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Satsuchika 2.4.0
Satsu-chika is a free smartphone App providing informationontheunderground system and surroundings in centralSapporo.Weatherfunction to check the weather conditions inChuo-ku,Sapporo, whileunderground Event function to check events intheSapporoEkimae-dori Underground Walkway (Chi-Ka-Ho)SubwayTimetablefunction to check the subway timetable of theSapporoCityTransportation Bureau, and the most convenient boardingtimebasedon your underground position at the time Dining functiontoreceiveinformation on restaurants around theSapporoEkimae-doriUnderground Walkway (Chi-Ka-Ho)
VoiceClock -KAITO-
VOCALOIDKAITOの声で時刻をお知らせする、アラームと時報のアプリです。ホーム(待ち受け)画面にウィジェットを置いてタップすると、KAITOの声で現在時刻を読み上げてくれます。■時報機能30分や1時間に1回、自動的に時刻を声でお知らせしてくれます。寝る時間や学校・仕事の間など、指定の時間だけ時報を止める設定もできます。■アラーム時刻を読み上げるアラームを設定できます。声で時刻が分かるので、時計を見る必要がありません!目覚ましや、目が離せない作業中などに便利です。イラストはえぞれんげ様より、ピアプロにてお借り致しました。御礼申し上げます。このアプリケーションはピアプロ・キャラクター・ライセンスに基づいてクリプトン・フューチャー・メディア株式会社のキャラクター「KAITO」の名称とイラストを使用したものです。※「VOCALOID」はヤマハ株式会社の登録商標です。To know the time inthevoice of VOCALOID KAITO, it is the alarm and hourly app.Home (standby) Tap by placing the widget on the screen,makesreading the current time in the voice of KAITO.■ Times featureAt least once every 30 minutes and 1 hour, automatically ustoinform the time in voice.Such as between sleep time and school-work, you can also set tostopthe time signal only specified amount of time.■ AlarmI can set an alarm to read the time.Since time is seen in voice, there is no need to look attheclock!Alarm and, it is useful to keep an eye such as during work.Illustrations from Ezo Renge-like, we have borrowed at Piapuro.Ithank.This application is what you use the name and illustrationsofcharacter "KAITO" of Crypton Future Media, Inc. basedonPiapuro-character license.※ "VOCALOID" is a registered trademark of YamahaCorporation.
Easy Japanese 1.4
You can read, listen and watch daily news provided by NHKNEWSWEBEASY in very simple Japanese. The news is always up-to-datesoyouwon't miss anything. ## Main features: - Read the news:Showorhide the furigana. - Listen audio: practicelisteningandpronunciation skills. - Watch the video: practicelisteningandlearning Japanese culture. - Offline mode: you can readnewseventno have the network. So you will reduce the cost ofthe3G/4Gconnection. Best app for practice reading,listening,speakingskill. ## If you like this app, please downloadand shareit withyour friends.
Kakugo - Learning Japanese 1.35.0
Philippe Daouadi
Kakugo is an application that helps learning Japanese. Itincludesmultiple tests to memorize hiragana, katakana, and kanjiand adaptsto the user's learning pace. One of the biggestdifficulty withlearning Japanese is memorizing kanji andvocabulary. Whilelearning them by just reading and writing themeveryday may work,the more kanji you know, the harder it gets andthe more time ittakes to revise them all. Proper tools can help youmemorize thesehuge amounts of knowledge to more quickly become afluent Japanesespeaker. Kakugo is one of these tools. It helpslearning andrevising kanji and vocabulary in an efficient manner.It usesSpaced Repetition in a unique way that adapts to the user'space.If you only have time to revise 30 kanji every day, or if youcanrevise as much as 100 kanji every day, Kakugo will adapt andtestyou on the right kanji at the right time for you to memorizethem.There is no "kanji of the day" list to revise, you can startandfinish a session whenever you feel like it. Kakugo also featuresawide variety of tests to help you find the best ways that willhelpyou learn Japanese. Features include - Hiragana, Katakanaquizzes -Kanji quizzes by reading and meaning - Kanji test bypartcomposition - Kanji writing test - Vocabulary quizzes byreadingand meaning - Unique spaced repetition formula that adaptsto yourown learning pace - Unlimited quiz sessions that allow youto takea quiz at any time, for however long you want, usefultoefficiently spend commuting time - Show similar-looking kanjiinanswers to teach you the differences - Kanji and vocabularysortedby JLPT level - Clicking on kanji opens aedict3 (anon-freeJapanese dictionary) or jisho.org - Optimized tabletsupport - Opensource - No ads - No internet access required -Supportedlanguages: English, French - More to come Credits - Thekanjiquizzes are based on kanjidic. - The vocabulary quizzes arebasedon JMdict. - The kanji similarity database comesfromhttps://minerva-access.unimelb.edu.au/handle/11343/35336andhttp://lars.yencken.org/datasets/phd/ - The kanji compositionanddrawing database comes from KanjiVG.
Miku - Dialysis Companion App 1.0.7
Miku Free: • Dialysis logbook • Knowledge platformMikuPremium(9,99€ per year): • Interactive travel dialysismap(5,000+dialysis centers worldwide) • Dialysis-specificfoodchecker(thousands of food items) ***** Miku is thepersonalcompanion forpeople living on dialysis. The mobile app isyourdigital toolkitto support people, who are living with achronickidney disease andis at their hand when needed. ***** Whatdoes theMiku app include?• Your individual logbook to track yourmostimportant dialysisparameters • Your food checker to easilycheckhow much potassiumor phosphate is included in the foods thatyouare eating (onlyavailable in Miku Premium; based on the GermanFoodDatabase BLS) •Your knowledge platform to read and learnabouteverything arounddialysis • A global database with severalthousanddialysis centersand their contact information (onlyavailable inMiku Premium)
N2 Listening 3.6.2027
Mezon Studio
Help you practice JLPT N2 with the listening sectionofpreviousyears. Includes answers and scripts. This app canworkoffline.
HoloPocket 4.1
This app allows you to check out a collection of fun videossuchaslive broadcasts and clipping videos of the VTubersbelongingtohololive. Feature List ・List of live broadcastinformation andfunvideos You can watch fun videos, including livebroadcastsandclipping videos of the VTubers. ・Archive and funvideosearchcapabilities By entering keywords, you can searchthearchives andfun videos you want to watch. ※This app isanunofficial app.●Twitter: https://twitter.com/hololive_pocket
Easy Japanese - Let's Learn Japanese with Anna!
『Easy Japanese』App is an third party client of NHK WORLDRADIOJAPAN.Japanese language lessons are provided by NHK WORLD.You canlearnbasic grammar and useful expressions through lessonsdesignedinaudio-drama style. 【Introduction of the story】 Theheroine ofthestory is Anna, a 20-year-old Thai student who lovesJapanesemanga.She has come to Japan to learn the Japanese languagefor oneyear ata university in Tokyo. She will learn practicalJapanesethroughvarious experiences, such as classes at theuniversity,daily life ata dormitory, shopping, and traveling. ​ 【Awidevariety of lessonsstarting with the basics! Easy for kids tolearntoo】 We have lessonsat various levels, so don't worry even ifyouare a completebeginner. People who have just startedlearningJapanese can startwith the basics and improve their skillsfromthere. The programs arealso perfect for those who want tobrush upon their listening andspeaking skills. 【Learn properlywith audiofiles of native Japanesespeakers】 When you are not inJapan, it'sdifficult to find alanguage school with native Japaneseteachers.At first when learninghow to speak a new language, it'simportantto listen to thepronunciation of a native speaker andpractice byimitating the waythey speak. Imagine that you are inJapan onvacation and you want toask someone where the trainstation is.You know how to say it, butonce you try asking someonethey can'tunderstand you. Even if youknow the phrases, you can'tuse them ina real situation. To avoidthis, you're better offlearning thepronunciation, intonation andrhythm from a nativeJapanese. Easy,useful, 100% free. If you haveany questions orsuggestions, pleasesend an email tohatasei@hotmail.com.
Easy Japanese: Learn, News - for Beginner nhk 5.3.0
Rain Soft
The heroine of the story is Anna, a 20-year-old Thaistudentwholoves Japanese manga. She has come to Japan to learntheJapaneselanguage for one year at a university in Tokyo. Shewilllearnpractical Japanese through various experiences, suchasclasses atthe university, daily life at a dormitory, shopping,andtraveling.Feature included: - 48 lessons designed inaudio-dramastyle. Easyand fun for beginner. - Lesson withaudio,conversation,explaination, phrase, grammar, and sound words.-Hiragana &katakana - Download audio and learn anytime, noneedinternetconnection.
Bandbond 2.4.4
Follow your favorite hard rock and metal bands for real.GetALLsocial media updates (no algorithm blocking theconversation)andcreate posts to bond with bands and fans. We’re atight teamofmetalheads running Bandbond. Our vision is to make itthebestplatform possible for bands and fans to talk, liveandbreathemetal. On Bandbond you can … • Find ALL social mediaupdatesfrombands and members in one place. • Follow bands and bondwithfans.• Get notifications for vibrant interaction. •Customizeyourpersonal band and member feed. • Discover new bandswithsongpre-listening. • Get news, trivia and fun stuff - allmetal.•Check out interviews in the Bandbond ‘Exclusive’ section.•Keeptabs on events and add them to your calendar.(Postpandemicfeature!) • Support the bands! On Bandbond they don’thaveto payyou to reach you. It’s free!
Satori Reader
Brak Software
Ready to take your Japanese reading and listeningcomprehensiontothe next level? Welcome to Satori Reader. HUNDREDSOF ARTICLESReadfrom a growing library of articles written by nativespeakersforintermediate students, organized into interesting seriessuchasnews, stories, dialogs, and more. AUDIO Tap any sentence tohearitread aloud by native voice actors (no robots!).ADAPTIVEKANJIUSAGE Crack the chicken-and-egg problem of readingkanji withourunique presentation engine, which adjusts the Japanesetexttoaccommodate your actual knowledge. This allows youtochallengeyourself for the kanji you should know withoutbeingoverwhelmed bywhat you don't. SMART DEFINITIONS Tap any wordfor adefinition.This is more than just an automated lookup.SatoriReader shows theactual sense of each word as it's being usedin thesentence. Forexample, the particle の has many uses: it canindicatepossession;it can turn the preceding verb or phrase into anoun; itcan standin for another word; and more. We show you exactlywhatishappening in every instance of every word.FRIENDLYANNOTATIONSGray underlines indicate longer annotations thatbreakdown trickyexpressions, provide cultural background, or helpyou toreadbetween the lines. Our editors work hard to anticipatewhatmightbe confusing and proactively help you to make senseofthings.Good-bye, confusion. Hello, clarity! SPACEDREPETITIONSYSTEM (SRS)Create review cards instantly as you read.Later,review them usingthe built-in spaced repetition system. Eachcardyou create takesalong a snapshot of the sentence in whichyouencountered the word.You can even listen to the audio forthosesentences during reviewsto further cement the word intomemory.HUMAN FEEDBACK Stillconfused about something? Just ask inthecomment section beloweach article. Knowledgeable staff are readytohelp. Satori Readeris built by a team that cares. Our goal istobring satori(enlightenment) into your Japanese reading life. Setupa freeaccount today, and let's get started.
Learn Japanese Minna no Nihongo 2.0
Minna no Nihongo is a basic Japanese learning apps that helpustolearn basic level of Japanese language.It containssomebasicvocabulary with pictures and pronunciation fromJapaneselecturer.Hope you enjoy the apps ^_^ If you learned all ofthelessons inthe apps, you will able to master basic level ofJapaneselanguage.If you have encounter any problems about the apps,feelfree tocontact me via email so that i will try to edit andupdatetheapps.
Kana Town: Learn Japanese, Hiragana & Katakana 2.5.1
Kana Town is an application to learn the JapaneseHiragana,Katakanaand Vocabulary the easy and fun way! ★ Access to afulllist ofHiragana and Katakana Easily readable and orderedforanyone toclearly understand ★ Hundreds of Japanese words tolearn,organizedby theme Get access to information about eachwords:grammar, JLPTlevel, polite forms, Kanji usage, … ★Efficienttraining We believeMultiple Choice Questions are not anefficientway to learn: In reallife, no suggestion will be made toyou. Inorder for YOU toremember and learn correctly, Kana Town asksyouto find the answerby yourself through a keyboard interface. ★Usea Spatial RepetitionSystem (SRS) to optimize your learningprocessKana Town’s SRSautomatically find the right time for youtopractice the items youwant to learn. You don’t have to spendtimeorganizing your studiesanymore, we do it for you. Just followusand you will remember !Learn Japanese now with Kana Town!KanaTown est une applicationd’apprendre les Hiragana, Katakana etleVocabulaires Japonais demanière simple et amusante !
Kana Draw (Hiragana Katakana) 3.3.0
Kana Draw is a tool created to help you practice yourJapanesehiragana and katakana writing and improve yourcharactermemorization skills. As all Japanese language studentsshould know,stroke order is essential and needs to be known andimplementedfrom the very beginning. If you are looking for a toolto help youlearn hiragana and katakana from scratch checkout mynewapplication: "Kana Starter"URL:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.lusil.kanastarterFeaturehighlights include: ★ Hiragana and Katakana; ★ Practice andTestModes; ★ Stroke directional support and step through; ★Accuracystatistics and goal-based progression; ★ Randomizationbased onAccuracy and Frequency; ★ HD Screen Support; ★Configurable Canvas.Please send bug reports or comments tofeedback@lusil.net orinteract with us on twitter.http://www.twitter.com/lusilnet ⋇
Muzecast Music Streamer 8.0.5
VORLAN Group, Inc.
Stream music from your computer or DropboxtoAndroid device over the Internet.Muzecast main features are:• Stream virtually any type of music files without DRM, such asMP3,WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE, MPC, WavPack, M4P, AAC and more,includingsupport for CUE Sheet files;• Supports HiRes audio files (DSD), such Sony DSF, PhillipsDSDIFF(DFF), and SACD (ISO);• No firewall/router configuration required;• Supports Lossless streaming up to 24/192 KHz;• Songs are cached on device for offline playback and reducedatausage;• Build-in equalizer. Also supports external equalizers;• Playlist synchronization between multiple devices as wellasstoring playlists on your home computer in M3U andWPLformats;• Dynamic Playlist Generator. Enjoy endless dynamic autogrowingplaylists generated based on or similar to Artist, Album, orasingle song you picked or listening. Just pick a song you wantandselect "Create Mix";• Supports Chromecast;• Supports Android Auto and Android Wear musicplayercontrols;• Supports multiple users to a single music library;• Can import folders as well as iTunes libraries;
Hiragana Times 8.05.00
Hiragana Times
Hiragana Times is an English-Japanese magazine thatprovidesreaderswith a chance to learn Japanese while experiencingall theenticingand covered aspects of Japan. For more than threedecades,ourcontent has been supported by fans from over 100countriesaroundthe globe. OUR FEATURE 1. Read the articles andlisten tothe audioon all your devices - PC, mobile phone, ortablet. 2.Audio isrecorded in English and Japanese byprofessionalnarrators. 3.Furigana (Hiragana) placed over each kanjiandEnglish transcriptionover katakana. 4. The text alternatesbetweenEnglish and Japanesesentence blocks to provide adirecttranslation. 5. Reliable contentis written byprofessionalJapanese writers for you to obtainknowledge of modernJapan andstudy the language at the same time.6. If you arepreparing forJLPT (Japanese Language ProficiencyTest), our articlesincludemany expressions and kanji that oftenappear in thetests.SUBSCRIPTION 1. Start your monthly subscriptionto have accesstoEVERY issue in our digital library. 2. Audiotracks are includedinall of our digital magazines. 3. If you findthe whole libraryistoo much for you, you can stop subscribinganytime. IF YOUHAVEBEEN OUR READER 1. Restore issues you bought byAppleID,Googleaccount, or digital ID. 2. The digital version inthisapplicationholds the same contents and layout as the printedversionand canbe viewed page by page on your mobile devices. Audioisalsoavailable in the digital version. OUR ACHIEVEMENT 1.Ourarticleshave been adopted in university entrance exams,schooltextbooksall over the world. 2. Awarded twice the Grand Prizeatthe NTT AllJapan Town Magazine Festival. Download the app andstartlearningJapanese today! --- Subscriptions will be charged byyourapp storeaccount to your credit card. Your subscriptionswillautomaticallyrenew unless canceled at least 24 hoursbeforerenewal. Paymentwill be charged to your iTunes Accountatconfirmation of purchase.The account will be charged forrenewalwith the same packagelength and price within 24-hours beforetheend of the currentperiod. PrivacyPolicy:https://hiraganatimes.com/privacy-policyTerms&Conditions:https://snapaskproduct.github.io/Hiragana_Times_web
Jareads 1.6.0
Have fun and improve Japanese reading skill and vocabulary.Youcanread Japanese article with a wide variety of topics. Weanalyzeandsegment each sentence in a Japanese article by anopensourcelibrary, break down the words, and translate each wordtoyour ownlanguage. Furigana is shown above Kanji characters, andyoucanalso tap any word in an article for meaning or add ittoaflashcard collection to learn it later. For people whoarelearningJapanese for JLPT test, you can easily highlight wordsbyJLPTlevel N1, N2, N3, N4, N5. We already support 11+ languages,andarealways open to more! English Hindi IndonesianThaiVietnameseBurmese Chinese Arabic Russian Portuguese Spanish
Radio Japan 2.4.2
Radio Japan is a free radio app with more than 200Japaneseradiostations. With a modern, beautiful and easy to useinterface,RadioJP gives you the best experience when it comes tolistening toFMradio. With Radio Japan you can listen to the bestonlineradiostations and follow your favorite shows and podcasts forfree.Youcan choose amongst sports, news, music, comedy and more.📻FEATURES● listen to radio in background while using other apps●you canlisten to FM radio even if you are abroad ● find outwhichsong iscurrently playing on the radio (depending on thestation) ●theinterface is really easy to use, with just one clickyou can addaradio station or podcast to your favorites list ● usethesearchtool to easily find what you're looking for ● set an alarmtowakeup with the FM radio station you love ● set a sleep timertoturnthe app off ● you can choose between light or darkmodeinterfaces● don't need to connect the headphones, listenthroughthesmartphone's loudspeakers ● compatible withChromecastandBluetooth devices ● share with friends via SocialMedia, SMSorEmail 🇯🇵 More than 200 Japan radio stations: NHK R1,NHK R2, NHKFMAsia Dream Radio: J-Pop Powerplay, J-Pop Sakura,JapanHits...Shonan Beach FM Tokyo FM Be Happy!789 VocaloidRadioOttavaAnimeNfo Radio Shonan FM Chupea J-Pop ProjectRadio,J-IdolsProject Radio Kamakura FM FM Setagaya FM 79.7 RadioCafe FMUrumaWREP FM Karuizawa FM Kurashiki Ban-Ban FM 21Japan-a-Radio FMWestTokyo FM Ishigaki FM K-City Amami FM FM ShonanNapasa Sea WaveFMRadio Momo FM 79.0 Banana FM 87.7 Azumino FM FMBlueShonanKatsushika FM JPHiP Radio Radio Hayama BBC Radio andmanymore FMradio stations. Listen to radio online! ℹ️ SUPPORT Foraquick andmore effective communication, if you experienceanyproblems or ifyou can't find the station you are looking for,sendus an email toappmind.technologies@gmail.com and we will try toaddthat radiostation as soon as possible, so that you don't missoutyourfavorite music and shows. If you like the app, wewouldappreciatea 5 stars review. Thank you! Note: Aninternetconnection, 3G/4G orWiFi network is required to tune inradiostations. There may besome FM radio stations that do notworkbecause their stream istemporarily offline.
YARXI 3.43.70
Seva Alekseyev
Japanese-Russian kanji dictionary. Focus is onhandwrittenkanjirecognition and element-based search, but you cansearch byonyomi,kunyomi or translation. For every character, welist ON-andKUN-readings, various translations, proper strokeorder,examplesof usage in compound words, spoken pronunciation.Alsocontains acompound word dictionary. Find words by reading,meaning,orcomponent kanji. 30 days free, then the database islimited tothe"School kanji" list.
XiiaLive - Radio Reference 1.0.2
Visual Blasters LLC
XiiaLive Plugin Expand your XiiaLive experience withtheworld'slargest radio communications data provider.RadioReferenceis thelargest broadcaster of public safety liveaudiocommunicationsfeeds, hosting thousands of live audiobroadcasts ofPolice, Fire,EMS, Railroad, and aircraftcommunications. Withhundreds ofthousands of members, RadioReferenceis a worldleadingcollaboration platform for publicsafetycommunicationsprofessionals and hobbyists. Supportedcountries:United States,Canada, Australia, Chile, Germany,Ireland,Switzerland, UnitedKingdom, Italy, Spain, Slovenia,Bulgaria,Argentina, Antigua andBarbuda, Netherlands, CzechRepublic, France,Denmark, Indonesia,Greece, Norway, and NewZealand. tags: scanner,police, directory,plug-in, public safety,aircraft, rail, amateurradio, marine
Spotilicious: Filter & Make playlists from Spotify 2.0.0
Daniel Aranias
The only intuitive App that lets you filter your SpotifyLikedandfollowed music by your Mood, Genres, Running pace andmore.Youenjoy using Spotify. You listen to more than one genre.Youareproud with your Liked music and playlists youaremaintaining.Great!!! BUT... there is not an easy way to filteryourSpotifyLIKED tracks and playlists in order to get shorterandtailormadeplaylists that meet your mood or your desire to listentospecificgenres... With Spotilicious, you can, in seconds, tocreatenewplaylists and listen to them after using easyandintuitivefilters, like Genres, Moods, Live music, and more. Allyouhave todo is simply click on the Filter button, use thefilterstominimize your music till you are satisfied. That's it!ClickthePlay button or save your new custom playlist for later.
FoobarCon Pro
FoobarCon Pro is a foobar2000 remote controller app. Thisisaad-free version. Please evaluate foobarCon fully beforeyoubuythis. fb2k components should be installed for this apptowork.Please visit https://sites.google.com/site/foobarcon/toinstallthe server. Features - playlist management, library,filebrowsersupport - library search support (including extendedsearch)-albumart with cache - biography viewer - incoming callactions-screen rotation lock - HW volume key - Wake On Lan(WOL)-Notification, Widget - Lyrics support Please e-mail meforanyissues and feature requests.
substreamer - Subsonic Client 5.0.45
Gaven Henry
substreamer is a completely free app to use with subsoniccompatiblemusic servers (subsonic, airsonic, navidrome, ampacheetc). Yourmusic when you want it, where you want it, online oroffline. Easilysee newly added, recently played and most playedalbums or just graba list of random albums or songs for somethingdifferent. Like thatsong? Play similar songs with a tap! Discovernew songs and oldfavorites by genre and time period withSubStreamer radio. Pick yourfilters and get a random generatedplaylist, just like radio withoutthe ads! Got a song stuck in yourhead? Sure that you have it on analbum somewhere but just can'tremember where? Just search! Connectyour subsonic server with yourlast.fm account and Substreamer canalso tap into last.fm to giveyou more information about artists,songs and albums in yourcollection and recommend similar artists,similar songs or give youa list of the top rated songs in your owncollection for you toexplore. Build up a play queue of yourfavorite rock songs and justhit save as playlist to have it storedon the server for later. Ofcourse you can also just hit yourfavorite album and press play. Ohand if Music isn't enough we alsosupport podcasts that you havesynced with your subsonic server bothonline and offline! Features:Chromecast Support. Full offlinesupport. Store albums, songs andplaylists and podcasts on yourdevice and listen offline. Keep yourstarred songs automaticallysynced to your device! Automaticcaching of upcoming songs forsmooth playback. Easy playlistmanagement for adding single ormultiple tracks to a playlist orstarting a new playlist. Radio modegenerates random playlists foryour chosen genre or time period (orboth!) Quick lists of random /recently played / frequently playedand newest albums right upfront. Search for artists, albums, songslast.fm integration forfetching artist info, recommendations andplaylists based onratings last.fm scrobbling Airplay support (justopen the volumecontrols in the player to access airplay directly oruse thecontrol center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen)if yourun into any bugs please let me know, i use this app everydaymyself and am always trying to make itbetter!ghenry22.apps@gmail.com Requirements: Subsonic APIcompatibleserver (API level 1.13.0) or equivalent. Note that forSSL supportyou must have a valid certificate. Invalid certificateswill causeconnection errors. Get Subsonic server at:http://www.subsonic.orgSubstreamer: http://substreamerapp.com*Please note all the music,images and names in the screenshots arefree, and courtesy ofJamendo (jamendo.com) and the respectiveartists and provided forthe subsonic demo server athttp://demo.subsonic.org
Hatsune Miku official MIKUNAVI 1.6.1
“Hatsune Miku official navigation (a.k.a Miku NAVI)”istheapplication managed by Crypton Future Media, INC. thatbringsyouvarious information about the Piapro characters “HatsuneMiku”,“Kagamine Rin”, “Kagamine Len”, “Megurine Luka”,“MEIKO”,and“KAITO”. With this app, you will be able tocheckPiaprocharacters’ information on recent events, goods that arenowonsale, etc. By signing in you will be able toreceivenotificationsrelated to Hatsune Miku and other Piaprocharacters.