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BALL 1.0.4
Prepare for the most amazing ball adventure ever. Tap to changetheballs direction and make your way through an amazingglowingworld.Features:◉ 3 Game Modes: Levels, Score and Impossible◉Unlock35 amazing balls◉ 1000 Levels◉ Beautiful designed graphics◉Simpleone-touch controls
Red Ball 1 2.0.77
FrostBit Games
A classic platform game to bring your childhood memories back,Playwith Red Ball to overcome obstacles and explore the jungle.Jumpand run through exciting levels that are full of adventure,Makeyour way through tricky traps in a physics based world. agoodcombination of old school game play with modern Arcadeelements,you just need to collect all the gems for completinglevels.FEATURES: - Classic game style - Side-scrolling gaming -SolvePuzzles - Physics based Platforming - 3 Adventure worlds,35challenging and fun levels - Multiple enemy types - Easyandintuitive controls - Achievements and awesomeleader-boardsDownload for free and enjoy the game!
Smashies: Balls on tap, hop to the top! 1.0.8
WHAT (games)
Keep your eye on the ball as you tap to jump higher and higherwithan endless series of obstacles to dash through in the game.Justtap to begin your race to the top without a second to be idleasyou try not to smash into objects with color, and twist yourwaythrough objects that have no color, all to reach themagnificentburger waiting at the top of the road! Expert timing anda dash ofskill is key, because if you rush and smash into somethingwithcolor, you’ll crush your chances and have to start a new runfromthe bottom! Jump to collect each Diamond along the road andunlockevery fun new ball and feel the rush as you make your way tothesuper Burger at the top for a most delicious victory in thisarcadeaction game!GAME FEATURES- Mix-and-match game levels add adash ofexcitement to each time you make a run for the burger withnewarcade tap challenges to play! Sure to give each race a freshrushof color and fun.- Trade in your Diamond stash and rush tocollect30+ ball styles that add a fun new twist to each run. Soroll withbouncy Basketball, angry Viking, noble Knight, sneakyNinja,adorable Panda, cool Snowman, subway Punk, far-out Alien,hyperHedgehog, powerful Bull, cosmic Spaceship, Super Hero boy,sweet ascandy Watermelon, yummy Ice Cream, sour Lemon and manymore!- Jumpinto a fast but precise tap based ball game. Enjoysimple butchallenging game design that’s popular with everyone, andsee howlong your run can last in this color filled game world ofendlessfun!For fans of arcade game action, endless fun, simple “taptap”controls, making a mad dash through obstacles, being aPanda,taking on a super race through fun levels, reaching for a bigjuicyburger, and smash hit games with a twist you can play wheneveryouhave anidleminute!_____________________________________________Visit usatwww.what.gamesFollow us on:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/WHATgamesOfficial/YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdYDfC-K4vtEQGkh7hY--0wLinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/18157777/ This appallows youto purchase virtual items within the app and maycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite.End-User License Agreement: www.what.games/eulaPrivacyPolicy: www.what.games/ppTerms of Use: www.what.games/tos
Basket and Ball
Sun Temple
Tap the jump button to bounce the living ball as if youaredribbling it! Use gamepad or virtual joystick controls to leadthestray ball to the basket! Perform crazy acrobatic stunts, testyourthrowing aim, and solve physics puzzles to complete levels! Usethetime stopping bonus to get out of difficult situations.Convertyourself to stone to withstand nails, pump yourself up tojumphigher, and even change gravity to reach impossible spots.Avoidrobotic police and fire traps, jump over spikes, dive intowaterand propel yourself with explosions on 80 levels of crazyfun!Watch out for the aliens in UFOs trying to abduct you fortheirevil experiments! Win funny achievements like BasketballMVP,Delinquent, or the Yogi. Compete with your friends onleaderboardsin the star collecting challenge. Basket & Balloffers twotypes of gameplay. The first one is a classical arcademode withvirtual joystick controls. You will have to show someagility andtiming precision in order to successfully complete thelevels. Butto really stand out in the high score charts you willhave tocollect the stars scattered across the basketball court,often inplaces seemingly impossible to reach. Bonuses like airpump,gravity shift, or time stop will come in handy. Every 3 orsolevels a different gameplay is offered. You will have to launchtheball with carefully chosen speed and direction like in manyotherbasketball throwing games! These levels are called"shootoutchallenges", and the basketball court will contain 3 starstocollect. The stars will be counted only if you deliver themintothe basket. Collect all 3 stars and you win immediately.Otherwise,you must get at least one score out of 3 shots to passthechallenge. Game features: ★ crazy ball-crobatic jumps. ★classicalvirtual joystick controls ★ solve physics puzzles ★ useamazingrule-changing bonuses ★ complete 80challenging levels onabasketball court! ★ gamepad and keyboard support! Gamepadcontrols:Joystick or arrow keys - go left and right. A or C buttons- bouncedown, launch the ball in shootout challenge, use timestoppingbonus in shootout challenge. X, Y or Z buttons - use timestoppingbonus B button - skip level preview, pause the game,navigate backin menus or quit the game from Main Menu Keyboardcontrols: Arrowkeys - go left and right Space key - bounce down orlaunch theball, use time stopping in shootout challenge Enter key -use timestop bonus Escape - skip level previews, pause the game,navigateback in menus, or quit the game from Main Menu.
Jump Ball - Hop Up Rush 1
Appsoft Technology ©
- Jump up to the sky as much as you can.- Avoid spiky enemiesandlaser beams.- 20 funny characters to unlock.- 50 unique levelsandan endless mode game play.- Leaderboards and achievements totrackyour progress and compete with others.- Start jumping to thetop.
Swipe Brick Breaker 1.3.4
Monthly 23
The champion of time killer! Most addictive! simple and minimalgameplay!. Don't worry about losing ball. Just focus on breaking.Justswipe to shoot the balls. Deal damage to bricks and breakbricks.You can make endless ball chain! Enjoy ingenious turn basedarkanoidstyle game. Download for free. There is no in-apppurchase. You canplay without internet connection. [Features] -Free to play -Endless gameplay - score competition with playersfrom all over theworld [How to play] - Swipe to shoot balls tobreak the bricks. -When ball hits the brick, durability isreduced. When durabilityreduce to 0, brick breaks. - Get the greencircle to increase thenumber of balls. - When the bricks reach thebottom line, game isover. - Challenge to make yout high score!Monthly23 is independentone man developer who release game everymonth. Make addictiveminimalist game for all ages. Visit ourfacebook page.https://www.facebook.com/monthly23
Attack on Ball 1.0
What is your best score?Easy to learn Difficult tomaster!PlayingAttackOnBall is simple.*How to play:- Left touch tomove left-Right touch to move right- Don't Touch The Ball!EnjoyAttack onBall
Laser Balls 20181126
Epic Shark
Destroy balls! You control color laser cannons. The goal is toshootrolling balls before they reach bottom edge. Ball color haveone ormore constituent colors. Ball looses a color when hit withmatchinglaser light. Use multiple color shots for multicoloredballs. Alaser beam can only destroy a ball of the same color! Useproperlaser beam light to annihilate given color balls: red ball -redlaser green ball - green laser blue ball - blue laser magentaball -red and blue lasers yellow ball - red and green lasers cyanball -green and blue lasers white ball - red, green and bluelasers Thegoal is to destroy as many balls as you can. Try it! Itgets harderwhen game speeds up and more trichromatic white ballsrolls out.Game makes a lot of fun. Play with friends and comparethe resultsat leaderboards. You can spend a lot of time with itwithoutboredom. Play carefully. Focus, like a laser beam ;)Givefeedbackand we will make game better.
Real Fortune Teller - Clairvoyance Crystal Ball
Le Maitre Guru
Do you want to know your future for free? Love, work, health,money... the ball of prediction tells you everything! DownloadtheClairvoyance Crystal Ball app and let us guide you toknoweverything about your future, your friends, your relationship,loveetc ...
Billiards Club 1.5
Littlefinger Games
Billiards Club is a classic 8 ball based pool game, if you likearelaxed game of 8 ball, this is the classic 8 ball based poolgamefor you! Game Features: - The only rules is just grab the cueandtry to pocket every ball on the table - Support Offline toplay,you can enjoy playing this 8 ball game at anytime and anywhere-Powerful simulation with accurate ball physics - Realisticballanimation - Super smooth controls Play billiards club for freenow!
Ball Pool Online 1.3
Littlefinger Games
Ball pool billiards is a greate mobile billiard game, bothsupportsingle player and online player. If you like to playbilliards,this is the free pool ball game for you! Features: - 8balls, 9balls and other billiards mode to choose from - Battle withthehighest IQ AI or poll game friends online anytime -Originaladvanced physical effects, realistic simulation of thereality ofbilliards experience - Ball Pool Billiards Online - Morethan 100levels challenge mode, offline to play
Cricket Fast Live Line 5.0.9
Edouard Hagege
Welcome to one of the most and prominent to follow ball by balllivecricket matches update. Cricket Fast Live Line mobile appsshowsBall by ball all international Tests, ODI, T-20 and recentcricketmatches. Cricket Fast Live Line mobile apps shows Alltheinternational and domestic cricket season , Tri Series, T20Series,ODI and other matches. Features: • Recent Matches •UpcomingMatches • Ball by ball live score updates • alertsandnotifications services I hope this mobile app help you alltheCricket Lovers..! Download our official app today.!
Billiards Online 2.0
Bike Race Studio
Billiards is a modern arcade style ball pool game with singleplayerand online player, If you love a relaxed game of 8 ball or 9ball,this is the pool ball game for you! Features: - Support 8balls, 9balls billiards mode - Single Player Mode - Arcade Mode:100+Challenging Levels - Battle with poll game friends onlineanytime -realistic simulation of the reality of billiardsexperience
Bouncy Ball 4.1.3
Addictive brain game has selected 10,000,000 users!! [RecordGooglePlay] - (Republic of Korea) Overall Top 2 free app Top 2Brain& puzzle games [Introduction Game] The best addictivebraingames You eat the stars to all the way. It's easier than anygames.various obstacle/trap will be the best control games to testyourcontrol. And level of more than 20 world and 800 will be agreatbrain games. ※ Note: Bounce Ball is best killing time game.Youwill not stop the moment you begin. ※ [Game Play Service] Youcancompete in social play with people all over the world by usingtheGoogle plus ID. Do you have confidence to be the No.1 in theworld?[Online Map Store] Bouncy ball is providing the map editor,theonline map store for creative game. You can to design yourownlevels in the map editor. and You can share it in the map storetoworld users. Map editor has most addictive better than anygames.You feel pass one minute to create the map, but in fact onehourhas passed. It's incredible killing time game. Users ineachcountry, play the map you've created, and give rating 1~5point.Map store has created more than 100,000 maps per day, 1millionmaps in three days that users have uploaded map store,sufficientto establish the best addicting games. Far moreinteresting thanthe official map, various, maps have been waitingfor your brain inthe map store. [Control] To touch the left andright sides of thescreen. Bouncy ball is a most simple game. Youcan feel theaddictive nature of the best user simplicity, we did alot ofeffort. [Features] 1.100% free brain games 2.Provide mapeditor andonline map store 3.Official Map of more than 8004.endless updates5. So many various item. Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/RAONGAMES
Bouncing Balls 1.4
Fun Games Free
Play the classic and most fun Bouncing Balls for FREE!BouncingBallsis the BEST matching game! Train your brain and solve allpuzzles inthis awesome Ball Games. How to play this game?1.Tap onthe screento shoot bubble.2.Match 3 or more bubbles of the samecolor topop.3.Clear all bubbles to unlock the next level.ExcitingGameFeatures:★ Easy and fun for all the whole family and all ages★Over300 puzzle levels in Arcade Mode!★ No wifi need, Shootbubbleanytime&anywhere!★ 2 game mode:classic bubble shooter&arcade mode.Let's start shooting bubble and enjoy thebubblepopping fun!
Balls Bounce 2 : Puzzle Challenge 1.53.3935
Noodle Games
🎉Using items to have more fun in Balls Bounce 2 NOW! 🎇  BallsBounce 2: Puzzle Challenge arrives in Android market andbrings thefree-to-play arcade game enjoyment for all Balls Bouncefans.Unique mix between brick breaker and bubble shooter games,perfecttime killer to spend your leisure time. Over hundredsofchallengeable levels, clear the stages by eliminating bricks ontheboard. This brick breaker block game is going to be a hit! HOWTOPLAY❓   Swipe your finger👆 and throw balls, break allbricksand finish all puzzle challenges. Boost your score by skillsandconcentration, time to challenge and shoot balls with yourfriendsnow! Balls Bounce 2 – Puzzle Challenge Game Features  🌟 Over1000 challenges, can play without internet connection 🌟10different items and numbers of special bricks 🌟 No time limit,bestcasual game to kill your free time 🌟 Stunning graphic: burstallbricks! 🌟More than 20 color ball patterns 🌟 Free to playbouncingballs game, easy to play and free for all ages 🌟GlobalLeaderBoards 🌟Tablet support Focus on shooting balls, bounce yourballchain and brick all bricks. Balls Bounce 2 is suitable forplayerswho love bricks breaker puzzle, searching for the bestcasualarcade game like bouncy balls, balls games and free blockbreakergames. 🆓 Download for FREE today, relax your brain in theaddictedball bouncy puzzle game world!
Air Soccer Ball ⚽ 3.0
aoujapps pro
"Air Soccer Ball is one of the most addictive games and soccergamesfree for kids and adults, easy to play and hard to master,this gameis a mixed from air hockey and soccer". Challengeyourself in 1player mode and try to defeat your opponent beforethe end of time,remember this game is not like any other airhockey games whosegames end when scoring a certain number ofgoals, you can alsochallenge your friend in 2 players mode and tryto inflict a severedefeat on him. National teams of United States,England, Australia,Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Belgium, Brazil, Chile,Colombia, CostaRica, Croatia, Danemark, Egypt, France, Germany,Irak, Iran, Italy,Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands,Panama, Peru,Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal,Serbia, Slovakia,Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden,Switzerland, Tunisia, Uruguayat your service. How to play AirSoccer Ball: It's like air hockeygames, easy to play and hard tomaster, Try arcade table soccer thatalways will be in your pocketand kick the ball with fingers, becareful you will take a yellowcard if you keep the ball in yourarea more than 10 seconds.FEATURES: ★ 1 or 2 player mode. ★ Smoothand responsive game play(based on air hockey). ★ Amazing graphics.★ Real power of eachteam ★ World cup Russia 2018 tournament. ★ 4selectable balls(world cup soccer ball, euro cup ball, classicball, classic ballmix color). ★ 3 table soccer. ★ Amazing soccernet. ★ selectabletimes from 90 to 150 seconds. ★ day, afternoon andnight glowhockey soccer themes to play in. ★ Amazing sound effects.Now youcan achieve better experience in airhockey game onsmartphones withnot large screen. Don't forget to leave us ratingand review to letus know what you think about Air Soccer Ball. Havea good colorsoccer game! Enjoy!! Visit our Facebook fan pageat:https://www.facebook.com/AirSoccerBall/-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTES:Sounds used: • Stadium Soccer Crowd Short Cheer by:http://www.freesfx.co.uk • soccer knee 02 byvolivieri(https://freesound.org/people/volivieri/sounds/37159/) •Refereewhistle blow, gymnasium bySpliceSound(https://www.freesound.org/people/SpliceSound/sounds/218318/)
Red Ball Rush 2.1
Mob Games
In a world full of creatures, little RED BALL must RUSHtoaccomplish his mission: collect lives and guns to stay aliveandall diamonds to pass levels. RED BALL RUSH is a patform gamebasedon a red ball.
Kick Balls 1.0.23
Start playing the champion of Time Killer now!Relax and enjoythemost satisfying game!How to play:1. Hold and move your fingertoaim. Release your finger to shoot balls!2. The number on a brickisreduced by 1 whenever a ball hits it. A brick is destroyed whenitsnumber becomes 0.3. Collect balls with white rings to increasethearmory.4. Play around with your aiming angle. Bouncingballsdestroy bricks faster!Features:-Free to play-Easyballcontrol-Challenging enough to get high scores-GreatgratificationsobtainedDownload Kick Ballsnow!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/MujiGames/
Physics Balls 1.11
Physics Balls : Bounce In Loop Machine! HOW TO PLAY? Aim atbreakingall bricks by one shoot: Swipe your finger and throwballs,Make themroll among the bricks. Hit items to make extraballs or double sizeball. Prevent the bricks to reach thecheck-line! Features: ◉Perfect physic ball bouncy engine ◉ Fullyautomatic progress save ◉Endless game mode ◉ Tablet support ◉Global Leaderboards PhysicsBalls is Suit for all age andcompletely FREE to play! Now becomethe master of the Physic Balls!contact us: Website:http://www.crystalrover.com E-mail:[email protected]:https://www.facebook.com/AbcVector-488597784826690Twitter:https://twitter.com/BigdogDev
Balls 3.6.3189
MetaFun Games
Balls is an addictive and amazing ball puzzle collection.Multiplegameplay with balls: Classic mode, Advance mode, OccupyMode,LineUp mode, CatchCup mode etc. Simple one-touch control, easytoplay but hard to get master! A good game to kill time, playwithfamily and friends for fun! Try to get the best score in allballgames as high as you can! A challenge to test your brain andreflexin Balls. Free download to breakout all of ball games.Moregameplay coming soon! Show your ideas and suggestions tous:[email protected]
Swipe Balls Bricks Breaker 1.9
Zey Games
The Balls Breaker!!!Swipe your finger down to throw balls andbreakbricks!The angle is key point!This is a simple butaddictivearkanoid game.Take your time to aim. Shoot and watch thechain ofballs hit, bounce and destroy the bricks. Thinkstrategically andmake the most of the power-ups. Beat yourhighscore and compare itto your friends.How long can you survive onthe The Balls Breaker?
Vending Machine Soccer Ball 1.2
Chief Gamer
Learn how to use a vending machine! In Vending Machine SoccerBallyou will be learning how to use a vending-machine!Findyourfavourite ball in the machine and insert the amount of coinsneededfor the soccer ball, press the button and your soccer ballwillfall down the machine. Grab it and it’s all yours now! Fun topasstime! Vending Machine Games are fun and easy to play, and it’sagreat game to pass time when you are waiting for something.Alsoeasy to play for young and old. If you love vending machinegamesthen search no longer and download this fun time-passer!SoccerBall Games Features :- Buy all the soccer balls you want -Unlocklots of machine skins- Learn how the machine works- Themachinestand in a big soccer stadium- Don’t forget to rate and giveoursimulator feedback ~Have Fun! - ChiefGamer
Ball Shot - Fling to Basket 1
Appsoft Technology ©
- Shot baskets as much as you can.- 20 funny characters tounlock.-Endless mode game play.- Leaderboards and achievements totrackyour progress and compete with others.- Start throwing theball!
8 Ball Bubble 1.1
Bubble Shooter Artworks
8 Ball Bubble is a fun puzzle game featuring some cooloriginalgraphics, colorful pool balls and hundreds of awesomelevels filledwith adventure and challenge. Play now for free, popall thebubbles and collect the pool 8-balls to win! Keep poppingbubblesuntil you clear the board and move on to the next fun level.HOW TOPLAY · Tap on the screen to drag the laser aim and lift it tosmashbubbles on the pool table. · Match at least 3 bubbles of thesamecolor to burst the combination and win. · Collect the 8-ballsbyshooting the bubbles that trap them! · Complete the missionsandbeat the challenges. · Win points and reach high scores.GameFeatures · Hundreds of thrilling levels to explore. ·Powerfulboosters that will help you clear levels. · Smooth andaddictingbilliard gaming experience. · Easy and fun to play, butcan be hardto master. · Completely FREE to play! Experience thisthrillingpool puzzle game today, shoot and blast all the colorfulballs andwin levels! Collect the 8-balls, solve the puzzles andadvancealong the bubble-pool map! All rights of Bubble Shooter™ areownedby Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Paddle Bounce Ballz 2.8.4
Perk Power Inc.
Paddle Bounce ballz is a classic arcade puzzle game in whichyourtarget is to bounce balls back into pocket like a basketballbutwith the help of paddle. Your Purpose of play is to Change theBallColor by picking up bounty and follow sequence of falling ballsandslither the paddle by swiping the screen. Its one of themostaddicting balls game ever. You can get various upgradesandbounties which can make you survive as long as possible inthisbouncing balls game. Their is also a slight radiate in theballs tomake the game more attractive. * Main Features : - EasyControls -Bounties - Various Skins - Screen Shot To Share withfriends - Forall age groups If you all balls get's end you stillhave a chanceto use "Tap To Shoot" option which can give you extraballs tosurvive in the game. Try to score as much as possible andtry tosurvive by picking up extra balls bounty and keep control ofballsbounce. Play this awesome trending game and kill your freetime bybouncing back the falling balls. You can select variousPaddleskins and Balls skins from the shop menu to make the gamemoreinteresting. You can unlock skins by picking gems and byplayingmore and more. Have fun. 9ba7be3fc7
LOVE Fortune Teller - Free Clairvoyance Ball
Le Maitre Guru
Do you want to know everything about your love life? TheCrystalBall tells you everything. The revelations of theclairvoyance ballare simply amazing and surprising! No need for ahoroscope orastrology because the ball of love prediction willcertainly fillyou. It is totally free and without limit of use.
Basketball Kings: Multiplayer 1.27
Take part in the most addictive basketball game!Refine yourskillsin 6 different game modes, unlock achievements andwintrophiesChoose from 5 unique characters, 20+ balls, 30+jerseys,even courts.Challenge your friends, show off your skills&styleFor a real challenge, enter multi-player rooms andcompeteagainst thousands of real people from all around theworld.Shineamongst others and become the King of Kings !Outstanding3DgraphicsEasy to play, hard to master gameplayUnique andinteractivecourtsMany multi-player rooms with various & highrewards
Ball of clairvoyance - FREE
Brou AppStudio
Do you want to discover the future?Do you want to knoweverythingabout your next day?Do you feel the need or a strongdesire tounderstand what is happening to you right now?Downloadthis freeclairvoyance ball for the best answers. It explains andrevealseverything without hiding anything.
Balls Blast 1.2.102
Ball Games Maker
Use your skill to destroy all the cube bricks puzzles. Hold toaim,swipe to change the balls direction, release your finger toshoot,and break all bricks. Get more balls up to bricks to makemorehits.Don't worry about losing ball. Just focus on the shootangleand the bounce route. Features:◉ Relaxed gameplay, Take yourtimeto aim. ◉ Think strategically and make the most of thepower-ups. ◉Check point save your last record.◉ One finger control,bothsupport swipe up or down.◉ Challenge your friends with thebesthigh score.
Bouncing Balls
Bubble Shooter Artworks
The bubbles have gone mad and they are trying to take over thegame!Hurry up, warm up your fingers and get ready to fight backand showsome quick matching skills. Download and play the superawesome andAddictive color balls shooter and discover some bubblebouncingserious fun. Act fast and smash all bubbles before time isup. Don’tlet the bubbles reach the red line or else you’ll losethe level.How to Play: - Drag your finger to move the laser sightin thedirection of the bubbles - Lift your finger to shoot bubbles- Matchat least three bubbles of the same color to pop the groupand clearthe screen - See which color you’ll get next and planahead yourmoves. - Keep the bubbles from reaching the red line -Win all thelevels by popping all the bubbles in limited shots! -Swap bubbleswithout limit, just tap on your bubble to change itscolor. Playanytime and anywhere, it’s totally addictive! Exploreover 1000bouncy levels filled with logic riddles, bubble packedpuzzles andplenty of fun challenges. It’s the super addictivebubbleshooter!-Try it out today! All rights of Bubble Shooter™ areownedby Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Roll the Ball: Hidden Path 1.1.12
AN EPIC BALL ROLLING TIME Roll the Ball: Hidden Path is a simplebutaddictive ball game for casual game enthusiasts! Rolling ballwasnever this challenging; it's a classic ball game at its best!Youneed: • Thought-provoking puzzle game to train your brain, butcan'tmanage to miss out on entertaining yourself • A mobile gameto keepyou occupied, but won't have to feel guilty because itprovides agreat learning experience • A Match-3 Puzzle game, easyto play butdifficult to master • A puzzle game that requires speedandattention to smoothly pass through • A game for everyone inthefamily, also great for children HOW TO PLAY • Roll your ballbytapping on any blocks that you wish to move your ball to • Anumberis engraved on each block which indicates the number of timestheball can go through • Your goal is to leave no numbered blocksasyour ball reaches its way to the finishing line! FEATURES •Youonly need blocks, balls, and some brain powers to play! Asimplegameplay, but tons of fun! • WIFI not required: you can enjoythegame anytime, and anywhere! • No fuzziness, an easy tonavigategame graphics suitable for everyone! • OPTIMIZED forANDROID &GOOGLE PLAY GAMES - Designed for tablets & phones.- Supportboth ARM & x86 DEVICES. - New updates available NOTES• "Rollthe Ball: Hidden Path" contains ads like banners,interstitials,video and house ads. • "Roll the Ball: Hidden Path"is free toplay, but you can purchase In-app items like AD FREE,hints orcoins. E-MAIL • [email protected] HOMEPAGE•https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6249013288401661340Likeus on FACEBOOK • https://www.facebook.com/BitMangoGames Taptheblocks with your finger to create a path for your ball to reachthegoal! You ready to roll the ball?
Pocket Rolling Ball 7.2.1
A finger control the ball to avoid falling into sky!An casualandaddictive ball game " Pocket Rolling Sky " finally landingGooglePlay market which pushes the boundaries of your speed andreactionin 2017 games.Simple game play, hard to pass through! Useyourfingers to drag the ball to the left or right, to avoid alltheobstacles forward, now play with rocky music! By scrollingtheskyballs, you can really enjoy fast and furious. Keep up withthemusic rhythm, rolling in sky or scrolling on the mysteriousland.Tighten your nerves, because it will drop down if you paynotenough attention.The ball is rolling in 3D effects of thevirtualcommunity trap! Tap and dash the diamonds to get reward. Itis acool game to your family. Sky is rolling, land is moving, theonlything not change is your passion and enthusiasm.Roll the balltoescape from the desert, escape from the scrolling sky!Therollingball is ready, smash or pass depends on yourscrollingskill!Features:- Simple play, any finger can scroll theball.- 3Dphysical scenes accompanied by dynamic music bring you anaddictiveexperience.- Constantly updated and challenge opponentsall overthe world.- Rolling for free.Escape the desert, escape fromtherolling sky!
SCALE : Slicer vs Ball 1.1.1
White World Studios
Scale is a free addictive arcade game with no ads. Have fun withitsunique gameplay containing slicer and balls with various gamemodeslike Triplet(trio) , double , organic and more. Really abrainteaser and a super fun game of 2018 - 2019 How to play thisfungame? Its really easy all you need to do is to slice and shrinkthepaper board by placing your ninja style ultra blade slicers onrightpoint. Please take this in mind that you need to be verystrategicwith quick decision making skill to scale the boardproperly. Whilescaling look out for the ball and don't let it totouch your blade(line) before slice is complete or you lose alife. Go as far a youcan go and get free coins, change yourslicers and balls to make itmore attractive. Challenge yourfriends on leaderboard. Have fun andsee how far you can go? SoundsCredit: http://www.freesfx.co.uk
Bricks breaker (Shoot the ball) 1.2.2
Break the bricks much and more at once, you can get higherscore.Challenge hundreds of levels. You can do that. [How to play]-shoot the ball with the aim - the bricks break when the numberofbricks is 0 - the game is over when the bricks touch thefloor[Feature] - easy and simple to play - level mode supported -arcademode supported - 100 balls(one shot)mode supported -multi-playsupported - tablet supported - achievements andleaderboardsupported
Red Ball VI 3.3
Gaming Sauce
Red ball 6 is a brand new red ball game where you have to findtheexit and overcome obstacles in your way. This is a simple tilt3dlabyrinth game, you only need to complete each maze controllingthered ball with your tilt controls. There are no dumb ways to dieinthis 3d labyrinth it's just for fun and that's why we thinkit'sone of the top free games out there. Take control of your redballand overcome all the exciting 3d maze levels. Each 3d mazeisdifferent and carefully designed to make you enjoy thisamazingadventure. The map you have to complete is easy butalsocomplicated, it's made for you as a player. You have to collecttheartefacts which will give you a full completion ofthelabyrinth.The obstacles will slowly increase while you conquerthemap to be more difficult.We are working on some great tiltcontrolsfor you to enjoy on all obstacles. Download now and help usmakethis maze game one of the top free games of the year!
Ball-Hop Bowling - The Original Alley Roller
Renown Entertainment
The original top rated skew ball style game, FREE!• HighDefinition3D graphics• Fun ultra-realistic physics• Tons of prizesto redeem•Premium content available• Google Play Services(Achievements andLeaderboards)This is the FULL version of the game.If you wish toremove ads, simply enter the SHOP and UPGRADE. Playthe arcade andcarnival classic known as skee ball, roller ball,ramp ball, etc.Different names, but the fun is the same. Roll theball up thealley with easy swipe control and aim for the scorehoops. Hit thespecial icons for big bonuses. Redeem new balls,themes, prizes andexperience nostalgia. Over 5M downloads with thebest graphics,physics, and gameplay in the skee ball style gamecategory. Get itnow!___HOW TO PLAY• Swipe up on the screen tolaunch a ball• Aimfor the Bonus Icons to enhance yourgame ADVANCED• Swipe downto grab balls that don't launch• Tiltand Sensitivity settings arein the Pause menuTIPS• Tilt and performbank shots for extremecontrol• 3 Bonus Icons = On Fire!• 6 BonusIcons = BurningUp!___SUPPORT• Please email us at the supportaddress in ContactInformation• If you don't receive a reply within5 business days,check your Spam/Junk folders• We care about ourcustomers and willdo our best to help you out___BACKING UP DATAYourdata is saved onthe device and currently there isn't support tomove save databetween devices. If you uninstall the game withoutbacking up, youwill lose your data. You can use backup tools likeTitanium Backupor any other backup program on Google Play. However,we do notencourage/support this and will not be able to providesupport ifanything goes wrong.
Real Cristal Ball - Fortune telling
GJ Application
Clairvoyance BallIf you wish to know your future and to seewhatwaits for you, it is not necessary to look far! Our realcristalball is made to satisfy you.Every day the cristal ball willgiveyou predictions without never being wrong,Just touch themagiccristal ball to get an answer.Face of these predictions, youwillcertainly be amazed.cristal ball
Bouncy Ball 2.5D 1.1.1
Waited for Bouncy Ball 2? Bouncy Ball 2 finally beenlaunched.★★Bouncy Ball series records (in Republic of Korea)★★★Top1 Offlinefree game★★Top 2 Free application★★Top 2 Brain &Puzzlegame★Bouncy Ball 2.5D is sequel to best killing-time gameBouncyBall.This game was born an exquisite blend of 2D and3D.8,000,000users have praised the best addictive Games.Enjoy freenow! How toplayYou must control the yellow ball and eat thestar.Will be agood control game that check your ability tocontrol.Includespuzzles and action in mixed with 2D and 3D level.Because ofcarefully demolishing and move on the blocks.You mustsolve thepuzzle by rotating the map.Features•100% free games.•Theexquisiteharmony of 3D games and 2D games.•Best addictive, timepassingpuzzle and arcade game.•amazing graphics to give the feel ofaclassic game •Steady level updates.ControlLeft area touch : Movetothe leftRight area touch : Move to the right
Bucket Ball
F Studio
Bucket Ball - is fun, free game for all funny people. - It helpstoyou to distinguish between different colors. - Based onvisualperception and intuitive perception of colors. - Developmotorskills. Just press the relevant bucket or nearest arrow tomove itto the center of the screen according to the color offalling ball.Available 3 different difficulty levels of the gameBucket Ball:For Beginners: with a constant velocity of the fallingball.Normal: with an accelerating rate of the falling ball. Expert:withvariable speed and a few balls of different colors. - Eachlevelstores its score separately. - Contain Red, Green, Bluebuckets andballs. - The ability to compete with your friendsthrough GoogleAccount. - The ability to share the result Google+. -Supportsphones and tablets - Tell us about your experience andplease rateour app and post a comment. - If you have any questions,pleaseemail us. Good Luck!
Bowling 3D Pro FREE 1.8
Play the best bowling game in amazing realistic 3d graphics.Testyour bowling skills in the NO 1 bowling game. Bowl more Strikesandbecome the bowling king. Flick forward with your finger tothrowthe ball and knock down the pins. Swipe across the screen toaddspin to the ball. So download the most addicting 3d bowlinggamefor FREE with HD graphics for your mobile now! 3 Game Modes:SinglePlayer Pass n Play VS. CPU FEATURES: ● 16 unique custombowlingballs. ● 3 Game Modes. ● Customize the alley by choosing thewoodand background mask you like. ● Realistic Physics. ● Stunning3Dgraphics. ● Each Player can choose their own ball. ● StatsScreen.Get the latest news, deals, and more at:FACEBOOK:http://facebook.com/eivaagamesTWITTER:http://twitter.com/eivaagamesYOUTUBE:http://youtube.com/eivaagames
Billiard 1.7.3051
Billiards Master is the most popular 8 ball billiardsgame.Sidespin,masse, jump ball, clearance with one break!Tap andslide to aim.Drag and loose to strike. Ball potted!Enjoy thebilliard ballcollision. You will be the next master ofbilliards!Features◆ Easyto play◆ 120 levels◆ Many game scenes:Berlin, London, Bangkok,Riga, Bendigo.◆ Win the championshiparound the world Snooker and 9ball gameplay are on the way.Multiplayer online mode will be comingsoon.
Ball-Hop Anniversary
Renown Entertainment
Play the best skew ball style game on your Android withscoreboosting bonus targets!Roll the ball, earn tickets andredeemnostalgic prizes. Customize your ball and tablet theme. Signin toGoogle Play Services and compete in the global leaderboardsfor thetop score.AMAZING 3D GRAPHICSThe best looking alley rollergame onmobile that looks and feels just like the realthing!CUSTOMIZE YOURGAMETons of balls to redeem and several funthemes to earn anduse.OVER-ACHIEVEEarn achievements by redeemingsets of prizes withyour tickets. Play against others for the topscore on the worldwide leaderboards.FEATURINGSim qualityphysicsVibrant 3D graphicsand effectsBonus target multipliers toachieve super highscoresMultiple balls, themes and prizes tounlockPlay withoutinternet or WiFi*Install BALL-HOP ANNIVERSARYNOW!*___HOW TO PLAY•Swipe up on the screen to launch a ball• Aimfor the Bonus Icons toenhance your game ADVANCED• Swipe down toretrieve balls that don'tlaunch• Tilt and Sensitivity settings arein the Pause menuTIPS•Tilt and perform bank shots for extremecontrol• 3 Bonus Icons = OnFire!• 6 Bonus Icons = BurningUp!SUPPORT• Please email us at thesupport address in ContactInformation• If you don't receive areply within 5 business days,check your Spam/Junk folders• We careabout our customers and willdo our best to help you out___BACKINGUP DATAYour data is saved onthe device and currently there isn'tsupport to move save databetween devices. If you uninstall thegame without backing up, youwill lose your data. You can usebackup tools like Titanium Backupor any other backup program onGoogle Play. However, we do notencourage/support this and will notbe able to provide support ifanything goes wrong.
Roll Balls into a hole 12.22
Ball games
The goal is simple! Move all of your balls into a hole bytiltingyour mobile device. The red ball should be the last to goin. Insome levels you roll a ball through a maze and collect goldcoins.Features: • Easy to play • Fun and relaxing • Completelyfree.
Bouncing Balls 1.6.18
This is a Bubble Shooting Classic, it has 3 modes and a lotoflevels for you to enjoy! Puzzle Mode: Try to clear all thebubbleson the screen before the reach the bottom, the roof dropseverynumber of shots. Arcade Mode: You race against the everclosingroof that is always lowering towards the bottom, while youtry toclear all the bubbles from the screen. Classic Mode: AnEndlessmode where you play for a higher score. Basics: * Aim andshootwith your finger. * Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color.*Pleasing aesthetics. If you didn’t win, try again, you'll getitnext time! Our games are free to play, so if you enjoy thisone,Please consider giving it a 5 star rating and try our othergames.
Red Ball 4 1.3.21
Red Alert! Evil minions want to squeeze the planet into asquareshape. Who's got the balls to save the world ? Oh yeah,that'sright!Red Ball to the rescue! Roll, jump and bounce through75exciting levels full of adventure.Make your way throughtrickytraps and defeat all monsters. Features: - All-New RedBallAdventure - 75 Levels - Epic Boss Battles - Cloud Support-Exciting Physics Elements - Groovy Soundtrack - HIDControllerSupport
Original 100 Balls 5.2
100 Balls is the latest greatest and most addictive mobilegameenjoyed by 5 million+ fans! Open the lids with your tap andfillthe passing cups with a variety of balls to reach higherscores! Bewary though, the longer you manage to keep up, the harderandfaster it gets! * Solid and fun physics! * Simple yetenjoyablegameplay, just a single tap! * Never boring, find out abrand newcup or a ball further you reach in the game! * Beateveryone'shighscores! Now with Google Play Game Services onlineworldwideLeaderboards! * Includes multiple languages (English,Turkish,Russian), more on the way! * Improve your sense of timingandreflexes Please feel free to contact us through our contacte-mailand through your reviews, we value your input! You can alsolikeour Facebook page and follow our Twitter, the links are inthegame!
Kickerinho 2.5.16
Orbital Knight
JUST *TAP* *TAP* AND KEEP IT UP! Kickerinho needs your helptobecome best juggler in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro!Willyou help him fulfill this dream? • Get additcted with simpleyetchallenging juggling gameplay • Choose from over hundredoffootball T-Shirts. Barcelona or Madrid? We have'em. Wanna wearasuit instead? We've got you covered. • Unlock dozens offootballtricks: juggle with foot, stall the ball on your head, showwho'sthe juggling master! • Be immersed by beautiful graphics andsmoothanimation. Remember: juggling is a skill that is improvedbyrepetition. The more you do the better you will get. WARNING:gameis highly addictive and may cause “let me try!” requestsfrompeople around you! Please note: Kickerinho is optimized foriPhone4s/ iPad 2/ iPod Touch 5th gen and up.
Crystal Ball
Planète Voyance
Want to discover your future? Love, work, health, money… toknowwhat the life reserves to you , consult the crystalball.Debauchery or a true love ,who knows what the future reservestoyou? The crystal ball will help you to see things moreclearly…Magical, you only have to let yourself guided ! What canpush toconsult a clairvoyant? A lot of things. Everyone wants tobereassured about its emotional future situation or professional.Youalso want it ? The clairvoyant may choose to usedivinatorysupports, or not. The card draw, the pendulum, theoracle,cartomancy and numerology or astrology are also methods thatcan beused to see the future. We use a method which is successful .Thecrystal ball. Discover the art of the Cristallomancie, thecrystalball . Discover how to glimpse the future with the help ofthecrystal ball of Planete Voyance. To summarize, what istheclairvoyance? It is a capacity divinatory or a sense whichallowsthe person who holds it to have informations circulating inthespace time (the present, the past or the future). Theclairvoyantmay only use his donation, but most use other things anddeliver toyou exact information (such as the tarot,the line of thehand,palmistry, , cartomancy, magic,good adventure, fortuneteller,divination, telepathy, Fingerprint Magic, etc…).