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Guide for Slime Rancher 11
Charoki E/ss
Slime Rancher is the story of Beatrix LeBeau,ayoung intrepid rancher who leaves home for a lifetime of abillionlight-years of Earth on the 'Far, Far Range' to which shetries tomake a living by juggling the slimes.Slime Rancher : bigenners guide this app is just guide forthereally game Slime Rancher . You may find some informationusefulhere. This is a perfect for beginner and intermediate player.Thisapp you can feel best experience for playing in game. Pleasenote -This is not a game !! It's is game guide. slime rancherlejeuAll the game name, images, characters, logo and other detailsarenot created by us but by their respective owners
Sludge Procreator 2.8
Farmer's business seems to yousomethingboring? This game will completely change your mind! Builda ranch,catch unusual animals on different planets, travel todifferentcountries, take care of the caught animals - proveyourself a slimerancher of extra-class!The place of action of this game is a distant galaxy, where lifeispractically on every planet. On one of the planets, themainheroine of the game resides - a tireless researcher who devotedherlife to discovering and studying new species of animals. Andthenone day in her head emerges a grand idea - to build your ownranch,where she can breed animals, thereby combining afavoriteoccupation and making a profit. Without wasting time,anenterprising scientist starts to work!After the completion of the construction of the ranch, thequestionarises - who is the most ranch inhabited? But the heroineand thisis the answer. She knows that on several planets there aremanykinds of cosmic slugs - small funny creatures, similar tomovingmulticolored jelly clots. Here is their brave rancher anddecidesto make the mucus inhabitants of his ranch.You have to do a real hunt for jelly-like slugs. For theirsearchyou will visit many planets, each of which has its ownuniqueclimate and weather conditions. There are a lot of slugtypes, andeach of them has its own peculiarities. To catch theseslimecreatures, you will have at your disposal a vacuum blaster -aunique device that catches slugs in the manner of a vacuumcleaner,compressing and reducing them so that it neutralizes theirweightand does them no harm. But even with such a formidableweapon, thecapture of slime creatures is quite difficult, as someof them areable to move quickly or to fight off attacks. Use yourtrick anddexterity to the maximum!Show that you are able to perfectly interact with the worldofwildlife, albeit aliens!
Guide for Slime Rancher 1.0
Happy Bots
This app is just guide for the reallygameSlimeRancher . You may find some information useful here. Thisisaperfect for beginner and intermediate player. This app youcanfeelbest experience for playing in game.Please note - This is not a game !! It's is game guide.NOTE: this app is only show you tutorial about how togetslimesgames and Slime Rancher in your phone , and you can usethisguideunder your responsibility. All the game name,images,characters,logo and other details are not created by us butbytheirrespective ownersIf you feel there is a copyright or trademark directviolationthatdoes not follow within the fair use guidelines, pleasecontactusdirectly to discuss.
Tips for Slim Rancher 1.0
Zental Butterfly
Slime Rancher a cool game, There'ssomethingtobe said about the relaxation power of collecting,feeding,andprotecting your own personal smiley slimehorde.Thegameplayconsists of running an interstellar farm whereplayers suckup thecute creatures known as slimes and feed themfruit,vegetables andmeat so they can sell the crystals slimesexcrete(plorts). On thesurface, it’s a simple farming simulator,but it’saddicting andworth a try! Here’s five tips to get yourranchstarted on theright foot. In the application you can findmanytips.This is a perfect for beginner and intermediate player. Thisappyoucan feel best experience for playing in game.Do you like to play in games slime rancher game 2?Thisapplicationis useful for players of whatever level - you lookforthe bestslime practices, tips, cheats for the game slimeranche.Recommendations slime rancher game 3d for free were the bestofallthose that are presented today on the Internet. Tipsforslimerancher solves the difficulty of the game users, withthemhave tocope with both slime rancher game amateur andexperiencedgamer towin slime rancher. Get pleasure from it, becausetheleadership ofslime rancher for free. This tip app slimeranchergames - the bestslime rancher unofficial tip to thestrategies ofthe game, passinggame tips! Currently, with a tip toslime ranchergames the gamewill be available for the important tipsrancherslime rancher gameand they do not need to look aroundonline. Youwill learn exactlyhow to play better in the slimerancher 3, andabsolutely all thetips slime games on the game. Thistips for slimerancher games ufogame will certainly help you get anunlimitednumber slime rancherdownload of treats. If suddenly youare a fanof the famous gameslime rancher, race off then the currenttips isto yourliking!All the game name, images, characters, logo and other detailsarenotcreated by us but by their respective owners
Age Of Stone: Survival 1.09
Baton Games
Age Of Stone is an Early Access survival game currentlyindevelopment. Try to survive in this stylized worldcollectingessentials necessities like wood and rock. Explorescaves, findminerals to melt them in a furnace and build advancedweapons andtools to survive the wild animals that live in theisland.Age OfStone features:• Craft• Build• Hunt• Explore• Smeltores• Day NightCycleDisclaimer:This game currently in development,there may besome bugs. You can always write on e-mail about yourproblem and wewill consider.Mail: batongamesofficial@gmail.com
Pixel Starships™ : Hyperspace 0.935.2
Savy Soda
Join millions of players worldwide. Build your Starship, explorethegalaxy, raise a fleet, and compete in epic Battles! New2019Features: ● Galaxy Pets, keep your captains happy withfurrycreatures! ● eSports Tournament, monthly ladder battles ●Gamerebalanced, for new strategies ● New AI Commands, tocreatesophisticated tactics ● New weapons, more ways to destroyyouropponent ● FTL Travel ● Improved MMORPG Chat Coming Soon ●EveOnline Style Galaxy Map ● Fleet Wars ● New Idle Commands ●TrekMissions From one of the most successful Mobile GameKickstartercampaigns of all time comes Pixel Starships! PixelStarships is theworld’s first total spaceship management game in an8bit massiveonline universe. In Pixel Starships, you command everyaspect ofyour ship from construction to battles in a singlepersistentworld. Key Features - ● Build Epic Starships of your owndesign. ●Many races, aliens, factions to command and conquer. ●Battle itout with other real players in a single massive onlineuniverse. ●Manage diplomacy, recruitment, research, exploration! ●Controlship's power and limited resources. Discover epic weapons. ●Buildand deploy support crafts to augment your Starship. ● Crosssectionfull ship control and battles. ● Create the best strategyusingcrew tactics. ● Explore planets, discover secrets of space. ●Formalliances and battle with your friends to achieve victory!●Program situational AI commands to systems and crewallowingautomatic combats and offline play. Play the best mobilespacestrategy game Today! Note - Pixel Starships is totally free toplayand is designed for perfect balance for all players. However,thereare in-app items that can be purchased for real money to helpspeedup progress or offer cosmetic improvements. If you don't wantthisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.EULA: http://www.pixelstarships.com/eula PrivacyPolicy:http://www.pixelstarships.com/privacypolicy As per Terms ofServiceand Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age toplay ordownload Pixel Starships.
Pixel Fodder Alicante
WARNING: this game in development!Pixel Fodder is a oldschoolplatformer with a fully destructible world, a large choiseofcharacters, incredible dynamics and gigaliters of 8-bit meat.Useall power of the pixels to defeat the bad guys and restorejusticein this world! Fight for infantry, scientists, moviestars,knights, zombies, internet memes!Create your own adventuresin themap editor, find out the whole story of Pixel FodderHeroescampaign mode.
Puzzle for Sli‍me ran‍cher 1.0
Slime rancher puzzle is a photo puzzlegamethatrequires assemblage of interlocking photo pieces.Releasestress,relax brain, indulge yourself and share photo puzzlefunwith friendsand family by playing Slime rancher Jigsaw.Slime rancher Puzzle FeaturesTons of unique and perplexing Slime rancher puzzles toplaywith.Stay tuned for upcoming new ones!Receive bonus reward by completing achievement targetsPlay with your own pace: Make the Slime rancher as simple/hardasyouwantCompletely FREE Slime rancher photo puzzle gameEasy and relaxing to play, hard to fully masterEnjoyable game for EVERYONE: Kid, Adult, Commuter,Girl,Boy,Housewives, Elderly etc.Play whenever and wherever you want: WIFI is not a mustforSlimerancher JigsawDownload and join Slime rancher Jigsaw photo puzzle game NOW!
Guide For Slime Rancher new 1.0
Slime Rancher : beginners guide this appisjustguide for the really game Slime Rancher . You mayfindsomeinformation useful here. This is a perfect forbeginnerandintermediate player. This app you can feel bestexperienceforplaying in game. Please note - This is not a game !!It's isgameguide.Slime Rancher just might be one of the cutest games inEarlyAccess,if not on Steam entirely. There's something to besaidabout therelaxation power of collecting, feeding, andprotectingyour ownpersonal smiley slime horde.Slime Rancher is a fairly simple game in its currentversion,butthere's still a lot new ranchers need to know as theytry tomakethe most of their time in Far, Far Range. It's entirelytooeasy toget excited and throw a bunch of slimes on your ranch,onlyto finda Tarr slaughter situation on your hands.More tips and features will be gradually added to this guide,sobesure to check back here for any new updates. We havealsoincludedseveral basic tips to keep in mind before delvingintothegames**Features**- Professional Tips and Strategies.- Secrets, Tips, Cheats, Unlockables, and Tricks UsedByProPlayers!- PLUS MUCH MORE!DISCLAIMER:This is a simple application that contain guides andstrategiesforThis game . You can see strategies, tips, tricksandmuchmore.This is an UNOFFICIAL Guide & Tips, this application ismadebyfans!
Gladiabots 1.2.1
Assemble your robot squad, construct their AI and send them inthebattle arena to see your strategy play out. Iterate, improveandrepeat until you outsmart all your opponents and friends online.
ResCraft 2 2.4
If you are in search of "your" place, "your" world. This gameisdefinitely right for you.The world evolves with the communityofplayers, together with you.You were lucky to be in it at thetimeof the birth of this world. Can you follow its changes? Willyoufind all of its details? Let's check your skills inthisadventure.p.s.: This game is an entertaining project inwhichplayers influence the changes in the world from the verybeginningof the development to the release and postreleaseversions, do notbe surprised that it is raw or not like a fullgame, everything isahead.
Pixel Shon Adventure ver. 8.0(22)
Pixel Shon Adventure is an adventure game with elements of aarcadegame. In the game we are impersonating the small knight whichmustfind secret treasure. Our job is a defeating next chambers ofthecastle, so long as far as we will find the chamber in which hewillbe chest with the treasures. During the exploration we willmeet onthe all mass of not safe skeletons which they will try ustodisturb. During our all expedition we will have to killthreebosses. Each from them presents the different style of battle,andevery of arenas possesses appropriate music. In the game we havetoface traps in which they you have to show courage andreflex.Thegame has classic logic riddle, with which we will have toface. Ifyou like classic 2D adventure games with pixel retrographics, thenyou will definitely love this game, because theartwork is stylizedon pixel art. Game concludes no elements ofviolence, so thatplayers can play regardless of age. The game hasan easy charactercontrol system, character control is easy on anydevice. In thegame we have to finish 18 chambers and 3 bonuschambers. The gameis free and not have any ads.
Cast - Icon Pack - EarlyAccess
Introducing Cast! A shapeless icon pack with a strong colourandtexture. From SixtyFour ThirtyTwo.In this early version ofCast;🌟Over 480 icons🌟 Multiple Launcher support like Nova, Apex,Action,Smart and others.🌟 50+ Wallpapers (more to come soon whichwillmatch the style of Cast).🌟 Various icon alternatives (Moretocome!).🌟 A dashboard app with various featuresThis Icon Packallowsusers to donate, once donating, you’re welcome to send 5iconrequests to make it into the next update.Please get in contactifyou have any questions!The new dashboard is open source,Polar:https://github.com/afollestad/polar-dashboardNougat
Unofficial client for HeroesWM (Early access) 69
Anton Shinkaretsky
The unofficial mobile client for the game "Heroes of War andMoney"(heroeswm.ru). It is also "Lords of War and Money"(lordswm.com),LWM, HWM. The application partly implements thefunctionality ofthe browser game. Developed primarily to use withyour maincharacter. At the moment, the following functionalityisimplemented in the application: - HOME PAGE with informationaboutthe character, the timer before the next job, and thenotificationabout the readiness to work - MAP with the ability tosee availabehunt, skip the hunt, with timer before the next huntandnotification about hunt readiness, and with objects, where youcanenroll - JOB SEARCH search for a free job is also available -MAILwith the ability to view the last letters, as well as reply totheletter or write a new one - MARKET with the ability to seeyourlots, all lots of the market, as well as the opportunity topost alot, buy a lot that is sold directly, and see the transferhistoryIMPORTANT! The application was made by one person in hissparetime, and I did't achieve any response from the developers.Due tothe fact that there is no direct connection with the server,thereis a probability of errors. I will be fixing them as fast as Ican.I will be grateful for any information and help ineliminatingthem. In bold plans to reach out to the developers andturn thismobile client into an official one. Now the primary taskis to adda full-fledged market (if this is feasible withoutdirectcommunication with the server). And in the next stage, itisplanned to add battles. The login and password are stored onthedevice and used only to authenticate automatically. Theapplicationis completely free and doesn't contain advertising.
GaCivs (Early access) 0.1.16-SNAPSHOT
Real time strategy with human players only.In the Golden AgeofCivilizations, achieving success requires a balancebetweeneconomic expansion, military strength, andtechnologicaldevelopment. Once technological progress has broughtyou into thespace age, you may launch a spacecraft and the firstcivilizationwhose launch it wins. Because of the game istime-based, the gamewill end after four weeks (if no spacecrafthave yet beenlaunched), the surviving civilizations are then rated,and the onewith the highest overall score is the winner.The GoldenAge ofCivilizations is derived from the FreeCiv but it was devisedtosupport time-based instead of turn-based strategy; and itissupports the MMO gameplay where you compete against hundredsandsometimes thousands opponents to found cities and use themtosupport a military, and finally to complete an empire thatsurvivesall encounters with its neighbors to emerge victorious.Eachopponent is human player, not controlled by the computer!Thoughthegame is played in time and through weeks, at the beginning ofeachunits are assigned movement time, which are spent as they moveandact. Using up the movement time early may leave a unit withouttheability to respond if an opponent approaches later. Theunitscannot carry extra movement time into the next hours or days,everyunits has a limit of accumulation of time. All players beginwithsix units on a small continent: two Explorer, one Warriors,oneWorkers and two Settlers unit -- and race to expand outwardfromthose humble beginnings.Most of your map will be blank whenthegame begins, your units travel and discover the oceansandcontinents of the world. Note that your map is only the recordofthe terrain and cities your last encountered in an area -- youwillnot learn about changes in an area until your units visitagain,nor can you observe the movement of enemy units that are outofsight of your units and cities.Let's start playing today, areyouready?! :)
Kleo (Early Access) 0.0.1
Kleo is a hybrid Human/AI B2C and B2B platform designed tooutsourceany task through a dedicated team of doers. Kleo isconnectedthrough an iOS/Android app along with SMS and Facebook,and businessintegration with Slack/Email/Microsoft-Teams. Kleorememebers yourpreferences and creates personal relationships.
Wars Mobile: World War II 1.24
Wars Mobile is breaking out! Are you born to fight? It is a timeforyou to prove yourself and relive unforgettable glories in worldwarII. Remember, war makes hero. And, you are the hero! In WarsMobile,you will start a risky journey as a commander of the army.Ally orsplit? Defense or attack? Scout or anti-scout? You are theruler!Remember, it's your main battlefield! Never leave thebattlefrontand do enjoy playing with friends around the world.*Features-Strategy Warfare! Occupy a powerful stronghold, trainelitesoldiers, build irresistible armies, manage rich resources,learnadvanced strategies, defeat the tricky enemy and win thegreat worldwar in the end! -Strong Legion! Establish or join analliance tomake your own legion. Build the most famous unbeatableempire and bethe strongest commander. Let your members be proud ofyou! -Powerfulweapon! Tanks, Aircraft, Destroyer, Bomber, Gunsetc. All kinds ofweapons will make a high level RTS warfarepossible. -Vivid MMOWorld Gorgeous 3D graphics offer you a realvivid and splendid worldwar! You must be enchanted by the amazingwar experience. Come on,Commander! It's the WAR! Join Wars Mobileto feel the realbattlefield and conquer the world! If you have anyquestion, pleasedo not hesitate to contact us. Official Email:ws-cs@gamepip.comOfficial FacebookPage:https://www.facebook.com/Wars-Mobile-110520842767054 OfficialGamePage: http://wars.gamepip.com
Fitness RPG - Gamify Your Pedometer 3.1.11
PEDOMETER + RPG! Train your team of heroes as you exercise, themoreactivities the stronger your heroes become! Let’s take onthechallenges, and embark on the journey of becoming the new bestyou!It has been 12 years since the Dark Force took overFitland.Villagers await the savior to return. Will you be the oneto lead ateam of heroes, defeat enemies and save them all? KEYFEATURES: *Fitness RPG - Convert your steps into free energy anduse them tolevel up heroes * Sync steps - Connect and sync stepsfrom phone,Fitbit and Google Fit * Battlegrounds - Explore theFitland map,fight monsters and save the realm * Team of heroes -Collect andtrain different heroes, form the ace team * Preciousequipment andskins - Collect, upgrade precious weapons to make yourteamstronger * Arena - Compete with other players and fight yourway tothe top Please Note: Fitness Fantasy is a free-to-play game,butsome extra game items can be purchased for real money. Youcandisable in-app purchases in your device's settings.Facebookdiscussion group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/312801645872196/
MonsterField [early access] 1.1.03
Wild Whale
"Monster Field" is:- Exciting turn-based game!- Endlessrandomlevels generator!- Local multiplayer: fight against yourfriends onthe same device!Coming soon features :- Multiplayer forup to fourplayers on the Internet.- Storymode."Monster Field" isbased on themechanics of the "Hexagon", but includes new featuresthat make thegameplay more varied and interesting!Choose one of thecutemonsters and play for free!
Eaziche - easyche [ Early Access ] 1.0.2
Hardik Bamania
Eaziche is now the easiest way to connect with your friendsandlocal businessesEaziche is all new Social Network EnvironmentHelpsTo Find Friends , People , Services , Stores , Shops,Vendors,Traders , Local Businessesin your city with ease .FeaturesTheFeatures You Love to use in your daily socialnetworkenvironmentsuch as follow below and manymore.."EasyAuthentication"Registration with SMS verification.OneTime Process! No Need To Remember Password & Username ."EasyTimeline"PostEverything You Do..."Easy Chat"Stay Connected withVendors &Friends. Send Messages ."Easy Search & MapNearByFinding"Search everything you need in just few clicks &NearByguidance on MapEaziche is the New Start-Up and Available inLimitedCities in India !!We Are Growing And You Can Help UsGrowingFastLove It , Share It , Explore It , Give FeedbackLet Usknow WhatYou Need Us To Improve. Thank You for Downloading : )
VideoHOP - Early Access Beta 2.1.3
Fused Realities, Inc
The non-editing editing tool, no copyright violation,createsplaylist.VideoHOP App is made for: -- Everyone viewing,sharing,and editing videos: -- Intelligently bookmark and share‘just thegood parts’ of videos without violating copyright.Features: OurVideoHOP App enables ANY user to customize and shareANY video(local or RTSP streaming) of ‘just the good parts’skipping boringor non-relevant sections, plus zoom and slow-motionfor objects andevents of interest, loop, and fast-time viewingwithspeed-listening. Innovations are based upon use of indexes intotheoriginal source video to affect the PRESENTATION of the video.NOIllegal copying !!Benefits include: •Optimized viewing–automatically skipping the boring/non-relevant segments to‘Justthe Good Parts’ relevant events and objects ofinterest;•SavesViewing Time, Saves Bandwidth, Saves Storage,IncreasesEffectiveness;•Fast-Time Viewing with Speed Listeningfurtherenhances optimized viewing with 1.5X to 2.0X typicalcomfortableuses; •Slow-Motion & Zoom & Looping forobjects/events ofinterest •NO illegal copies means no nightmare ofvideo snippets toconfiguration manage (naming, securing, tracking)•New SecurityProcesses of Sharing the IntelliMark Links to theSecure NetworkVideos key time-slices WITHOUT making copies of theoriginal securesource video •NO illegal copyright infringements onsocial networksharing all videos; VideoHOP App Creators CustomizeVideo Content-- Once one person has created a IntelliMarkedPlaylist, they canshare it via email, blogs, Facebook, and anyplace that you canshare a URL link.ALL VideoHOP App Viewers EnjoysFully AutomatedPlayback – Once a friend has shared theirIntelliMarked playlistwith you, just pressing the play buttonenables you to enjoy alltheir customizing of the videos. Automatedjumping to just the goodparts, with slow-motion and zoom of thebest objects/events ofinterest, looping of key events, as well asfast-time viewing withspeed-listening! ANY VideoHOP Creator orViewer can Change ANYIntelliMarked Video Experience -- RememberIntelliMarks are indexesinto the original source videos WITHOUTchanging the video itself,nor making illegal copies. So all theoriginal video contentremains intact. ANYONE can delete, edit,and/or add IntelliMarks tofurther customize the video’sPRESENTATION to their preferences andliking. IntelliMarked Videoscan be shared and evolved on socialnetworks, crowd sourcing, andshared across platforms [VideoHOP isUnity3D based ensuring crossplatform support for Windows, Android,& iOS (pending)]VideoHOPis a new disruptive technology thatbreaks the barriers betweenvideo creators, video editors, andvideo viewers. Anyone can createa video with their mobile device,add IntelliMarks to just the goodparts, with zoom, speed changes,looping to share with the world.Our original tag line was VideoHOPis like ‘Vine on Steroids”combined with ‘YouTube on a Diet’
Starfight Arena (Early Access) 1.10
Starfight Arena is a multiplayer space action with asmoothshooter-like controls. Lots of explosions, pure dynamicsandtactics wrapped in the shell of a classic actionshootinggame.FEATURES (BETA)- Choose your ship, guns, offensiveanddefensive skills to build your own killing machine,- Engaging&fun gameplay: no boring tutorials andslow-pacedfights&flights. Just take off to rush enemies andspray'em todeath,- Deep customization options: make your shipunique withcustom paint job and camo,- Fast and breathtakingmultiplayersessions (quick play).WHAT'S COMING UP WITH FUTUREUPDATES?Here aresome features for the full version:- Open space,asteroid fields,orbital station hallways, battlecruiser interiorand lots ofvarious locations to explore and fight at,- Ratings andmedalssystem,- Special events,- Multiple game modes: PvE missions,teammatches, king of the hill and stargate defence,- Customization:doyou want some new skins, stickers and your nicknameprintedonboard?- Many spaceships,- Many abilities,- Many new guns.
Get to the Bottom! 1.0.26
Sam Blackmore
This is an early access release intended for technicalfeedback,testing compatibility etc.Soon to come:- lots more levels-morechallenges- more enemies- powerups- collectables- hints-originalsoundtrack
App Creator 0.39
AppGround IO
With App Creator you can easily make data-driven appswithoutprogramming. You can use data from Facebook, Github or anyotherdata source in the JSON format or create your owncontent.Templates for Facebook and Github pages are alreadyincluded. Thecreated apps will use the Material Designspecification for aconsistent Android look and feel. CAUTION Theapp is currentlyunder development and not all features areavailable right now. Ifyou have an app that you want to create thatis not possible rightnow, please let us know. We will try to addthese features as soonas possible. Our goal is to develop an easyand powerful app makerfor everyone.
com.nellyfish.lostlittlespaceman 1.2.3
Not your ordinary platform adventure. Little Spaceman is lostinspace, trying to find his way home. Can you escape the mazesandget him home? 🏆 Winner of the UK Developer Spotlight Award 2017★164 problem solving rooms to navigate through ★ 4puzzlingstations, each one larger and more challenging than thelast ★Unique control methods with 360° of rotation ★ Retropixel-inspiredvisuals ★ Collect sparkly things ★ Avoid the lasers,black holes,fireballs, aliens and more ! ★ Get him home ! Thanks toMysteryMammal for Lonely Satellite song licensedundercreativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0
Potential Beta
Note: We'll be rolling out a major update this Jan(2017) to fixmostof the issues and improve overall user experience.Potentialsyncsbattery, WiFi and Bluetooth status across all yourdevices.Forgotcharging one of your devices? It’s not an issue anymore. Get anotification whenever the battery of any of yourdevices is runninglow. You do not have to worry about keeping aneye on all yourdevices. We will inform you immediately if thebattery of any ofyour devices falls below a threshold level.Itoften happens that oneforgets to disable Bluetooth/WiFi afterusing it. Worry no more, youcan now disable these batteryconsuming services anytime and fromanywhere with just a single tapon the screen.You can also useChrome extension to monitor yourdevices. Get the extension fromhere. http://goo.gl/7xkG5VTo startusing just log in using the samecredentials on all yourdevices.List of features available:● Lowbattery notifications●Remotely disable WiFi/Bluetooth● Ring mydevice● Material design●Android wear support● Widget● ChromeextensionKnown Issue: Crashesfrequently on HTC One M8. This needssome more time.NOTE: Sincethis app is currently in public beta,please report crashes byclicking on report button. This helps us indebugging the actualissue. You may also add a custom message aboutthe circumstancesunder which the app closed. You can also recommendfeatures byusing our in-app contact us feature.ATTENTION"Potential"is anEarly Access title. It is currently still under heavydevelopmentwith new features being added. Currently there will bebugs, lockedoff content, missing features and other breakingissues. EarlyAccess includes the full app when it releases and allfutureupdates. Joining us in Early Access now will help support thecauseand ensure continued expansion of the development team,theirefforts and the planning and addition of even more featuresanddepth eagerly awaited by fans. The app is updated quitefrequently- and it's changing a lot.
CHax 2 (Early Access) 0.6.5
In-D Gaming
-------------------------------------------------------------------------(IN-GAMEEVENTSCHEDULEBELOW!)-------------------------------------------------------------------------Thepossibilitiesare limitless, and the content is infinite.CHax 2 isa sequel to oursuccessful unfinished endeavor, CHax. CHax is amobile physics andscripting sandbox, like Little Big Planet, orGarry's Mod. This gamewill allow you to establish your own worldwith other players or byyourself, import user-created content ormake your own and discovernew creations! Recommended SystemRequirements: -OS: Android4.1+-RAM: 2 GB-Storage: 64MB-Recommended Storage for futureupdates: 100MB-200MB-------------------------------------------------------------------------DISCLAIMER:Thisgame is still in development and it is in it's alpha stageofdevelopmebt. In other words, you get what you get. Pleaserefrainfrom asking when features will be implemented and pleasegive mefeedback on the features that are currentlyimplemented.BUGS:Please report all bugs to support@indgaming.com.Reports sent therehave more priority than reviews here, and iseasier for me torequest additional information.HELP WANTED: We arealso looking forUnity3d Devs, 2d graphic artists, and 3d Artists.Please email yourportfoliotojobs@indgaming.com-------------------------------------------------------------------------KNOWNISSUES:-Play/Start Button in Title Screen disappears on first runwhengoing back to the Title Screen after creating an avatar.(Fixed byrelaunching CHax 2)-Sounds are not always playing inspectatescreenPSA:-Ragdolls have been being very problematic and Iremovedthem to prevent chaos in game rooms until the problems areworkedout.-If you leave the app without closing it (sending it tothebackground), this will cause you to exit the match you arecurrentlyin. (The screen does not sleep while the game is running,duringamatch)-------------------------------------------------------------------------UPDATESCHEDULE:The update schedule no longer exists. Due to being verysubjectiveto delays, we will instead deliver 1 (sometimes 2)unscheduledupdates each month.It will help us keep you updated ifyou like ourFacebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/chaxofficial/Also, we aregoing to removeads and offer some exclusive beta content to thosewho support ourPatreon, so go check itout!https://www.patreon.com/indgaming-------------------------------------------------------------------------!!!!!!!!IN-GAMEEVENTS !!!!!!!!We will host events time to time tocelebrate certainmilestones, or just to have a good time. We maydo some fun whackystuff or debut new content. Overall, we want todeliver a newexperience in each event. Since this game is inearly-access, theevents are also an example of that. You canwitness each event growmore complex as the game itself grows morein its complexity. Themain reason we want to run these events isbecause they are fun anda good way to get the community alltogether at once. We hope youall attend at least once.Here is theschedule for the latest plannedevents:EVENT SCHEDULE IS NOW POSTEDIN-GAME IN THE ANNOUNCEMENTSMENUDon't forget to check yourtimezone difference so you don'tmissout!-------------------------------------------------------------------------FuturePlanned"Final" Features:-Game Modes (Like Deathmatch, PropHunt,etc.)-Visual Scripting Mod Support-Upload and DownloadUser-CreatedContent---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Security Checker (Early Access) 1.0.1
CoolCool Studio
This app help you check whether:1. Device is root or notroot.2.Device pass Safety Net of Google or not.THIS APPLICATIONDOES NOTROOT YOUR DEVICE!!!In the "Root Checker" tab you can checkwhetheryour device root or not by just one click. In addition, youcan getsome useful information such as:1. Root management appsexist ornot2. Potentially dangerous apps (updating)3. Busyboxbinary4.Whether su file exist5. Root Native exist or not6. RootCloakingapps exist or not.In the "Safety Net" tab you can checkwhetheryour device pass "Safety Net" by Google. As information fromGooglesite(https://developer.android.com/training/safetynet/attestation.html):"SafetyNetexaminessoftware and hardware information on the device where yourapp isinstalled to create a profile of that device. The servicethenattempts to find this same profile within a list of devicemodelsthat have passed Android compatibility testing. The API alsousesthis software and hardware information to help you assess thebasicintegrity of the device, as well as the APK information ofthecalling app. This attestation helps you to determine whether ornotthe particular device has been tampered with or otherwisemodified.It also provides information about the app that is usingthis API sothat you can assess whether the calling app islegitimate."So pleaseensure that your device has the good internetcondition to check"Safety Net".This application is in developmentphase, there will bemany interestingfeaturesahead.======================================Notice foricons:Iconsmadeby:https://www.flaticon.com/authors/those-iconsfromwww.flaticon.comlicensedbyCreative Commons BY 3.0"======================================
Türkiye Rust 1
Meu Dedikodu
Rust, Facepunch Studios tarafından geliştirilen Steam'dendijitaldağıtım yapılan bir hayatta kalma video oyunudur. 11 Aralık2013'teMac, Linux, Microsoft Windows'a yayınlandı ve erkenerişimaşamasındaydı. 14 Haziran 2014'te yeniden erken erişimaşamasındaoldu. Oyun Unity 5 oyun motorunu kullanarak yapılıyor.RustSteam'de Erken Erişim'de birçok güncelleme yapıldı. Oyununmekaniğiyeniliklerinde çok oyunculu ve internet bağlantısı gereklioldu.Ark: Survival Evolved ve H1Z1 benzer oyunlarlakarşılaştırılmıştır.Rust oyunundaki amaç hayatta kalmaktır. Oyundabulunan malzemelerleel işçiliği yapıp ve hayvanlardan yararlanıpyiyecek yiyerekhayatta kalınabilir. Oyunda ölmemekten emin olmakiçin oyuncu kendiistatistiklerini izleyebilir.Uygulamada, Rusthakkındagüncellemeler,yenilikler ile ilgili bilgi verilmektedir.Yakınzamanda Grup Oluşturma, Grup'a Arkadaş Ekleme, Sohbetbölümügelecektir.Rust, developed by Facepunch Studios is a survivalfromthe Steam digital distribution of video games made. December112013, Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows and was published earlyaccessphase. June 14 2014, was rebuilt in the early access phase.Game 5is done using the Unity game engine. Rust has made severalupdateson Steam Early Access. innovation in the multiplayer gamemechanicsand the internet connection is required. Et al: SurvivalEvolvedand H1Z1 were compared with similar games. Rust purpose ofthe gameis to stay alive. whether material with manual labor in thegameand taking advantage of the animals can stay alive by eatingfood.Players in the game to make sure to die can tracktheirstatistics.In practice, updates about Rust providesinformationabout innovations. Recently Creation Group Add GroupDating, Chatsection is the future.
ContactDex [Early Access] Early Access 0.1
Mark Davidoff
This app is in Early Access (Alpha)! Please report bugs andfeedbackto my email, not here in the public reviews.ContactDex isaPokémon-style contact manager inspired byGameFreak/Nintendo'sPokémon games.View and edit your contactsgender, weight andheight! Record a 'cry' (sound) for each contact.It will play backwhen you open that contact in this app, or whenyou press a button!The app supports RTL languages and devices usingAndroid Eclair!Contact's information and cries will be saved andSYNCED to yourGoogle account(s)! Currently themed inspired by arecent game. Thisapp acknowledges all copyrights and uses nographics, sounds or anyother assets from the Pokémon games. Allgraphics have beengenerated programmatically or generated throughvector graphicscreated by myself (the app developer).Upcomingfeatures:- Improvedspeed/performance- Improved UI - eg, option tostop cryplayback/recording early- Improved graphics, animationsandsounds.- Many settings to customize the app toyourliking/preference- Themes inspired by other games and sourcesofinspiration- User theme-able: It is planned to allow the usertocustomize the look and feel of the app by allowing you towriteyour own layouts and place buttons any way you like, as wellaschange all the graphics! We already support both scrollingandanimated backgrounds, ready for your themes!Known Bugs:-Longloading times when editing contacts or loading contacts withmanylinked accounts- Gender changes are not reflected instantly-'Cry'button may not be visible in landscape view on somescreensPleasereport bugs and feedback to my email, not here in thepublicreviews.This is Early Access. You are able to refund withinan hourof purchase if you are not yet satisfied with theproduct.Thankyou, and enjoy! :)
One Shot Outlaw (Unreleased)
Midnight Games
One Shot Outlaw is a multiplayerwesternshootercurrently in Early Access. Play real-time intensebattleagain otheroutlaws! Shoot your way to the top to become thetopoutlaw.Early Access version does not represent the final-version.
S.U.N. 1.58
Enfoglobe LLC
Substance Use Navigation mobile app is designed fortrackingdecisions and outcomes (i.e. cravings, substance use, mood)oftreatment-related activities, such as medication orcognitivebehavioral techniques of Substance Use Disorder (SUD)patients.
Kunkong (early access) 1.0.9
Lumicreative Games
*This is an early access game and is not the complete game* Thisisa 2D game where you roll a ball around and collect items togrowbigger. Larger objects will slow you down so watch out!Nextreleases: - Different objects - Skins - Morelevel/progressionmechanics - Moving enemies - Different maps
Ray's Phobia 1.0.4
SnowPack Studios
Ray's Phobia is a fully immersive Mobile Horror Game madebySnowPack Studios.Ray finds himself in a horrifying nightmare,hegathers courage and ascends from darkness, separated fromthereality, into another dimension and surrounded by creaturesandlife forms that do not resemble the qualities of a humanbeing.Thegame is available for free on Google Play Store, in EarlyAccess,fixes and quick updates may occur for the best usergameplayexperience.Although the game is in Early Access, it hasbeendeveloped by a one-man team and it is supported entirely byin-gameads to help with the further Development & Improvementof thegame.Thank you in advance!
Cy-thon Early Access Pre-Alpha
Sanitarium Designs
!!!PLEASE READ!!!This is an Early Access Pre-Alpha! Its goingtohave bugs and its incomplete. Everything you see is still inearlydevelopment and there are alot of placeholders. We havedecided todo an early release of the basic concept of the game togaininterest and incite.By downloading this game now you get to bepartof its evolution. Youll already be assisting in its creation,youllalso get to chime in on ideas, features, graphics, controls,bugsand more.If you run into any unknown bugs or the gamecrashes,please report them so we can fix theproblem.-Controls/Gameplay-TheCyborg Python, Cy-thon for short, isa snake clone re-imagined.Gameplay is very simple a straightforward. After you select a "Stage"and it loads the snake willcontinuously move forward until itfinally crashes into a wall orits own body. Its body will slidealong walls and objects with noissue.Your goal is to eat as manybaddies as possible withoutcrashing. More baddies you consume thelonger the snake gets and thefaster you go. Controls are even moresimple, tap/hold left or righthand side of the screen to cause thesnake to turn Counter-Clockwiseor Clockwise.There are currently 3types of baddies that will berandomly chosen when they spawn.Blueis a drone, does nothing morethan wander around.Red is a bomb, ifit happens to run into youit'll initiate a count down and take outsections of your body.Greenis a fighter, it'll wander around untilits near your body thenit'll attack.-Known Bugs/Incompletecode-Fighter baddies (Green)dont attack yet.-Todo/Plans-DesignmenusMore stagesSmoother micerotationsMice texturesPowerupsMoremice classesMusic
Cursed Coins 1.17.0
VJ Games
★ Cursed Coins ★ is a defense game with intense combat basedoncharacter skills. During the game player controls 4 charactersandhave to defeat enemy waves and fight challenging bosses.4Graverobbers stole cursed coins from a skeleton king and now theyarepursued by undead army. Defeat challenging bosses and escapefromthe graveyard with precious coins!Features:★ 4 uniquecharacters•each have 2 unique weapons• each have from 4 to 8 skillswhich canbe leveled• character levels up to 20• characters can beupgradedfor more damage, range and skill power★ 5 uniquebosses•Necromancer• Zombie Lord• Wild Zombie Hound• ArmoredSkeleton•Skeleton King★ Random generated levels★Additionalencounters/intractable objects during journey• with morethan 100rewards/curses★ Consumable items★ Endless mode🎨 Pixel art🎼Originalsoundtrack by Davi Vasc
Slime Farmer 2 1.06
Slime Farmer 2 is a simulation game inthebeautiful wood location about daredevil slimes that lives onthefarm with rancher. You are the rancher and you have a lotofdifferent types of slimes. Rancher and farmers use to suckslimesand shoot them in the cage. If you a good rancher you willfeedyour slimes with carrots and you definitely will love thatbecausefed slimes produce shiny gems. Every framer and rancherloves gems.There are 6 types of slimes to produce jems! Every slimetype livein peace and don't eat each other! What a nice slimes!What evereven some other people like them, people who doesn’t workas farmeror rancher. Be like a rambo in world of slimes. Love them!Havefun!Features:1. Awesome gameplay!2. You will love the slimes!3. A really big area!4. It's free!5. Easy controls!Download Slime Farmer 2 right now and do not forget to leaveacomment.
Nicky Lee
**NEW UPDATE (0.0.52)** Scavenge, Fight and Survive until yourverylast breath. Explore the eerie town of Autumn County,Connecticut,to find Food, Water, Weapons, and anything else thatwill help yourchances of survival against The Dead Ones. FEATURES:-RealisticGraphics, Powered by Unreal Engine 4. -Day & NightCycle.-Realistic Combat | Push, Attack, and Dismember The DeadOnes. -AnEmotional, Eerie, and Atmospheric Soundtrack. -TONS ofBrand-Newfeatures and New Content coming via Updates! This is justthebeginning of ATDO, as i will be updating the gameperiodically,adding Brand New Content, Brand New Features andfixing annoyingbugs! FEATURES TO COME: Gathering, Scrapping &Crafting:-You'll be able to scrap materials from Junk Items orItems youdon't use, to craft completely new items! -WorkingCrafting System-Gather various items from the world and add them torecipes forcrafting! Brand New Character Model: There isn't acharacter modelyet, But in future updates, the player will choosebetween Male orFemale. Exploration: -More buildings, towns, andcities to explore.-Bigger World to explore. -The current world isjust temporary. Iplan on adding a completely new, dense world in afuture update.-More landmarks to see and explore. Complete DEADONES Overhaul:-Combat Overhaul. -Zombie Variations (runners,crawlers etc) -AIOverhaul. -And more. Combat Gameplay Overhaul:-More Tighter andgrounded Combat Features. -More items and Weaponsto find. -There'sgoing to be A LOT of items and weapons. Brand NewGameplay Systems:-Fishing. -Cooking. -Sleeping. -Farming. -Hunting& Skinning.-Camping. -Bleeding System. -Generators & Power-ObjectPlacement (Pickup items and place them wherever u want, justlikeFallout) -Weapon Upgrades, Maitnance & Fortification,BaseBuilding, Generators. -Experience and Leveling up systems-RPGElements -NPCs and Wildlife -Factions -Trading -Weather&Seasons -And more! Local & Online Multiplayer: -8 PlayersLocal| 32 Players Online. -Host & Join Servers! EquipmentSystem:-Customize your character with Clothes, Armor, andAccessories thatyou find in the world. Character Movement Overhaul:-Swimming.-Climbing. -Vaulting. -Parkour. -Prone. BetterPerformance: -BetterPerformance on Mobile Devices. UI, HUD &Controls OVERHAUL:-Better HUD -Completely New UI -BetterInventory/Crafting/Equipmentsystem and UI -More Intuitive TouchControls -Controller SupportAnd a LOT more, with the help of yourideas and suggestions! Hopeyou enjoy the game while you wait forsome Hotfixes and version 0.2(0.2 is gonna be a big update) [NOTE](AMONG THE DEAD ONES wasdeveloped by a team of one person, withcountless hours put in, anda huge amount of dedication,determination, and hard-work)
Happy Ranch 1.16.30
Welcome to Happy Ranch! Build the happiest ranch with your newbestfriends, the QLTONs! QLTONs are generous spirits that willhelpmake your ranch life more fun! In Happy Ranch, you’llharvestcrops, produce and trade goods, visit your friends' ranch,takecare of cute animals and more! Features - Build and operateanamazing ranch - Harvest fresh crops and produce goods - Takecareof cute animals - Cook a variety of food and desserts withyourQLTON friends - Trade crops and goods with friends, neighbors,andQLTONs - Use unique themes and items to make your ranchsuperspecial SUPPORT: Have a question about the game? Visit our FAQPagehttps://goo.gl/Afa4De PLEASE NOTE: Happy Ranch is free todownload,but some in-game items may request purchase with realmoney. If youdon’t want to use these features, please make sure todisablein-app-purchases in your device settings. By downloadingthis game,you agree to our terms of service. You can check theterms ofservice via the linkhere;https://qlton.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/220692947-Game-Service-Policy
Siren Of War early access (Unreleased)
Frame Blast Studios
* Currently in Early Access Alphastage,allcontent is not yet available and the finnishedproductmayvary.Siren of War is a WW2 era classic shooter with a campaignandanendless survival mode with upgradeables.* Start with a Ju 87 Stuka to terrorise the enemy forces.* Purchase a Panzer 2 for ingame money to add variation tothegameexperience and mechanics.* Compete with your friends or total strangers inMultiplayerCoopmode where one play as Airplane and the other atank.* Compete against your friends to get the highest scoreintheextremly difficult Hardcore mode. (Comming soon)
Pocket Maps
Pocket Maps is a new Mind Mapping app for Android. December 2018-New update with Image and Drawing support! Pocket Maps aims tobethe best app for mobile Mind Mapping, check out our video above,ordownload the app and see for yourself! Features • Beautifullayouts- watch your topics grow in all directions, no moremanuallyplacing topics • Fast! Pocket Maps is built for speed •Image anddrawing support • Great, mobile focused UI - Lots ofpowerful mapediting capability at the tip of your fingers • Exportto maps toimage or text • Map Templates - Quickly create new mapsbased onuser defined templates • Google Drive integration - Accessyourmaps across devices • Night mode/dark UI color options formakingMind Maps in the dark (Some features require subscription)PocketMaps believes that Mind Mapping on mobile should be fast, andfun!Permission descriptions: • SDCard storage: when creating a newMindMap, the app will ask for access to your storage. This is sothatit can create maps on your SDCard.
Horse Farm 1.0.1188
upjers GmbH
❤ Horse Farm – Create your own Riding Stables ❤ Let yourselfbeenchanted by Horse Farm – a delightful horse game forequestrianenthusiasts on the go! Build your own horse ranch, keepbeautifulhorses, pamper your hooved pals and give your guests avacationthey won't forget! Multitudinous Horse Breeds andExcitingChallenges Build stables, barns and lodges. Completeriveting horsegame tasks, and pamper your Horse Farm's guests withculinarydelicacies and a wide variety of horse-related leisureactivities.You'll be able to keep all sorts of different horses,fromAppaloosas and Quarter Horses to Shetland Ponies,Arabians,Hanoverian and many, many more. Crossbreed differentbreeds, andget foals that inherit special abilities and appearancesfrom theirparents. Horse Farm offers you a unique game setting withcountlessopportunities to customize your gaming experience. Explorethe richand beautifully designed world of this horse game, as youbuildyour own riding academy on your tablet or smartphone. You'llstartoff by building your first stable and purchasing your firsthorse.But soon you'll be doing so much more, attracting guests toyourhorse ranch by providing comfortable lodgings, delicious food,andearning money from the day to day business at your stables.HorseFarm's spectacular array of features includes: •Detailedcustomization options for your horse stable – many thingsdown tothe fences, window frames and roof tiles can be painted inyourfavorite colors! • Diverse management tasks – Supply yourhorseswith water and hay, exercise and train your animals, and cookmealsfor your guests. You can also hire helpful staff to assistyou! •Countless expansion and upgrade options for the stables,barns andlodges on your Horse Farm • A wide variety of horsebreeds,including Arabians, Appaloosas, Clydesdales, Quarter Horseandadorable Shetland Ponies • A breeding station that allows youtocross various horse breeds and breed foals withspecialcharacteristics (for example speed, endurance, agility orjumpingprowess) • Lovingly detailed graphics and charming animals•Long-lasting fun, guaranteed to captivate horse enthusiastsandtycoon fans Horse Farm – The Horse Game for Players on theMoveDiscover the enchanting world of Horse Farm, a unique horseappdistinguished by its attention to detail. Build a heavenlyhavenfor horses and horse lovers alike, and manage your Horse Farmwithcare and diligence. Experience how enchanting a horse app canbe!Get Horses for your very own Ranch! Download the app in thestorenow and take care of your horses!
Protofy (Early Access)
Early Access price! 50% off regular price on our WYSIWYGlayoutdesigner for the Android platform. Protofy is like a goodbottle ofwine. It gets better with age at no cost to earlyadopters! Allearly access sales will go to development. Please notethat Protofyis a development tool and should not be used unless youare anandroid developer or UI designer. With Protofy, you will beable tocreate your app’s layout using control systems to modify thelookand feel of your design, without writing a single line of code!Theedge menu system will allow you to select control systemswithoutlosing sight of your main layout. This makes it easy to findtheselect view that you’re currently editing. Programming on amobiledevice can be daunting and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it begreat ifyou could create your own app UI without writing a singleline ofcode? With Protofy, you can. Within minutes you can design aUIprototype anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks. Wewillhandle generating the code and placing it somewhere that’seasilyaccessible, so you don’t have to. Taking it a step farther isthatyou can see your layout running in real-time on your device, soyouknow it’ll work! Protofy’s layout AI will intelligentlyanalyzeyour plan to detect conflicts and will add and removelayoutparameters depending on your selection. It will also alertyou whena particular layout option places a view off the screenmaking sureyour views stay on the screen at all times. What aboutAndroidfragmentation? Protofy extends built in Android layoutcommandsmaking sure your design will scale across every screen sizeon anydevice. You do not need to import any third-party libraries,alldesigns generated with Protofy will work out of the box. Allyouhave to do is copy the file from your device to yourworkenvironment; it’s that easy! The current control systemsincludedin early access are as follows: A views Text/HintA viewsTextSizeFont/EmphasisLine SpacingColor and AlphaAviewspaddingPositioning a view in relation to its parentviewPositioninga view in relation to its parent-child viewsA viewsmarginsLayoutWrapping to define how a view is displayed(wrap_content,match_parent, etc.)Removing the view fromparentRemoving individuallayout parameters from a viewGenerate XMLfile for layout Thecurrent build supports adding TextViews,Buttons, and EditTexts tolayouts with more views coming very soon!No signal? No problem.Protofy was engineered from the verybeginning to be used offline.This means all of our algorithms andAI are running locally on thedevice in real-time. We wantedDevelopers not to feel limited inwhere they could design a newlayout. For example: If you areflying to a conference, but theplane does not have Internetaccess, you can still prototype adesign for your team or clientback home. What we are currentlydeveloping for Protofy includes:Setting Background image fromGalleryMore ViewsMultiple LayoutSupport (LinearLayout, FrameLayout,etc.)Create multiple layouts atthe same timesupportSharingLandscape and Portrait SupportedLayouts What we hopeto create Protofy into: A fully featuredWYSIWYG app creator As withall early access programs a bug islikely to pop up here and there,please contact our team atprotofyapp@gmail.com so we can get asquashing making yourexperience bug free! Please contact us beforeleaving a negativereview since a project of this scope and designneeds feedback, sowe can improve!Want to request a feature to beadded, or just wishto get in touch with us? We are all ears; youcan contact us atprotofyapp@gmail.com