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Action Launcher: Pixel Edition 37.9
Action Launcher
Action Launcher brings the best features of Pixel LauncherandAndroid Pie to your device, then adds a wealth ofcolor,customizations and unique features so you can quickly andeasilymake your home screen shine! Standout features include: • AllPixelLauncher features: swipe up from your dock to reveal the newfullscreen All Apps mode, tint the dock, use the new circularfolderstyle, place the Google Pill and Date widgets and more.Enabled bydefault, and available for free! • Full customizable docksearchbox: Complete control to color and customize the search boxand itsicons to your heart's content! • At a Glance widget: Quicklyviewthe weather, date and your next calendar appointment!• AppShortcuts: Use Android 8's App Shortcuts, on devicesrunningAndroid 5.1 or later! • Adaptive Icon support: Devicesrunning Oreocan use native Adaptive Icon support. Devices not yeton Oreo canalso use Adaptive Icons by installing Action Launcher'sofficialcompanion app, AdaptivePack! • An inbuilt weather widget!• GoogleNow integration for all! • Full Notification Dotssupport.• Quicktheme: marvel as your home screen is customized withthecolors from your wallpaper. • Shutters: swipe a shortcut torevealan app's widget. Useful for previewing your inbox or Facebookfeedwithout opening the app. • Quickbar: customize the Googlesearchbar with shortcuts and apps of your choosing. • Quickedit:havealternative icon suggestions instantly presented to you,withouthaving to dig through icon packs. • Smartsize icons: iconsareautomatically resized to match Material Design's recommendediconsize. • Covers: an innovative take on traditional folders.Tappinga Cover loads an app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folderwhichyou have customized. • Use icon packs, scale icons, hide andrenameapps and much more. • Full phone, phablet and tablet support.🏆 #1on Android Central's "Best Android launchers of 2016" list! 👏🏆Awarded Google Play's best apps of 2015! 👏 Action Launcherallowsyou to import from your existing layout from other launcherssuchas Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, HTC Sense,Samsung/GalaxyTouchWiz and the stock Android launcher, so you'llinstantly feelright at home. Note: Some features require the Plusin-app upgrade.
XOS - 2018 Launcher,Theme,Wallpaper 3.6.31
Shalltry Group
XOS launcher is a top home screen replacement which ishighlycustomisable, fast and 100% free. * ZeroScreen New zeroscreen withnew design! This new smart and card-designed zero screenallows youto quickly access the weather forecast, your favouriteapplicationsand a newsfeed customizable card according to yourinterests. To dothis, simply swipe to the right. * Theme Access alibrary of morethan 350,000 wallpapers. More than 10 categoriesthemes areavailable to meet your desires. Theme DIY feature becomemorepowerful! Upload your own DIY Theme. * Folder One-hand modeinFolder, smart folder organization based on functionality.Folderscrolling with stunning effects * Daily PictureHigh-qualitydaily-updated Image with refresh quotes. Easilydownload andcopyright-free, to get this just drag down from top inA-Z . *Clean X Launcher2 reveals the best of your smartphone thanksto itstechnology booster! In one click, boost your RAM and extendyourdevice's autonomy. * AZ New scrolling effect on horizontal A-Z.Explore the instant app in A-Z, Tap to try an app or gamewithoutinstalling! And more to come, just hold your breath! *GlobalSearch+Hot words Frequently-used apps, news&information,fastand efficient search for what you want! Real-time hot wordinGoogle and Twitter , keep you updated! ABOUT XOS Launcher XOS isanInfinix Project brought to you. Infinix Groups turns freshideasinto real projects. Learn more about XOSat:http://infinixmobility.com/smartphone/xos/ Love XOS Launcher?Rateus on Google Play. We’re always trying to make XOS Launcherbetter.If you have questions or suggestions, please share them withus!Facebook:XOS Launcher https://www.facebook.com/XOSLauncher/
N Launcher - Nougat 7.0 1.5.2
CraftsApp Team
N Launcher is designed to be a Simple, Fast, LightLauncher,including native Android™ 7.0 Nougat launcher experience!NLauncheralso keeps latest Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow experience,andhas manyenhanced features.Features for Android™ N:Android™ 7.0Nougat styleAnimation and Design.Android™ 7.0 Nougat Style Drawer,Verticalstyle, A-Z fast scrollbar.Android™ 7.0 Nougat Style forWidgetsdisplay.Also, we added some new features inspired fromPixel™Launcher. We will add more cool features.Swipe up to accessappdrawer.Android™ 7.1 style for app drawer.Android™ 7.1 styleforhome indicators.Features for Android™ Oreo 8.0:Added Android™8.0style folder.Added Android™ 8.0 style search bar.We will bringmorefeatures for Android™ O.Features for Customization:Supportsettingfor desktop,icon layout,size and color of app name andsoon.Support setting for App drawer.Support settingforFolder.Support Hide Apps.Features forLauncherPersonalization:Support Edit Icon function. Support IconPackfunction.Support Wallpaper and Widget function.N Launcher isbasedon the latest Android™ 7.0 Nougat, support for Android™4.1+devices.Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.If you likeNLauncher, please RATE us and share N Launcher to yourfriends,andalso you can give us more suggests.Thanks!Privacy PolicyConsentByinstalling this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:'https://www.mobiburn.com/#/policy?package_name=##me.craftsapp.nlauncher##'Yourinstallationand use of this product involves the collection anduse of certaindata by third parties, according to the terms setforth on thefollowing third-party privacy policy:http://catprivacy-policy.com.
Nova Launcher 5.5.4
TeslaCoil Software
The highly customizable, performance driven, home screen Acceptnosubstitutes! Nova Launcher is the top launcher for modernAndroid,embracing full Material Design throughout. Nova Launcherreplacesyour home screen with one you control and can customize.Changeicons, layouts, animations and more. For my money, NovaLauncher isthe best of the AOSP-style launchers available inAndroid.--Android Police Nova Launcher has some very capable handsbehindit --Phandroid Our favorite is Nova Launcher, which strikes agreatperfect balance between incredible performance andhighcustomizability without getting too gimmicky and difficult touse--Lifehacker Chock full of features you won't find in thestocklauncher, and comes highly recommended --Android Central• IconThemes - Find thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher onthePlay Store • Subgrid positioning - Much greater controlthanstandard launchers, Nova Launcher allows you to snap iconsorwidgets half way through the desktop grid cells • Color controls-for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs andbackgrounds• Customize App Drawer - Custom tabs, Vertical orHorizontalscrolling, Custom effects • Improved Widget Drawer -Widgetsgrouped by app makes it much faster to use • Infinite scroll-Never far from your favorite page, loop through the desktopordrawer continuously • Backup/Restore - Sophisticatedbackup/restoresystem allowing you to backup your desktop layout andlaunchersettings • Scrollable Dock - Create multiple docks andscrollbetween them • Widgets in dock - Place any widget in yourdock,such as a 4x1 music player widget • Import Layout - No needtorebuild your desktop from scratch, Nova Launcher can importfrommost popular launchers. Including the one that came withyourphone. • Fast - Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do it'sworkquickly and quietly, keeping the animations smooth and lettingyouuse your phone as fast as you can move your fingers. NovaLauncherPrime Unlock the following extras by purchasing NovaLauncher Prime• Gestures - Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on thehome screento open your favorite apps • Unread Counts - Never missa message.Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and moreusing theTeslaUnread plugin • Custom Drawer Groups - Create newtabs orfolders in the app drawer • Hide Apps - Keep a clean appdrawer byhiding never used apps • Icon Swipes - Set custom actionsforswiping on app shortcuts or folders • More scroll effects - SuchasWipe, Accordion, and Throw This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission for optional screen off/lock functionality.
Evie Launcher
Evie Labs Inc.
Experience Evie — anunparalleledhomescreen replacement, designed with performance inmind."Deliciously different" — Android Headlines"Performance is spectacular" — 9to5Google"Shakes up the usual Android launcher approach" — GreenBot🏆 Best Android Launchers — Android Central & Tom’s Guide🏆 15 Best Android Launchers of 2017 — Android Authority🏆 Best Android Launchers of 2017 — Phone ArenaKey Features:Universal SearchSearch inside all of your apps in one place. Let us do the hardworkfor you!Quick NavigationNot in the mood to use our lightning-fast search? Swipe upforinstant access to all of your apps instead.Custom ShortcutsLong press on search results to create custom shortcuts. Needto“Call mom” in a jiffy? Make it a shortcut!PersonalizationImport and customize layout, wallpaper, icon size, app icons,iconsize, or start from scratch! You are unique, and we think yourhomescreen should be too. [1][1] For the double-tap to lock feature, the 'Instant Lock'optionuses the Device Administrator permission. The 'Time Lock'optionrequires no additional permissions.New Features:🔥 Choose a search engine (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing)🔥 Lock home screen icons🔥 Show more local results in search (type less!)🔥 Frequently used apps in search (except for hidden apps )🔥 Android O notifications🔥 App drawer and folder grid customizationHelpful Tips:💡Access Settings: long press on an empty space on the homescreen,or type “Evie Settings” into search.💡Create Folders: long press an icon and drag it overanothericon.💡App Options: long press on icons to access icon customizationandother options.💡Create Shortcuts: long press on a search result to create acustomshortcut.💡 Remove apps from homescreen: long press on an icon, drag anddropthe icon over the “Remove” button at the top of thescreen.💡 Add a homescreen: Long press an icon and drag to the far rightofthe screen. Empty homescreens are not currently supported.💡 Uninstall: Make sure “Double Tap to Unlock” gesture isdisabledbefore uninstalling.If you 💕 us, let us know with a rating ⭐️ and join ourcommunity(bit.ly/team-evie)! If you hate us… keep it to yourself.Teehee,just kidding. We still love you, and want to hear yourfeedback onhow we can improve your experience!Contact: [email protected] you so much for using Evie. Happy customizing!*** A special thank you goes out to our awesome translationteam.We couldn’t do it without you! ***Evie Translation Team:Catalan [Arnau R, Albert PM, Eudald PP]Czech [David K, Anna T, Vaclav B]French [Jeremy A, Tim J, Nathan S, Caribou, Amiinos E]German [Martin P, Holger B, Marty S, Labo]Italian [Marco C, Ashif , Lucas DM, Alessio S, Naaah,StefanoT]Korean [jine0th, devtools, kdy4, Yang JH, yun05]Polish [Robert D, Łukasz J, Patryk A, Piotr B]Portuguese [Marcelo M, Erwin B, Celoaz, Eduardo B, Gleyson A,WalterS]Russian [Alex W, Misha S, Dasein, Max G, Yuri Z, Rodney E]Spanish [David H, Carlos AP, Amiinos E, Matias CS]Swedish [Johan D]Turkish [Kaan C, HealGea, Saim KY, Neko K]Vietnamese [Truong D]
Mi Launcher 1.1.1
Mi App
Upgrade the launcher on your Android device for MIUIexperience,available on all devices with Android 4.1 or higher.Thisis not theofficial MIUI launcher, it is a highly customizable,clean, MIUIlook launcher with the App Drawer.Mi Launcher features:•MIUIicons, flat design, customizable icon size• Colorfuliconbackground, disable it to use MIUI icon background•Supportthousands of icon themes on the Play Store• Customizabledesktopgrid• Lock, Unlock desktop• Infinite scrolling on desktopand dock•All apps in the Drawer, and you can hide apps• Scrollabledock,customizable dock pages and number of dock icons•Screenorientation• Set default screen for desktop• Edit shortcuticonsand text• Enable/Disable wallpaper scrolling• Resize anywidget•More customizations and options
Launcher Oreo 8.1 1.9
Peakecorp Team
Launcher Oreo 8.1 is an enhanced Android™ O Oreo™ stylelauncher,with many useful enhanced launcher features; just try thiscool,modern FREE launcher!Launcher Oreo 8.1 intent to let userstastelatest Android O Oreo(Android 8.1) launcher featureswithoutupgrade, feel like you are using Android O Oreo.FIRST andBESTAndroid O style launcher in play store with simpleandcustomization, mind blowing launcher, get and try it you willloveit!★ Launcher Oreo 8.1 features:1. Many Android Olauncherfeatures: - Swipe up to access all apps- Vertical drawerwithrecent apps.- A-Z fast scroll bar- Android O style animation;roundicon support2. Many themes, icon packs, and wallpapers3. Hideappsand lock apps4. Gestures support5. Double tap screengesturesupport6. Unread counters for SMS, missed call, email, etc7.Quickaction popup menu when long press icon in launcher desktop8.Lockdesktop support 9. Search apps or web right away fromlauncher10.Weather in launcher side-page11. Various search barstyle: pixellauncher style, native style, enhanced style12.Circle/round iconpack, oreo icon pack, Android 8 icon pack build-in13. Many optionsto make launcher as you like, such as: - Grid size,icon sizeselection- Transition effect - Show/hide search bar, dock,statusbar- Ability to edit icon and icon name individually-Fixed/floatwallpaper14. BLUR (Optional Blurry UI for prettymucheverything)Note:- Android is a registered trademark ofGoogle,Inc.- Oreo is a registered trademark of Nabisco, Inc.
Lawnchair Launcher
Lawnchair, bringing Pixel Features to the masses. Anopen-sourceproject developed by volunteers, Lawnchair has quicklybecome thede-facto choice for Android enthusiasts everywhere. Newfeaturesare being added regularly... with the promise thatLawnchair willalways be FREE and open-source.Download now, andbecome a part ofthe Android homescreen REVOLUTION that isLawnchair! Features: •Google Now integration (Requires the Lawnfeedadd-on app) • AndroidOreo shortcuts and notification dots • IconPack support • VariableIcon Size • Custom Grid Size • DockCustomization • Adaptive Icons(For Nougat & above) • BLUUUUUR(Optional Blurry UI for prettymuch everything) • And much more!Forsupport, tag us on Twitter(@lawnchairapp), ask around in theTelegram Group(https://t.me/lccommunity), or post your question inthe G+Community (http://bit.ly/lcgcommunity).Additionally, itrequiresLawnfeed to enableGoogleNow:https://lawnchair.info/getlawnfeed.html
Pix UI Icon Pack 2 - Free Pixel Icon Pack 3.3.4
[email protected]
6910+ clean beautiful round Icons inspired by Flat Icondesign.Please Note :- This is an icon pack and it requires acustomandroid launcher like apex, nova etc. to work. It won't workwithGoogle Now Launcher, Pixel Launcher or any launcher thatcamefactory installed (except Lg , Xperia Home , Asus Launcher,OnePlus Launcher & Blackberry Launcher). Before leaving areviewthat it does not work, kindly install one of thecompatiblelaunchers and try applying it. How to get the Pixel 2Look Download& Install Nova Launcher and make sure you are aBeta user Nowmake the following changes to Nova Launcher SettingsDesktop ★Desktop Grid -> 7x5 ★ Icon Layout -> Icon Size ->110% ★Icon Layout -> Label -> Off ★ Width & HeightPadding-> Medium ★ Persistent Search Bar Off ★ Search Bar ->Style-> The first with rounded corners ★ Search Bar -> Color->White with 10 % transparency ★ Search Bar -> Logo ->Thecolored G with Voice Search icon disabled ★ Page Indicator->None App & Widget Drawers ★ Drawer app grid -> 5x5 ★IconLayout -> Icon Size -> 110% ★ Frequently used apps ->Yes★ App Drawer style -> Vertical ★ Card Background -> Off★Swipe to Open -> On ★ Swipe Indicator -> On ★ Allotheroptions to default Dock (Enabled) ★ Icon Layout -> IconSize-> 110% ★ Icon Layout -> Label -> Off ★ Searchbar inDock-> Below Icons ★ Width & Height Padding -> MediumLook& Feel ★ Icon Theme -> Pixel Icon Pack ★ Normalize IconSize-> Off In order to get the weather & calendarwidget,download & install Another widget app ★ Long press onHomescreen, select Widgets. select Another Widget. Touch & holdtoplace it on home screen. ★ Another Widget app window willopen.Scroll down and enable the weather widget ★ Resize the widgetsothat it looks like in the pixel 2. FEATURES ★ Includes 6910+iconsand counting ★ Icon resolution 192x192px ★ Cloud Based QuadHDWallpapers ★ Material Design Theme Dashboard ★ SupportsDynamicCalendars ★ Icons masking to theme your unthemed icons ★Manyalternate icons to choose from. ★ MUZEI live wallpaper support★Icons sorted in various categories with search andpreviewfunction. SUPPORTED LAUNCHERS Apply From Icon Pack Dashboard★ ABCLauncher ★ Action Launcher ★ Adw Launcher ★ Apex Launcher ★AtomLauncher ★ Aviate Launcher ★ Cyanogenmod Theme Engine ★HoloLauncher ★ iTop Launcher ★ KK Launcher ★ LG Home (exceptLGLauncher Android 7.0) ★ Lucid Launcher ★ M Launcher ★ MiniLauncher★ MN Launcher ★ New Launcher ★ Next Launcher ★ NougatLauncher ★Nova Launcher ★ S Launcher ★ Smart Launcher ★ SoloLauncher ★ VLauncher ★ ZenUI Launcher ★ Zero Launcher Apply FromLauncherSettings ★ Arrow Launcher ★ Asus Launcher ★ Awesome Icons★Blackberry Launcher ★ Epic Launcher ★ Inspire Launcher ★LensLauncher ★ L Launcher ★ Nemus Launcher ★ Nine Launcher ★ OnePlusLauncher ★ Themer ★ TSF Launcher ★ Unicon ( Icon themer )&XGELS ★ Xperia Home ★ Doodol Launcher ★ and probably more=> Youshould have a custom launcher installed like apex or novato usethis theme / icon pack => You can also apply this theme /iconpack from the respective launcher's theme / icon settings =>Doconsider rating my themes / icon packs if you like them. MYOTHERTHEMES / ICON PACKS Check them out here :-http://goo.gl/XmajxcFOLLOW ME Google Plus:-https://plus.google.com/109577502953759189269/posts GOTANYISSUES!! Feel free to mail me at [email protected] App for giving permission to list theirwallpapershttps://goo.gl/aiVP89 Freepik.com & Flaticon.com forroyaltyfree designs Dani Mahardhika for Candybar Icon PackDashboard
Holo Launcher 3.1.2
Mobint Software
New Holo Launcher based on the Marshmallow stock launcher,onlyworks on Android 4.1+ devices.If you like the old Holo Launcherforyour old devices, please find it on the Play Store.BasicFeatures:-Full material design.- Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9desktoppages and 10 x 10 grid.- Scrollable Dock: Up to 7 icons perpageand up to 3 pages.- Infinite Scrolling- Gestures: Swipe up/downondesktop to launch apps quickly.- Customizableshortcut/foldericons- Customizable icon label color- Apply iconpacks, support ADWicon pack and Launcherpro icon pack.- Long pressto edit mode-Other Customization Options: Keep in memory, home keyaction, hideapps in drawer, hide labels, etc.Plus Features (NeedHolo LauncherPlus):* Unread count notifications for call, sms,gmail and K-9mail* Customizable notification badge color* Moredesktop gestures:Pinch in/out, Two Finger Swipe and Double-tap*Icon Swipe up/downgestures* Support Go Launcher icon pack* Moretransition effects*Widgets overlapping* Other enhancement andcustomization options
Apex Launcher - Customize,Secure,and Efficient
Android Does Team
🏆Apex Launcher, choice of 10,000,000+ users! Apex Launcherbrings:★Personalized Customization - Free icon packs and themestopersonalize your phone interface. Fancy & 3D transitioneffectsto redefine your stylish launcher. ★Secure and Protect -Hide &lock apps to protect your privacy. ★Efficiency and FastSpeed -Quick search, gestures, backup & restore to boost yourwork! 📣"Fantastic app that has the potential to give your phone acompletemakeover. I highly recommend it." - MakeUseOf 📣 "Even aftera lotof customization, Apex Launcher feels super fast." - PocketNow 📣"We must say it is as smooth as butter." - Droid Life 🏆 FiveBestAndroid Launchers - Lifehacker 🏆 Top 10 best performanceAndroidlaunchers of 2017 - Devs-Lab 🏆 15 best Android launcher appsof2017 - Android Authority Features: 🏠 Personalized Themes &IconPack Center Customizable home screen and app drawer gridsize.Custom icons, themes, and labels for shortcuts and folders☝️Efficiency Scrollable dock with up to 10 icons per page and up to5pages 🔃 Easy to Use Infinite & elastic scrolling (homescreen,drawer and dock) 👕 Effects Fancy transition effects (tablet,cube,etc.) 🎨 Optimize Hide elements as you want (status bar, dock,etc.)📂 Customization Choose different folder preview stylesandbackground 🔧 Manage with Ease Drawer apps sorting (title,installdate, mostly used) 🙈 Hide Apps Hide apps from the drawer 🔐LockerLock your desktop to prevent accidental changes 🙌 GestureOperationConvenient home screen gestures (pinch, swipe up/down,double tap)🚀 Themes to Explore Advanced theme engine (icon packs,skins, etc.)💡 Backup Backup/restore settings and data 😉 All DevicesOptimizedfor both phones and tablets 💕 More to Find! Lots ofothercustomization options! Apex Launcher Pro (Paid Version)Features: 🔥Powerful drawer customizations (sort apps in drawer,folders indrawer) 🔥 Unread count notifications (provided by thefree ApexNotifier extension) 🔥 Convenient icon gestures (swipe upand downactions) 🔥 More gesture options (two-finger gestures) 🔥Additionaltransition effects (accordion, cross, etc.) 🔥 Enhancedfoldersupport (bulk add, merge folders) 🔥 Advanced widgetoptions(widgets in dock, overlapping widgets) 🔥 More features onthe way!Tips: • Long press 👆 an icon and drag it over another icontocreate a folder. • Long press icons/folders on the desktopandchoose edit from the popup menu to customize icons and labels.•Set Apex Launcher as the default home screen app to createiconshortcuts from other apps (e.g., Chrome). This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission for optional screenoff/lockfunctionality. Love Apex Launcher 💕? Rate us 👍 on GooglePlay.We’re always trying to make Apex Launcher better. If youhavequestions or suggestions, please share them with us 😉 !
Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Corporation
With Microsoft Launcher, you can personalize your Android devicetomatch your style with wallpapers, theme colors, icon packsandmore. With a Microsoft account or work/school account, youcanaccess your calendar, documents, and recent activities inyourpersonalized feed. You can even open photos, docs and web pagesonyour Windows PC* to be productive across all your devices. KEY FEATURES  · People at your fingertips. Have yourmostimportant people at your fingertips. Pin contacts to yourHomescreen and place them anywhere on the Home screen, dock orinfolders. · Choose your look. Personalize the look and feel ofyourdevice by customizing your wallpaper, theme and accent colors,iconpacks, gestures and more. · Personalized feed. See yourmostimportant information at a glance like news, calendar events,docs,contacts and more in your personalized feed. You can even setyourfeed as your default Home. · Continue on PC. Snap a pic onyourphone and see it instantly on your Windows PC* or continueeditingan Office 365 document on your PC by linking your phone withyourWindows PC. · Search the web and your phone in one place.Searchthe web or your files, apps, docs, messages and web resultsusingMicrosoft Launcher's universal search bar. · Gesturecustomization.With deep customization for gestures, you can doubletap to lockyour phone, swipe up for app drawer and more.  TERMS OF USE By installing this app, you agree to the Terms ofUse(http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=246338) and PrivacyPolicy(http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=248686). *Continue onPCusage requires a Windows PC with the latest Windows FallCreator'sUpdate **Requires a Microsoft family account and Androiddevicessigned in with the same Microsoft Family account.MicrosoftLauncher must be installed on both a parent’s device and achild’sdevice to ensure access to a child’s locations and appactivitiesthrough Microsoft Launcher. Location setting, app usagesetting onthe child’s device, and Microsoft Family group settingmust beenabled. Activity reporting features require Android 5.0+ onthechild device. *** Downloading Microsoft Launcher gives theoptionto replace the default launcher or to toggle betweendevicelaunchers. Microsoft Launcher does not replicate the user’sPC homescreen on the Android phone. Users must still purchaseand/ordownload any new apps from Google Play. Requires Android 4.2+.
Buzz Launcher-Smart&Free Theme
Buzz Launcher Team
Buzz Launcher was recently recognized as the bestPersonalizationApp for the Best App Ever Awards and the Best ofBest BrandIdentity for the Red Dot Awards“Buzz Launcher” is ahighlycustomizable launcher that enables you to apply sharedHomescreensto your own smartphone. Buzz Launcher is an ad-freecustom launcherthat has more than 1000,000+ free themes (thelargest number offree themes among launchers)! Freely download,apply, customize,share, and even create Homescreens! (Availablefrom Android 4.0.3+)With Buzz Launcher, you can: • Customize somuch more than justyour wallpaper or theme. • Change betweenmultiple smooth, fast,and easy Transition effects. • View allHomepacks in a glance NOW:http://www.homepackbuzz.com • Apply newhome screens at a touch ofa button, instantly! • Personalize yourhomescreen with robusticon, wallpaper editing features • Downloadand implementcompletely free homescreens within 5 seconds! • Sharehome screenswith a single touch via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!• Exploreunique widget features such as clock, date, and battery •Createyour own customized widget using Buzz Custom Widget (Free)! •Showyour Homepacks to your friends "Prepare to have your mindblown.Buzz Launcher is perhaps the most revolutionary Androidlauncherwe've seen yet…….Words seem inadequate to properly describethebeauty of Buzz Launcher, which is undoubtedly the mosthighlycustomizable and visually stunning Android launcher we'vetested” -Laptopmag " You don’t need to know the best place togetwallpapers, or even the best widgets, because other peoplehaveshared their masterpieces with you."- AndroidHeadlines“BuzzLauncher is one of several awesome launcher apps outthere, butit's distinguished by its versatile functionality andrichcommunity of themers” - Phonearena★ Links ★ • OfficialSite:buzzlauncher.com• Contact us: [email protected]•Partnershipinquiries : [email protected] Launcher isfriendspartnering with UCCW, The day before widget & MemoWidget, SolCalendar & Sol Mail, Battery Widget Z, PowerToggles,Minimalistic Text★ Buzz Communities ★•Facebook:https://facebook.com/buzzlauncher•Twitter:https://twitter.com/buzzlauncher•Instagram:http://instagram.com/buzzlauncher• Google+Designercommunity:https://plus.google.com/communities/106084851484318701445★RegardingDeviceAdministrator★• Buzz Launcher uses the Deviceadministratorprivileges.• The Device administrator privileges arerequired touse the "Turn Off Screen" feature.Good reviews and fivestarcomments make developers dance! Show us some love to cheer usup:-) And help us become the world’s best Launcher!
Flick Launcher
Michele Lacorte
Flick Launcher Is a project created by Michele Lacorte.Check outthenew PROversion:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.universallauncher.flicklauncherproALauncherinspired by the design of the Google Pixel Launcher, butwith a fewtweaks of course… IntegrationFlick Launcher supportsGoogle Now Feedintegration!InterfaceYou will find many ways tocustomise yourinterface, like a night mode, immersive mode, maxsize widgets, gridresizing, blur… Change any text to the size,colour or font youlike, and now even app animations!AppShortcutsThanks tobackporting, Flick Launcher brings app shortcutsto everyone! Youwon’t have to install custom ROMs to have them.Youcan even chooseto enable dynamic colour, that will adapt theircolour to fit yourbackground or app.DrawerYou can customise yourapp drawer to yourliking, change the number of apps per column,organise your appsalphabetically, or try the new search barlayout.Of course you canchange the colour of the background, ofthe text, and the speed ofthe animation.Search barFlick Launcherhas its own search barwidgets!You can customise these with yourpreferred search engine,change the mic icon and even activate “OkGoogle” voice recognitionor just Google search inoverlay!IconsCircular icons, an animatedclock icon, custom iconpacks, any shape and size of icon you want,are just some of themany features that Flick offers to keep youalways up to date withthe latest design trends.NotificationsNeverlose track of what’simportant, with Flick EVERYONE can usenotification badges and theall new notification dots fresh ofAndroid Oreo.Make the newnotification dots yours, change theircolour (or let Flick do itautomatically), their size, position ortry out a new kind oflayout designed by Flick Launcher foryou!DockYour dock the way youwant it: change the number of iconsand widgets in it, the icon forthe drawer, change even its heightand background, in other words,have fun creating your perfectdesign! FoldersThere is no lack ofways to customise the layout offolders, you can change the colourof the background and preview,the type of preview, the labels oryou can even have themtransparent! PagesChoose the page indicatorand pick one of morethan 10 animations to transition betweenpages.GesturesHave fundeciding what gesture opens what, you willhave many actions tochoose from all thanks to Flick Launcher!Withthese many gesturesyou can launch any application you want orchoose a specific actionyou want your phone to do, like openingthe notification panel,turning on the torch or launching GoogleAssistant and much muchmore! SecurityWorried about security? Don’tbe! Flick Launcher hasyou covered.You can choose which apps toprotect with thefingerprint scanner authentication system of yourphone, with apassword, or quite simply you can just hidetheapp!MiscellaneousFlick has a power saving option for the app inthemenu, there is also an option to save the layout you havecreated,this way whatever happens, it’s safe.So, what are youwaiting for?Download Flick Launcher straight away!Join our Google+communitywhere you can give us feedback and report problems, plusyou willget all the latest news about the launcher beforeanyoneelse!https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101128986975906525147Telegramchannel:http://t.me/FlickLauncherFacebookpage:https://fb.me/FlickLauncherInstagrampage:https://www.instagram.com/flicklauncherOursite:https://flicklauncher.itFAQ: https://flicklauncher.it/#faqThisappasks to become device administrator, but this is ONLY neededtolock the phone (using Flick Launcher’s gestures).Icons drawnbyMOWMO.
TSF Launcher 3D Shell 3.9.3
Launcher 3D Pro
TSF Launcher is a brand-new 3D launcher that will subvertyourconcept of the mobile device home screen operations. Itofferssmooth, unique and customized man-machine interactiveoperationexperience. You are allowed to define all the elements ofthe homescreen freely and efficiently. TSF Launcher keeps creatingnewfeatures and exclusive 3D widgets that will bring youamazingoperation experience and unprecedented visual.Mainfeatures:========================1.Fantastic animationtransitioneffects. All operations, including deletion, addition,menushowing-up or vanishing, are provided with natural, glaringandbutter-smooth animation transition effects.2.Miraculousandeffective 3D home screen switching mode and freewheelinghomescreen element layout mode. More than 10 independent layouthomescreens supported. 3.Unlimited dock bar. Ability to changeitsposition, length and angle as well as to modify the size andthestatus (hidden or showed) of icons and folders in the dock bar.Youcan open the apps and the folders in the dock bar withwave-slidingmode. 4.Batch icon selecting for home screens, foldersand dockbar.5.More than 10 TSF Launcher exclusive widgets, such asMessage,Clock, Weather, Memo, Music, Gallery etc. All 3D widgetsprovideunique visual and operative experience.6.More than 9gesturessupported for Android shortcuts, e.g. app launching, phonecall,sms, as well as TSF Launcher shortcuts, e.g. home screenswitching,status bar hiding, TSF Launcher side bar hiding. 7.TSFLauncherArch Shortcut Menu with special animation effects andoperativeexperience. Ability to complete quick custom shortcutoperations onany home screen.8.Pioneering icon editing tool.Ability tocustomize icon back image, upon image, text label style,etc.9.Manynice free third-party themes are available.10.Funny andintuitiveTSF Launcher settings menu. You can preview thecorrespondingsettings directly.========================We areworking constantlyto improve TSF Launcher. We update our productand widgetsregularly. Please check for updates often to insure youreceive thebest experience. ========================■ FollowUsFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/tsfappTwitter:https://twitter.com/tsfappGoogle+:http://gplus.to/tsf■ ContactUsE-mail:[email protected]:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/privacy.htmlTOSPrivacy:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/tos.htmlAdChoice:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/ad-choice.htmlWewelcomeany comments or suggestions to improve our product."
AIO Launcher 2.3.3
Evgeny Zobnin
AIO Launcher is not ordinary home screen. It does not havecolorfulicons, many animation effects and a variety of themes.Instead, AIOLauncher uses a screen space to show you the mostimportantinformation. AIO Launcher can display the followinginformation onthe screen: * Weather - current weather and forecastfor 10 days; *System monitor - RAM and NAND usage, percentage ofbattery power; *Control panel - toggles for WiFi/BT/GPS etc *Notifications -Standard android notifications (paid); * Player -when you turn onthe music, playback control buttons appear; *Frequent apps -frequently used applications buttons; * Frequentcontacts - thelist of recent contacts; * Your apps - the icons ofthe selectedapplications (paid); * SMS - recently received SMS; *Dialer -numpad for quick calls; * Timer - timer start buttons; *Mail -list of received emails; * Notes - list of your notes; *Telegram -last messages (paid); * RSS - latest news; * Twitter -all tweetsor a single user tweets; * Calendar - upcoming events inthecalendar; * Exchange rates - currency exchange rates; * Bitcoin-the bitcoin price; * Android widget - standard app widgets.Otherfeatures: * Several different themes; * Icon packs support;*Ability to change the font size; * Advanced search systemforapplications, contacts, files and information on the Internet;*Ability to rename applications. Usage: * Swipe on searchbuttonopens quick menu with phone, camera and market; * To addtheAndroid widget, long press search button and select the "+"icon; *To resize the widget, hold the finger on the widget, thenuse theup and down buttons; * To access the list of allapplications, dragfrom the left edge of the screen; * To refreshthe information onthe screen, pull down; * Hold finger on variouselements of thescreen to open menu; * To open settings, hold yourfinger on thesearch button, and then click the gear icon; * Holdthe title ofthe widget to move it around; * Any widget can bedisabled insettings; * You can minimize the widget by clicking onits name; *To remove an application, open the application menu,hold yourfinger on the desired application, and drag it to therecycle binicon. How to connect to Gmail: Go to the gmail settings,then "POP/ IMAP Forwarding", then "Enable IMAP". How to connect toOutlook:https://support.microsoft.com/en-hk/help/12409/microsoft-account-app-passwords-two-step-verificationHowto set as default launcher on a Huawei smartphone: Settings-Applications - Settings - Default applications - Settings -Manager- AIO Launcher If notification widget don't work on MIUI:Settings- Battery & performance - Manage apps' battery usage -Chooseapps - AIO Launcher - No restrictions This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission.
Launcher 2.2.2
Yandex Launcher is a smart app that lets you both customizeyourAndroid phone to suit your style and needs, and optimizeyourdevice. Popular features • Wallpaper collection and themes –chooseone that suits for your mood • Fast search – look up contactsandapps on your phone and online • 1-Tap Boost – automaticallycloseunnecessary processes on your Android device • Clock &Weatherwidget – see the weather forecast for today and the weekahead •Recommended apps – get recommendations for apps fromYandexLauncher • Personal recommendations – view interestingcontentpersonally selected for you by Yandex Zen PERSONALIZEYOURINTERFACE Wallpapers: Enjoy built-in collections ofwallpapers,such as landscapes, cities, animals, space, sports andmore – thesecollections are regularly updated. Live Wallpapers arealsosupported. Themes: In addition to classic light and darkthemes,you can set the colors of menus and other interface elementsinYandex Launcher. Apps menu: Navigate your apps with ease –YandexLauncher arranges your apps by category or color. Stylizedicons:Use one of many built-in stylized icon packs for YandexLauncher,or download third-party icon packs. “All apps” button:Choose thesize, color and shape of the button that opens the appmenu – forexample make a star with a zebra skin, or a round circlewith adog’s face. Home screen manager: Change the order ofscreens,select which one to see first, remove the ones you don’tneed, addnew ones and switch on infinite scroll – all in one menuoption.Screen grid: Change the number of icons displayed on screenandtheir size. CONVENIENCE FOR YOUR PHONE Quick search: Swipe downonthe main screen to open quick search to find yourcontacts,applications and information on the internet. Speed:YandexLauncher works quickly on all devices regardless oftheirgeneration. It won't slow down your system, and animationsrunsmoothly even if you're using an older device. 1-Tap Boost:Tracknon-essential processes that are taking up your phone’s memoryandclose them in just one tap with this widget. Clock + Weather:Seenot just the current time but the forecast with thisweatherwidget. Smart folders: Give every folder its own screenwithwidgets and a background. Icon color search: Find an app byitscolor even if you forget its name, or what category it belongsto.Notifications: See when something new has happened with yourappsso you never miss an important message or update. Notificationsonicons can be disabled in the settings. DISCOVER SOMETHINGNEWYandex Zen: Swipe right from the main screen to see anunlimitedfeed of articles, videos and other content selectedaccording toyour interests. The more you use Yandex Zen, the betteryourpersonal selections will become. Recommended apps: See newappsrecommended to you based on the apps you already use – just addtheRecommendations widget to any screen or folder with YandexLauncherfor Android. TAKE PART IN YANDEX LAUNCHER DEVELOPMENT AllYandexLauncher updates go through beta testers first. To try outthelatest version of the app, sign up for the betahere:https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.yandex.launcher.Shareyour feedback by emailing [email protected] orleavecomments on the official Facebookpage:https://www.facebook.com/yandexlauncher/. The Yandex Launcherteamgreatly appreciates all your comments and will carefullyconsiderthe most popular ideas sent in.
Nano Launcher-simple&smart 2.0.16
Cooee dev team
Nano launcher is a simple, smart and small launcher, it couldhelpyou easy to find your favorite apps. Nano launcher, maybe isthesmallest and smartest launcher in the world. It only 2MB largesoit will not occupied too much space in your phone. Nanolauncherwill bring you’re a totally different experience. Make yourphonelike new. We cut some unnecessary features, keep the mostimportantfeatures people need. We hope our users will have a moreefficientlife, Nano launcher want to avoid people being a phubbing,so Nanowill give some reminders while you are overusing your phone.Hopeyou will like Nano and enjoy.Nano launcher main features:SmartSortingAutomatically place the Apps you used most in yourdesktopand keep them sort by your using habit. So you don’t need tospenda lot time on searching all folders just for an app. Nomorewasting time finding app.Smart reminderWhen you use your phonetoomuch, Nano launcher will tell you not to stare at yourphone,because you have many things need to care except foryourphone.Screen lockDouble-tap the blank in your desktop to lockyourphone's screen, freeing up your powerbuttonWeatherforecastConveniently see weather forecast in widgetpage, andlocate your city automaticallyDelicate wallpapers &IconsNanolauncher provides a lot of beautiful wallpapers for youtopersonalize your Android phone. Support some third partyiconpacks, such as: Polycon, moonshine and so on,Search BarSearchyourinstalled apps, contacts, websites, trending topics, latestNewsand QR code scanner with Quick Find featureUnread countNevermissimportant message again. Unread count badges for message,phonecall.Please review our app on Google Play. And let us know ifyoufind any bugs, you can contact us by mail. We will keepingworkingon Nano Launcher to provide you a better launcher.
Lollipop Launcher 1.3.3
Mobint Software
Lollipop Launcher replaces your home screen with one you controlandcan customize. Change icon themes, layouts, animationsandmore.Based on the Android Lollipop Launcher (Google NowLauncher),but supports ICS, Jelly Bean, Kitkat and Lollipop.- Ok,Google :Use Google Search's hotword right from the home screen,just saythe words Ok, Google. Note: Google does not support alldevices orlocales yet.- Icon Themes : Find thousands of icon themeson thePlay Store, support Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADWLauncher iconpacks.- Customize App Drawer : Hide apps, Vertical orHorizontalscrolling, Custom effects- Infinite scroll : Never farfrom yourfavorite page, loop through the desktop or drawercontinously-Scrollable Dock : Create multiple docks and scrollbetween them-Gestures : Swipe up/down on desktop to launch appsquickly-Powerful, fast : Lots of other options andenhancementsPlusFeatures (Need Lollipop Launcher Plus):* Folders indrawer* Unreadcount notifications for call, sms, gmail and otherapps*Customizable notification badge color* More desktop gestures:Pinchin/out, Two Finger Swipe and Double-tap* All icon Swipeup/downgestures* Support Go Launcher icon pack* More transitioneffects*Widgets overlapping* Other enhancement and customizationoptions
Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY
The product of Solo System by NewBornTown(NewBorn-Town). Withover100 million users worldwide, Solo Launcher is one of the Top3Launchers in the category on Google Play. With its array ofDIYfeatures, the launcher enables you to customize the userinterfaceon a device so it works in the way you want. It takes uponly asmall amount of space yet it can boost device performancebyrestoring memory,run smoothly, and more fun to use. What CanSoloLauncher Do Better Than Competitors? - One of the firstlaunchersthat uses Material Design 2.0. - Cleans cache to boostspeed,clears storage, and saves memory faster. - Customize yourdevice byusing any of the thousands of beautiful themes,wallpapers, andsmart widgets in our collection that are fast andsimple toinstall. - New Locker plugins make it easier to protectyour devicefrom unauthorized users. - Most featured launcher onGoogle Play.★Solo Launcher Highlights★ ► Search for InformationEverything youwant to know can be found here. ► Clean & BoostMake yourdevice fast as lightning. ► Quick Gestures Make it supereasy touse your device. ► DIY with Photos Set your photos as icons,withvarious effects to choose from. ► Beautiful Themes Thousandsofbeautiful themes and wallpapers are available for free. ►BeautifulWallpaper Gentle click, and get new wallpapers for a newmood ►Solo Now Right slide, and see the vast of world.★AdditionalFeatures★ Visualized Settings - A smart menu forsettings thathelps you easilychangethe device inthe way youwant.SmartHomeScreen Icon Management - Automatically places frequentlyusedapps on the home screen,helping to organize the device andmakingit more convenient to use. Smart Widgets -CustomizableClock&Weather widgets, Boost Button widget, Searchwidget, AppLock, Battery Saver, and more! ☆Beautiful HandwrittenFonts, thatare cool &attractive. ☆Optional App Lock & LockScreensthatcan help make your device safe and secure. ☆OptionalBatterySaver helps manages battery consumption, reducing thefrequency youneed charge your device. ☆Weather &Clock Widgetsoffer youaccurate weather forecasts. ☆Integrated Solo 2.0 SpeedBooster thatmakes devices run smoother and faster, restore spaceand capacity,clean caches, at the tap of a button! If you have anysuggestions,feedback or theme requests then let us know at on ourFacebook pageat:https://www.facebook.com/sololauncher or email usat:[email protected] OfficialWebsite:http://www.NewBorn-Town.com
Mini Desktop (Launcher) 2.0.13
AtomicAdd Team
New in v2.0! Major performance improvement:- 100% faster- Uses50%less memory- Apps lock and icon packMini Desktop is themostlightweight (250KB) and fastest launcher on Google Play.Despiteit's extremely small app size, Mini Desktop has powerfulfeatures.With Mini Desktop, you can create icon packs, quicklysearch forapps, and lock down your private apps with a password.Also, MiniDesktop allows you to put your favorite apps to the dockfor easieraccess.Extremely lightweight and fastMini Desktop is byfar theworld's most lightweight and fastest launcher. The secondsmallestlauncher on Google play is 4 times bigger than MiniDesktop, andconsumes at least 2 times more memory. Launcher is theapplicationthat live in memory most of the time, by using MiniDesktop most ofour users found their battery life grow at least 50%longer.Quicklyfind appsMini Desktop is designed to save your timeon finding appsall over different places. Your apps are sorted byusage frequencyso that you can quickly find the app you want.AppslockProtect yourprivacy, enable apps lock to lock down your privateapps. Lockedapps are password protected. Only you can open theseapps.You canalso hide your locked apps, this will further protectyourprivacy.Organize your appsCreate groups to better organizeyourapps. Drag apps on the dock to reorder them. To add apps to agroupor remove apps from a group, long press the app and select"EditGroup".
Polycon - Icon Pack 2.1.4
POLYCONA fresh new take on Material Design iconography.Polyconoffers unique, creative and vibrant icons. Spice up yourphoneshome-screen by giving it a fresh and unique lookwithPolycon.OFFICIALLY DISCONTINUEDWe have decided to announcethatthis project is no longer being maintained, it's time for ustomove on and work on new projects with new goals. Thank youforhelping with the success of Polycon.FEATURES⋆ 20 Highresolutionwallpapers.⋆ 800+ Vector icons.⋆ CMTE support.⋆ Customfoldericons⋆ Custom app drawer icons.⋆ Server-based iconrequesting.⋆Custom dashboard design.⋆ Firebaseintegration.COMPATIBILITYPolycon officially supports the followinglaunchers: Nova, Apex,Action, Go, Solo, Trebuchet, Smart, Aviate,Next, KK, Nine, Blur,Unicon, ADW, Arrow, Xperia Home, However we dosupport many morelaunchers that aren’t specified within theapplication itself. Feelfree to send us a support email atwww.piksely.com/support.html ifyour launcher is notsupported.PLEASE NOTEGoogle Now Launcher doesNOT support iconpacks, please do not contact us regarding thismatter. There'scurrently no possible way for us to support alauncher that does notsupport theming options.POLYCON BETAPolyconis one of the mostpopular icon packs on the Google Play Store, itis often difficultto handle excessive amounts of questions andfeedback via email.Feel free to join our public Google+ communityto receive updateannouncements, regular icon previews andinformation. We encourageour users to send us feedback and askquestions within thecommunity.Visit:https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/117468759820012919287tojoin our community today.INFORMATION & FAQFor moreinformation,visit: http://www.piksely.com/projects/polycon.htmlIfyourexperience with Polycon has been great, feel free to leave areviewon our listing.
Cute home ♡ CocoPPa Launcher 1.2.4
Customize your home screen usingcuteicons,widgets(clock,weather,search,battery),andwallpapers♡Download cute widgets that you cannot findoutsideCocoPPa!Your home screen is fully customizable!+.゚♡ *:.+.゚♡*:.+.゚♡*:.+.゚♡ *:.+.゚♡ *:.+.゚♡ *:.CocoPPa Launcher for all girlswho likecute designs:)Use cute themes (wallpapers&icons)created bydesigners and enjoy a cute home screen withCocoPPaLauncher!CocoPPa Launcher enables you to customize yourphone withcute icons, wallpapers and widgets (clock, weather,battery, searchbox) designed by designers.+.゚♡ *:.+.゚♡ *:.+.゚♡*:.+.゚♡ *:.+.゚♡*:.+.゚♡ *:.-----For bugs and problems, pleasecontact support teamat:[email protected]
Computer Launcher - Win 10 Style 12.9
BlueThemes Studio
Are you looking for the desktop computer style launcher onyourAndroid? You love the new style of windows 10 launcher? Checkthiscomputer style launcher available for your Android (TM)smartphones. Desktop Computer Design:Computer Launcher for Windows10 ishere for you (Inspired by Windows 10®). Customize your phonewithunique look and feel of the fastest launcher. Amaze your lovedonewith computer look of your Android and also share it withyourloved ones.Support of Windows File manager style windows10Withbuilt-in support of File Explore and File Manager you cansearchand explore your files and Folders, Copy, Paste, Zip/Unzip,RAR,Delete Files, Share Files and can do lot more...Explore yourfilesystem with this simple and efficient file explorer andfilemanager in native desktop computer design. You will be amazedatthe interface that resembles my computer's windowsdirectory.Windows 10 launcher is awesome!Network Sharing of filesandfolders:Share your files and folders with other users ofcomputerlauncher over Wifi network. Access your files everywhereoverFTP/LAN.Features:- Start Menu for Windows 10 Launcher-Androidapplication in Stylish Tiles - In Start Menu - Bestapplication areavailable on One Click - Create Shortcuts of mostused applicationon Desktop by press and Hold Feature.- EasyNavigation to the Apps-Built-In support of File Explorer in windows10 theme- CreateFolders, Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Share etc.-Listing of all of yourdrives, SD Card, Storage, audio and videofiles and pictures in PCstyle.- Taskbar for windows 10 style- putthe files to Recycle Binand delete later in window 10 style-Built-in ZIP support allowsyou to decompress or extract ZIP/RARfiles- Action Center. NotifierCenter: Like windows 10 launcher, thecomputer also has a actioncenter bar. You can check the notice ofapplication or system withNotification Center. Update Features :-Desktop Widgets- Android Otype desktop menu- Drag and dropImproved- Clock Widget- WeatherWidget- RAM info widget- Changeabledesktop folders- LiveWallpapers- Photo tiles changeable - Task-baricons removable -Desktop App Folders- Weather, Calendar and Photostiles Added-Task-bar Transparency option added - Improved ThemesCompatibility-Multi Tasking Made optional (enable /disable fromsettings)- LockScreen - Multi Color Support for Task bar and menu -Themes andIcon Pack - Android TV /Tablet support - HideApplications -Desktop Icons Removable - Add Applications in StartMenu (PaidOnly)- Change the Start Menu Application (Press and Holdthe app tochange)- Change applications in Task-bar (Press andHold)- Built-InGallery Feature added- Photo Tile changeableUpComings- Widgets indesktop mode- Task manger- Built in apps (Photoviewer , videopayer etc)
Nougat Launcher: Pixel Edition
ismail Akkulak
Nougat Launcher is most closestAndroid™Launcher with pixel launcher features; adapted to latestAndroid™7.1 Nougat launcher features and redesigned to maintain thebestlauncher features of stock Android™ launcher. Nougat Settingsappprovides customizable Nougat UI options and also keepsolderAndroid™ 6.0 Marshmallow options, available for Android™ 4.4andhigher devices.* Who will love it?1. People who want Android Nougat launcher experience andclean,custom modern design.2. People who want a more smooth, more powerful andplayfulexperience from their Android™ device.Nougat Launcher features:• Android™ 7.1 Nougat shortcuts are supported for Android 7.1andhigher.• Android™ 7.1 Nougat static shortcuts are supportedforAndroid 5.1 and higher.• Custom Nougat shortcuts are supported for Android 4.4andhigher.• Android™ 7.1 Nougat style embedded icon packs.• Android™ 7.1 Nougat style native round icon options.• Pixel style app drawer with Vertical &HorizontalPaging.• Search Bar options: Pill Bar & Search Bar with dynamiccolorsfrom wallpaper.• New Folder preview options.• Dynamic All Apps button & widget & shortcut.• "OK Google" Voice Detection for supported languages.• System Bar style options.• Google Now swiping as permitted for third party launchers.• Hide Apps in App Drawer.• Start helper designed to import shortcuts from otherAndroid™launchers.• Extended Icon Packs & Shapes & Shape styles.• Fixed/Float Wallpaper.• Resize any widgets.• Clean transparent design and smooth animations withNougatlauncher & Pixel launcher features.All Prime features unlocked and No AdsforAndroid KitKat & Lollipop devices. (Prime promotionforAndroid 4.4-5.0-5.1 devices)For Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher devices, there istrialusage. After trial time expired, Nougat Launcher gets andshowsads. To remove ads, you can buy Prime Key.✔ Get and try Android™ Nougat 7.1 launcher experience onanydevice with Nougat Launcher!- Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
S Launcher for Galaxy TouchWiz 1.1.1
SS App
Get Galaxy S6 experience on any 4.1+ devices in one second!GalaxySLauncher is a highly customizable, performance driven,TouchWizstyle home screen replacement.features:- Customizable iconsize andicon label- Support thousands of icon themes on the PlayStore-Customizable desktop grid size- Lock, Unlock desktop-Infinitescrolling on desktop and dock- Hide apps in drawer-Scrollabledock, customizable dock pages and number of dock icons-Screenorientation- Set default screen for desktop- Edit shortcuticonsand text- Enable/Disable wallpaper scrolling- More than 16icons infolder- Resize any widgetOther customizations and optionswill beadded in future versions.
Holo Launcher for Froyo 3.1.2
Mobint Software
This is the old Holo Launcher for Android 2.2+devices.BasicFeatures:- Full ICS Style: ICS Icons, Folders,Outlines, DrawerTabs, etc.- Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9desktop pages and 10x 10 grid.- Custom Drawer Portrait/landscapeGrid- Scrollable Dock:Up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.-Infinite Scrolling-Gestures: Swipe up/down on desktop to launchapps quickly.-Customizable shortcut/folder icons- Customizable iconlabel color-Apply icon packs, support ADW icon pack and Launcherproicon pack.-Desktop Previews: Pinch to access desktop previews.-Backup andRestore: Backup and restore your settings and shortcuts.-OtherCustomization Options: Keep in memory, home key action, hideappsin drawer, hide labels, etc.Plus Features (Need HoloLauncherPlus):* Unlimited configurable drawer tabs* Unreadcountnotifications for call, sms, gmail and K-9 mail*Customizablenotification badge color* More desktop gestures: Pinchin/out, TwoFinger Swipe and Double-tap* Dock icon Swipe up/downgestures*Support Go Launcher icon pack* More transition effects*Widgetsoverlapping* 1x1 widgets in dock* Other enhancementandcustomization options
Galaxy launcher theme &wallpaper release_2.0.6
💗 New theme is available!Elegant launcher theme forAce&Apexlauncher. 💗 ✨ 2 million users’ choice! More than 1000themesprovided. ✨ 🎨 Ace&Apex launcher, One of the mostpopularlauncher brands! To make your phone stylish and creative! 🎨Brandnew Galaxy launcher theme for Ace&Apex Launcher !✨ThisGalaxylauncher theme is specially designed for Ace&ApexLauncher. Nowsupports: Apex Launcher, Ace Launcher, Smart LauncherPro, Action3, Aviate, Holo Launcher, Arrow Launcher, S Launcher,HolaLauncher, Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, NOVA Launcher. Customizeyourphone - Free beautiful themes: Weekly updated collectionofdistinctive and fancy launcher themes and icon packs for you -3Dlive wallpapers: No more boring backgrounds! In Ace Launcher,youcan find cooler live wallpapers with different effects. InAceLauncher, we offer 3D effect live wallpaper, parallaxwallpapers,live wallpapers with ripple effect. - A large collectionofkeyboard themes: Besides launchers themes, wallpapers andiconpacks, you can also find awesome keyboard themes in AceLauncher tobring fun to typing. Phone Optimization - 1-Tap booster:clean upmemory and boost your phone. - Junk cleaner: clean junk formorestorage space - Battery saver: Ace launcher can protectyourbattery for better performance -CPU cooler:Stop highpowerconsumption,save power in seconds. Smart Launcher -Customizablehome screen layout: you can pick your favorite homescreen layoutgrid and customize home screen icons and fonts tomatch yourpersonal style. - Awesome 3D transition effects:Different scrolland transition effects to choose from - Smartfolder: Your appswill stay organized in different smart folders, soyou don’t haveto organize them yourself. -Smart gestures: Swipe up,swipe down,swipe left, swipe right, double tap. You can also useone or twofingers gestures. By using gestures, you can do your taskeasilyand fast. You will set your power button free just bydoubletapping home screen to lock screen. At the same time, you cansetgestures to match your personal habits. Detailed andAccurateWeather -This smart launcher offers 24-hour forecasts -15-dayweather forecasts is also provided in this efficient launcher- AQI(air quality index) - Fancy weather and clock widgets onhomescreen Handy Search - Quick search for apps - Quick searchforcontacts - Quick search for messages - Web search -Supportdifferent search engines Privacy Protection - Hide apps:Hideprivate apps to protect your privacy - App lock: Lockimportantapps like social apps, messaging apps and credit card app.Tips:How to uninstall Ace Launcher: If you don’t like Ace Launcher,youcan long press home screen, tap Ace Settings, tap About andchooseUninstall Ace Launcher. We’ll appreciate it if you can giveus someadvice and suggestions before you uninstall Ace Launcher.Contact:[email protected]
Wallpapers 1.3.169416333
Google LLC
Make the most of your display with beautiful wallpapers andadvancedfeatures. Choose one of your own photos, an image from theGoogleEarth collection, a scenic landscape from Google+, and more.Changeit as often as you like, so your phone always representsyour style.• Enjoy a collection that keeps on growing. Accessimages fromGoogle Earth, Google+, and other partners. • Doubleyour fun. Showthe world one wallpaper on your lock screen, andkeep one foryourself on your home screen. (Requires Android™ 7.0,Nougat, andabove.) • Start each day fresh. Pick your favoritecategory andyou’ll get a new wallpaper image each day. PermissionsNoticePhotos/Media/Files: Needed to allow you to use custom photosaswallpaper. Storage: Needed to display the currently setwallpaperand to allow you to use custom photos as wallpaper.
O Launcher 8.0 for Android™ O Oreo Launcher 5.1
O Launcher Group
O Launcher is an enhanced launcher for Android™ O 8.0Oreo™launcher, modern & cool launcher. If you want to tryAndroid O8.0 Oreo launcher without upgrade; If you phone can notupgrade toAndroid O 8.0 Oreo; If you want your phone to look modernone likebrand new; If your phone's launcher is old, ill-looking,slow andless features; Then this O Launcher is for you! Justdownload andtry, you will like it! O Launcher perfectly supportalmost all thethird-party icon packs that made for third-partylaunchers! ★ OLauncher features: - Android O 8.0 Oreo launcherlooking andexperience, available for Android 4.4+ devices - Themes& iconpack: Support 5000+ launcher themes and almost allthird-partylauncher icon pack - Android O 8.0 Oreo launcher styledrawer:vertical drawer with favorite apps section - Icon themes:Build-inround icon theme, square icon theme, teardrop icon theme-Wallpapers: Many online beautiful wallpapers for O Launcher-Gestures support, 9 gestures - Hide App support, swipe up withtwofingers to show hidden apps - Side Screen, it has manyfeatures:torch, cleaner, battery saver, storage manager andfavorite apps -Notifier/Counter for unread SMS, missed Call andother apps, justfrom icons on launcher screens - Edit app icon andapp nameindividually - Icon dot support, you can long press iconsonlauncher desktop - Drawer color setting - Lock desktop iconandlayout - Launcher grid size option - Easy launcher screenseditmode - Launcher app icon size, icon label, color option -10+launcher search bar style option - Dock backgroundcustomizationStatement to all: - Android is a registered trademarkof Google,Inc. - Oreo is a registered trademark of Nabisco, Inc. -O Launcheris an enhancement of Android O 8.0 Oreo launcher, madefor allAndroid 4.4+ devices, please be note that this is NOTofficialproduct of Android O 8.0 Oreo launcher. ❤️ If you think OLauncheris useful and have brought value to you , please rate ustoencourage us, and recommend O Launcher to your friends, thanksalot
Quiet Beach Scene Launcher 1.0.2
Wallpaper and icons of high popularity facelift applicationthatallows your phone's desktop more cute! [Quiet beach] cutefashionscene theme Dressup free application ① according to thescene toconduct facelift wallpaper, desktop shortcuts ② cute dressgadgetsthe main menu, press the scene were common shortcutsfacelift ③ canbe freely set a desktop shortcut open applicationThis freeapplication, ad-supported: AdMob, appbrain, in order tokeepupdated the application, and allow me to continue to improvethework, you will periodically receive advertising sponsors, I amverygrateful to you for your understanding and support. Usingthelatest equipment to test dynamic wallpaper, such as SamsungGalaxys6, S5, S4, S3, S2, Nexus7, HTC, LG and Sony Xperia. If youdo notsupport your device, please contact us. All materialsourcenetwork, if there are violations to your rights, pleasecontact us(E-Mail: [email protected])
Holo Launcher for ICS 3.1.2
Mobint Software
Simple, powerful, fast and highly customizable homereplacement,based on KitKat Launcher.Basic Features:- Full JellyBean LauncherFeatures- Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9 desktoppages and 10 x10 grid- Custom Drawer Portrait/landscape Grid-Scrollable Dock: Upto 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages- InfiniteScrolling-Gestures: Swipe up/down on desktop to launch appsquickly-Customizable shortcut/folder icons- Customizable icon labelcolor-Apply icon packs, support ADW icon pack and Launcherpro iconpack-Desktop Previews: Pinch to access desktop previews- BackupandRestore: Backup and restore your settings and shortcuts-OtherCustomization Options: Keep in memory, home key action, hideappsin drawer, hide labels, etcPlus Features (Need HoloLauncherPlus):* Unlimited configurable drawer tabs* Unreadcountnotifications for call, sms, gmail and K-9 mail*Customizablenotification badge color* More desktop gestures: Pinchin/out, TwoFinger Swipe and Double-tap* Dock icon Swipe up/downgestures*Support Go Launcher icon pack* More transition effects*Widgetsoverlapping* 1x1 widgets in dock* Other enhancementandcustomization options
Computer Launcher Lite - Win 10 Style 2.9
BlueThemes Studio
Computer Launcher Lite is the lite version of computerlauncherwhich give a desktop computer style look on your Android?You lovethe new style of windows 10 launcher? Check this computerstylelauncher available for your Android (TM) smart phones.DesktopComputer Design:Computer Launcher for Windows 10 is here foryou(Inspired by Windows 10®). Customize your phone with uniquelookand feel of the fastest launcher. Amaze your loved onewithcomputer look of your Android and also share it with yourlovedones.Support of Windows File manager style windows 10Withbuilt-insupport of File Explore and File Manager you can search andexploreyour files and Folders, Copy, Paste, Zip/Unzip, RAR, DeleteFiles,Share Files and can do lot more...Explore your file systemwiththis simple and efficient file explorer and file manager innativedesktop computer design. You will be amazed at the interfacethatresembles my computer's windows directory. Windows 10 launcherisawesome!Features:- Start Menu for Windows 10 Launcher-Androidapplication in Stylish Tiles - In Start Menu - Bestapplication areavailable on One Click - Create Shortcuts of mostused applicationon Desktop by press and Hold Feature.- EasyNavigation to the Apps-Built-In support of File Explorer in windows10 theme- CreateFolders, Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Share etc.-Listing of all of yourdrives, SD Card, Storage, audio and videofiles and pictures in PCstyle.- Taskbar for windows 10 style- putthe files to Recycle Binand delete later in window 10 style-Built-in ZIP support allowsyou to decompress or extract ZIP/RARfiles- Action Center. NotifierCenter: Like windows 10 launcher, thecomputer also has a actioncenter bar. You can check the notice ofapplication or system withNotification Center. Update Features :-Desktop Widgets- Android Otype desktop menu- Drag and dropImproved- Clock Widget- WeatherWidget- RAM info widget- Changeabledesktop folders- LiveWallpapers- Photo tiles changeable - Task-baricons removable -Desktop App Folders- Weather, Calendar and Photostiles Added-Task-bar Transparency option added - Improved ThemesCompatibility-Multi Tasking Made optional (enable /disable fromsettings)- LockScreen - Multi Color Support for Task bar and menu -Themes andIcon Pack - Android TV /Tablet support (Full versiononly)- HideApplications - Desktop Icons Removable - AddApplications in StartMenu (Paid Only)- Change the Start MenuApplication (Press and Holdthe app to change)- Change applicationsin Task-bar (Press andHold)- Built-In Gallery Feature added- PhotoTile changeableUpComings- Widgets in desktop mode- Task manger-Built in apps (Photoviewer , video payer etc)
Launcher For Mac OS 2.5
BlueThemes Studio
Launcher For Mac OS is the version of computer launcher which giveadesktop computer style look on your Android? You love the newstyleof os 10 launcher? Check this computer style launcheravailable foryour Android (TM) smart phones. Desktop ComputerDesign:Launcher ForMac OS is here for you (Inspired by mac os).Customize your phonewith unique look and feel of the fastestlauncher. Amaze your lovedone with computer look of your Androidand also share it with yourloved ones.Support of mac styledesktopWith built-in support of FileExplore and File Manager youcan search and explore your files andFolders, Copy, Paste,Zip/Unzip, RAR, Delete Files, Share Files andcan do lotmore...Explore your file system with this simple andefficient fileexplorer and file manager in native desktop computerdesign. Youwill be amazed at the interface that resembles mycomputer'swindows directory. Launcher For Mac OS isawesome!Features:- StartMenu for Launcher For Mac OS- Androidapplication in Stylish Tiles- In Start Menu - Best application areavailable on One Click -Create Shortcuts of most used applicationon Desktop by press andHold Feature.- Easy Navigation to the Apps-Built-In support ofFile Explorer in Launcher For Mac OS- CreateFolders, Cut, Copy,Paste, Move, Share etc.- Listing of all of yourdrives, SD Card,Storage, audio and video files and pictures in PCstyle.- TaskbarFor Mac OS style- put the files to Recycle Bin anddelete later inmac style- Built-in ZIP support allows you todecompress or extractZIP/RAR files- Action Center. Notifier Center:Like windows 10launcher, the computer also has a action center bar.You can checkthe notice of application or system with NotificationCenter.Update Features :- Desktop Widgets- Android O type desktopmenu-Drag and drop Improved- Clock Widget- Weather Widget- RAMinfowidget- Changeable desktop folders- Live Wallpapers- Phototileschangeable - Task-bar icons removable - Desktop AppFolders-Weather, Calendar and Photos tiles Added- Task-barTransparencyoption added - Improved Themes Compatibility- MultiTasking Madeoptional (enable /disable from settings)- Lock Screen -Multi ColorSupport for Task bar and menu - Themes and Icon Pack -Android TV/Tablet support (Full version only)- Hide Applications -DesktopIcons Removable - Add Applications in Start Menu (PaidOnly)-Change the Start Menu Application (Press and Hold the apptochange)- Change applications in Task-bar (Press and Hold)-Built-InGallery Feature added- Photo Tile changeableUp Comings-Widgets indesktop mode- Task manger- Built in apps (Photo viewer ,videopayer etc)
S7 Galaxy Launcher 1.0.3
AsZen Software
Galaxy S7 Launcher makes your phone faster & stylish withlotsof themes and customizations.You can make a Touchwiz desktop onalldevices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.Key Features:•IconthemesSupport thousands of icon themes on the PlayStore.Supporticon size customization and edit icon for everyapp.•PersonalizationChange desktop grid, sroll speed,infinitescrolling, show or hide search bar, hide apps fromdrawer,customize folder preview, and lots of other options.•QuicksearchA-Z apps list, with fast scrolling and quick searchingofapps on your device and the Play Store.Most favorite apps on topofthe drawer.• GesturesSwipe up, swipe donw and homebuttonactions.Home key actions.
C Launcher: Themes, Wallpapers, DIY, Smart, Clean 3.10.17
Phone launcher, which is SPEEDY, SMART, CLEAN, BATTERY-SAVING&PERSONALIZED. With featuring and friendly interface,minimalbattery consumption, speedy mobile searches and UIcustomization,it protects your privacy from third parties andoffering theultimate personalized DIY experience &personalization forandroid by delivering free themes for androidand wallpapers withHD resolution every day! All this makes itdifferent from the other“best launchers for android phone”!Features - Fast & simple:Find, download, & uninstall appsfrom the search bar - Friendlyinteraction: phone launcher thatimproves your interface in everysingle detail - Safe: Prime LaunchApp protects your privacy fromthird parties. FAST - Save battery,clean junk files, & speedup device with one tap - Easily find,what you need, with the quicklaunch contact! Find, download, &uninstall apps all from thelaucher search bar; SECURE - Hide apps& protect your privacywith a stretching gesture that locks yourapps; SMART - Applicationunread notification count - App drawer:smart folder automaticallyorganizes your apps based on functions -Widget launch center:smart widgets like fast cleaner, weatherclocker, news, search bar,etc. CUSTOMIZABLE INTERFACE - Go to themestore to customize phone.Thousands of categorized tema, wallpapersand icon packs, includingthemes for galaxy, android 6.0, windows 7style screen, etc. - Noneof the app launchers for android has atheme you are looking for?Create themes yourself using DIY feature!Combine wallpapers andicons with only 3 steps and share them withyour friends! - Add 3Deffects and make your screen interaction tobe more personalized; -Translucent screen effects; - And more! 3Dwallpaper and livewallpaper are right on the corner. Follow ourupdates! C what’s youlike with this free launcher for android 2017!- Being a themer, wehave thousands of free themes and wallpapersfor android, likethemes for android 6.0, windows 7, marshmallow,etc. -They havebeen tested and are compatible with 99% of the majorAndroiddevices. - You can be a designer and create your own themeusingDIY Themer; - Customize your home screen, make your smartphonemenu even more personalized, than you can do with otherapplaunchers for android phone; - Share your art with friends,letthem use your designation; - This phone launcher for androidwillhelp you to know more about your phone, battery, storage foritsbetter customization. You have tried many “best launchersforandroid”, but still not satisfied? Just give one chance toCLauncher, and you will love it! Customize your phone rightnow!It's available from Android 2.3+. FAQ 1. How to hide andunhidelaucher apps? Stretch out with two fingers on screens. Forthefirst time, go Setting menu > Password Setting > tap +tochoose apps to be hidden. To unhide apps, enter Hide Interfacebyabove steps, tap + and uncheck apps that’s been hidden. 2. Howtofind my hidden apps? Stretch out with two fingers &enterpassword. 3. How to find Settings menu and morecustomization?Swipe up on screens. 4. How to enable locker of thislaunch app?Swipe up on main screen > Preferences > Locker> Open LockScreen 5. How to change wallpapers? Swipe up on mainscreen and goChange Wallpapers / Tema 6. How to access app drawermenus? Go toapp menu > Swipe up on the screen > Organize yourapps 7. Howto use themer? Click DIY Theme > Choose wallpaper> Chooseicons > Package theme. It's the simplicity itself! 8.Why it’sone of the best launchers for android phone? Try it, andyou’llknow the answer! Contact us:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CLauncherFan/?fref=nfG+:http://goo.gl/K1RRh9 Website: http://c-launcher.com/Email:[email protected]
Smart Launcher 5 3.26.14
Smart Launcher Team
Smart Launcher is back and has been completely renewed!SmartLauncher is the innovative launcher that makes your smartphoneortablet faster and easier to use. What's in Smart Launcher?Ambienttheme Smart Launcher automatically changes the theme colorstomatch your wallpaper. Adaptive icons The icon formatintroducedwith Android 8.0 Oreo is fully supported and availablefor anyAndroid device! Adaptive icons means not only customizableshapesbut also beautiful and bigger icons! Automatic app sortingApps areautomatically sorted in categories, you won't need to wastetimeorganizing your icons anymore! Designed to be used with onehand Wemoved the items you need to interact the most in the bottompart ofthe screen where they are easier to reach. Ultra immersivemode Youcan now hide the navigation bar in the launcher to maximizethescreen space Smart search The Smart Launcher search bar allowstoquickly find contacts and apps or to perform actions likesearchingon the web, adding a contact or performing a calculation.Built-inclock widget with weather The built-in widget has beenredesignedto show info like alarm, next event and weather. Onscreennotifications Smart Launcher will now show you which appshaveactive notifications without requiring to download anexternalplugin. This makes the feature more stable and reliable.Gesturesand hotkeys Both gestures and hotkeys are supportedandconfigurable. You can turn off the screen with a double tap orshowthe notification panel with a swipe. Customization SmartLauncheris completely customizable thanks to many options. Hundredsofthemes are available to downloads and icon packs arefullysupported Protect your apps You can hide the apps you want andifyou want to keep them secret, you can protect them with aPIN.Wallpaper selection Smart Launcher includes a veryefficientwallpaper picker that allows you choose between manysources ofpictures. You can also backup your wallpaper before totry a newone! Smart Launcher is community-driven project, regularlyupdatedwith new features to support the most recent Android APIsand newdevices. You can join our community and find out how tobecome abeta tester using thislink:https://plus.google.com/communities/114803489211052363907
Super S9 Launcher for Galaxy S9/S8 launcher 2.4
Super Launcher Serie
S9 Launcher is a Galaxy S9 style launcher, provide you latestGalaxyS8/S9 launcher experience; Easy, modern, powerful launcher!S9Launcher is available for all Android 4.1+ devices! ✔ Who willgetvalue from this S9 Launcher? 1. Users who have old Galaxy S,GalaxyA etc phones and want to use latest Galaxy S9/S8launcherexperience, it will make your phone look like modern GalaxyS9/S82. Users who own all other Android 4.1+ devices and want touselatest modern Galaxy S9 S9+ launcher experience ✔ S9 Launchermainfeatures: * Include Galaxy S9/S8 launcher theme, even all appiconsare shaped to Galaxy S9's icon shape style * Galaxy S9/S8stylelauncher drawer, you may choose horizontal style or verticalstyle* Many cool launcher themes in theme store; Galaxy S9 launcheralsosupport almost all third-party launcher icon pack * Build inhandytools: booster, cleaner, torch, battery saver etc in launchersidetoolbar * Various gestures action support, let you operatelauncherhandily * Hide app and lock app easily from launcher *Highlycustomizable launcher: you can change launcher grid size,iconsize, color, font etc * App quick location/finding in launcherallapps drawer * Notification badge for missed call, unreadmessageand all apps * Support lock desktop layout to avoid s9launcherdesktop being messed up by kids * Rounded corner screenfeature,make your phone's screen cool like Galaxy S9/S8 * Manyonlinebeautiful wallpapers,galaxy s9 wallpaper * Various launcherdesktoptransition effect * Support create folder in launcher drawer*Support auto classify apps to launcher desktop folders ✔Somepermission explanation: 1. Read Sms, Read contacts, Read calllog:Needed by unread Sms counter and missed call counter feature2.Read content provider: Needed by unread Gmail counter feature3.Camera permission: Needed by side toolbar -> cameraandflashlight feature ✔ Notice: 1. Android™ is a registeredtrademarkof Google, Inc. 2. Samsung is a registered trademark ofSamsungElectronics Co., Ltd. This is NOT official SamsungTouchWizlauncher or Samsung Experience launcher product. ✔ If youlike thisS9 Launcher(Galaxy S9/S9+ launcher style), please rate usand leavecomments, thanks a lot for your support!
X Launcher for IOS 11: Stylish Theme for Phone X 1.2.2
Color Theme Store
This stylish Phone X Launcher is inspired by the latest phoneX,Rich ios 11 style operation and functionality,combined withmorepersonalized 3D effects and live wallpaper, Make your phonetrulyuniqueWith X Launcher, You Can Experience::🏆 The best launcherforios Latest fluid style Phone X wallpaper & icon sets🌟 SwipeUpControl CenterSwipe up on the desktop to open the IOS 11controlcenter, Quickly control the phone WiFi, Bluetooth,signal,flashlight, volume, brightness, screen rotation, etc.🚀 Swipedownto open all apps Hides the icon of all apps, Make yourdesktopcloser to the ios launcher style. Than you can swipes downto openit ; Quickly find local apps and get web search results☀Phone Xtheme style Weather and Time widgets Swipe to the left onthedesktop to open the Weather and time widget, More convenient toseethe weather that day.📂 Smart Folder and Jitter UninstallKeepyourmenu tidy and organized. Long press the icon to JitterUninstall orDrop an app to another to create a folder like the ios11🔐 LockScreenUnique lock screen and password unlock interface;here wehave lock theme for Phone X with IOS 11 wallpapers.👕latestwallpaper and icon setsThe rich icons for phone X themelibrary andlatest wallpapers give you a comprehensive experience.We are stillupdating 🔃3D Animation EffectsPowered by 3D animationengine withgraphic effects, 3D themes and widgets, launcher for iosenables 3Dtransition, and will bring you a magic transitioneffectsexperience. 🔥live wallpaperLive wallpapers customizethetraditional flat default menu interface; make your phone Xlaunchermore stylish.Simple and flat design, consume less memoryand power,bring a faster experience for this IOS launcher.Upgradeto Xlauncher Prime and you will receive: ⛔ Remove the annoyingads🔯In-app usage Ios control center 🎧 Music controller🙈 Hideapps💡iNoty- App icon badge⛅ More comprehensive weatherinformation🎨Richer and more beautiful Phone X themes and ioswallpapersHope youlike it -Phone X Launcher for IOS 11Thank You ForChoosing AndUsing It, We Will Continue To Work Hard To Make ItPerfect! 😘
ME Launcher - Theme & 3D Wallpaper, Fast 1.7.7
ONE App Essentials.
ME Launcher 2018 version available! Brand new Themes forAndroidFree! ME Launcher - a highly customizable launcher forAndroid, oneof the top launcher apps on Google Play. Themewallpaper app aswell as phone optimizer all in one! Launcher themesfor Androidfree, cool live wallpapers, theme wallpapers, uniquecall screensand funny emoji…ME Launcher for Android is one of themost amazingexperience app in launcher apps. Enjoy the worldwidepopularlauncher for Android! ME Launcher’s best features: ✔️Launcherthemes for Android free ✔️ Live wallpapers & 3Dthemewallpapers ✔️ Cute emoji, GIFs & smiley faces ✔️ Phonebooster& junk cleaner ✔️ Battery saver & smart charger ✔️Hideapps & app locker 🎨Personalized – the essence ofthemewallpaper apps Wallpapers: Thousands of live wallpapers,3Dwallpapers, and home-screen theme wallpapers in many categories.Inthe build-in wallpaper widget includes categories suchassceneries, cars, animals, sports, and more are availablewithregular updates. We also have theme wallpapers in an Androidstyle.Themes: Selected stylish home-screen themes for Android usersforfree which were designed by individual unique designers.Manystyles are available for free in the ME Launcher theme widget.CallScreen Themes: Fantastic dynamic effects for incomingcalls.Emojis: Huge selection of cute emojis, GIFs and smiley facesforyour emotion. Transition Effect: Delicate transitioneffect.🚀Smooth – professional Android home-screen launcher appsmust-haves1-Tap Boost: Intelligently stops background apps to clearup memoryand boost the speed effectively in one tap. Battery Saver:Analyzebattery status and stop battery draining apps to savebattery andextend battery life. Junk Cleaner: Empty junk files.Boost+: Freephone and release the space. Notification Cleaner: Awayfrom toomany notifications. CPU Cooler: Cool down your phone. 🔰Safe– areliable privacy guard Hide Apps: Swipe up with two fingers tohideprivate apps from home-screen. App Lock: Protect privacy bylockingapps with a password or pattern. 💡Convenient – easy andintuitiveQuick Search: Swipe down on home-screen to access thesearch bar.All Apps: Find all apps displayed in a preferred orderalsosupporting landscape and vertical mode. Screen Manager &SmartFolder: Intelligently sorts apps into different folders.Widgets:Convenience for you to enter into launcher tools. Weather:Forecastweather on your home screen. Unread Message: The number ofunreadmessages will show on the icon badges for all apps.DesktopSettings: Customize your own home screen icons. Menu: Easyway toenter into most popular features. 🎮Entertainment – enjoy yoursparetime Online Games: 20+ H5 online games for your choice.🌍LanguagesSupported🌍 English, Indonesia, Español, Português,Русский, हिन्दी,Turk العربي, , ภาษาไทย, Deutsch, Italiano, 한국어,Français,日本語, TiếngViệt, 中文, 中文繁体 Contact ME Launcher:[email protected]
Leena Desktop UI (Multiwindow) 0.4.2
Attach mouse and keyboard, connect a monitor (or TV) and youareready to go!The multi-window Leena Launcher (beta) bringsthedesktop operating system experience to your android devicebyextending Android with a native desktop user interface. It isnotreally an "OS" by it own means, but we work hard that feelslikeone ;)No rooting, no alienating user interface, no messing upofAndroid internals, no hacks. Leena Launcher is "just" anandroidapp that seamlessly integrates into Android ecosystem andallows touse Android as a full blown desktop operating system. Itallows youto use your mobile device where you previously defaultedback to alaptop or desktop PC. Comfortably write long emails,browse on alarger screen, or do some heavy work, or do whatever youlike todo. Bringing Android to the desktop... because it's nicerand a bitleena ;)The Leena Launcher comes with the following appsincluded:-a native file manager app- a native webbrowser app- anativelauncher app- a native video player app (via file manager)-anative image viewer app (via file manager)- several webappsNote:For a native PDF viewer, to put icons on the desktop orhide theLeena Logo, please download the pro version Let us know howyoulike it!Have fun!Your Leena Launcher team.__To connectmouse,keyboard and monitor feel free to use ...- a HDMI-adapter,-anUSB-adapter,- a Bluetooth mouse and/or keyboard,- screenmirroringor casting apps- a docking station- ...
OREO 8 Launcher 1.1.4
Mobile Star Corp
OREO 8 Launcher with many useful features.With Oreo Launcheruserscan have latest Android™ Oreo(Android™ 8.0) launcherfeatures.OREO8 Launcher features:1. Launcher features:- Swipe up toaccess allapps- Vertical drawer with recent apps.- A-Z fast scrollbar.-Android O style animation; round icon support like Pixelstyle.2.Support many themes, icon packs, and wallpapers3. Hide appsandlock apps4. Gestures support5. Double tap to lock phone6.Quickaction popup menu when long press icon in launcherdesktop7.Support lock desktop8. Search apps or web right awayfromlauncher9. Various search style: pixel launcher style,nativestyle, enhanced style10. Build-in circle/round icon pack11.Manyoptions to make launcher as you like, such as: - Grid size,iconsize selection- Show/hide search bar, dock, status bar- Abilitytoedit icon and icon name individually- Fixed/float wallpaper❤ Ifyoulike Oreo Launcher(Android O 8.0 Launcher), please give us arateto encourage us, thanksNote:- Android is a registered trademarkofGoogle, Inc.- Oreo is a registered trademark of Nabisco, Inc.
S9 launcher theme &wallpaper release_2.0.6
💗 New theme is available!Elegant launcher theme forAce&Apexlauncher. 💗 ✨ 2 million users’ choice! More than 1000themesprovided. ✨ 🎨 Ace&Apex launcher, One of the mostpopularlauncher brands! To make your phone stylish and creative! 🎨Brandnew S9 launcher theme for Ace&Apex Launcher !✨This S9launchertheme is specially designed for Ace&Apex Launcher.Nowsupports: Apex Launcher, Ace Launcher, Smart Launcher Pro,Action3, Aviate, Holo Launcher, Arrow Launcher, S Launcher,HolaLauncher, Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, NOVA Launcher. Customizeyourphone - Free beautiful themes: Weekly updated collectionofdistinctive and fancy launcher themes and icon packs for you -3Dlive wallpapers: No more boring backgrounds! In Ace Launcher,youcan find cooler live wallpapers with different effects. InAceLauncher, we offer 3D effect live wallpaper, parallaxwallpapers,live wallpapers with ripple effect. - A large collectionofkeyboard themes: Besides launchers themes, wallpapers andiconpacks, you can also find awesome keyboard themes in AceLauncher tobring fun to typing. Phone Optimization - 1-Tap booster:clean upmemory and boost your phone. - Junk cleaner: clean junk formorestorage space - Battery saver: Ace launcher can protectyourbattery for better performance -CPU cooler:Stop highpowerconsumption,save power in seconds. Smart Launcher -Customizablehome screen layout: you can pick your favorite homescreen layoutgrid and customize home screen icons and fonts tomatch yourpersonal style. - Awesome 3D transition effects:Different scrolland transition effects to choose from - Smartfolder: Your appswill stay organized in different smart folders, soyou don’t haveto organize them yourself. -Smart gestures: Swipe up,swipe down,swipe left, swipe right, double tap. You can also useone or twofingers gestures. By using gestures, you can do your taskeasilyand fast. You will set your power button free just bydoubletapping home screen to lock screen. At the same time, you cansetgestures to match your personal habits. Detailed andAccurateWeather -This smart launcher offers 24-hour forecasts -15-dayweather forecasts is also provided in this efficient launcher- AQI(air quality index) - Fancy weather and clock widgets onhomescreen Handy Search - Quick search for apps - Quick searchforcontacts - Quick search for messages - Web search -Supportdifferent search engines Privacy Protection - Hide apps:Hideprivate apps to protect your privacy - App lock: Lockimportantapps like social apps, messaging apps and credit card app.Tips:How to uninstall Ace Launcher: If you don’t like Ace Launcher,youcan long press home screen, tap Ace Settings, tap About andchooseUninstall Ace Launcher. We’ll appreciate it if you can giveus someadvice and suggestions before you uninstall Ace Launcher.Contact:[email protected]
FiveWallpapers 1.76
Roman Zubarev
Very simple tool to get different wallpaper for each homescreen.Camera photos or any pictures of any size. Just selectpictures ora folder.*** This app cannot change the number of yourhomescreens!! It's a live wallpaper ***how to use:HOMESCREEN->MENU(or LONG TAP)->'Wallpaper'->'LiveWallpapers'or try googlinghow to do this for your deviceTry'compatibility mode' if yourlauncher (TouchWiz for example) doesnot support scrolling. Thisapp doesn't drain battery and works withas many screens as youhave (you can set this number manually if itcannot be obtainedautomatically). You can:● adjust brightness,contrast, saturationand even white balance ● crop, scale androtate● choose transitioneffect● or set up just one picture for allyour screens (turn oncompatibility mode and select '1' for 'Numberof desktops')●double-tap home screen to change wallpaper● or shakeyour phone tochange wallpaper <- actually this may affectbattery life, usesaccelerometer● or it can be done automatically(just choose timeinterval) ● turn on '3D effect' (also known asparallax orpanoramic) <- also may affect battery, requiresgyroscopeIf youwish you can buy a "donate" version which is almostthe same butwithout commercials and it also has an ability tochoose solidcolors as wallpapers.Thank you!Any comments orsuggestions arereally appreciated ...and if it doesn't work for youPLEASE emailme and be morespecific:)http://romburger.blogspot.com/2011/04/[email protected]
Wallpaper Theme +HOME Launcher 3.5.04
+HOME by Ateam
Personalizing your wallpaper, icons and widgets has neverbeeneasier with +HOME, the FREE customization launcher app! Withmorethan 1,000 different themes to chose from, you're sure to findadesign to suit your every whim! Created in Japan with "Kawaii"asits core concept, +HOME has garnered great acclaim from nearlyamillion users worldwide! Download +HOME today and start makingyoursmartphone truly YOURS! -Personalize your wallpaper, icons,clockwidget, and search widget in a snap! -Beginner-friendlyuserinterface! -More than 1,000 cute, cool, and stylish themestochoose from! -Easy-to-use one stop menu where you can accessyourcamera, calendar, maps, alarm, gallery, and much more at thetouchof a button! -Create your own original designs for your homescreenwith the "Photo Frame" and "Stamp" features! ★You asked, andweadded the following features!★ -You can now create foldersindrawers -You can now sort within folders -You can now adjustthenumber of icons displayed on your dock pages -You can nowcustomizeyour search screen +HOME is not currently compatible withAndroidOS 7.0. We are working to correct this. Inquiries andRequests:[email protected] If you have any requests orfind anybugs, please refrain from writing them in reviews as wewill beunable to address them. Instead, please send them to us inane-mail at the above address, and we will try our best to meetyourexpectations!
Lens Launcher 2.3.9
Nick Rout
Lens Launcher is a unique, efficient way to browse and launchyourapps.Instead of scrolling long lists or swiping throughmultiplepages, Lens Launcher implements two unique features:• AnEquispacedGrid that displays all of your apps, regardless of screensize orapp count.• A Graphical Fisheye Lens to quickly zoom, panandlaunch apps using touch gestures.Lens Launcher also includes afullSettings menu to tweak all aspects of the Lens;Distortion,Scaling, Icon Size, Haptic Feedback, etc.The GraphicalFisheye Lensalgorithm is derived from methods proposed by ManojitSarkar andMarc H. Brown. Their original 1993 paper, titledGraphical FisheyeViews, can befoundhere:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6Nqy9y098RLa2pqNVFUcUhIZXMLensLauncheris an Android Experiment, written by Nick Rout.Majorcontributionshave been made by Rish Bhardwaj (@CreaRo).The sourcecode andgraphical fisheye lens academic resources areonGithub:https://github.com/nicholasrout/lens-launcher
GO Launcher EX UI5.0 theme 2.08
The classical UI5.0 theme is now available for your phone !Morethan 200 beautiful original designed icons, includes themostpopular apps, and a new designed wallpaper is up to you. Thisthemeis just perfect for you to renew your phone!■Features Morethan200 unique icons (keep increasing)! A new specialcustomizedwallpaper Automatically adapt to different kinds ofscreenresolution■ Notes REMEMBER Before enjoying your exclusiveUI5.0Theme, you need to make sure you have had the latest GOLauncher EXinstalled in your phone. The theme can only run on GOLauncher EX.CONVENIENTLY UI5.0 Theme is designed for all screenresolution fromMDPI to XHDPI. IF NEEDED You can check out themenu, click“Themes” button, and find UI5.0 Theme in the “Installed”tab.WHAT’S MORE If you have any problems with this theme oranysuggestions, PLEASE EMAIL US! We will reply to you ASAP.■ FollowUsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/golauncherTwitter:https://twitter.com/golauncher■ Contact Us Any problems oranysuggestions are concerned. Please help us to creative abettertheme for you! Email: [email protected]
Linux CLI Launcher 6.5.5
Francesco Andreuzzi
Are you sick of all those colorful and chaotic launchers?DidIcons,App Drawer and Dock bother you enough? Do you miss thosetimes whenyou could do whatever you wanted with a simple command?Then, T-UILauncher and its Linux-like CLI (Command Line Interface)is exactlywhat you need.Features:• T-UI commands (like uninstall,open, sms,..)• Native Android/Linux commands• aliases, use yourfavouritecommands faster• suggestions, to help you compose yourcommands•RSS reader• in-app notes, for your to-do list• reply toyournotifications directly from your launcher• online themerepository,share your own setup with the community• TUIXT, in-apptext editor•extremely highly customizable launcher• CLI musicplayer• fullLinux-like CLI interfaceSome T-UI commands:• uninstall[app]• sms[contact] [text]• call [contact]• calc [expression]•search[google, playstore, youtube, files]• wifi• flash• share[file]• mv/ cp [file] [dest]+ many other Linux commandsUsefullinks:Wiki-> https://goo.gl/5znteKGoogle+ community->https://goo.gl/aoMnXXGitHub ->https://goo.gl/As4JG6Twitter-> https://goo.gl/pgWs8VTelegram-> https://goo.gl/sqy2ftTIP:don't install this if you don't likehaving a CLI as your homeLauncher, if you hate Linux or those twothings together.This appuses the Device Administrator permission.
O8 - Android Oreo 8.0 Icon Pack 1.2.8
O8 is an icon pack inspired by the new Android Oreo, Android8.0.Please Note: This icon pack requires a launcher that supportsiconpacks. There is nothing we can do if your launcher doesn'tsupporticon packs. Please do not leave a bad review because youdon't knowhow to apply an icon pack. Before leaving a review pleaseinstall alauncher that supports icon packs and try to apply thisicon pack.Features: ☆ Material colored icons ☆ Android O style ☆2200+ icons☆ Cloud based wallpapers ☆ 192x192 hd icons ☆ Dynamiccalendarsupport ☆ Muzei support ☆ Help section with FAQs ☆ Iconrequest ☆Frequent updates Supported launchers: • Action Launcher •ADWLauncher • Apex Launcher • Atom Launcher • Aviate Launcher •CMTheme Engine • GO Launcher • Holo Launcher • Holo Launcher HD•Lucid Launcher • M Launcher • Mini Launcher • Next Launcher•Nougat Launcher • Nova Launcher • Smart Launcher • Solo Launcher•V Launcher • ZenUI Launcher • Zero Launcher • ABC Launcher •EvieLauncher • Many more If you like this icon pack please feelfree torate it. Contact: If you don’t like some icons or havequestionsfeel free to contact me: [email protected]