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Snake HD WallpapersYou can love all kinds of animals like cats,dogs, rabbits, squirrels, kangaroo and what not but only thedaredevils love the poisonous snakes. Keeping snakes as a pet is acourageous job. Many people are fond of different species ofsnakes. The movie anaconda played a huge part in attracting peopletowards these wild creatures. Not to forget the Slytherin house’ssymbol in the series of Harry Potter. For the fans, getting HDwallpaper with their favorite creature or symbol on it is likeliving in the ninth sky. There are several types of snake HDwallpapers. You can get the wallpaper images of any kind of snakeyou want. Either apply it on your desktop or go for the mobilebackground, you’re going to love them.Venomous Snakes HDWallpaper:Look the heading below to know more about the exact termswith which you should look for snake HD wallpapers. Many snake HDwallpapers are posted on the site as well. • Tongue SnakeWallpapers:You must have come across the snake wallpapers in whichthey play with their tongues. The area in the background isenchanting and the colorful, bright snake in the view makes it morevibrant. • Cobra Wallpapers:Cobras are the most dangerous snakes onthe planet Earth. The wallpapers of these snakes are highly indemand. • Daring Snakes HD Wallpapers:Snakes of the python family,vipers, mamba, Elapidae, Cylindrophiidae, Aniliidae, andsharp-tailed snakes are quite popular in the world of wallpapers.Most of them are colorful and daunting. The view captured in thewallpaper is simply intimidating.• Movie Snake Wallpapers:There areseveral English movies where snakes have played the role of avillain. Movies like Anaconda and many others are quite famous; youcan get the wallpaper of your favorite snake movie for free.AppsFeatures:* All Wallpapers in HD quality.* Set image as wallpaper*Crop and Resize image to fit your screen* Share images with yourFriends on (WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail, etc)* If you like thisApps, please rate and post your comments/opinion for improving.

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Neck Design 1.0 APK
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Traditions are the important part of life, our whole living andlife circle revolves around traditions. The most beautiful part oftradition, reflects in the outfits we choose to wear in our casualor formal routine. Shalwar kamees and kurtas are the besttraditional outfits glamorizing our lifestyle with sophisticationfrom decades. Glamorize your fashion sense:Just to make your daymore stylized and trendy with latest fashion catalogue we offer youthe top quality range of Kurta collections and much more.Embellished your personality, with the much evolved trends of Neckdesigns, collar styles, stones placement and button styles.Hit thesummer with colorful fashion:Summer is all set to hit the doors andfor that one should be geared up with the trendy and stylizedwardrobe and to make it possible, nowhere is better than ours.Gofor a comfortable and trendy wardrobe experience:Our outfit expertshave the best outfit guideline according to your mode and stylejust to make your personality more impressive. Our kurtacollections are the best suitable choice to be a fashion icon alongwith the comfort of being easygoing. Latest Neck Designs:Neckdesigns are the latest much evolved trend in kurtas with a range ofversatility. Neck designs with stone placement and buttons are acommon trend. Just to make your neck look more stylish a fine lineof shaded embroidery creates more elegancy in your outfit. To addup a quite stylized effect with a royal look impact neck designsare being covered up with the patches of various fabrics andpatterns. Along with all these a most common but traditionalpattern of Zig Zag & cross stitched embroidery will never goout of fashion. Buckle up for summers and grab the best in townoutfits at your doorstep with our elegant and unique collectionalong with the reliability of top finest quality fabric.
Embroidery Dress 1.0 APK
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Embroided Dresses Designs / Styles / PicturesIt’s just a matter ofvisiting a good marketplace to bring back home loads of embroideryun-stitched dresses. In case you are looking for stitched ones, youcan visit the cloth stores and brands which tender ready-madedresses.Beautiful Embroidery Dress Designs:Embroided fabric can bestitched into any kind of dress. You can make a frock out of it,long shirt or a short shirt. The famous angarkha style is alsopresented with embroided pattern on the neck till the lower borderof the shirt. Many ladies who are looking for a dress to wear on awedding or a formal event design a chiffon overcoat with silk orchiffon shirt inside it to look stylish. Types ofEmbroidery:Embroidery is available in multiple styles. It caneither be Sindhi or Kashmiri style embroidery or the modernembroidery patterns which the craftsmen nowadays make on thefabric. These designs are great as they are made up of shiny,outstanding dhagaa. Both hand work, as well as machine embroidery,is appreciated by the customers who go for shopping. Til’la workalso known as thread work compliment the normal embroided patterns.Moreover, you can find dresses with pearl, crystals and rhinestoneswork too in a variety of color. Come up with a color combination ofyour choice and make it work with the perfect embroidery patterns.Embroidery Designs:Mostly all such clothes have embroideryneckline, sleeves, and damaan. In some cases, the whole shirt witha beautiful pattern. It can either be floral or any other prettypattern which looks good on women. Many other designs have eitheronly embodied lace on sleeves or Sindhi galas on the front. Apattern at the back is also in fashion nowadays.Apps Features:* AllDesigns in good quality.* New latest designs are added, AppOptimized and Fast Interface.* Share Designs with your Friends on(WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail, etc)* If you like this Apps, pleaserate and post your comments/opinion for improving.
Mehndi Designs 1.0 APK
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Mehndi DesignsIt is that time of the year when Eid festival isaround the corner. Even if it’s not Eid, girls and women love toapply mehndi on their hands and feet on wedding occasions, eidMilan parties in school and colleges or on any other culturalevent. Mehndi is another name for henna that is obtained from anatural tree. The leaves are taken from the tree, crushed and madeinto a paste which is then filled in the cones and sold in themarket. There are several different types of mehndi designs whichare popular among the ladies. Mehndi is applied by the people ofboth East and West. In West, it is mostly used to apply tattoos indifferent parts of the body. Popular Beautiful Mehndi Designs2016-2017:Want to know about the latest designs of mehndi which areloved by the people? Read below to know about them.The images ofthe best mehndi designs are attached along. We have covered all thepossible mehndi designs for hands and feet.• Arabic MehndiDesigns:The name Arabic gives us the idea that the designs aregoing to be traditional, old and exquisite. Arabic mehndi designsare dominated by flower patterns, spiral and carries style shapeand dots. The ‘gola or tip’pa designs’ are also popular.• MoroccanMehndi Designs:This mehndi design usually consists of differentshapes. Squares, boxes, and multiple dot designs are very common.•Mehndi Tattoos:The trend of applying mehndi tattoos is common amongthe West but the influencing is seen in the East as well. Eitherit’s your name or any other design of the flower, pigeon, butterflyor any other item you want to be tattooed; you can make it on yourhand, back of the neck or on your back through mehndi.• BridalMehndi Design:It is a combination of Arabic, Rajasthani and Africanmehndi designs. The pictures or images are provided in differentmehndi design books or on the internet. Mostly, the girls go to theparlor for mehndi application.
Islamic Wallpaper 1.0 APK
World app
Islamic HD WallpapersWallpaper of the computer or laptop issomething that appears instantly when you turn the machine on,right? This is why most of the people like to put on display thewallpaper background with a quote or a picture which they believein or think is cute. Islamic wallpapers are most common among theMuslims. Girls and boys and even adults love to apply Islamwallpaper on their desktop. You can get amazing wallpapers from theinternet. Search on Google images or go for Pinterest and Tumblrand you’ll find the best stock of Islamic wallpapers. They are alsoavailable in HD quality. Different types of IslamicWallpapers:Islamic wallpapers are available for Desktop Background,Facebook cover, IPhone and Android smartphones as well as for othersocial media profiles. The different types are as follows:• Islamicwallpapers with quotes:These wallpapers cover famous Islamic quoteslike Kalma, Qurani Ayats, Doas etc, and sayings of the otherreligious personalities. The background is quite pretty, the fontused is great and makes the sayings or quote attractive. • Islamicwallpapers in English and Urdu:The Islamic wallpapers are availablein both English and Urdu. You can choose your desired wallpaperwith ease now. • Wallpapers with Mosques:These wallpapers are thebest ones as they give you the view of the pious mosques. Some aresimple animated wallpapers or have mosques made from differentsoftware while many others give you the view of the real mosquesall over the world. From the Holy Kabaa to the sacred Masjid-Nabwiand many other mosques are covered by the wallpapers. • Name ofAllah, Mohammad, Loh-e-Qurani, Bismillah Wallpapers:Every year manypeople download Islamic greeting wallpapers and upload them or sendthem as a greeting card or image to their loved ones wishing them ahappy Ramadan or Eid. The color contrast, images and the design ofsuch wallpaper are simply amazing.
Embroidery Designs Pattern 2.3 APK
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Embroidery Designs Patterns Did you see the amazing embroidery onthat kurta? It was a beautiful combination of the satin stitch,French knot, and the cross stitch. The fashion of embroidery iscommon these days. The year before 2016 introduced severaldifferent embroidered patterns and designs. You can go through thepictures and take video tutorials to learn how to practicedifferent stitches to perfection. There are several embroiderydesigns software for beginners as well as experts. EmbroideryDesigns for all: If you visit the market, you’ll observe thatembroidered patterns and designs are in fashion. From stitchedembroidered kurtas for girls and boys to the home products like bedsheets, cushion covers, sofa covers, curtains and many other thingsare made fancy by the use of creative, colorful and decentembroidery designs. Mainly, the embroidery designs can beclassified into two categories: 1. Machine Embroidery: This is donewith the help of a machine. Manu fabric industries launch machinestitched embroidery suits. The market is full of such dresses. Theembroidery on the cushions and other fabric is most of the times,the machine embroidery. 2. Hand Embroidery: The embroidery donewith the use of a needle, wool, other threads and by hand is calledthe hand embroidery. There are several embroidery stitches that youcan learn. Once you have learnt them, you can make a fancy kurtafor yourself or any other home product. The women of thesubcontinent specialize in hand embroidery. Following are the typesof embroidery stitches that one should know how to do. Themust-to-learn embroidery stitches: If you want to produce acreative piece of work, here are the stitches that you must learn:• Running Stitch: It is a simple stitch and you can learn itthrough any video tutorial on YouTube within minutes. • SplitStitch: The end result of this stitch is a thick chain like a line.You can create straight or curved lines using this stitch dependingon the design you are making. • French Knot: This stitch basicallyleaves you with small cute balls. Learn it if you want to give yourembroidery a 3-D effect. • Satin Stitch: Through this stitch, youcan fill the whole image with the thread. It looks tidy if doneproperly.
Shirt Style 1.0 APK
World app
Girls Shirt StyleFrocks, maxis, lehenga, saris and gowns are oftenworn by girls and women on formal or fancy events but when it comesto being comfortable at home, ladies in Pakistan and India preferwearing shirts. These casual shirts are worn at home, whilevisiting a relative or going to a market place, and many girls feelcomfortable to wear kurta style shirts to many informalget-together parties. Latest Girl’s Shirts Style 2016:Girls love towear stylish attire. This is why, according to the latest fashionof 2016 summers and winters, we have mentioned below the mostfavorite shirts styles for the girls. • Kurt Style Shirts:Shirtsstitched in kurta style are the best and in fashion these days.They are stitched in the loose fitting and are short in length. Youcan either use a plain cotton or lawn fabric or printed fabric forthese kurta style shirts. Many brands like Nishat, Khaadi, Limelight and Gul Ahmed have launched their eastern shirts. • DigitalPrint Shirts:Shirts these days have digital prints on them. Theprints include images of buildings, animals, flowers and variousother things. Such prints are usually present on the brandedshops.• Short Length Frock Shirts:Have you seen the latest frockshirts? They are too short in length and loose but their design isexceptionally good. Multiple colors and accessories are used todesign them. Usually, polka dot design or the design with multipleborders at the lower end is common. Look at the pictures for clearidea. • Embroidered Shirts:The marketplace is full of embroideredstitched ad unstitched shirts. Different threads are used to designthese shirts in multiple colors. The pattern is lovely and thequality is often good. You can also ask the embroidery craftsman todesign the shirt in the way you want.
Baby Frock 1.0 APK
World app
Baby Frock DesignsBaby girls, no matter whether they are newborn,infants, toddlers or in their school-going age, looks best. It isnot only the most comfortable attire for baby girls but also theone that look prettiest on them. Nearly every local and importedbrand makes the profit by designing baby clothes and in the year,these brands have launched some very pretty with motives, printedfigures and embroidered work.You can have a look at the pictures onthe internet and ask your tailor to stitch a similar or simply buya beautiful one from the shop nearby.Latest Baby Frock Designs:Thebrand new designs are available in all sizes and eye-catchingcolors in the market. The styles are as follows:• Modren stylefrocks:The best one for the girls are the Modren style! Wouldn’tyou like to buy a dress that makes you little doll look morebeautiful? These are made up of fancy cloth like chiffon, net orsilk. They are loaded with adorable pearls and embroideredpatterns. Few of them come with a mini-coat and a pair of fancyaccessory. These are suitable as a party-wear.• Eastern stylefrocks:The eastern trend has influenced the aesthetic sense ofdesigner a lot. The Afghani style, with gotta and tilla work, withembroidered galas and laces at the flare ends are in fashion. Theyare either made of velvet or chiffon fabric. • Causal wearfrocks:These are which the girls can wear in daily routine. Theyare usually printed and have bows or any other cartoon on them.They are simple nearly till the knees. They come in a variety ofcolors and designs which are simply irresistible. The fabric usedcan be lawn, cotton or washin wear.
Hair Style Steps 2.3 APK
World app
Hairstyle Steps Having long hair is a blessing. It can be at timestough to handle them but if you love playing with your hair, thenyou have got nothing to worry about. Whether you are going to aparty or to a formal event, you need to get dressed in a prettymanner. Wear a beautiful dress, apply makeup and wear your hair inan attractive manner. Long hair is always in the fashion which iswhy there are numerous hairstyles that you can follow. If yousearch on the internet, you’ll get a load of pictures of thebeautiful hairstyles. Some might be easy to make but most of themare quite difficult or requires a tricky approach to making thestyle. For all those who love dressing up their hair, step by stepimages and hair tutorials are present on the internet. Below wehave compiled the steps by step instruction pictures and differenthairstyles to make it easy for you to pick one. BeautifulHairstyles Steps: Girls love innovation and playing with theirhair. The hairstyles below are beyond amazing and will help youcompletely change your look. Long Hair Open Style: If you are upfor opening your hair, you can either straighten them up or elseuse a curler in different ways to give them a wavy appearance.Other than this, you can make different braids with the openhairstyle. This includes the waterfall braid or the other beautifulbraids that people love to make. Chignon Hairstyle/ Bun Hairstyles:When t comes to making buns, there are several ways you can do it;you can either make a high bun or low side buns. Chignon hairstylealso depicts a bun style which is loved by those who are eager togo to a fancy party. You can also do the Dutch braid and wrap itinto the form of a bun. The steps of all such hairstyles are givenin the photos we have added on the site. Ponytail Hairstyles: Ponyhairstyles look sexy and romantic when they are worn in an urbanoutfit fashion. The side ponytails or the hair-knot ponytails arequite famous. Braided ponytails for long hairs are the best ones.Apps Features: * All Hairstyle Steps in good quality. * Tutorialsfor beginners and learners * Share hairstyle with your Friends on(WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail, etc) * If you like this Apps, pleaserate and post your comments/opinion for improving.