1.2 / June 9, 2015
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Stalk your prey, slither your way throughthewild jungle and kill wildlife animals. Make them the victim ofyourvicious bite. Python, Cobra and Anaconda are top vicioussnakesthat stay inside the forest and attack other animals to gettheirfood. Jungle is filled with wild animals like a horse,snakes,tiger, lion and crocodiles. It’s time to fight theunderwaterpredators and those whole rule the forest. Your deadlynature iswhat makes you a ruthless killer. Be a killer snake andinflictvenom bites with your razor sharp teeth. Beware all becausetheruthless predator is here to kill animals with vicious bites.

Slither around to find your prey and kill them. Get intofightswith the jungle predators. Slither around near them, find therighttime to attack and be a killer snake. Show your aggression,powerand speed as the ruthless killer in this snake chaseattacksimulator. Survive the crocodile attack and chase downotherwildlife animals and make them your prey. Be a wild anaconda,aruthless cobra or a vicious python in this snake attacksimulator.It’s amazing hunting down other animals in thissurvivor

• Be a Vicious Jungle Predotor
• Chase, Bite & Kill Animals
• Play as a Ruthless Snake
• Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment

اطلاعات برنامه اندروید Snake Chase Attack Simulator

  • نام برنامه
    Snake Chase Attack Simulator
  • نام بسته
  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    June 9, 2015
  • حجم فایل
  • حداقل نسخه اندروید
    Android 4.0 and up
  • نسخه
  • توسعه دهنده
    3D Master
  • تعداد نصب
    10,000 - 50,000
  • قیمت
  • دسته بندی
  • توسعه دهنده
    Email 3dmaster786@gmail.com
    3D Master Suite 205, Al Shafar 2, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, UAE.
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It’s time to drive a flying train. Travel tothe future with futuristic flying Car simulator. This Futuristicflying train simulator 2016 is a new addition to the train drivinggames and Car flying games. Forget the asphalt road burn, railtracks and crowded traffic in the city streets. Welcome thefuturistic theme of flying autos and vehicles on your android.After playing this free Flying train simulator become the bestflying train driver of 2016. You are bound to forget all theclassic train flying games. Pilot your steam locomotive in thefuturistic city terrain or drive your train engine in the air offthe road similar to an airplane.Display Skills of a professional Aircraft flight pilot by drivingthis quadcopter train engine with nitro blast in between theskyscrapers of the future city, Have the best flying experience inthis Futuristic Flying Car: Train 3D game.Features of Futuristic Flying Car: Train 3D Simulator:• Futuristic Flying Train Engine Model• Beautiful and open Future City• HD display of with realistic Train Sounds• Dynamic HD Graphics(Steam, rail, locomotive)• Cutting Edge Airplane Flight Control physicsPerfect train flying game for the all fans of flying car drivinggames, police racing simulation games and Airplane Flightgames.
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Beautiful morning you are driving yourJumbo bus filled with passengers citizens of all kind Boys, girls,old, young, men, women and suddenly you heard on the radio thatintense and massive emergency is Imposed due to some unknowncircumstances. A person standing, not moving on the road and thencomes another and another in the middle of the street, road of thisbig City, on your daily route to destination…..Now What?Now drive the bus in this Bus Driver Zombie Attack 3D like amaniac in this thriller and epic Zombie apocalypse city. You haveno weapons, guns, bullets, assault rifles and the undead zombiesare roaming the city streets, drive dodge, park, maneuver, crush,run them down and smash into these mind less creature who once werehumans. Bus Driver Zombie Attack 3D will give you the massivesatisfaction of killing and crushing Zombies while driving,steering and maneuvering real modern Bus. Your intense saga full ofthrill as Bus Driver begins when the Omega Virus is released from abio lab and rendering most of the world population into mindlessZombies. Smash these undead zombies into Human mush and roadkill,trample them where they stand while handling the Bus your love andlivelihood.In Bus Driver Zombie Attack 3D Your only mission and goal is totake these Passenger onboard to safety before these creatures takethe bus down while jumping and crashing onto the bus by making thema roadkill. Drive into parks, hit buildings of the big city, damageproperty wage upon apocalypse of your own on these zombies bymaking them damaged roadkill.Create as much distance between you and the Undead and win theround, remember your quest is not over until all the passenger inthe reach their desired destination divided in different levels foryour amusement. Be the best Driver of this Modern 2015 Model CoachBus in this Bus Driver Zombie Attack 3D. This bus derby simulationwill make you scream for more thrill and crushing. Help civilianson board to their home by keeping them alive and crush undeadcitizens of the city to a mush.Features of Bus Driver Zombie Attack 3D 2015:• Dynamic game play• Engaging story line• Modern Bus Simulator with Smooth bus physics• Vivid sounds and 3d graphics• Bus Driver Zombie Attack 3D best Zombie vs Bus game
Oil Tanker Truck Parking 2015 1.0.1 APK
3D Master
Get ready boys and girls to drive tanktruck in the best driving school 3D simulation game. Oil TankerTruck Parking 2015 offers you to master your driver skills withgiant gasoline transporter truck in this coolest simulatorgame.You’ve seen a lot tank truck on city roads and highway takingpetrol from oil refinery to the different gas stations. Grab yourwheel of these giant fuel trucks and learn to park them in OilTanker Truck Parking 2015 brand new game. Take control over thisgasoline filled oil trucks and park it in the parking zone withprecision and perfection. The petrol in your tank truck is highlyflammable so avoid damage or hitting any other vehicle for anyaccident. Drive these long wheelbase semi-trailer in this beautifulparking zone filled with cool cars, minibus and sports cars. Yourmission is to park your fuel lorry in reverse or straight to thereserved area.It’s really challenging to park backward furious sports cars anddriving gasoline filler transporter trucker makes it hell difficultto do. Learn the tricks and tips to steer mega size trucks in thisvirtual driving school to become road king. Download Oil TankerParking 2015 in your android tablet and Smartphone for endlessentertainment and fun with impossible park scenarios.Fuel Truck 2015 Features:•15 breathtaking missions to park petrol tanks•Real time physics controls for giant trucker•Smooth onscreen controls with power steering, acceleration andbrake pedals•Superb 3D environment of parking zone with various cool cars,minibus•HD graphics and sounds to enhance your gaming experience
San Andreas Crime City Chase 1.0 APK
3D Master
Why download San Andreas Crime City chase 3dracing game?Get ready for the rescue services in crime city in this freedeluxe edition cops n robber games. This crime city police carchase gives you the ultimate chance to become a policeman on dutydriver and stop the robber getaway by using your furious speeddriving skills. The ROBBERS syndicate have stole/ heist robberyin the Vegas and LA casino and have grabbed a grand theft auto andare making an escape from the town. You have been notified on thepolice scanner radio to make the escape of the armoured money truckunsuccessful. San Andreas Crime City Police chase isaction packed 3D police car driver vs thief racing gamewhere you are the angry cop on duty to catch the criminal and takethem to the town police station.This Cops n Robbers game is not an FPS(first person shootinggame) it is a fast and furious racing police car simulator on theasphalt road in the crime city of San Andreas. Your target is tochase the hardcore criminal car with extremely selective andspecialized driving skills. All these criminals are from mafiagangs and escape prisoners from jail. You are the on duty policeofficer who is on the hot pursuit of the veloz jeep. You aresurrounded by tourist, city traffic and civilians. Drive carefully,don’t crash into the town shops, markets and train station orairports. Build the heat with hot police pursuit, don’t let themescape. Imprison them in the crime town jails.San Andreas Crime City Chase is a challenging combinationof cop pursuit and robbers escape game. Give these criminals hardtime to flee the country. This new style of ROBBER VS COP willdefinitely be a good addition to your collection of Police vsThief games. So buckle up, grab your android set anddownload this grand theft crime cop racing mania today.Features of Crime City Police Chase:*10 breathtaking rescue missions to test your driver expertise forthis unique vehicle*Ride on awesome looking police motorbikes and in insane fastpolice cars*Massive improvements to the gameplay, epic crime simulatorvibe*Smooth controls for operating heavy machines*High quality graphics*Smooth on screen steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedal*Realistic physics to for smooth driving of super fast policevehicles*Realistic traffic effects and gangster animation to escapeyou*Challenging gameplay to avoid accident and smashing into touristsand tycoon city buildings*HD graphics and sounds to enhance your gaming experience
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The most challenging Euro truck drivingexperience awaits you on offroad terrain. Play as a Real Driver of4x4 Logging Truck, the newest 3D simulator game to transport treelogs and cargo containers on hilly areas. Drive the 4x4 loggingtruck trailer loaded with diesel barrels on top of mountains forrefueling vehicles. As a 3D off road trucker take the toughestjob of transporter trucking driver in the city. Drive to transportand explore the farm offroad tracks surrounded by beautifulEuropean mountain creating a gorgeous environment. Test theultimate power of your real trucker engine to carry heavy cargoloads on rough roads.Deliver heavy cargo on huge trailer trucks. Drive grand truckson offroad tracks and maintain heavy load of cargo container andtree logs. Go to lumberjack and pick up some wood logs to load intoyour lumber trucker. As a Log Truck Driver are you responsible totransport the logs safely to another location. In this Log editionof Truck Driver 3D learn how to drive your truck and log trailer.In each level, you'll face different scenarios where you controlyour truck as precise and carefully as possible, in level 2 Drivereverse inside a tiny shed. To finish each level you have to attachthe log trailer, find it with yellow arrows then load the logs andfind the loading place following the red arrows. After the logs areloaded drive your truck and trailer inside the yellow parkingspace. Drive timber lorry, tractor trailer and logging trucks onsteep mountainous tracks to deliver them in downhill town. Thebumpy farm terrain has narrow roads with mud and sharp turnsuphill, which makes it impossible for newbie truck driver tocontrol the wheels. Remember that speed driving on rocky mountainsis difficult especially on rugged terrain and treacherous path.Realistic off-road truck driving is not an ordinary game it isextraordinary only the skilled drivers can get such difficulttransporting job done on tricky tracks. The handling in this trucksimulator is difficult if you don’t drive cautiously and carefully.Complete the Challenging Euro truck driving missions.Unlockadvanced levels and explore more tricky tracks on farm surroundedby steep mountains and rocky hills.4x4 Offroad Truck Simulator 2016 Features:* 10 highly challenging transporter missions on rugged path* Realistic feel of being an offroad trucker and drive heavyvehicles* Adventurous free ride in real life farm environment withtreacherous bumpy roads surrounded with beautiful mountains.* Amazing crawler auto physics and smooth controls for real truckparking* Unforgettable driving experience of a lifetime* Console quality 3D graphics and rotating camera.* Excellent steering wheel, handbrakeDownload 4x4 LogTruck Real Driver offroad 3D simulator game andenjoy madness of addictive and crazy gameplay with complex drivingmissions.
Flying Car Simulator 2016 1.0.1 APK
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Futurist flying car driving adventureawaitsyou. Pilot the flying muscle car on unstoppable speed throughtheepic London city. Time travel to the future, be the extremepilotof the futuristic flying car, perform awesome car stuntsandcollects coins hidden in the city.If you are a fanatic fan of flying bus, flying dragons andmusclecar driving games then download this free flying muscle cargametoday. Play and earn points to unlock a large variety offlyingpick up, flying muscle and jet trucks. Speed up by switchingon theturbo engines. Avoid crashing into the skyscapers of theLondoncity buildings. No flying police car chase or cars racing.Flyfreely and enjoy the flight just like flying anactualseaplane.FEATURES OF FLYING CAR SIMULATOR 2016Realistic flying muscle car simulatorChallenging flight missionsFly freely to find hidden coinsPerform air stunts and go through the loops to earnbonuspointsSmooth controls for a futuristic flying car driverStunning 3d city environment with Islands, seas and ocean