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PumpLog - Exclusive Pumping Tracker 3.0.7
Purrfect Studio
Have you ever wondered how many bags of frozen milkyou'vealreadystashed? Is your milk supply already established? Adddatato theapp and check statistics! Easy and fast data entrywithaminimalistic design. Time your pumps and volume to stayontrack.Add notes, mark when you're on period. More featurescomingsoon sostay tuned! Find us:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pumplogappemail:app@purrfectstudio.comInstagram: @purrfect.studio
Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game 1.5.1
Electric Eggplant
The first and only official Rube Goldberg puzzle game.Solveeverydayproblems in Rube’s trademark elaborate whimsicalstyle bycreatinghilarious machines. Is pouring a glass of juicejusttoostraightforward and boring? Try using ajack-in-the-box,magnifyingglass, string, and a cymbal-wieldingfriend to achieveyour goal.The more creative your solution thebetter! Fromaward-winningdesigner David Fox, designer of theclassic LucasArtsgraphicadventure games. Rube Works is widelyadopted by a growingnumberof elementary and middle schools and isfast becoming one oftheyears favorite educational games. Alignedwith CCSS (CommonCoreState Standards) and NGSS (Next GenerationScience Standards),RubeWorks is a standout app that effortlesslybridges the worldsofgaming and education. FEATURES: • Only officialRube Goldberggame,based on his original cartoons • Google PlayAchievements •18Challenging Puzzles • Beautiful Graphics • Supportfor tabletsandphones • Aligned with CCSS/NGSS • COPPA-compliant, noads,noin-app purchase • Text in English, Spanish, German,Italian,FrenchDesigned and Produced by Electric Eggplant.Engineering andArt byKalani Games. Produced by Heirs of RubeGoldberg.Originallypublished with Unity Games. ABOUT ELECTRICEGGPLANTFounded byDavid and Annie Fox in 1992, Electric Eggplanthasconsistentlygarnered kudos on its games, educational software,andbooks andapps for kids, tweens, and teens. David began hisgamedesigncareer in 1982 as a founding member of LucasfilmGames(LucasArts).During his decade there he helped inventtheclassicpoint-and-click graphic adventure genre. David is theGameDesignerand Executive Producer on “RubeWorks”.ElectricEggplant.com ABOUTKALANI GAMES Kalani Games is agamedesign & development studioin Austin, Texas. Foundedbyindustry veteran, Kalani Streicher,Kalani Games has developedgamesfor mobile, social and onlineplatforms, pushing the boundariesoforiginal, innovative and newgame play experiences.KalaniGames.comABOUT HRG HRG (Heirs of RubeGoldberg) is afamily-run company ledby Rube’s granddaughter,Jennifer George.Their mission is to raiseawareness of Rube’s workand to license theintellectual property toappropriateentertainment and media partnerswho will remain true tothe spiritof her grandfather’s legacy. HRGworks in tandem with RGI(RubeGoldberg, Inc), the non-profit armwhose mission includeseducationoutreach programs for students andtinkerers of all agesthroughRube Goldberg Machine contests aroundthe globe.RubeGoldberg.com ©Electric Eggplant and Heirs of RubeGoldberg, LLC
Balloons Sort Puzzle 0.99
Balloons sort is a very interesting puzzle game. Your task istocollect and sort all balls of the same color in one flask. Assoonas you achieve such a result, the balls explode and turn intoaliquid that creates pressure and starts the generating machine.*2000 interesting puzzles * Hint system * Nice sound effects*Different skins and themes Quite addicting and simple game,justsort the balls and enjoy the pleasant animation and soundeffectsof turning the balloons into water. If you like sortinggames withwater and sort puzzles, you will definitely like thisball sortpuzzle.
Colorizer!! 3.0.3
Dual Cat
Drag your character to paint all levels in this smoothandcolorfuladventure! Avoid bombs or eat candies to burst them all!
Balloon FRVR - Tap to Flap and Avoid the Spikes 1.8.5
Balloon FRVR is a fun-addicting reaction-test game in whichyoucontrol a balloon held by a clumsy fly. Help this flying insecttocarry the balloon circle along the barbed wire path andavoidingthe spikes. The farther you get without popping the flappyballoon,the higher your score. Tap the screen to flap the wings intheright moment so the balloon won’t touch the barbed wire, elseitwill explode in your face! Balloon FRVR is a challengingandnerve-wracking simple arcade game where you take control ofaflying insect (a bee or a fly… not really sure) carrying afloppyballoon looped around a long and endless barbed wire. Youmust timeyour tiny wing flaps and jump by tapping the screen sothat theballoon will not touch the spikes as you go. This littlefly istrying to get his balloon home in one piece. Unfortunately,it’swrapped around what could be an endless string of spiked line!Tapthe screen to make the dumb bug to flap his wings. The moreyouclick, the more the fly jump and the more points you score! Butbecareful, if you don’t tap in the right moment you can losecontroland blast the flabby balloon. Can you help him protect hisballoonin this one button game? Balloon FRVR brings you acasualexperience that blends two game genres: the engagingexperience ofan original arcade game which makes you tap and clickthe screen tomake the fly jumps, and to see how the floppy balloonbounce aroundthe spiky wire. And a classic casual buzz wire gamewhere yourreflexes and skills are the keys to success. Controls arealso anamazing feature of this flipping game, you only need onefinger totap the screen and control the fly of this flying cutefriend. Aclamsy fly is holding up a balloon circle, but there is abuzz wirerunning through it! Don't make the fly sad by popping theballoon;make the fly flap its wings to keep going. The spikedwire's lineis going to change as you progress, so you need to focusand beskilled to avoid the spikes. Collect animal balloons tounlock newcolors for your balloon. Balloon FRVR is a funny andaddictivereaction test game. All you have to do is get as far aspossiblewithout popping the balloon with that annoying spiked wire.Play ascute little insect trying to carry a flabby balloon loopedaround abarbed wire and collect balloon pieces as you go. Tap toflap thelittle wings of the fly and avoid to touch the sharp wirein thisskill game for all ages! Playable in airplane mode, withoutdataconnection. No 4G or Wi-Fi required. It’s the perfect arcadeonetouch control game for a short period of reaction training onthebus, at school or in the office. Easy to play one-button gameforall ages and all kind of tablets and phones. It runs smoothlybothon high-grade smartphones and low-performing devices. BalloonFRVRis a low storage game, you don’t need more than 33 mb to play!Thisavoiding game only focuses on giving you a truly fun experienceina low mb game for free. It’s an easy to play flapping gamewithincredibly addictive and simple controls, so both young andadultscan have fun. Play online or offline, since you don’t needaninternet connection to tap and flap the wings. And relax, youcanplay as much as you want, there’s no time limit! Flip yourwingsand keep the floppy balloon away from the spiky wire and helpthisclumsy fly to jump in the right moment to save the circle fromthesharp peak! Do you like it? We have a lot of free games foryou!https://frvr.com https://balloon.frvr.comhttps://fb.me/frvrgameshttps://fb.me/balloonfrvr
Plumber Land 1.2.8
Plumber Land is a free addictive puzzle game. Your goal istoturnthe different colored pipes in the right direction andconnectthemtogether to form a complete pipeline. When you create apipe,oneof your lovely dragons will finally be able to drink.PlumberLandfeatures a totally new game play, lovely dragons andhundredsofentertaining levels. Your dragons are cute, colorful,andthirsty.Help them survive! 
Be careful: the blue dragon willonlyaccept ablue drink, the red dragon will only drink from a redpipeand soon... Make sure you match the right color tothecorrespondingdragon! As an expert plumber, you'll have tojoinpipes and mixcolors to create new color combinations. Thenumber ofdragons andcolors will increase as you progress in thegame, makingit verychallenging to make all dragons happy. Soundseasy? Try itnow!With Plumber Land, you have to use your brain andput yourvisualthinking to work in order to solve the challenginglevelsandbecome a dragon-saving plumber. Rotate pipes, solvepuzzles andgetto know the fun, colourful world of Plumber Land!Game features:-2 game modes - Hours of fun - Innovative gameplay-Intuitivecontrols - Stunning HD graphics - Hundreds ofexcitinglevels! -Solve all the challenging levels in Puzzle Mode -Be fastand solveas many levels as you can in Time Mode What areyouwaiting for?Download Plumber Land now!
Spectre Mind: Pipeline 1.5.7
Spectre Team
Spectre Mind: Pipeline is a fun free-to-play puzzle game forthedevelopment of logical thinking. Connect the pipes in such awaythat not only the beginning and the end of the stream areconnectedbut also a stream of a specific color is created. 5difficultymodes and over 200 levels will raise your logicalthinking skillsto a completely new level! Since this water pipelinebrain teaseris intended not only for children, but also for adults,playingtogether can become an excellent opportunity for some familytime.As you progress through the game, your logical thinking skillswillimprove and the game will become increasingly easier for you.If atthe highest difficulty level you feel that the game hasbecomequite easy for you and you can play it honestly all the wayto theend, then accept our sincere congratulations, because itmeans thatyou have achieved incredible results in your logicalskill trainingand can move on to more challenging brain teasers.Spectre Mind isa series of free-to-play puzzle games aimed at braintraining.Develop your logical skills, memory, and attention. Byplaying ourbrain teaser games, you train your brain and increaseits power!