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Figures of Speech Pro 0.1
Saipriyank Apps
General Info:More than 150 Figures of Speech. Find all the "Figures ofSpeech"that you ever wanted. Discover even more!The perfect solution to quick read if you are appearing foranyhigh-level verbal or English examinations.Distribution:*"Figures of Speech Pro" is a new and growing app whichisdistributed among all 140+ countries in Google Play.Supporting Versions:*This application supports all android platformsincludingandroid lollipop 5.1*Moreover, better updates will be upcoming in the near future.Icare for my users so i keep each and every review in my mindgivenby users.About Me:I develop simple and responsive android applications for myusersto ensure an delightful android experience for everysingleuser.Help:For any queries feel free to drop a mail at saipriyank123@gmail.com(Developer).Cheers :)
Grammar : Parts of Speech Lite 1.5
Webrich Software
1. Over 130 Pages of Grammar Lessons.2. Over 1000 exampleswithGrammar Rules.3. Over 800 Test Questions withExplanation.**NOTE:This is a lite version where in only few topicsare available. Allthe remaining locked topics will be unlocked onbuying the fullversion from within this lite version. It will be aone timepurchase to unlock ALL the locked items in one go.GrammarExpress :Parts of Speech is the complete course in mastering usageofdifferent parts of speech.It contains over over 130 pagesoflessons explaining each part of speech with severalexamples.Youcan learn the grammar rules, study the examples andthen test theirunderstanding by taking quiz.At the end of each quizthe user ispresented with test summary and explanation for eachtestquestion.Grammar Express can help you to improve yourunderstandingof the different parts of speech.Custom timer settingcan assistyou to improve response times under exam timeconstraints.Researchsuggests that kids and adults learn mostquickly when playinglearning games with real-timeerror-feedback.Grammar Expressprovides learners with an opportunityto improve strategies forgrammar success. PREPARE BY TOPICS:You canstudy the grammar rulesby topic. All questions are sorted by topic.It also tells you theareas that each topic covers.• Noun• Pronoun•Adjective• Verb•Adverb• Conjunction• Preposition• InterjectionMOCKTEST MODE:Inmock test questions are presented randomly from all thetopics.DETAILED TEST RESULTS:A summary of the practice test ispresentedat the end of each test. It shows you the time you took,the score,which questions you answered correctly and where you werewrong.PROGRESS METER:The app records your progress as you startgivingpractice tests. It shows you a beautiful bar chart so thatyou cantrack your weak areas and give more focus on them.VERY EASYTOUSE:The slick user interface allows you to choose frompossibleanswers. You don't need to press too many buttons orencounter anyalert messages. The app is very interactive and needsminimum userinput. FEATURE LIST:• Over 130 pages of grammar lessonsand ruleswith over 1000 examples.• Over 800 multiple-choicequestions withexplanation.• Choose number of questions you wouldlike in eachtest.• A new module, "Pie chart" keeps track of how youareperforming in a particular topic or mock test.• Choose yourowntimer settings.• Special algorithm that randomizes questionseverytime you take a test.
Grammar : Figures of Speech 1.4
✓ Over 58 Pages of Grammar Lessons.✓ Over 278 examples withGrammarRules.✓ Over 300 Test Questions with Explanation. GrammarExpress:Figures of Speech is the complete course in mastering theart ofexpressing figuratively for the sake of greater effect. Itcontainsover 58 pages of lessons explaining each figures of speechbased onresemblance, contrast or difference, association,imagination,indirectness of speech and sound with several examples.You canlearn the grammar rules, study the examples and testtheirunderstanding by taking quiz. At the end of quiz the userispresented with test summery and explanation for each testquestion.Grammar Express can help you to improve your understandingoffigures of speech and use of flowery and ornamentallanguage.Custom timer setting can assist you to improve responsetimes underexam time constraints. Research suggest that kids andadults learnmost quickly when playing learning games withreal-timeerror-feedback. Grammar Express provides learners withanopportunity to improve strategies for grammarsuccess.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DETAILED TEST RESULTS:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Asummary ofthe practice test is presented at the end of each test.It showsyou the time you took, the score, which questions youansweredcorrectly and where you were wrong. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VERYEASY TOUSE:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The slick user interface allows you tochoosefrom possible answers. You don’t need to press too manybuttons orencounter any alert messages.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FEATURELIST:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• Over 58 pages ofgrammar lessons and ruleswith over 278 examples.• Over 300 multiple-choice questions withexplanation.• Choose number of questions youwould like in eachtest.• A new module, “Progress Meter” helps youto retry missedquestions.• Choose your own timer settings.• Specialalgorithm thatrandomizes questions every time you take a test.
English Grammar Ultimate 5.1
☆ ☆ ☆ ENGLISH GRAMMAR ULTIMATE (Grammar now in my pocket) ☆ ☆☆Grammar is the study of words and the ways words work together.Aninvisible force that guides us as we put words togetherintosentences. Any person who communicates using a particularlanguageis consciously or unconsciously aware of the grammar ofthatlanguage. To speak in a clearer and more effective manner westudygrammar. A person who has unconscious knowledge of grammar maybesufficient for simple language use, but the ones who wishtocommunicate in an artful manner and well, will seek greaterdepthof understanding and proficiency that the study ofgrammarprovides. This android application will help to improveyourEnglish grammar. Keep this application always in your pocket.giveus feedback and join our English grammar communities formoreupdates.Version 2.0 ☆☆☆New Topics☆☆☆✪✪SpokenEnglish✪✪✪✪Tenses✪✪✪Question Tags✪ReportedSpeech✪TrialQuestions✪Use of Let✪Use Of Little, A Little, Few, AFew✪Use ofShall✪Use of Should✪Use of Wish✪Used to✪Using of Must orHaveTo✪Verbs✪Phrases✪Plurals✪Practice1✪Prepositions✪Pronouns✪PunctuationMarks✪QuantifiersVersion1.0 ☆☆☆ Topics ☆☆☆✪ Active Or PassiveVoice✪ Adjectives✪ Adverbs✪Articles✪ Auxiliary Verbs✪Capitalization✪ Grammar Mistakes✪Conditionals✪ Conjunctions✪Degree of comparison✪ Determiners✪Direct & indirect speech✪English phonetics✪ Essay Writing✪Figure of speech✪ Gender✪ Gerundand present participles✪ Going to✪Had better✪ Homonyms✪ Idioms✪Independent & Dependent Clauses✪Infinitives✪ Interjections✪Irregular verbs✪ Nouns
Complete English 1.3
Complete English is a well written and simple Englishlanguagelearning android app that covers grammar, letter writing,Idioms,figures of speech, essay writing, comprehension,pronunciation,listening and oral English in a concise way.Thegrammar section ofthe app covers the followingtopicsNounPronounsAdjectivesVerbsAdverbsAuxiliaryVerbsPrepositionsConjunctionsQuestionsTagsArticlesInterjectionsPhrasesIdiomsReportedSpeechActive andPassive VoiceConditionalsTenses IntroductionSimplePresentPresentContinuousPresent PerfectPresent PerfectContinuousSimple PastPastContinuousPast PerfectPast PerfectContinuousSimple FutureFutureContinuousFuture PerfectFuture PerfectContinuousThe essay writingsection covers Letter writingSpeechessayNarrative essayDescription essayArgument / Debate essayReportessayArticleessayExplosive essayCreative writingThe oral Englishsection of theapp coversConsonantsVowelsStressIntonationRhymesPhoneticSymbolsThe figures ofspeech death exclusively with thefollowingtopicsAlliterationAnaphoraAssonanceHyperboleIronyMetaphorSimileMetonymyOnomatopoeiaParadoxPersonificationPunSynecdocheUnderstatementAntithesisEuphemismOxymoronRhymeRepetitioClimaxCompleteEnglishClassic app targets students planning to write exams likeWAEC,NECO, JAMB, KCSE, Post JAMB and GCE.There is an opportunityto testyour brain, memory and logical sense of English by usingtheprovided tools.We are always in the look out on how to improveourapps. If you have any suggestion or question about this app,pleasekindly use the email below to get in touch with us.
Les figures de style 0.25.0
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Une application qui sert à réviser les différentes figures destyle.Elle contient: - un classement des différentes figures destyleselon leur effet de sens. - une explication claire et concisedechaque figure. - l'illustration de chaque procédé par unexemplelittéraire. An application used to revise the variousfigures ofspeech. It contains: - A listing of various figures ofspeechaccording to their sense of purpose. - A clear andconciseexplanation of each figure. - The illustration of eachprocess by aliterary example.
Part of Speech 1.0
Araullo University-Phinma
Parts of Speech is a simple and easy to use reference app onEnglishlanguage's Parts of Speech.This app contains basic information and examples onthefollowing:- Noun- Pronoun- Verb- Adverb- Adjective- Conjunction- Interjection- PrepositionAdditional features and contents are considered in thefutureversions.This app was developed by- Jeanielyn San PedroBSCS StudentCollege of Information Technology and EngineeringAraullo University - PHINMA EducationCabanatuan City, Nueva EcijaPhilippines
Grammar Parts of Speech free
Disigned for Retina Display Quiz my grammar app is forelementarylevel kids to practice their grammar skills. This app isaboutlearning and practicing Parts of Speech. Three users can playthisquiz game at the same time at their own pace. This will beveryuseful for 3rd, 4th 5th, 6th and 7th grade kids. This GrammarQuizis about figuring out all the parts of speech in a givensentence.There are 8 different quizzes in this app… 1.Nouns: Inthis quiz, asentence will be shown. Kids should be able to find outall thenouns that are there in that sentence. For example: If thesentenceis, “The book is on the table.” All the nouns in thissentence are“book and table”. 2.Pronouns: In this quiz, a sentencewill beshown. Kids should be able to find out all the pronouns thatarethere in that sentence. For example: If the sentence is, “Allthesebooks are mine.” Pronoun in this sentence is “mine”. 3.Verbs:Inthis quiz, a sentence will be shown. Kids should be able tofindout all the verbs that are there in that sentence. For example:Ifthe sentence is, “Kids are playing in the park.” All the verbsinthis sentence are “are and playing”. 4.Adjectives: In this quiz,asentence will be shown. Kids should be able to find out alltheadjectives that are there in that sentence. For example: Ifthesentence is, “The music is soft and soothing” All the nouns inthissentence are “soft and soothing”. 5.Adverb: In this quiz,asentence will be shown. Kids should be able to find out alltheadverbs that are there in that sentence. For example: Ifthesentence is, “Bring me a glass of water now.” Adverb inthissentence is “now”. 6.Conjunctions: In this quiz, a sentencewill beshown. Kids should be able to find out all the conjunctionsthatare there in that sentence. For example: If the sentence is,“Iwould enjoy running, only I have this broken leg.” Conjunctioninthis sentence is “only”. 7.Prepositions: In this quiz, asentencewill be shown. Kids should be able to find out all theprepositionsthat are there in that sentence. For example: If thesentence is,“The book is on the table.” Preposition in thissentence is “on”.8.Confusing Words: The part of speech of a wordcan be changeddepending on how it is being used in the sentence.The same wordcould be a preposition or an adverb based on the usagein thesentence. For example, the word “Around” could be apreposition,adverb or adjective. In this sentence, it is used asadverb… “Lookaround and see what you find”. In this sentence, it isused asadjective… “That store is still around.” In this sentence,it isused as preposition… “We walked around the football field.” InthisConfusing words quiz, a sentence will be given and a word inthatsentence, kids should figure out the part of speech of thatword inthe given sentence based on its usage. Test Reports: Threekids canuse this app with their own settings and reports. Each testhas 15questions. Each wrong choice will make the player lose 25points.Each right choice would earn the player 100 points. At theend ofthe test player would see the final score and know if theypassedor failed the test. Reports are saved after finishing everytest.Reports saved are… -Number of Tests Played -Number of TestsPassed-Average Score from all Attempted Tests -Best Score till now
Figuras retóricas
Catálogo de ciento setenta y dos figuras retóricas clasificadasdela siguiente manera:-Según su relevancia de uso("imprescindibles","menos habituales" y "más bien raras").-En ordenalfabético (solose incluyen los dos primeros grupos, y un enlace alas figuras "másbien raras").-Según su tipo (de dicción, depensamiento ytropos).-Siguiendo el orden alfabético de losejemplosutilizados.Se ofrecen multitud de ejemplos y actividadespara sureconocimiento y aprendizaje. Las actividades puedenresolverse enla dirección http://figuras.gnomio.com, previamatrícula gratuitaen el curso.Además, se muestran los textoscompletos (o fragmentosextensos de ellos) de los que se hanextraído los ejemplos, demanera que puede servir como unaantología, aleatoria, de laliteratura española (especialmente de lapoesía lírica).Cataloghundred seventy two rhetorical figuresclassified asfollows:-According to their relevance of use ("must","less common"and "rather rare").-In alphabetical order (only thefirst twogroups, and a link to the "rather rare" figuresareincluded).-According to its type (of speech, thoughtandtropes).-Following the alphabetical order of the examplesused.Manyexamples and activities for recognition and learning is.Activitiescan be resolved in the directionhttp://figuras.gnomio.com, afterfree registration on thecourse.Also, the full text (or largefragments thereof) to which theexamples are drawn, so that it canserve as an anthology, random,Spanish literature (especially lyricpoetry) is.
Mathematics and figures KEY 1.0.3
Whisper Arts
The key to the application "Mathematics and the figures forthekids," which opens a full functional application.Thisapplicationwill help your child quickly and easily learn how tocountto10.Application:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whisperarts.kids.mathTreatanimalswith the children, paint them, remember the numbers.Gestures nextto each number to remember your child will not onlywriting agraphic figure, but as a gesture to show thefigure.Educationalgames help you better remember the numbers, andquickly learn tocount.Full version of the application contains thepronunciation ofnumbers, as well as additional educational games:-Count of animals-Show number- FingersWant to receive the latestnews about theapplication? Subscribe to the newsgrouphttps://www.facebook.com/WhisperArts
Learn forms, figures, shapes 1.0.8
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Using the "Learn forms and shapes" your children quickly learnthebasic shapes of objects.Educational games can help youquicklylearn forms, and have fun.The full version containsaudiopronunciation of the names of forms, as well asadditionaleducational games.You can learn forms and shapes inRussian,English or German. This option can be selected via"Settings" inthe applicationWant to receive the latest news abouttheapplication? Subscribe to the newsgrouphttps://www.facebook.com/WhisperArts
Bac L 2018 avec l’Etudiant 2.4.0
Une application complète et détaillée, entièrement gratuite,pourpréparer les lycéens au bac L 2018.Les fiches de révisions:conçues et rédigées par des professeurs de l'Éducationnationale,nos fiches de révisions claires et complètes vouspermettent derevoir et de retenir les points clés du programme 2018dans chaquematière.Les quiz de révisions : vous pensez maîtriser leprogramme? Tout au long de vos révisions, testez-vous grâce auxnombreuxquiz élaborés par des enseignants de l'Éducation nationaleetcorrigez ainsi vos erreurs les plus fréquentes.Lesconseilsméthodologiques : en juin 2018, vous passerez votre bac L.En quoiconsistent les épreuves ? Comment réviser d'ici au jour J ?Quellessont les attentes des correcteurs ? Comment gagner despoints etéviter d'en perdre ? Nos professeurs vous apportentdenombreuses clés pour vous préparer aux épreuves.Les citations :enhistoire, philosophie, français... une citation bien placée, àlafois juste et originale, peut donner un plus à votre copie,voirevous faire gagner des points. Pas inspiré ? On vous en proposedescentaines ! Les vidéos conseils : comment retenir ses fichesdecours ? Rendre une bonne copie ? Éviter les erreurslesplus classiques ? Être en forme pour le jour des épreuves ?Desexperts du stress et des enseignants vousdonnent leursastuces en vidéo pour tenir le marathon dubac !Actualité dubac :toutes les nouveautés du bac 2018 en directsur l'appli :les sujets tombés à l’étranger, les corrigés dubac, les chatsvidéos dédiés au bac sur letudiant.fr, les sujets etcorrigés denos bacs blancs, les bonnes copies corrigées,etc. Les sujetsprobables 2018 : à venir en janvier 2018.Voiciquelques extraits duprogramme couvert par notreapplication dans quelques-unes desmatières de l’application:Français : Dissertation /Commentaire littéraire / Sujetd’invention/ Énonciation /Vocabulaire, Phrase , Paragraphe,Genres / du Moyen Âge au XVIIesiècle / du XVIIIe siècle au XXIesiècleHistoire -géographie : Mondialisation / Proche-Orient etMoyen-Orient /Le monde de 1945 à nos jours / France et Europe /Afrique - Asie -AmériqueMathématiques : Dérivation etvariations /Exponentielles / Logarithmes / Continuité / Intégrales/ Suites /Probabilités conditionnelles / IntervallesdeconfiancePhilosophie : Le sujet / Laculture/ La raison et le réel / La politique/ LamoraleNotre application, une fois téléchargée, fonctionnehorsconnexion Internet. Vous pourrez ainsi révisez partout, où quevoussoyez.Vous pouvez retrouver toutes les nouveautés Bac L 2018surnotre page Facebookl’Etudiant(https://www.facebook.com/letudiant.fr ), mais aussi surnotreespace dédié au Bac 2018 sur notre siteletudiant.fr (http://www.letudiant.fr/examen/baccalaureat.html). Acompleteand detailed application, completely free, to preparestudents totank L 2018.The cards revisions: designed and written byteachersof National Education, our sheets of clear andcomprehensiverevisions allow you to review and retain key points ofthe 2018program in each subject.The revisions quiz: you think youmasterthe program? Throughout your revisions, test yourself throughthemany quizzes developed by teachers of National Educationandcorrect so your most frequent errors.Methodological advice: inJune2018, you will spend your tray L. What are the tests? How toreviewby the big day? What are the expectations of the correction?How toearn points and avoid losing? Our teachers bring you many keyforyou prepare for tests.Citations: history, philosophy, French ...awell placed quotation, both just and original, can give moretoyour copy, if you earn points. Not inspired? We offersyouhundreds! The advice videos: how to hold his cardsover?Making a good copy? Avoid the most common mistakes? Being fitforthe day of the events? Stress experts and teachers give youtheirvideo tips to hold the marathon bin!News of the tank All new2018live on the app tray: subjects fallen abroad, the fixedtray,dedicated video chats on the tray letudiant.fr, topics andadjustedour white trays, best corrected copies, etc.Likely topics2018coming in January 2018.Here are some excerpts of theprogramcovered by our application in some of theapplicationmaterials:French: Essay / Commentary literary /inventive Thread /Saying / Vocabulary, Sentence, Paragraph, Styles/ the Middle Agesto the seventeenth century / eighteenth century tothe twenty-firstcenturyHistory - Geography: Globalization / NearEast and MiddleEast / The world of 1945 to the present / France andEurope /Africa - Asia - AmericaMathematics: Derivation andvariations /Exponential / logarithms / Continuity / Integral /Suites /Conditional Probability / Confidence IntervalsPhilosophy:Subject /Culture / The reason and the real / Political /MoralOurapplication, once downloaded, works out internetconnection. Youcan revise and everywhere, wherever you are.You canfind all thenew Bac L 2018 on our FacebookStudent(https://www.facebook.com/letudiant.fr), but also on ourspacededicated to Bac 2018 letudiant.fr on our site(http://www.letudiant.fr/examen/baccalaureat.html).
Test Your English Grammar 1.0
App Race
* The fun way to Learn & Test English Grammar *Thisapplicationis obviously the best way to learn and test your EnglishGrammar athome, on the move, anywhere anytime. Improve your Englishgrammarby learning and solving tricky grammar exercise’s.Learn andCompeteagainst your friends or players all over the world and seewho getsthe highest score!Check how good is your EnglishafterLearning.What’s inside?* Introduction* Parts of Speech (Noun,Pronoun, Verbs, Auxiliary Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives,Prepositions,Conjunctions, Interjections)* Tenses * Active /Passive Voice*Articles* Phrases* Idioms* Conditionals*Determiners*QuantifiersAfter learning from the detailedexplanation, analyzeyour current English language status. Tenses ,Preposition andAdjectives are three main categories included in theexercise quiz.You can select the category and test your expertisein it ; howmuch you’ve learnt.!!!SHARE AND CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDSBY YOUR TESTRESULTS!!!***Enjoy this Free English TutorialApp!***❤❤❤ If youlike the app, show us your love by leaving usreview! It reallymeans a lot to us. ❤❤❤Disclaimer:
 This app issupported via adds.This is a way to deliver this to you for free.Thank you for yourunderstanding.
Adjectives and Adverbs 3.0
Adjectives & Adverbs helps you testoutyour knowledge of Adjectives and Adverbs in English language.It has a Database of 300+ words.There are 2 modes of practice: Adjective to Adverb and AdverbtoAdjective.In the Test Mode, you can do a quick quiz of 5randomquestions.
Dissertation Help -Full Dissertation writing guide 1.0
Right Click Solutions
WHO ARE WE? Dissertation-Help.co.uk was launched in May 2007andsince then we have helped thousands of students withacademicresearch help so they can excel in their educationalcareers.During these years we have identified and rectified allthetroubles and frustrations students had to go through in theprocessof academic research and writing. We know what youexperience whenyour professors keep discarding your document orthesis on thebasis of… Inappropriate or Inadequate Data. Incompleteor LimitedResearch. Poor Writing Style. Inaccurate Formatting andAssemblage.What do we do? We have been offering our services to thestudentswho need help with their research projects for over 4 yearsnow aswe have the expertise for all kinds of problems a student canfacein his document. From Research Proposals to Primary ResearchDesignto Presentations, we have it all in our bag. Ourprofessionalresearchers have the experience and the skills to doeverythingyour document needs, be it a solitary Chapter or aCompleteDocument. People at Dissertatio-help.co.UK It took us 2 andhalfyears to expand our solitary research consultation servicesinto afull-fledged solution that includes: Primary Research DesignHelpStatistical Analysis Help Editing and Marking ServicePresentationHelp Research & Consultation Team In the 3 and halfyears wehave built a very strong professional network ofresearchers withmajors in various disciplines. You can directlyinteract with theconsultant once you have booked your order.Quality Assurance Onceyour document is completed, it is forwardedto the QualityAssurance department. Here your paper is checked andin case of anydiscrepancies the document is sent back to theconsultant forcorrections.
Bangla Quotes of Vivekananda 1.0
Social Media Tool Box
100 Quotes of Swami Vivekananda in Hindi Swami Vivekananda wasanIndian Hindu monk and chief disciple of the 19th-centurysaintRamakrishna. He was a key figure in the introduction of theIndianphilosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the Western world andiscredited with raising interfaith awareness, bringing Hinduismtothe status of a major world religion during the late 19thcentury.He was a major force in the revival of Hinduism in India,andcontributed to the concept of nationalism in colonialIndia.Vivekananda founded the Ramakrishna Math and theRamakrishnaMission. He is perhaps best known for his speech whichbegan,"Sisters and brothers of America ...," in which heintroducedHinduism at the Parliament of the World's Religions inChicago in1893. We are representing a collection of quotations bySwamiVivenanda in Bangla language. Share it with your friends andfamilywith a click.Jai Baba Tarok Nath Jai Tarkeshwar.
EchoHacks® Speech Trainer
EchoHacks Speech Trainer enables the user to speak intothemicrophone and to hear back the user's own voice throughheadphonesafter a specific delay in seconds. The voice is echoedbackautomatically, while standard audio recorders wouldrequiremultiple button clicks to duplicate this process.(Bluetoothheadset supported) The tool has a wide range ofapplications andcan be used effectively in training for accentreduction, foreignlanguage pronunciation, diction, articulation,singing, publicspeaking, and interview practice. Please visitwww.echohacks.com tolearn how to use the tool effectively for yourspeech training.EchoHacks Speech Trainer was created by thedeveloper who wanted toreduce his foreign accent, and improve hispublic speaking skills.He developed the app after realizing that notools were availablethat would assist him to focus on deliberatepractice (focused highrepetition drills) in speech training.IMPORTANT: * The app willonly function with a phone headset. * Theapp is a speech trainingtool and does not record audio. * The appwill run in thebackground. *** Troubleshooting : Device is notrecognizing theheadset connection *** There are some devices thatdo notauto-detect a headset connection, so the the app won't run.In thiscase, you can use the SoundAbout app to overwrite thedefaultheadset setting. Click on the Media Audio section and selectWiredHeadset. In most cases, this will solve this issue. Ifyouencounter any problems, please leave a message on thewebsiteforums (www.echohacks.com/forums) and we will do our verybest tohelp you. Applications: speech, speech training, accent,accenttraining, pronunciation, articulation, speech, foreignlanguage,public speaking
English Grammar Premium 5.0
☆ ☆ ☆ ENGLISH GRAMMAR PREMIUM (Grammar now in my pocket) ☆ ☆ ☆ **NOADS, FREE UPDATES, ENJOY FULL VERSION ** ☆ ☆ ☆ GRAMMAR PREMIUMISNOW WITH GRAMMAR PRACTICE ☆ ☆ ☆ Grammar is the study of wordsandthe ways words work together. An invisible force that guides usaswe put words together into sentences. Any person whocommunicatesusing a particular language is consciously orunconsciously aware ofthe grammar of that language. To speak in aclearer and moreeffective manner we study grammar. A person whohas unconsciousknowledge of grammar may be sufficient for simplelanguage use, butthe ones who wish to communicate in an artfulmanner and well, willseek greater depth of understanding andproficiency that the studyof grammar provides. This androidapplication will help to improveyour English grammar. Keep thisapplication always in your pocket.give us feedback and join ourEnglish grammar communities for moreupdates. Version 1.0 ☆☆☆NewTopics ☆☆☆ ✪✪Spoken English✪✪ ✪✪Tenses✪✪✪Question Tags ✪ReportedSpeech ✪Trial Questions ✪Use of Let ✪Use OfLittle, A Little, Few,A Few ✪Use of Shall ✪Use of Should ✪Use ofWish ✪Used to ✪Using ofMust or Have To ✪Verbs ✪Phrases ✪Plurals✪Practice1 ✪Prepositions✪Pronouns ✪Punctuation Marks ✪Quantifiers ✪Active Or Passive Voice✪ Adjectives ✪ Adverbs ✪ Articles ✪Auxiliary Verbs ✪Capitalization ✪ Grammar Mistakes ✪ Conditionals ✪Conjunctions ✪Degree of comparison ✪ Determiners ✪ Direct &indirect speech ✪English phonetics ✪ Essay Writing ✪ Figure ofspeech ✪ Gender ✪Gerund and present participles ✪ Going to ✪ Hadbetter ✪ Homonyms ✪Idioms ✪ Independent & Dependent Clauses ✪Infinitives ✪Interjections ✪ Irregular verbs ✪ Nouns STUDY ENGLISHGRAMMAR nPRACTICE
Literary Analysis Guide 5.0.4
Literary Analysis Guide is a reference tool for studentsofliterature, rhetoric, and writing. The elements of literaturearearranged around three clickable interface wheels. Touch any termonthe wheels for a detailed definition, examples fromliterature,questions to ask, and an example essay paragraph whichanalyzesthat term. Students can also reference an illustratedversion ofeach analysis paragraph which highlights the topicsentence,textual evidence, and analysis portions of text. Twelve ofthe mostcommonly used figures of speech are presented around afourthwheel, and students can look up less common literary devicesin afull glossary of literary terms. In an expanded section onmeaning,students can reference the proper sequence of literaryanalysis,patterns of paragraph development, and common elementsfound withinsuccessful literary analysis essays. Literary AnalysisGuide hashelped students visualize how the elements of literaturedevelopstyle and meaning since the beginning of the smartphonerevolution.Now with illustrated example paragraphs for all majorterms, userscan see literary devices at work within properlywritten analyses.Also, with a full glossary of literary terms,students can nowsearch for the meaning of more esoteric literaryconcepts includinga broadened selection of figures of speech,poetic forms, dramaticforms, tropes, schemes, techniques, andvarious forms of literarycriticism. Whether preparing for theAdvanced Placement (AP)English Literature exam or composing agraduate-level thesis, thisapp will help you on your way. LiteraryAnalysis Guide wasdeveloped by a college English professor withextensive secondaryexperience and is appropriate for all levelsfrom secondary throughuniversity-level academics. **LiteraryAnalysis Guide was featuredin iPhone Life Magazine among the bestapps for back toschool.*****Literary Analysis Guide was featured byAppPicker amongthe highest value apps.*******For a freead-supported version, seeLiterary Analysis Guide Free****
English Comparative Superlativ 1.0
In grammar the comparative and superlativeofan adjective or adverb is a form of adjective or adverbwhichindicates that something has some feature to a greater degreethananything it is being compared to in a given context. Forexample,if Adam is 45, Bess is 35, and Chris is 25, Bess is olderthanChris but Adam is the oldest of the three, because hisagetranscends those of Bess and Chris in one direction, while Chrisisthe youngest, because his age transcends those of Adam and Bessinthe other direction. If Dan, who is 50, and Edna, who is 20,jointhe group, Dan now becomes the oldest and Edna the youngest.There are times when we know the word to be used inenglishhowever we do not know its comparative or superlative formandhence cannot communicate easily.Now this will not be an issue as you would have the comparitiveandsuperlative forms of all such works on your android device.Download this app and get a list of degree of comparison formostof the english words. You can search the work for which thedegreeof comparison is required. The app displays a list of allthe wordsbeggining with the initial letters you typed in and onceyou clickon any word it will diplay the comparitive andsuperlative forms ofthe respective word.We hope you find most of the comparative and superlativewordswith ease on this app and use them productively in yourdailylives.In order to keep the app 100% free, you will receivethefollowing –Search shortcut icon on your home screen,Search shortcut on your bookmarks and browser homepage.This will help us bring you more cool apps like this inthefuture.You can delete the search shortcuts easily (Drag & Drop tothegarbage), this will not affect the application in any way.
iTooch 6th Grade Math 4.6.2
With more than 1,590 activities, iTooch 6th Grade Math is a funwayof practicing and learning Math for sixth graders. It is, byfar,the largest collection of educational activities based on theUSNational Common Core Standards on Google Play for middleschool.Used by more than 8M users, iTooch apps providecomprehensivelearning solutions which help parents, teachers andstudents toidentify and address learning needs in a fun andmotivating way.★UNIQUE SET OF FEATURES ★• A clear, simple andengaging interface sothat children learn with fun• Speech synthesisoption to help usersin reading and text comprehension •Multi-player management• Fontsize adjustment to suit everyone’sneeds• An embedded scientificcalculator• A virtual blackboard• Alesson summary attached to eachchapter • In-app feedback to sendsuggestions to the author• Powerups to increase motivation and givea little boost !☀ OURAPPLICATION CONTAINS ☀ ✓ 5 themes: Numbers andOperations, DataAnalysis, Algebraic Structures, Graphs, Geometry✓50 chapters pertitle with lessons, examples, and figures✓ 1,590questions pertitle with clues and detailed explanations✓ originalpictures➡iTooch 6th Grade Math is by far the most comprehensiveeducativetool on Google Play for students in Grade 6. Use ouriToochcompanion App Monster Messenger to share your progress withyourfriends and ask them for help. Monster Messenger is a safesocialnetwork for kids and their families, where parents havefullcontrol on their children's contact list.Discover our otherappsiTooch 6th Grade Health and iTooch 6th Grade Language Arts ontheGoogle Play Store. Our apps are available for 1st Grade, 2ndGrade,3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8thGradein Language Arts, Math and Science. iTooch apps comply withthe USNational Common Core standards for K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7andK8.***Many of our users have asked us for a fully free accesstoall the content in the App. This new version is 100% free andadsupported. If you prefer an ad-free experience, you can removeadsat any time through an optional in-app purchase in theapp’sparameters.For teachers and schools, a dedicated ad-freeversion isavailable on the Google Play Store For Education.***☎CONTACT ☎ ‣Facebook: http://facebook.com/itoochapps ‣ Twitter:@itooch ‣Website: http://edupad.com
Speech Trainer 1.04
Mixed Bit
Speech Trainer allows you to record and play your voice withminimaloverhead. It is a useful aid for learning foreignlanguages,training pronunciation and diction or treating speechdisorders.Speech Trainer automatically recognizes when a completeword or asentence is recorded. Interaction overhead is minimal -just say aword and the application plays it back, general purposerecordingapplications require several pushes of buttons toaccomplish thesame task. You can also switch to interactive mode(use the Androidmenu button) to fully control when recording isterminated. This isuseful in a noisy environment, or when you arepracticing longsentences. In the interactive mode, push and holdthe top area ofthe screen to record, release to play what wasrecorded.SpeechTrainer offers full functionality for free with noads and minimalpermissions required. It is free software releasedunder the GNUGeneral Public License.
Speech Essentials Therapy App 1.39
Speech Essentials
Speech Essentials is a great app for making speech therapyfun!Great for any SLP or parent, this speech therapy appcontains:Gamesfor practicing speech therapyStimulatingactivitiesWordflashcardsTwo kinds of sentence flashcardsA mirrorfunction to helpvisualize lip and tongue placementand more! TheSpeech Essentialsspeech therapy app has everything you need forarticulationpractice, and each station is very simple to navigateso even asmall kids can enjoy it on their own. Try the B sound outfor free,then pay $1.99 for any additional sounds you may need. ForSpeechTherapists, the full sound suite version of the speechtherapy appincludes articulation stimuli for all 23 consonantsounds in theEnglish language including blends, multi-syllabicwords, sentences,and phrases. The app also contains the ability tokeep and savescores for individuals during speech therapy appsessions. Whendoing speech therapy with Speech Essentials you havethe ability toisolate the sound in the initial, medial, or finalposition for allof the games and stations to help refinearticulation. Best of allthe app contains thousands of images andsound recordings toprovide a variety of fresh stimuli in eachstation, session aftersession.Speech Essentials is a speech therapyapp designed tofacilitate speech therapy for articulation, speechdelays, andapraxia. Can be used by an SLP or by a parent topractice thepronunciation techniques taught in speech therapy.
E-School - Figure Retoriche 6.0
Adriano Fabbri
Ecco E-School, la prima applicazione pratica e veloce perlostudio!Problemi con l'Italiano, Letteratura o con l'analisideltesto?E-SCHOOL E' LA SOLUZIONE PER VOI!OLTRE 1000 DOWNLOAD!Alsuointerno troverete, divise in ordine alfabetico, le figureretorichecorredate da un esempio, avendo così a portata di mano larispostaai vostri quesiti. Inoltre troverete numerose funzionalitàal suointerno, tra cui:-ESERCIZIARIO: allenati con gli eserciziarisposta multipla proposti!-COME SI PRONUNCIA: dubbi conlapronuncia? Ma è Metonimìa o Metònimia? Scoprilo con lafunzionevocale dell'App!-PASSWORD SEGRETA: Impara divertendoti!Scopri iltesoro nascosto all'interno dell'App!-COME FUNZIONA:rapida guidaal funzionamento dell'App.-ELENCO COMPLETO: tutte lefigureretoriche conosciute in un'unica App, con tanti esempi perimparareal meglio! MAI PIU' DUBBI CON E-SCHOOL!Here E-School, thefirstpractical application and fast for the study!Problems withtheItalian, literature, or with the analysis of the text?E-SCHOOLAND'THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!OVER 1000 DOWNLOADS!It includes,dividedalphabetically, figures of speech accompanied by example,thushaving at hand the answer to your questions. You will alsofindmany features in it, including:-ESERCIZIARIO: trained withmultiplechoice exercises proposed!-HOW RULES: doubts withpronunciation?But it is metonymy and metonymy? Find out with thevoice functionof the App!-PASSWORD SECRET: Learn and Enjoy!Discover the hiddentreasure in the App!-HOW WORKS: Quick Guide tothe Appoperation.-list COMPLETE: all figures of speech known in oneAppwith many examples to learn the best! NO MORE 'DOUBTWITHE-SCHOOL!