdsand outdoor environment.This sniper hunting game isawesome forreal hunters with 3D graphics and sound effects.Thosewho areskillfull deer hunters will love this first person snipershootinggame.This wild hunter 3D game in hunting weather will testyourshooting skills.The deer maybe don't know about your presencesozoom in and take a clear shoot and become huntsman ofthejungle.This week is the deerweek let's go and enjoy thisfreedisparar gun game.Deer Hunter games are very addictive if youwantto become Safari professional deer hunter. Deer simulatorisentertaining and immersive challenge for deer shooter gamelovers.Sniper games are very common among hunting and shootinglovers.Challenge yourself in this deer shooter and enjoy safarideerhunting Africa. In this safari deer hunting challenge 3D gameapplyyour realistic unique hunting idea in congested treesenvironment.Deer hunter is the best choice for professional deerhunter withmodern sniper guns and Wildlife animals. Take head shotto huntdeer in real hunting challenge 2018 game and enjoyjunglewilderness environment. Trap deer’s in this dense forest likeanexpert hunter,focus on the roar of deer and kill wild deerbyshowing your shoot skills. Deer Shooter is in free deerhuntinggames 2018 with real world hunting wild jungle animals. InthisUltimate deer hunting adventure wild deers are everywherearroundsniper shooter so hunter has the best opportunity to showhuntingand shooting expertise to become a mountain sniper shooter.In thisfirst person sniper shooting game with special huntingsniper canimprove astonishing hunting skills to become legendhunter inhunting season. Deer hunting games with slow motion bulletreplayare very addictive and entertaining in deer huntingencounterbefore deer escape.Deer hunter in Amazon jungle and Safarijungleis best choice for hunting lovers who want to hunt outdoorinbeautiful environment,river and mountains,forest and grass inthisnew free hunting game. Sniper games with deer simulator is thebesttime killing game with real 3D graphics and junglewildernessenvironment. Hunter has to be in his physical fitness totake thisImmersive challenge and become professional deer hunterexpert ofmountain jungle wild hunting game. Sniper games in africanjunglewith real time hunting game is free for every one who enjoyhuntingdeers in sniper shooting gameplay. Challenge yourself andbecomedeer shooter of safari jungle game in this deer huntingadventureof 2018 free.• GAME FEATURES :• Realistic 3D environment•Clearsound effects• First person sniper gun• Smooth controls• 15gameplymissions with multiple tasks• Very beautiful environment•Full HDmodeNow Let’s go and play this deer hunting game in yoursmartphone and become the best sniper man.
Deer hunting 2017 1.0
Inventive Crafts
KILL DEER ALL is a free Play hunting game. Let’s go huntingwithKILL DEER ALL 2015. This is an amazing action game.The gamegivesyou an awesome experience in huntingThe target of snipingrunninganimals is a little challengingEnjoy Hunting Game with HighQualityGraphics, Natural Environment and Amazing Music.You canenjoy 10Levels in this amazing hunting game with extraordinarymission tochoose.If you want to know the hunting thrill in junglethen youmust play this game, this is a free android game for everyage. Youhave been a shooter it will be really relax your mind.★★★GAMEFEATURES ★★★• An ultimate hunting action• Game play is verysimple•First Person Perspective game• owesome game control• DEERHead ShotEffect • Efficient Sniper Control & Zoom• Real-timeDeerHunting• Sound effects and 3D Graphicsyour feedbacks willbeappreciated.-Follow UsonFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/inventivecrafts
Gun Bottle Shooting Expert 3D 1.3
Tech 3D Games Studios
Do you love playing bottle shooting games with gun and got allwhatit takes to be a real bottle shoot master? If you likeshootinggames with gun or sniper then here you have a chance tomaster theshooting skills by playing free Bottle Shoot 3D. Take abreath, aimthe target, shoot the moving flipping bottles and hitthe bull'seye now. Bottle shooter and archery games improve yourfocus andaccuracy skills level.take accurate shots to smash all thebottleswith pistol.while playing broken glass game be calm andstayfocused while shooting the moving bottles. This new bottleblastgame is specially design to test and improve shooting skillsas gunshooter play vital role in army forces, police snippertraining tofight terrorists and prisoners in the battlefield. Blastit allwith your gun to become bottle shooter expert.you needstrongpistol grip for bottle shoot in the fixed timeduration.thisclassical shooter game needs focus and precision forbottle huntmaster as the levels become harder and thrilling withlimited time.To start Bottle shoot 3D you need to aim at the bottleby movinggun with screen touch then once you lock the target withpistoljust press shoot button to blast all within time.you may havebreakthe bottles with stone or arrow but this time you have a guninyour shooting hand to blast the bubble bottles game that aremovingin the water and air.Do copter hunting as some targets aremovingin flying copters to break them you need to be a realcopterhunter.experience shooting in different adventures! GunBottleShooting Expert 3D Features Play anywhere, doesn't requireaninternet connection Realistic gun shooting and broken glasssoundBoth endless and challenging levels shooting gameplay Beaccurateto get extended shooting experience Shoot like a realcowboy Bottleshoot game is for kids, youngsters and adults Full ofthrillingaction packed game Thrilling sound effects Very smoothcontrol ofguns
Forest Stag Hunt 3d: Deer Hunting Game Free 2018 1.0
Forest stag hunt 3d is real deer hunting game free 2018.Jungle(Forest) is a place of your horror dreams so buck up and huntthewild animals. Deer hunter classic fun in rain forest of mountainisreal fantasy among jungle hunting games. You can do huntingjungleanimals as a member of jungle hunting clan. Achieve realstaghunting with sniper pro-gun. Sniper gun shooting is here withwildhunting adventure. Your real life adventure is here asmemberjungle hunting clan hunt in mountain rain forest. You havethe bestSniper Shooting gun to shoot in in real our deer hunterclassicgame. Enter the (rain forest) jungle for hunt among huntergamesand kil animal games. In this dangerous forest, play as realherodeer hunter and hunt some bull stags.You must have playedotherhunting games, jungle games, sniper shooting games, but ourgame isunique of rain forest stag hunting. Test your snipershootingskills, your jungle survival skills, your temperament,huntingskills in our dangerous forest (rain forest) game. STORYLINEInForest Stag Hunt 3d: Deer Hunting Game Free 2018 the year is2050the food is just banished from the world some wild satgs anddeersare left to feed humanity. You love to hunt!! Now enter inthisdangerous jungle with your best sniper shooting gun to huntdownand fees humanity for survival. Dangerous animals are outtherewild deer, stag, bear, boar, pig, take the aim and shoot.AWESOMEGame Features of Forest Stag Hunt 3d: Deer Hunting Game Free2018:1. Dangerous Realistic Jungle Environment2. Wild animals outthereto hunt3. Hunting among different animals4. RealisticSniperShooting Hunta5. Different levels as target6. Multiple levelswitheach animal for easy to difficult7. Best Sniper ShootingExperiencein JungleHow to Play Forest Stag Hunt 3d: Deer HuntingGame Free2018:1. Stag, Deer hunting games.2. choose the level toplay, huntall to unlock next3. take, zoom,shoot at target withSniper gun4.navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone5.use zoom andshooting buttons for hit
Deer Hunting Games: Best Hunter Games 2018 1.0.0
XP Focus
Welcome to the deer hunting games or deer bow hunting gamesof2018and enjoy the classic hunting experience in deerhuntinggames.Become the best hunter in the jungle by hunting deerwithyour besthunting skills is not any easy task so visit thejungle tobe thebest huntsman jungle in hunting sniper deer games.Hunt realwildanimals in hunting safari jungle now and shootdangerouscrazyanimals with sniper gun. It’s time for dear call forhuntingbyentering into the animal land of hunting, pick yourbestrealsniper deer hunting guns for hunting wild safarijungleanimals. Indeer hunting games or Animal hunting wildadventure youcan finddeer, ducks and bear to hunt. Deer bunter ordeer huntingis aunique profession which chosen by brave armypersons in armysnipergames, safari animal hunter or sniper shootinggames. Enjoyuniquefree shooting games and the hunt which animal areyou lookingfor.You can be the best deer Animal hunter or freesniper bestshooterof 2018 in best real sniper deer hunting games.In thisdeerhunting games or deer bow hunting games, pick yourarmysnipershooter gun to hunt the crazy animals with genieanimals.Upgradeyour skills by use your sniper shot gun or freesniper gunsin deergames or hunting games and become the real safarisurvivalin theIsland of wild animal Jurassic. Load your huntingrifles orsnipershooting guns for free and become the best hunter inthishuntinggames world or deer hunting games. In this DeerHuntingGames: BestHunter Games 2018 games aim with sniper shot gunstokill the crazyanimals to be the deer and animal hunter. Useyourmodern deadlysniper rifles and kill deadly animals inhuntingsimulator games.You are equipped with heavy army sniper gunstohunt the classicanimals with deer hunter experts. Feel freebyplaying Deer HuntingGames: Best Hunter Games 2018 games toshootthe wild animals inanimal hunting games. This is the live showofwild animaladventure of deer calls for hunting or free sniperbestshootergames. The mission of the hunter is to kill all thewildanimals inthe safari jungle and move to the next level. Manyjungleanimalshave strike on forest so be alert, hold your breath,aim& firewith army sniper shooter gun and kill all animals inthishuntingworld. Kill given animals and collect rewards to unlockthemorehunting adventure missions and powerfulsnipershooterweapons.Hunting animal games or hunting games arebiggestsnipershooting games so hunt the space animals with spiritanimalin thishunting game. The sniper guns are multiple functionsso thehuntmaximum animals and become endless frontier brave man.You arethechamp of the wild hunter 2018 and shoot wild safarianimalsinsniper 3D hunting games. This wonderful hunting simulatorisherefor your great hunting experience with lots ofastoundingandaction levels with stylized stunning graphicsandrealisticthrilling environments; you can also feelmarvelouseffective soundof weapon shooting and safari animalsviolent inthis addictivesimulation.- Realistic deer huntinggamesenvironment- Become bestreal sniper deer hunting person - It’stimefor deer calls forhunting- Classic hunting experience withdeerhunting games-Experience best hunting games inwildadventureDownload fun forfree!
Monster Killing City Shooting 1.06
Monster Killing City Shooting is new intense 3D first personactionshooter game FPS where you shoot minions. Game containsdangeroussingleplayer. You can pick from arsenal of weapons - armyknife,chainsaw, RPG, sniper gun, m4 rifle, grenade, uzi. Blastyourenemies with an MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416,grenadesand many more shotguns and rifles Realistic outdoor hdgraphics iscompareable to visuals of AAA assault army games fromhigh-end PC.You can configure graphics to fit your device, so youcan play moresmootly and your movement will be more fluent. Thisgame was madeon unity engine. Each class contains main weapon, butyou can alsobuy / upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets tothe primalgun. Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simpletask, whichis to eliminate all dinosaurs from city. After eachfinished goregame, you gain experience ( xp ) and bounty money.Eachmatch is nottime limited. After you die, you will return to the warfrontlinebattlefield, so you won't be pernamently dead. You canavengeyourself and gunshot surviving killer monster with criticaldamage.Every game you gain skills, that will help you to achievedesirablevictory.Become the best ruthless online hero assassin whowill leadheadshot leaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar gamewithunique feel. Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours ofnotordinary gameplay. The monsters must be eliminated. Keepyourfinger on the trigger. Kill them before they kill you! Grabyourshotgun in arsenal and shoot your way through this monster warofgory main levels to rescue the world from the monsterapocalypse.-Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning 3D mountainpark ( hill) graphics, Innovative Level Design- Hours of fungameplay withthis great jurassic simulator- 14 Monsters minoins topick ( deathskull, dragon, virus zombie, walking dead, undertakerwarlord,kraken, hell rot, giant bat, gargoyle etc)- 12 frontierapocalypsesaga levels, more to come- Awesome doom Sound &Music- WeaponUpgrade System, Arsenal of Weapons like fromterminator
Wild Deer Hunting 2018 Sniper 3D - Jungle Safari
Wild Deer Hunting 2018 Sniper 3D is full of shootingactionsgame.Ifyou are passionate for shooting and hunting, thenwait isover.Youcan fulfill your dream to be hunter by playing Wildhuntergame for3D Deer hunting in Jungle.Its an ultimate WildDeerHunting 2018Sniper 3D hunting adventure with multiplerealisticenvironmentswith sounds of weapons, animals, wildlife,forest,mountains &birds,trees, grass, outdoor, mountains.Letsstarthunting dear injungle by using the sniper shootingskills.Thosewho love huntingwill love this first person snipershootinggame.Grab your gun, testyour sniper skills and don't letthe deerescape. Let’s go huntingin the Realistic jungle wildenvironment.The game gives you anawesome experience with real 3Dgraphics,sound effect and theenvironment. The deer might be unawareof yourpresence so take yourbest shot to become the best huntsmanof thejungle.STORYApassionate Shooter decides to live in hillsidejungle betweenmountains to spend his life enjoying hishuntingpassion. Currentlyhe posses one sniper rifle which can beused forhunting but if heuses his shooting skills, he cansuccessfullyhunt some deer’s andrewards to moredifficultlevels.FEATURES-First Person Shooting 3dgame-Perfectguncontrol-Realistic 3D Graphics and Soundeffects-ProfectJungleEnvironment-Multiple gameplay mission withdifferent tasksHOWTOPLAY GameEasy touch and drag gameplay torotate axisCamera zoomtoget accurate shotsMission based gameplayto completeallmissionShooting accuracy and skillsAbout itKeywords: 3d, 3dGun,Gun, Gun Shooter, Shooter Games,Shooter Games2018,ShootingGames2018,Shooting Games,Pistols, Deer Sniper,DeerShooter,Shooter,Sniper, Sniper 3d, Sniper Shooter,wildshooter,crazy,game,games,games 2018, realistic,realisticgames,realisticgun, rifle,shooting, shotguns, squad, weapons,WildHunting,WildShooting,WildSniper
Wild Stag Hunter HD Deer Hunting Game 2018 Free 1.0
Wild Stag Hunter HD Deer Hunting Game is the complete JungleStagHunter simulator in winter season. Wild snow fall deer snipingisour complete action pack shooting game. Realistic snowyjungleenvironment with snow fall and sniper rifle. Those who love3Dshooting games and hunting games will love this firstpersonshooting game and hunting game. Don't let the stag/deerescape.Stags/deers in wild forest are unaware of your presence sozoomyour sniper gun for close view. Hunt by taking your best headshotand become the expert wild stag hunter andshooter. Acceptchallenge to hunt stag/deers in jungle.