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Bubble Cloud 1.9.51
Valas Media
Shoot bubbles and climb your way up from the ground to theouterspace in this fun twist of a “match three” bubble shootergame,inspired by the classic Bubble Spinner game. Highlights: -Shootbubbles and blast your way up through the clouds! - Bubblesarespinning: Precise aiming and bouncing off the walls are a must!-Explore 350+ challenging levels - Powerful boosters like thelaserweapon and super spin - Full HD graphics optimized forRetinadisplay - Free download and free level updates Your goal ineachlevel is to clear the bubbles and break the glass in the middletocollect the stars. The more bubbles you clear, the more starsyouget. Stars are needed to unlock new worlds and specialboosters.Can you collect all 99 stars to unlock the specialinfinity level?Shooting bubbles has never been this fun! --- Pleasenote: Thisgame is free to play and download but some optionalin-game itemswill require payment. You can turn off the paymentfeature bydisabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.Also, underour Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be atleast 13years of age to play or download this game. Support FAQ: Ifyouhave any questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questionsathttp://valasmedia.com/BubbleCloudFAQ. Support Email: Ifyourquestion is not answered in the FAQ, please contact our supportatsupport@valasmedia.com. Terms ofService:http://valasmedia.com/terms/ PrivacyPolicy:http://valasmedia.com/privacy/
Bubble Island 2 - Pop Shooter & Puzzle Game 1.57.4
THE BUBBLE SHOOTER WITH BOUNCE, BANG AND POP! From theaward-winningteam that brought you the original smash hit BubbleIsland comesBubble Island 2, a berry-bursting puzzle adventurefest and ballshooter game that’s bigger and better than ever! Useyour skill tosize up the perfect shots and shoot bubbles like acharm. It’s a funand addictive shooting ball game! Experienceadventure and join RicoRaccoon as he races around the world, hoton the tail of the fowlpigeon mastermind, Simon Von Adler! This isa real shooting ball& puzzle game that contains nice graphicsand an adventurestory. Rescue cities from Simon’s evil clutches torestore theirstolen monuments. From Paris to San Francisco, HongKong and Delhi…the world needs your help! You’ll need skill andaccurate shots. Butdon’t worry, Rico’s not alone. There’s a wholecast of crazy palsready to jump into the action, like Mr. Wong,Hong Kong’s residentPanda Berry Master! With awesomenext-generation physics,mind-boggling puzzles and spectacularchain reactions, Bubble Island2 takes your gaming experience tothe next level. 90 million BerryMasters conquered the originalBubble Island. Have YOU got what ittakes to send those pigeonspacking in the amazing Bubble Island 2?It will become addictivefrom the very first bubbles you shoot byusing the cannonballs fromyour cannon. Your ultimate goal is toshoot bubbles and fruits thatmatch the ball color in your cannon.Once you’ve finished somelevels, you can move on to anotheradventure. Play over one hundredpuzzle game levels. All you need isan accurate shot. It’s a uniquebubble shooter game and puzzle funthat won’t leave you bored.*PHYSICS-BASED FUN!* BIG BANG – Pick theright ball color and makeperfect shots to set off awesome,city-shaking chain reactions!RICO RETURNS - Join your favoriteraccoon on a bubble shooteradventure around-the-world tour. Justdon’t call him “Trash Panda!”SKILL SHOTS – With beautifulphysics-based puzzles and hundreds ofmissions to play, there’salways a new way to match and pop! PANDAPALS – The gang’s alwaysgrowing with a crazy new character to meetin every city, fromViolette the Parisian poodle to Raj the Indianelephant! Grab yourround-the-world ticket to FUN! Join Rico andpals in Bubble Island 2and let the berry-bursting action begin!Team up with an all-starcast for a bubble shooter puzzler withunbelievable chainreactions!-------------------------------------------------------------------------BubbleIsland 2 is a physics-based bubble shooter and puzzle gamethat isfree to download and play. However, it also allows you topurchasevirtual items with real money inside the game. You candisablein-app purchases in your device’s settings. You may requireanInternet connection to play Bubble Island 2 and to access itssocialfeatures. Bubble Island 2 may containadvertising.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Termsof Use: http://www.wooga.com/legal/terms-of-use/ PrivacyPolicy:http://www.wooga.com/legal/privacy-policy/Support:https://wooga.helpshift.com/a/bubble-island-2/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/bubbleisland-------------------------------------------------------------------------JoinRico’s 90 million Berry Master fans for a non-stopround-the-worldtour packed with brand new bubble shooter puzzles!Start youradventure journey and shoot the bubbles today!
Farm Bubbles Bubble Shooter Pop 2.6.21
Bubble shooting fun comes with a relaxing farm atmosphereandcheerful farm animals in Farm Bubbles. Narcade, continuously,addsmore amusing and interesting levels to this addictive andrelaxingbubble shooter game. For the ones tired of shooting bubblesthat godown gradually in simple bubble games, this farm themedbubbleshooter game offers different bubble blast missions withpuzzlelevels and even physics based bubble shooter levels. Thereareanimal rescue modes in your bubble pop journeys. Throw bubblestosame color bubble group until you save the chicks. In somelevelsof this bubble game there are bubble spinner circles in themiddleof which a farm animal. The aim is to shoot the bubblesaround thefarm animal and rescue animal from the physics basedbubbletrouble. Besides, there are some bubble blasting missions torescuethe mother chicken stuck in bubbles. Farm Bubbles - BubbleShooteror bubble popper is not only an addictive bubble burst gamebutalso a brain teaser puzzle game. You should shoot bubblescarefullybecause you have limited bubble in your hand. If you want,you canchange the bubble ball on canon with the next one forpopping. Usepower-ups like color ball and fire ball to pop bubbles.When youuse all the moves and need extra moves, there is +5 ballpower-upthat gives you the 5 extra moves to continue blast bubbles. To begood bubbler you should be good at aiming and bubbleblasting inthis bubble shooting puzzle game. Match 3 bubbles andpop!Features: 🐥 Over 1000 LEVELS to pop bubbles more 🐥 HAND-MADELEVELDESIGN 🐥 Various cheerful characters to play with 🐥 Freeaimfeature for bubble shooting accuracy 🐥 Two different colorbubblesin the shooter to switch as you like 🐥 Cute animals torescue 🐥Farm adventure through hundreds of brillant bubble shooterpuzzles🐥 Power-ups such as color ball, fireball, and +5 balls🐥Action-packed gameplay with DIFFERENT MISSIONS: Collect 6Chicks,Save the Farm Animals, Rescue the Animals on the bubblespinner 🐥Boosters to drop all bubbles under its line 🐥 Bubbletroubleswallowing the shooter ball and some other tricks formoreexcitement 🐥 Facebook connection to play with your facebookfriends🐥 Ask and send lives through Facebook Follow us on socialmedia:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/farmbubblessTwitter:https://twitter.com/farmbubblessInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/farmbubbles/
Bubble Bird Rescue 2.1.2
Play the best bubble puzzle adventure game from the makers ofthesuper hit apps, "Ice Crush" and "Garden Mania"! Shoot bubblesandmatch colors to pop and drop your way to rescue the trappedbabybirds! You’ll be addicted to "Bubble Bird Rescue" from thefirsthit! ☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Well-designed FREElevels -each with unique challenges and fun puzzles! ★ EASY TOLEARN - hardto master! Can you score 3 stars on every level? ★Score BigBonuses - drop large bunches of bubbles to score sweetbonuses! ★UNLOCK powerful boosts to help with challenging levels! ★Fresh andbeautiful style, bright and vibrant graphics &effects! FREEupdate with more exciting levels and boosts are comingsoon...
Bubble CoCo: Color Match Bubble Shooter
Aim your bubble cannon and blast away! Shoot bubbles withyourtrusty bubble shooter, and pop your way to victory! Welcome tothefarm life! CoCo the mother hen knows her baby chicks areahandful...they get into sticky situations on a daily basis! CoCoisone special chicken though: she owns a fancy magic bubbleshootercannon. She requests your help in her bubble poppingadventure, soshe can rescue her troublemaker baby chicks stuck inbubbles andtreetops! Get help from farm animals to aim, shoot, andpop all thebubbles in this FREE to play bubble ball shooter game!Blast awayin the bubble pop adventure with CoCo and her bubbleshootercannon! BUBBLE COCO features the following: 🐥Bubble popping,bubbleshooting fever! Bubble CoCo combines a classic bubbleshooterarcade game with fun power up items and various game modesinhundreds of levels! More than 1200 levels are waiting tochallengeyour bubble shooting skills! 🐥Boosters and modes toentertain all!Bubble CoCo is a bubble game with a captivatingchallenge!Addictive game modes, helpful booster buble, and constantNEW gamelevel updates so you can enjoy never ending bubble games!🐥Easy,intuitive control! Bubble CoCo is as easy has 1, 2, 3! Aim,shoot,and pop the bubble! The power of the bubble shooter is rightatyour fingertips! Not one stray lost bubble under CoCo's watch!Firethat red bubble ball to the top! 🐥New game EVENTS andrewards!Bubble CoCo will hold fun game events everyone can enjoy,such asthe Egg Festival! Participate in new events so you can earnrewardsfor your bubble pop adventure! 🐥Play with or withoutfriends! Sendgifts, request help, and compete against friends tosee who is thebest hand at the bubble shooter! Bubble CoCo is alsoplayableWITHOUT an internet connection, so you can continue yourblitzbubble games anytime, anywhere! 🐥Colorful and vibrantgraphics!Looking for free bubble pop games with rich colors andcutecharacters? Beautiful bubble whirl graphics with bubblegumpink,rich red, blues and purple! Check out the eye popping,bubblepopping Bubble CoCo now! Blast bubbles through appropriatecolormatch! These bubles are asking to be popped! Bubble CoCo isthecute bubble game you are looking for! 🐥No eggs left behind!HelpCoCo the chicken protect her eggs! The mother hen will benothingshort of angry if she gets her eggs stolen! We don't wantMr. Foxgetting his hands on a precious egg, do we? Blast thebubbles inthis shooter match 3 game! 🐥The best bubble game for you!We aretalking about the best bubble game for kids and family! Notjustthe best matching games for adults, but also matching gamesforkids! Blast away boredom with the best bubble shooter game!Lookingfor free bubble games? Go on your very own bubble popadventurewith CoCo's baby birds and farm animal friends! You won'tneed tosearch for any other free bubblegames!----------------------------------------- Look out forBubbleCoCo's Bubble Shooter news and events on the official fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/playbubblecoco Visit the Bubble CoCoHelpCenter: http://www.bit.ly/BC_help POP!
Kizi Games
Match & Pop bubble puzzles in this fun Bubble Shooter!Restoreand decorate a cute island for your dogs and cats in PetParadise,an award-winning bubble pop adventure! Experience a funandaddictive bubble puzzle game where you pop and burst bubblestodecorate and restore the Paradise Islands for your cute pets!Popbubbles, finish puzzle challenges, and collect pet friends! Areyoua bubble genius? Collect friendly unique cat and dog pets whohelpbubble burst through hundreds of puzzle pop levels! The funneverstops! Features: ● IT’S A BUBBLE SHOOTING MASTERPIECE- Matchandpop colorful bubbles through hundreds of fun and challenginglevelsthat increase in difficulty. See if you can beat them all! ●ADOPTPAWESOME PETS - Unlock and collect cute and furry cat &dogfriends! Make sure to feed and play with them daily forhelpfulbonuses! ● RESTORE AND DECORATE ISLANDS - Clear the shrubsandbuild up the beautiful Paradise Islands for your pets to enjoyandcall home! ● BUBBLE BLASTING BOOSTERS - Charge up specialpowersand unlock powerful boosters with your pets to clearchallenginglevels! ● FACEBOOK CONNECT - Use it to share specialmoments withyour friends, ask for lives and save your progress! ●AN EASY GAMEOF STRATEGY - Free and easy to play, but challenginglevels tomaster! —————————————————————————————————————————————————PleaseNote that while Pet Paradise is free to download and play italsoallows you to purr-chase virtual items with real money insidethegame. You can disable in-app purchases in your devices settings.InPet Paradise, an internet connection may be required in ordertoaccess certain features. Pet Paradise may also containadvertising.Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PetParadiseBubble/Home -http://petparadisegame.com Terms ofUse:https://azerion.com/business/terms.html PrivacyPolicy:https://azerion.com/business/privacy.html Support-support@azerion.com
Magnetic balls bubble shoot 1.165
Features: * 4 worlds with different physics, 384 levelswithincreasing difficulty * 16 collection kittens with 80 items forthecollection of which you gain experience * new location"Vacation"(at the end of stage) in which you can help to make thepenguin skiresort * endless game mode with adjustable difficulty(nightmareincluded) * amusing ball physics for different materials*leaderboards * friendly user interface * mode for peoplewithimpaired color vision (in settings top-right button)Gamedescription: There are two game modes — endless modewithadjustable difficulty ("Arcade" button) and campaign mode("Levels"button). Game has four worlds with different physicsanddecorations, which can be switched by the «Realms» button inthemain menu. The gravity in the playing area is upward-directed,andthis is taken into account for geometrical calculations ofwallrebounds and ball drops. In the game you can see the score,timeand number of coins on the left, the players ball queue ontheright and the current ball on the bottom side. You can shoottheball by pressing on the game field. Special balls can be chosenbypressing on the current ball. Second pressing allows to changetheball type. There is advertising in the free version of thegame.Game instructions: Press the screen where you want to shoottheball. The new line appears in the glass after several ballsshot(amount depending on the level). Combine three or more balls inoneline to destroy them. You get coins for each line of four andmoreballs. You can exchange the coins for special balls to useindifficult situations (or just for fun). You can get combo bonusfordestroying of several groups of balls within 1.5 seconds.3-combowill give you a special "mine" ball. If you combine it inline with3 or more balls, you will get an explosion and an extracoin. Youwill get up to 6 coins for 5-combo and higher. Press theball inthe bottom of the screen to select a special ball. Pressagain tochange the ball type. Game supports all Android screensizes(phones and tablets) .
Bubble Shooter:Love and Salvation 2.0.0
Play the classic and most fun Bubble Shooter game for free!Trainyour brain and solve all the awesome puzzles and challenges.Over1000 levels of bubble shooting fun are waiting for you, so playnowand explore all the awesome surprises and joys this game hastooffer. HOW TO PLAY THE Bubble Shooter?1、Drag Your Finger canMovethe Laser in the Direction!2、Tap on the Bubble Above toDeterminethe Target!3、Lift your finger to have a Shoot!4、Match 3 ormoreBubbles to Burst!
Bunny Bubble 1.5
Game Guide Stuido
bunny bubblePlay amazing Bubble Blast for freeEasy and fungameplay- tap where you want to shoot bubbles, make clever matchesanddefeat the obstacles and bosses to finish the level! HOW TOPLAY•Tap where you want to throw!• Match 3 or more bubbles of thesamecolor to pop!• Special boosters & bubbles to help youpassthose tricky levels.• Pop all bubbles with minimum shoots towinhigher scores• Don't worry! No time limits!Download BubbleBlastand spread the fun!
Bunny Bubble Shooter Pop: Magic Match 3 Island 2.5
AlphaWay Game Studio
Game is talking about a story inside a magic island, bunnybabiesplay bubble and eat cookie with other small pets like panda,tomcat, cute raccoon and birds in the forest. Suddenly, the WitchEvilsend an ugly fox come to forest to kidnap bunny babies awayandlock them in a wild farm. Bunny mom has to start her adventuretobust the bubbles and save her babies. Bunny mom's mission isshootbubble to matching them, and be like a dynamite, blast bubbleswillbeat fox to save the cubs in pop. HOW TO PLAY- Tap where youwantto throw the ball- Match 3 same color bubbles to pop them inthisbubble shooting adventure - Plan your pop to recuse all thebunnybabies to pass levels- Use boosting mushrooms to blastbubblesfaster- Clear level with minimum shoots to maximize yourscores- Becareful with the magic and power of Witch Evil. If youlet himangry, the game will overGAME FEATURES- Daily login to getfree& cute items. Special tree give free coins every 24hours.-Special boosters & bubbles to support you in the trickylevels-More than 300 levels and more new levels are coming- 2bubblemodes: classic and rotation- Invite your friends and seetheiradventure- Share your high score when online with Facebookfriends-Get bonus on mission achievements- Easily sync the gamebetweendevices by backup and restore from cloud functionBunnyBubbleShooter Pop: Magic Match 3 Island is an interesting puzzlegameprovided to you by Alphaway Studio. Innovation from classiceggshooting game by adding a lot of deluxe features. This freefungame is suitable for everybody all age, boy or girl, childrenoradult, men or women, under or over 18 age. Anytime,anywhere,magical shooting adventure must go on. You can still playBunnyBubble Shooter offline without internet access to fullfilyourmania. We intend to add more levels in 2017, 2018 and so on.Theonline mode is also planned comming soon. Bunny Bubble Shooteriscompletely free to play, but there are optional in-apppurchasesavailable. Either way, it’s tons of fun! Pop, pop, popyour wayaround the magic island with an all-star pet!Contactus:Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/Bunny-bubble-shooter-119265938754917Email:trangnguyenalphaway@gmail.com
Bubble Shooter 2020 1.7.8
pan sudoku solitaire
Play classic bubble shooter game: Bubble Shooter 2020 Savelittlepanda baby!
Buggle 2 - Free Color Match Bubble Shooter Game 1.4.7
Aim your bubble cannon and blast away! Shoot bubbles withyourbubble shooter and pop your way to victory! Your favoritefreebubbleshooter puzzle game Buggle 2 is here! Uh, oh! GreedyQueenBee and her soldier bee army have arrived! The peacefulBubbleIsland of bubble bear games and friendly bubble bears are nowindanger! They need YOUR help! Join bubble bear Andrew's questforhoney! The gluttonous Queen Bee is hoarding all of the sweethoney,and it is up to Andrew the bear and his animal friends topreventthe tyranny of the Bee Army. Andrew and his friends onlywish forpeace on their island. But they cannot just sit there,waiting forsomeone to stop the Queen bee and her buggy army. Theyare indesperate need of your support! Save them from the evilgreedyQueen bee’s buggy army and bring peace and justice toBubbleisland! Andrew the bubble bear has great bubble shootingskills. Hecan burst many bubbles and defeat the Queen bee’s buggyarmy byusing his secret weapon – the bubble shooter! But he can’tdo italone. Your role is crucial! Use the color match bubbleshooter tohelp Andrew in his resistance against the greedy QueenBee and hersnoopy bee soldiers! Pop, whirl, and blast the bubbleswith plentyof special items and shoot that red bubble! Look out forthe helpof Andrew's bear friends, like the polar bear and pandabear!SPECIAL FEATURES of Buggle 2 ▣ Bubble popping, bubbleshootingfever! Buggle 2 is no ordinary bubbleshooter game. Buggle2combines the classic popular bubble shooter arcade puzzle gamewithfun, exciting power up items and various game modes! More than1300levels await! Play NOW and show us your bubble shootingskills.Shoot burst & blast the bubbles! BANG! POP! Join Andrewand hisfriends’ adventure for honey! ▣ Various game boosters andgamemodes to entertain all! Buggle 2 is a bubble shooter gamewithcaptivating challenges! Are you an expert at Bubbleshootergames?Ever wish for a game that’s actually going to challenge you?Noneed to worry. You’ll never stop playing Buggle 2! We updateourlevels on a regular basis and new challenges will alwaysarrive!Join Andrew on his quest to defeat the Queen bee and protecthispeaceful island from the evil Queen bee’s snoopy buggy army.▣Easy, Intuitive controls! Follow the simple steps – Aim, shoot,andpop the bubble! Simple as that! Just use your finger to controltheshooter. Aim the bubble to match the color. Shoot the bubbleandBLAST! The bubbles just popped! The fate of Andrew andBubbleisland of the bears lie right on your fingertips! Soon, thehoneywill be yours! ▣ New game EVENTS and REWARDS Look out foreventsand rewards EXCLUSIVE for our Buggle 2 Facebook Pagefollowers!Participate in these new events and you will gain awesomerewardsthat will help you through your adventure! More events! Morehoney!▣ Invite your friends to play Buggle 2 WITH you Buggle 2 is agamefor everyone! Perfect to play with your friends and family!Sharegifts, request for help, and compete against them! See who’sthebest hand at the bubble shooter! ▣ Colorful and vibrantgraphicswith cute characters! Looking for free bubble pop gameswith richcolors and cute characters? Beautiful bubble whirlgraphics withrich red, blue and purple colors! Check out the eyepopping, bubblepopping Buggle 2 now! Match the bubble colors andmake them burst!Shoot that redbubble and save the cute littlebubble bear Andrewand his friends! Help them in their challengingquest against theQueen bee and her soldiers. ▣ Enjoying Buggle 2?Visit our fan pagehttps://www.facebook.com/buggletwo/ and look outfor EXCLUSIVEevents for our followers! Don’t forget to leave 5-star★★★★★reviews and tell us what you like about Buggle 2!
Wicked Witch Pop Quest 1.4
Blast Crush Game
exciting fun-filled game with a brand new witch themebubbleshooterExperience the thrill of bubble shooting with endlesswitchysurprises. Work your way through increasingly challenginglevelsand employ the power of the elements to help you in your evilwitchquest. Welcome to wonderland witch world !!!! - Shoot bubblewithtap your space screen .. and directed at least three bubblestomake them crush- Bouncing / bounce bubbles with ultra Tap therightor left side of the phone or your tablet- Clear all thebubbles tofinish the level and play a quiz bubbles in this game-Remove allthe bubbles as fast as you can because you have limitedtimeYou canchoose to play the previous levels of accomplishment,difficultylevels, you can go back to choose your level of play ormay haveexperienced and game play,colorful.Throw bubbles and matchcolorsto pop and drop your way to victory! Play now, and become thebestbubble. Bubble Shooter with your hands become more skillful,youcanuse your intelligence to play effectively. Amazinglyinterestingand challenging
Bubble Shoot : Pop all Bubbles 1.0001
match games blast
Bubble Shooter is a great new bubbles shooter game with 900amazinglevels, like the classic bubble shooter and arcade bubbleshooterversion every one loves.in Bubble Shooter you will have manylevelsand unique features that make it better then the otherbubbleshooter game,in Bubble Shooter you dont just burst bubblesandfinish the level, here you have very special levels designandunique ball mechanicthat will keep you playing for longtimeBubbleShooter will keep you playing for long time with manyuniquelevels,each level is specially designed to be fun andstrategic andbetter then before,in each level you will have tofigure out thebubble puzzle and how to pop all the balls.BubbleShooter issimilar to the old school classic and arcade bubbleshooters, shootbubbles at a matching color bubble and make a matchof at least 3with the same colorto make them burst, every bubblesyou burst willcharge your boosts that you can then blast where everyou choose toin order to clear the levels and get rid ofhard toreach places,just tap the screen to shoot a bubble, tap and hold tosee the aimdirection.remember you can bounce balls from the side ofthescreenand hit bubbles you couldn't hit with a straightlineBubbleShooter have many Unique Boosts the will help youcomplete eachlevel:Super Ball - Burst every thing in its wayBombBall - Blastand Explode when it hit other bubblesSuper Aim - makethe aimingdots longer and more precise to show you clearly whereyour ballwill hitBubble Shooter is specially designed with uniquebubbleballs to pop, such as:Spike Ball - pop and burst every thingittouches and doest do a match of 3 bubblesIce Ball - pop ballsnextto it and it will convert to their colorQuestion Ball - everytimeyou shoot your bubble the color of the question ballwillchangeCloud Ball - make a match of at least 3 of the same colorasthe cloud ball next to it to make it popWood Ball - you willhaveto burst all the bubbles around it to make it fall down, thisballcannot be matchedand many more!!!
Bubble Gunner 2.0.0
"Play the classic and most fun Bubble Shooter game for free!Trainyour brain and solve all the awesome puzzles and challenges.Over1000 levels of bubble shooting fun are waiting for you, so playnowand explore all the awesome surprises and joys this game hastooffer. HOW TO PLAY THEBubble Poping?1、Drag Your Finger can MovetheLaser in the Direction!2、Tap on the Bubble Above to DeterminetheTarget!3、Lift your finger to have a Shoot!4、Match 3 or moreBubblesto Burst!"
Bubble Shoot Magic 4.0
Bubble Shooter Magic Witch - Cute Winnie, Hot Stella havejoinedforces with Sweet Samantha and Miss Mellisa in this famousBubbleShooter Witch series. Winnie the cutest witch needs your helptodefeat the dangerous monster Morth who has captured herwitchyfriends. Witchy friends Mobby and Jeanie are feelinghelplesshoping that one day you will save them. Be a hero, travelthe witchland, help the witches, defeat the monster and save yourwitchyfriends Download and enjoy this fantastic bubble shooterwitchadventure of bubble shooter! Bubble Shooter Witch is a freebubblegame that is bursting bubbles with its own unique andexcitingtwists. You can do bubble dash, beat bubble dragons, fightwithbubble shooters dragons. It has over 1200 bubble levels for youtotake on. Welcome to the Magical Witch Kingdom Bubble ShooterWitchfeatures: ★ Match 3 bubbles to bubble pop them ★ Help witchestobubble rescue witchy friends ★ Defeat the boss dragon monstertorelease witchy birds ★ Bubble poke Winnie has advanced to theghostbubble land. What she will find next - bubble trouble ordangerousbubble blossom or bubble beauty? ★ Explore new worlds -MagicalBubble Hats, Flying Bubble Island, Blue Bubble Ocean, GreenBubbleLand, Bubble Heaven Cloud and various other bubble worlds ★Thebubble crazy Boss, bubble blast Morth, bubble Mermaid Princessarepreparing for the battle with witch Winnie ★ Unlock uniquebubblegame boosters to cross those difficult levels ★ Daily Queststo winfree rewards ★ Free Spin Wheel rewards everyday ★ FreeMagical Boxrewards every few minutes ★ Send free life and gems toyourfacebook friends ★ Lots of free rewards to keep you movingacrossdifficult levels ★ Thousands of bubble shooting levels – moreaddedevery 2 weeks! ★ Special booster bubbles to help you passthosetricky levels ★ Cute animated graphics that will please yourmind ★Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors! ★ ConnecttoFacebook, invite and play with friends, present hearts toeachother, compete to be the great bubble shooter! ★ Easily syncthegame between devices when connected to the Internet ★ Free&easy to play, challenging to master! Available inEnglish,Français, Deutsche, Italiano, 中国, 日本語, 한국어, Türk,Español,Português, Русский, Dutch, Danish, Swedish☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆Bubble Shooter Witch -http://bubbleshooterwitch.madovergames.comMadOverGames -http://madovergames.com Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/madovergames Twitter-https://twitter.com/madovergames Youtube-https://www.youtube.com/user/MadovergamesWoW Google+-https://google.com/+MadovergamesWoW
Tomcat Pop: New Bubble Shooter 4.2
Tomcat Pop: Bubble Shooter: A great witch puzzle game by fungamefor free on Google Play. My friends talking about tom catbubbleshooter rescue is great story and very interesting. You guysarepassionate puzzles and love games bubble shooter classic can notbesurprised that now in addition to characters like fish, pandaisreplaced by cat Tom, dog Pulldog muscles, witch cats and micelikePerry in years. This is a classic shooting game, but you shouldnotcompare tom cat pop bubble shooter with panda characterbecauseeach games has its own characteristics and new character.Let'shave Tom Cat eat cookie & candy increased strength, beforeshotup the bubbleshooter so that the Pulldog muscular dog savesthepoor Perry mice being trapped by wildcat cats. The mice Perryaretrapped in the ball or bubbles witch and when the ballexplodesthey will be freed from flying back down to a safe place.Tomcatbubble shooter is not game online but games of the year ontheworld because by far the best graphics and sound effects,designedto fit all smartphones and tablets. With this special game,perhapsthe hottest gaming gamers have exclaimed: the game is toofun andtoo good, you can play games and entertainment whenever youare onthe plane, on the train Electricity, cooking or being intheoffice. All ages, children, adults, workers, gold digger,crocodilecan play and feel satisfied. - Play game anywhere andanytime !Don't care you have wifi or not because game doesn'trequire youalways online. You can play it on the street, in thesubway, in thecar or bus on the road, even in a temple, a school.OK? Just simplyis offline game. - Game are made for everybody, allage , boy orgirl, children or adult , men or women, under or over18 age. Youcan Match three bubbles to pop them in this magicalshootingadventure games. My game Bubble Pop is witch completelyfree toplay. -------How to Play bubble witch ------ Starting withTomcatPop: we have to take on the role-play of cat Tomresponsiblefriend, Shrimp trying to throw the ball to our Pulldogathlete dog,when receiving Pulldog ball immediately actions, Themiracle thatour dog constantly solves the poor Perry mouse lockedin the ballfilled with the poison of magic witch cats. When playingyou alsoneed good strategy thinking, you must use the balls of therightcolor and match 3 bubbles, use free items or you can buy theminthe shop to increase the power to complete the task in away.Easier and faster. Unlike bubbles shooter games classic,doorwaysand pass level screens, the Tomcat Bubble has truly evolvedwith1000 levels and continuous builds, graphics, sound effects thatareincredibly attractive to bring is fresh and interesting fortheplayers. New levels ensure the game's difficulty, appealandbalance, which is expected to be updated from 2017, 2018, 2019andpossibly 2020, and possibly many years on. Later on toserveplayers around the world. --------The Functions------- - Dailygift20 coins receive ( all week: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) - Over2000challenges - Make easy money with pay-per-view videos, themorewatch video you make, the more money you will earn. - Allnaturalwonders in the world are included in the background as 3D. -Bubblein Island for background very nice - Connect facebook youareoffered 40 coins and more your friends can see you are playingtoany level, increase the competitiveness and competition,challengeonline. Do not let your friends complain you are achicken! - Donot play more than 6 hours a day, spend the rest of 18hoursrelaxing, working, exercising, watch football and pets if youwantto. And now don't angry because wait to long. Download&Install on Mobile Tomcat Pop: Bubble Shooter - One of thebestshoot bubble deluxe ball game for free, Play to fulfill yourmania.--------- CONTACT US bubble butt -------- Official websiteat:http://www.onegame.mobi Email: onegameinc@gmail.com
Egyptian Pharaoh Bubble Shooter 1.5
BIG WIN Studio
egyptian pharaoh bubble shooterThis new game is sure toprovidehours of unbeatable funEgyptian Bubble Shooter is set inancientEgypt the land of pyramids & pharaohs! It is packedwithstunning egpytian bubble levels with a promise to delivercountlesshours of fun. Take on this epic game alone or play withfriends tosee who can get the highest score!★ amazing power ups& specialfeatures to boost your bubbles★ great animations &stunninggraphics from the film★ fun for all ages, free & easyto play★available to play on mobile and tablet devicesThis new gameis sureto provide hours of unbeatable fun!
Bubble Shooter ™
Download and play the Classic and most addictive Bubble Shooter™game on Google Play - for FREE! Enjoy the top bubble breakeronlinegame and solve all the awesome puzzles. We have designed thisfunshooter game for all you puzzle fans who want to train yourbrain,matching colors and popping bubbles. Get the app NOW, beatlevelsand enjoy this addicting and relaxing bubble pop game! Play 3GameModes: * Enjoy Puzzle Mode with over 1800 awesome puzzlelevelsClear the board and advance along the map, win amazingrewards andenjoy fun new elements and features. New boosts,power-ups, dailyrewards, cool bubble elements, and more! * Play theLevels Modewith over 1750 levels! Match 3 bubbles or more to blastand winwith less shots to get more stars. * Enjoy the Classic mode-Simple and Super Fun. Classic mode has 3 Difficulty levels-easy,medium and hard. It will keep you challenged for many hours!GameFeatures: • 3 Fun Game Modes • Addicting gameplay, once youstart –you simply can’t stop playing. • Colorblind mode •Leaderboard,Challenging achievements. • Awesome rewards and coolpuzzles •Exciting features and elements • Choose your aiming methodbetweenLaser, Crosshair or simply Tapping on the screen • Removeadsoption (In-app purchases) • Free to play bubble game How toPlay: *Drag your finger to move the laser sight in the direction ofthebubbles. * Lift your finger to take a shot. * Match 3 bubblesormore of the same color to pop the combo and win points. * Hitandpop all the colored balls to clear levels. Bubble Shooter ™ isthebest online puzzle game you can play anytime and anywhere,nointernet connection is required. Download today, match 3colors,hit balls and win. Beat all the challenges and overcomeobstacles.Join the bubble popping fun now! Warning: This classicgame isseriously fun and super addictive! Personal Note: We are allaboutmaking games that are fun for our users and your ratings willallowus to keep doing that. If you like Bubble Shooter ™ and youenjoyplaying it please find your time to rate it! Thanks :) Makesure tokeep an eye out for cool updates and new levels! Follow usfornews, updates and fun surprises: Visit our Facebookpage:https://www.facebook.com/BubbleShooterFree/ Go to ourYoutubechannel: https://goo.gl/Gd8qiJ All rights of Bubble Shooter™areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Shoot Bubble Extreme 1.2
Play the fun and addictive Shoot Bubble Extreme game for free,matchcolors and pop all the bubbles! Travel to space, explore theplanetsand enjoy hundreds of galactic levels packed with awesomepuzzlesand challenges. Ready to begin? Pick your target carefully,hit thetarget and blast all the colorful balls! When you match 3or morebubbles of the same color, you get the chance to pop thegroup andwin points. Try out this fun puzzle game, shoot all thebubbles andclear levels. It’s the perfect time-killer gamesuitable for allages! How to Play:• Drag your finger to move thelaser aiming andlift it to shoot bubbles. • Match at least 3bubbles of the samecolor to pop.• Clear all the colored balls fromthe board.• The morebubbles you remove from the board in one shot,the higher scoreyou’ll get. • Complete the missions and winlevels! Awesome GameFeatures:• Hundreds of awesome levels packedwith fun puzzles. •Cool designs and effects. • Pop 7 bubbles in arow to unlock thefireball boost.• Drop 10+ bubbles at once to geta bomb.• Use theSuper Swap boost that gives you the chance to swapbetween 3bubbles. • The Super Aim boost will help you make aprecise shot. •Addicting game mode. • Free to play and super fun!Don’t miss outthis crazy bubble popping fun! Love popping bubblesand solvingpuzzles? Play Shoot Bubble Extreme game for free andenjoy hundredsof exciting levels, puzzles and brain teasers!Getready to blast allthe cosmic bubbles!
Bubble Classic World 1.0.0
Brocco LLC
Bubble Classic World is not onlyanaddictivegame but also a brain teaser puzzle game.Let us explore the bubble classic world with small dinosaurs.Shooter colorful bubbles to create amazing stunning chain.Over 1300+ popping puzzles—with more added all the time.Mark your target with same color bubble ,get higherscoreand3-stars.FREE PROPS!SUPER EASY!PRECISE SHOOTING!THOUSANDS LEVELS!STAY AWAY FROM GAMBLING!* Rational use of props to save baby dinosaur.* Drag your finger to move the target, aim, and shoot!* Observe carefully the next ball and Make a precisejudgment.* When you start playing, you can't stop.* Tap to shoot, or keep your finger pressed for directionarrowforprecise touch control.---------------------------------------------------TIPS:You can download it to your kids, girlfriends, oroldparents.Can also help family stay away from gamblinggames,accompanychildren to grow.You'll never regret downloadingthisbubble game.You will enjoy unprecedented happiness frombubbleclassicworld
Bubble Bust! 2 - Pop Bubble Shooter 1.4.5
Bubble Bust! 2 is the long awaited sequel to the highlypopularbubble shooter game Bubble Bust! - loved by over 25millionplayers! With 6 amazing islands featuring hundreds of levelsandmore than 30 unique bubbles you will have tons of fun inthistotally addictive bubble shooter game. Flying bombs, fireballsandother powerful new boosters will help you defeat the bossesandother great challenges in four exciting gaming modes. Play thegamealone or connect to Facebook and challenge friends to see whocanget the highest score! KEY FEATURES: * Compete and winamazingprizes in weekly tournaments * 6 islands with hundreds oflevels ofbubble popping fun * Four exciting gaming modes withaddictivegameplay * Tons of unique bubbles and obstacles todiscover * Manychallenging bosses with unique skills * Collectenergy orbs andunleash powerful boosters * Breathtaking graphicsand visualeffects * Easy to learn, challenging to master GET EVENMORE FUN: *Free updates with new levels and challenges * Globalleaderboards *30+ achievements to unlock * Complete daily missionsand earn heftyrewards Easy and fun gameplay - tap where you want toshootbubbles, make clever matches and defeat the obstacles andbosses tofinish the level! Do you like to play classic bubbleshooter games?Then you will love this popular sequel to BubbleBust! - theoriginal arcade bubble shooter game which has inspiredthe creationof a whole new sub-genre of bubble shooters. BubbleBust! 2 is acompletely free game to play, but there are optionalin-apppurchases available. Game On! Follow us onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/GameOnArcade Developed andpublished byGameOn http://www.gameonarcade.com
Cute Pop: Panda Bubble Shooter - Addictive Game 7.9
Now you will be prepared to receive the best bubble shooteronlinegame in the world. With Panda bubble shooter ball, you canplaywith your friends, play online games any time with all thefriendsin the world and your friends. Join Panda bubble shooter towelcomenew mode: PVP Multiplayer, the world's first panda onlinebubbleshooter game. Cute Pop: Panda Bubble Shooter - AddictiveGame: AGreat Puzzle Game By Fun Game For Free on Google Play! Helpthedaddy Panda to rescue the babies Panda from the evil foxes -TheWitch Evil with so many Magic, and Power. Your quest isshootbubble to matching them,and be like a dynamite,blast bubbleswillbeat him to save babies Panda. You must pass thousandchallenginglevels. During journey , Power-ups and boosters willhelp you beatboss easier. You can Match three bubbles to ball themin thismagical shooting adventure. Panda Bubble Shooting is puzzlegamecompletely free to play however some optional in-game itemswillrequire payment or watch video received coinsfree.*********************FEATURES***************************: -Easilyearn coin, watch the video to get 20 coins each time. - Dailygift20 coins receive - 1500+ challenges - Easily controldirectionshoot bubbles - Shop with a lot of Power-ups and boosters- Amazinggraphics,map not in city, cute panda jam ! - Play inwonderfulscene, the most beautiful wonder. - Smooth bubble games -Shareyour high score when online with Facebook Friend . - Reach topofthe world with world ranking system. - Play game anywhereandanytime ! Don't care you have wifi or not because gamedoesn'trequire you always online. You can play it on the street,cookie,in the plane, in the subway, in the car or bus on the road,even ina temple, a school. OK ? Just simply is offline game ! -Game aremade for everybody , all age , boy or girl, children oradult , menor women, under or over 18 age. And now don't wait, thisis reallya special bubble am game, Download Panda Bubble Shooter:Fun GameFor Free - One of the best shoot egg, shoot ball game forfree,Play to fulfill your mania!***********************************NOTE*************************************Wealways update more level in game weekly. Please mind toupdate.************************************CONTACTUS****************************************We always try to perfectour product for our user. We want moreideas from you. Pleasecontact us : Visit our Offical site at:http://www.onegame.mobiFollow us on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/www.onegame.mobiPrivacy Policy :http://onegame.mobi/policy Top Action Game:http://en.onegame.mobi/action-game Top AdventureGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/adventure-game Top ArcadeGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/arcade-game Top PuzzleGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/puzzle-game Top StrategyGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/strategy-game Top RacingGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/racing-game Top SportGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/sport-game Top RPGGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/rpg-game Email contact:onegameinc@gmail.comFeedback: http://en.onegame.mobi/contact
Bubble Shooter 2.6.3935
Are you ready for exciting ocean exploration? Welcome towonderfulocean world in Bubble Shooter! Bubble Shooter is aninteresting andchallenging bubble shooting game. While maintainingtheauthenticity of classical bubble shooting game, there are lotsofnew gameplay added to Bubble Shooter. Match 3 or morebubbles,shoot strategically, rescue all the adorable marine animalsandpass levels which are filled by colorful bubbles. DownloadBubbleShooter and reach to the bottom of the ocean! Features: -More than200 well-designed bubble shooting levels - A variety ofprops tohelp you pass levels easily - Fresh ocean style UI design-Unlimited lives - Play with friends - Smooth gaming experience-Easy to Play, hard to master Download now in Google Play forFREE.Join and start amazing ocean travel in Bubble Shooter now!
vulcan.pop.bubble 6.0
Bubble Shooter Artworks
Welcome to the magical vulcan island! Take a walk throughthebeautiful evergreen forest, relax and enjoy the cool air andthelovely colors of nature. Discover the new addictive bubble gameandmake sure to join the adventure, but don’t delay too much asyouhave a limited number of shots to clear the level and keeptheVolcano from erupting! Use your shots wisely and plan aheadyourevery pop. Pop all the balls until you clear the board inthisbubble popping exciting adventure! Matching at least 3 colorswillburst the bubbles and grant points, try reaching high scores toget3 stars on each level. Earn powerful boosters and power-upsthatwill help you to complete your mission. Solve all thebubblepuzzles, save the mountain and restore balance to thevolcanic fireisland. Play hundreds of free challenging levels andget ready toenjoy beautiful graphics and a smooth gameplay. Popballs away, andsave the island from the volcano’s lava. Thispopping bubbles fungame will give you endless hours of excitement!HOW TO PLAY 🔥 Dragyour finger to move the laser sight in thedirection of thebubbles. 🔥 Lift your finger to take a shot. 🔥 Match3 bubbles ormore of the same color to pop the combo and win points.🔥 Hit andpop all the colored balls to clear levels. 🔥 Make 7 shotsin a rowto unlock the Lava Fireball. 🔥 Drop 10 bubbles or more tounlockthe explosive Volcanic Bomb. WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS POPSHOOTERGAME: 🔥 Discover hundreds of volcanic fire levels. 🔥 Tap thebubbleto change its color. 🔥 Completely fun and FREE to play! 🔥Trybeating the game before your family and friends. 🔥Addictinggameplay, once you start – you simply can’t stop playing!🔥 Awesomerewards and cool puzzles. 🔥 Exciting features andelements. Specialmulticolor bubbles and solid vulcan rocks bring anew challenge tothe classic bubble shooter gameplay! Competeagainst your friends,and earn amazing power-ups to see who canreach the highest leveland earn more stars. Download for free todayand let the bubble popfun begin! Vulcan Pop Bubble Shooter is thebest online poppingpuzzle game you can play anytime and anywhere,no internetconnection is required. Download today, match 3 colors,hit ballsand win. Beat all the challenges and overcome powerfulobstacles.Join the popping bubbles fun now! All rights of BubbleShooter™ areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Pororo Bubble Shooter 1.1.0
PuttoEntertainment Inc.
★Pororo and friends are coming★Yoo-hoo the Pororo!The most funandaddictive bubble shooting game with Pororo and friends.Tap,shootand pop bubbles through almost 270 bubble puzzle levels.★HowtoPlay★Tap on where you want to shoot bubblesGroup 3 or morebubblesto burst----------------------------------Contactus:help@putto.co.krSamwhan Hipex #B-805, Pangyoyeok 230,Bundang-gu,Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Panda Bubble ELF 1.1
GER Happy Games
panda bubble ELFbubble shooter legend is a delightful bubblecasualgameHop into one of the most exciting bubble shooter games!Justshot bubble and enjoy the unique story line, crazyentertaininggraphics and overall an amazing bubble breakerexperience.Ourpuzzle bubble game, requires match 3 and bubble pop.Thinkstrategically like in any other puzzle bubble game. Like inany ofthe bubble pop games, you need to match 3 or more of thesamecolors so the bubble pop and you pass the level. Things cangoreally hard, we warn you that you show you best balloonshootinggames skills to master it!There are many surprise bonusesand powerups inside this bubblepanda game. These bonuses will helpyouachieve great scores you never imagine before! Don’t hesitatetodive in to play our classic arcade bubble popper game. Thisbubblepopping game is truly addictive. You will get hooked withinaminute of playing this bubble popper game. We create awesomeandaccurate game mechanic which makes playing this bubblepandagamevery fun. The beautiful magical forest will draw you evendeeperinto the game. what's new in Panda Bubble elf- 1000 levelsofchallenging puzzles- Stunning and fascinating new maps- Freshandcolorful bubble graphics- Adorable and cute characters-Relaxingand refreshing background music- Smooth bubble shootingexperience-Easy and fun to play, hard to masterShoot bubble base ontime, thebubbles will go down continuously, so you have to be quickto getmany score base time, if you don't want game over.
NR Shooter™
Simple & fun bubble shooting game. Create a combination of 3ormore bubbles with same color to remove them. You will need toclearthe level with minimal number of bubbles. Awesome Features: -1000+Levels! - Accurate and Simple controls - Continuous updates
Black Bubble Popper 1.2
Bubble Shooter
Pop bubbles in space and solve all the fun puzzlers! BlackBubblePopper is free to enjoy, easy to play but can be tricky tomaster.So you better work out a strategy and plan your movesahead.FunFeatures- Hundreds of awesome cosmic levels packed withpuzzles andchallenges. - Cool graphics and designs and plenty ofcolorfulbubbles.- Addictive game mode. - Fun and entertaining forall ages.- Free to play whenever and wherever you want. How toPlay- Dragyour finger to move the laser aiming and lift it to shootbubbles.- Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color or more to popthecombo and win points. - Blast bubbles and win levels!- Cleartheboard from all the bubbles. - Reach high scores. - There’s notimelimit, so play at your own pace. Looking for some greatbubbleadventure in space? We are happy to oblige. Try out thisgalacticbubble shooter game and beat hundreds of amazing levels.The greatBlack Bubble Popper is now available for FREE on GooglePlay sodon’t waste any more time, download today and have a blastshootingand popping bubbles in space.All rights of Bubble Shooter™areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Smashing Bubble Shooter 1.0.2
Hello all you Bubble Shooter enthusiasts!We present you withthisawesome Bubble Smashing experience.Solve fun andchallengingpuzzles.Tons of content so you could enjoy for hours onend!★Splendid graphics!★ Marvelous effects!★ Match 3 style game!★Aimand shoot!★ Play for free as much as you like!If you enjoythisgame, please give us a 5 Stars ★★★★★ Rating!Also feel free tocheckout our other games!
Panda Bubble Shooter 1.6
Candy Bubble Game
panda bubble shootertop 1 classic bubble shooter forall,relaxingtime-killer puzzlePanda Bubble Shooter is a present foreveryonewho love playing game in free timePanda Bubble Shooter isone ofbrand new Shoot bubble 2017 games free download. PandaBubbleShooter is Classic casual puzzle game really fun to play inalltime your activity bubble shooter mania, bubble shoot new 2017freegames.To play this game is really simple just. No matterwomen,child, elderly, housewives, handsome man, pretty girls lovePandaBubble Shooter---what you will get in the game---GetRelaxation andHappiness!To Kill the Boring Time!Develop Your Brainand ExerciseYour Fingers!Share with Your Friends!A lot ofChallengingPuzzles1300+ funny and challenging game levels, Do youwant tochallenge your brain?Exquisite Game InterfaceFluentshootingexperienceCool Animation Effects!More strategy andmorehappy.Download for Free!Applicable to Any Ages!Applies toAllAndroid Devices or Google Play Users!Any time at Any Place!Ifyourfamily have elderly, you want them to keep away from mahjong,cardand other casino game or they want find something to killtime.Ifyour wife, childs or girl friend always bother you.If yourhusbandor boy friends always live you alone.You can try to downloadbubbleshooter. All you problem will go away.
Shoot Bubble Deluxe 4.4
City Games LLC
This is the most classic and amazing shooting bubble bustergame.This deluxe version is the only one that contains both PuzzleMode& Arcade Mode. Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles tomakethem burst. Clear all the bubbles to level up. How to play -Don'tuse the arrows on the bottom, just tap on the game board whereyouspecifically want the ball. Click the menu key to select levelsandother options. There is no witch craft in this bubble shootergame,just stick to the game with patience. Game Features: 1. PuzzleMode- 300 fun levels of saga puzzles of bubble shoot 2. Arcade Mode-The bubbles will go down gradually so you need to shoot quicklytoavoid death 3. Game Center - You will get 10 points for eachblastof bubbles and can submit the high score to global leaderboard.Notes: The first 100 levels of the puzzle mode are derivedfromfrozen bubble and the remaining levels are self-created.
Bubble Shooter 1.1.1
Dream Club
Bubble Shooter is the newly invented bubble shooting game! Joinourbrave cat to save cute kitties and his best piggy friend!Totallyfree for download and no Wifi required!★★★★★★★★This is WhyYou WillLike Bubble Shooter: ★★★★★★★★Over 500 levels of excitingpuzzles!Tom is a and his friends are group of cute cats!It istotallyFree!3 different bubble game modes of challenging fun!Funfor allages and gender!No wifi/data needed!Really addicting to playandhelps relaxing your brain and finger!★★★★★★★★★This Bubble GameisVery Easy to Play: ★★★★★★★★★★Press your finger and adjustthedirection to shoot~Release finger, if you hit at bubbles withsamecolor, they will fall!In Classic Mode, shoot down allthebubbles!In Save Kitty Mode, save kitties trapped in thebubbles!InPiggy Rescue Mode, shoot down all the bubbles around thePiggy!Likeour facebook page to receive latest bubblegameupdates:https://www.facebook.com/PlayDreamGame/Contact us ifyouhave any questionEmail: dream.game.inc@hotmail.comDownloadBubbleShooter today and become the best bubble shooter!
Witch Princess Shoot 1.1
You have known bubble shooter game typesuchaspop shooter or bubble shooting before , but at presentswecreatedthe brand new “bubble” game with a name of princessbubblehaving aspectacular graphics, effervescent music, simpleoperationbut fullyattractive and intellectual. Players have to benimbleincombination with hands and eyes’ operation in each time ofshotinorder to overcome respective game levels. In total over1000gamelevels in wonderland with increasingly hard standards, tobesurethat the game will make you be addicted to playing.Properties in the princess bubble game● spectacular graphics and lively backgrounds● discover number of attractive game levelswithsurprising,dangerous but thrilling traps● many bubble booster help player overcome smoothlythehardlevels● to carry out the missions in the game to get tokensPlaying instruction princess bubble:● shoot the bubble crush up, explode them with 3samecolorbubbles● shooting the rewarded bubbles to raise your shoot times● do not shot the bubble pet containing monster, each suchshotwilldecrease your point● shooting out the adjacent bubbles to break down the bubbles● do not shot the bubble containing wizard, it will makeyoudefeatand be game overWe always create the best and free games. Do nothesitate,download,establish the princess bubble, play and enjoythegame.
Tom Bubble Shooter 1.0.6
FG Game Studios
Do you enjoy the excitement of classic word games? DOWNLOADTomBubble, it TRAIN your brain - for FREE!Tom Bubble is greatbubbleshooter game template. Target of the game is help to Tom tosaveher babies from bubbles. The Asset includes many game featuresandobstacles. The player has to pass levels using ingenuityandsleight of hand.What makes Tom Bubble so special?• Simple,easy,and addictive gameplay!:✔ 100 Level✔ Want to check previouslevels?Go back to the Level List and play again!✔ Up to 6 delicatethemesfor you to choose from!✔ Charts with friends✔ Friends on aMAP ✔Shop of Life refill ✔ Facebook “share” buttonTom Bubble is anappdesigned to train your brain and learn new words, all whilehavinga great time. Share the fun with your friends & familyandenjoy Tom Bubble together!Asset constantly developing. Pleaseleaveyour rating for this Asset. We are really appreciate it!Thankyou!
Bubble Fins - Bubble Shooter 5.3.0
Tree Gem
There's trouble in paradise! The mermaids have been trapped ingiantbubbles! It's up to you to adventure through the sea andrescuethem. Bubble Fins is a simple, yet addictive bubble shooter/ bubblepopper game for all ages. Aim and bust through bubbles torescuemermaids. Pop your way to the mermaids by matching yourfish's colorwith two or more bubbles of the same color. Choosebetween multiplepower-ups, like rainbow or puffer fish, withdifferent specialattacks. Burst higher balls to drop lower ballsfrom the mass. Nowitches, no mania – just interesting puzzles,amazing graphics,beautiful music, and the cutest fishes around.Blitz throughAtlantis, past Sunken Ship Island, and get hooked inthis underseaadventure. - Simple, intuitive play for all ages -340 challenginglevels with more to come!- Five bubble-poppingpower ups!- Specialbubble types to explode- Easy to learn,challenging tomasterDownload it for FREE now!
Bubble Shooter - Energy Bubble
5 Star Games
Bubble Shooter -Energy Bubble is an Addictive Game. And ourBubbleShooter is not just that. It is more Simple and Amazing! Itis aSingle-player Game without Network. Once you start, you willnotstop playing. Just have a try, you will find Endless Fun! Howtoplay: --> Drag Your Finger can Move the Laser in theDirection!--> Tap on the Bubble Above to Determine the Target!--> Liftyour finger to have a Shoot! --> Match 3 or moreBubbles toBurst! How to fun: --> Get Relaxation and Happiness!-->Receive free gift and boosters --> Develop Your BrainandExercise Your Fingers! --> Colorful and delicatebubblesDownload it for free in Google Play! Relax and blast awayyourstress alongside those colorful bubbles!
Bubble Shooter 54.0
Do you remember the classic bubble shooter ? Classic BubbleShooteris coming now. As the most classic puzzle game andmatch-threegame, Bubble shooter is popular for a long time. Nomatter theelderly, women, housewives all love Bubble Shooter.Bubble Shooteris a fun game. Play this game can train your brainand finger.Unlike word search game, Bubble shooter is suitable forallcountries. It's a mind game for adult and It's very cool. Now,weare coming back. This is a super new version. What we do inthisversion? You can try to find the difference between ourbubbleshooter and others. 1. More than 2000 fun and challenginggamelevels to challenge your brain. 2. There are 25 kinds ofsweetcandy bubbles. 3. Easy to learn,challenging to master. 4.Fantasticgraphics, fluent shooting experience. 5. Smoothanimations, coolgameplay. 6. Captivating arcade inspired music. 7.Accuratecontrols, with two ways to shoot bubble. 8. More strategy.How toplay this game? 1. Your finger move to the target, aim, andshoot!2. Match 3 bubbles can clear them. 3. Clear all bubbles thegamelevels is complete. 4. Match more bubbles to make them burstcanget points as bonus. 5. Every color you clear will notappearagain. 6. At the end of game, All bubble will be pop out. Tapthebubble also can get points as bonus. If you don't want your wifeorgirl friend to bother you, you can recommend them to playbubbleshooter. If your husband or boy friends always live youalone.Bubble shooter also can play with you. No matter where, Nomatterwhen. Bubble shooter is always on your side. Our BubbleShooterprovides fun and addictive game play, entertainment for thewholefamily. Note: #We are all free game, No in app purchase.#Bubbleshooter is offline game, you don't need internet. We are nowifigames. The Most Important: As a all free bubble shooter, Weneedads to feed our team. If ads make you feel bad, you can closeyourwifi. The last entreat: Please download it and rating it.Develop afree game is too hard, we need your support. If our gameis notgood enough, we can change and improve it.
Bubble Shooter - POP 2.1.3035
Bubble Shooter is playful and classic bubble shooter game.HelpFairy Ruby to rescue all lovely kittens trapped bycolorfulbubbles! ♥ Almost 200 bubble blasting puzzles ♥ RESCUEkittens tocrack levels ♥ Travel across amazingly spectacular bubbleblastingworld ♥ Aim, tap, shoot and pop bubbles by using bubbleslingshot ♥Pop strategically and unleash power of bubble boosters(ColorBubble, Bomb, Aiming Line, Fire Bubble, Shield, etc.) ♥ Funbubbleshooter game with FREE updates all the time ♥ Cheerfulandrefreshing background music ♥ Pleasant bubble game forALL:Housewives, Beautiful Girlfriend, Chic Girls, Kids, Elderlyetc. ♥Addictive bubble popping gamplay Bring the #1 bubble shootergamein Google Play to your phone and tablet NOW!
Bubble Shooter popper
Shoot and blast the colorful bubbles and win levels in thisexcitingfree online game!Bubble Shooter Popper is an awesomepuzzle gameavailable for free on Google Play with hundreds ofchallenginglevels to satisfy your itch for fun puzzlers and brainteasers! HOWTO PLAYCreate groups of 3 or more bubbles of the samecolor to burstand win points. Your goal is to clear the skies fromall the coloredbubbles, so you better warm up your fingers andstart popping balls!Enjoy the relaxing space setting and explorehundreds of awesomelevels filled with powerful boosters and funpuzzles. UNLOCK AWESOMEBOOSTS* Pop 7 bubbles in a row to get afireball that will explodesurrounding bubbles. * Drop 10 bubblesor more to get a bomb thatwill clear the adjacent bubbles.* BubbleSwap is completely free,see which color bubble you’ll get next andwork out a strategy todefeat all the space challenges. KEYFEATURES - Featuring hundredsof amazing levels.- Cool designs andeffects. - Extremely addictivegameplay. - Fun for the wholefamily!- Awesome puzzles andchallenges that will keep you busy forhours!All rights of BubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon DynamicsLtd.
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter 2.6.5
AE Mobile Limited
Are you tired of plain and mindless bubble games? Well it's timetoget excited with Bubble Pirates - the best bubble games outthere!Best free mobile games download for Android. Great games forkidsand games with friends.Bubble Pirates is a free bubble gamethat isbursting with its own unique and exciting twists and has abelloand captivating storyline. Have three times the fun inchallengebubble game mode, where you can do bubble dash bossbattles withbubble shooter, bubble rush against time, and see howmany bubblelevels you can complete!In bubble adventure mode,together, we canhelp Pirate Alice progress through the bubble gamelevels withbubble shooter, defeat the bad buccaneers and save allof thebubble island sea creatures of the exotic Caribbeandreamworld.Features:• Amazing bubble game settings, awesomegraphics anddeluxe sound.• Bubble shooter campaign is easy tofollow and willtake you on a twisting adventures full of bubblegame excitements•New bubble game features such as bubble troubleboss fights and amoving screen• Two bubble game modes: story bubblejewels andbubble level challenge• Bubble Pirates has 500+ poplevels that arewell designed and will test all of your bubbleshooter skills. •There are extra amazing epic power ups that canhelp you on yourbubble game journey to defeat the evil bubble witchpirates. •Unlock unique bubble game abilities to help you ripthrough thelevels.• Easy to bubble run learn but hard to master thebubbleshooter skill• Shovel coins, trophy and gems in silo alongyourbobble adventure• Kid family friendly for witch bubble.Webelievesin the qualities of our new bubble games. Please feelwelcomed toleave a review for our free bubble games download freeformobile.This bubble shooter game includes in-app purchases. Ifyoudo not wish to purchase anything please setup passwordprotectionfor purchases in the settings of your google play storeapp.Thankyou everyone for playing Bubble Pirates, one of the bestbubblegame from AE Mobile gives you the best bubble shooterexperienceand bubble pop adventure.Bubble games that don't needwifi and playoffline without internet.
Bubble Shooter Lite 1.5.3029
Bubble Shooter Lite is a fun and enchanting bubble shootergame.Play now!-Tap on the screen to shoot-Match 3 or more bubblestopop-Near 200 new and interesting bubble shootinglevels-Rescuetargeted number of cute little animals to conquerlevels-Hundredsof impressive boosters: Color Bubble, Aiming Line,Fire Bubble,Extra Bubbles etc.-Play anywhere on both mobile andtablet-Fun forALL: Elderly, Beautiful Girls, Kids, Housewives,Commuters, etc.
Super Hero Baby Bubble Shooter
super hero baby bubble shooterAmazing bubble shooter blazegameFungameplay with hundreds of colorful orbs will give you themostexciting and relaxing experience.Super Baby Little Boss GamesIs abubble casual game that has many missions that you have tofinishto the end. Be the super hero you want!!Tap your finger toblastaway at similar colored bubbles. The more bubbles you poptogether,the higher the score. The game will require wits andreflexes aswell as your puzzle solving skills to complete. Let’sexplore thegameFeatures games:- more than 150 match-3 puzzles andworlds toexplore- easy to play, hard to master. Try to get all 3stars ofeach level- cute & eye catching graphics- HD graphics,wellmade animations and great sound effects- various combo movestohelp you on your way
champion.bubble 1.3.11
Bubble Shooter Artworks
Become the greatest that ever was by solving all of thebubblepuzzles on your Android device today! Download BubbleChampion andenjoy hundreds of fun levels packed with awesome boostsandchallenges. Match the colorful bubbles to pop large groupsandclear the screen. Play today and discover amazing graphics,coolfeatures and exciting bubble puzzles. Key Features: + Hundredsofexciting levels in a colorful setting! + Addictive gameplay,funfor all ages to play and enjoy. + Classic and fun puzzle game.+Cool power-ups and boosts. + Play with family and friends andseewho can reach the top score. + Free to play. + Fireball- pop7bubbles in a row to get a fireball that will burn every bubbleonthe way. + Bomb- drop 10 bubbles or more to get a bomb thatwilltake out surrounding bubbles. Can you pop them all and get 3starson each level? Match the colorful bubbles and win levels.Makecombinations of 3 or more the same colored bubbles to popthemaway! Make sure to plan ahead, and to form a strategy to clearallthe bubbles and pop your way up to victory - The less movesyoumake to pass a level, the higher score you'll get. You willneverget bored playing this awesome bubble popping game, it’s easyandsuper fun! Become the ultimate Bubble Champion today! All rightsofBubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter - Mystery Legend
Free Match 3 Games
Bubble Shooter - Mystery Legend is a classic free bubble game.Thelovely bubble shooter puzzle game! This game can be soaddictivethat it can cause a mania! How to play: - Tap where youwant thebubble. - To match 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Features:* Enchanting graphics, beautiful world and vivid bubbles.* 1000different and magical levels, and more added later. * Easy toplay,challenging to master. If you like games like bubble shootsthenyou have to try this one!
Supernova Pop
If you like cool space shooting games and you think you cansolveall the puzzles of the universe, don’t hesitate anymore!Downloadand play for free the awesome Supernova Pop board game, popall thecolored bubbles and win levels. Shoot and pop bubbles atthischallenging and fun space game that will take you to anotherlevelof entertainment. Explore hundreds of cool levels and defeattheobstacles using some powerful boosts in this spacebubbleextravaganza! FEATURES* Awesome graphics and effects. *Funpuzzlers and challenges in over hundreds of amazing levels.*Completely addictive gameplay. * Free to play!* Super swapboostthat gives you the chance to swap between 3 bubbles. * Superaimboost that helps you to make a precise shot. ➤ PlayingSupernovaPop is fun and easy, simply follow these instructions ➤Drag yourfinger to move the laser aim and lift it to crush bubbles.Match atleast 3 bubbles of the same color to pop the combinationand clearthe board. Play at your own pace and plan your shotsahead.Reachhigh scores and win levels.Use powerful boosters toblast throughthe bubble packed challenges.Be sure that you’ll neverget boredplaying this amazing space bubble popping game!All rightsof BubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter: Jungle Puzzle
Free Match 3 Games
Free to download the lovely bubble shooter puzzle game!Challengethese funny levels and explore another world in BubbleShooter:Jungle Puzzle! How to play: - Group 3 or more bubble to pop- Tapscreen to shoot bubbles - Powerful boosters to use -Differentchallenging game modes - Easy to play but hard be master -Competewith the top players Relax and blast away your stressalongsidethose colorful bubbles! Download the Bubble Shooter:Jungle Puzzlein Google Play now! So get ready, take aim and shootbubbles!!
Bubble Shooter Deluxe 1.3.0
Bubble Shooter Play
Ever played a game that make you seat at the edge of yourchair?Well, now you have one that gives you that special feeling ofanachiever with over +2000 Bubble Shooter classic levels andbrainracking puzzles to solve. --> Free download for androidmobileand tablet devices. --> Match three balls of same color tomakethem burst. --> Bubble pop and earn great points. -->It’snot all about bouncing balls but solving puzzles and catchingfun.--> Enjoy constant updates with newly introduced puzzles.-->Captivating pictures and visuals like never before. -->Bubbleblast your way to victory and explore more exciting classicarcadelevels. --> No internet connection needed. -->Acceptable andno game lagging on all android devices. Rate beforeit's to late!