1.1 / January 11, 2017
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Stealth helicopter comes with a series of hardto hard rough levels making you take out your best warfareinstincts against various high caliber enemies’ gunships. Demolishthe enemies’ base; crush their battleships with first class deadlyweaponry. Enjoy the battle between multiple tanks, trucks,helicopters and battleships with real sound effects, exclusive 3Denvironment and most optimized advanced machine control of alltime.
Equip incredible helicopters and astonishing tanks with impressiveand remarkable weaponry. Fly over the enemies land unleash hell onthem by airstrike and ultra-machine guns. Wreck the enemy’s base,destroy their gunships, crush their vehicles and ruin their evilplans. Engage in combat mission with enemies’ tanks and helicoptersfrom all over the world and take down the most evil and corruptgunships of all time. Enemies include various high functioningtanks, multiple weapon equipped choppers and wicked battleships aredesigned to carry out their best to put you in the most thrillingand rousing breath-taking bloody war of all time.
Hide your aircraft in blue skies and turn the tables around onenemies’ tanks, trucks and helicopters using air strikes andunlimited missiles and bullets secretly turning the enemies’ baseto dust. Be careful of enemies’ gunships, single enemy can take youdown in one shot so keep your aircraft in motion and crush theenemies evil plans before they destroy you!

اطلاعات برنامه اندروید Stealth Helicopter Warfare 3d

  • نام برنامه
    Stealth Helicopter Warfare 3d
  • نام بسته
  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    January 11, 2017
  • حجم فایل
  • حداقل نسخه اندروید
    Android 2.3 and up
  • نسخه
  • توسعه دهنده
    Creative Games Studios
  • تعداد نصب
    500 - 1,000
  • قیمت
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  • توسعه دهنده
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This jet fighter game is like never before.Test your skills in an actual plane battle game in which you fightagainst the most lethal machines in the world. in this jet pilot orplane pilot game battleships equipped with best responsive flightcontrols and hyper realistic weapon simulator armed on the fighterjet you can shoot the enemy plane down with missiles, rocketlaunchers and machine gun firing and drop bombs like drone on theenemy base and destroy enemy tanks.Fly from your base into the most detailed environment invested torealistic graphics. Become the pilot of fighter jets and destroyenemy’s evil plans. In this intense on base and air to land battleyou can enjoy the flying of a realistic lethal jet. Destroy allenemies and achieve victory in your mission to unlock furthermissions. The game just keeps getting tougher and tougher withprogress in every mission. This extreme game play will bring outyour natural stealth instincts, flying instincts and air combatreflexes. This airplane simulator 3D is developed for your funonly.Equip the fighter plane you want to take to battle arena and flyover the enemy’s base and unleash hell upon them with amazingweaponry. Use machine guns firing and rocket launchers to take downthe most fatal gunships from all over the world. Take cover in theblue skies and weave over the enemy and drop bombs on them withdrone weaponry already equipped on your jet fighter. Enemy willattack you from dangerous fighter jets and killer tanks. Crush theenemy’s weapon trucks and make them beg for mercy. Earn the Medalof Honor by saving your state from outside threat.
Limo Driving Simulator 1.1 APK
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It is time to make some heads turn on you andwish if they were driving this smooth ride. Limousine drivers areinnovative experts and masters in driving skills. Their hands don’tshake and their reflexes and instincts are cutting edge. Driving alimo is a great responsibility; it’s not like driving some fancycar, a big truck or a tank. People who order a limo takes theirmoney seriously, so press clutch, push accelerator, pick celebs anddrop them off and hit a big tip.Game play is simple and easy to understand. Just pick up strangers,local and all type of people form the streets of city and drop themoff at their destination in the required time. Be cautious of thetime bar, the mission fails if you run out of time. Drive the hugeluxury car in the big crowded city with lots of traffic. If thelimousine crashes into a building or collide with something, themission results as a failure so stay alert and drivecarefully!Now become the most wanted but rarely seen driver. Live your lifein a spotlight. With realistic limousine controls and genuine limosimulation makes the limo driving simulator best simulator game of2016 and 2017. If you love limousine car parking, or city limodrive games then you’ll find Limo Driving Simulator very attentiongrabbing. Now roll in the most imperial wheels with most royalfamilies in this limo simulator.
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Welcome to the most advanced air combat gameof 2017. Drone strike war is the blend of air combat, machines orhumans and robots or drone plane simulator. In this plane simulatoryou are given a gunship that can fire unlimited missiles, shootunlimited bullets and drop barrel bombs on enemy. This gunshipsimulator is actually a plane type machine that flies over thehorizon and destroy enemy’s bases. Yes! This is a drone simulator.This drone simulator flies like airplane or stealth helicopter.This is total death machine designed for your fun and enjoyment.Fly over the enemy’s base and wreck their weaponry with lethalfirepower and deadly bombs. Fly the supersonic jet built onbreathtaking aerodynamic physics. In an epic environment with verybeautifully detailed surroundings the graphics live the life of ajet fighter pilot. It’s time to put your plane flying instincts andbattle and air combat reflexes to put to some use. Enjoy thefuturistic drone or futuristic Aircraft Carrier Simulator.Experience the line of duty roll with this fun app downloadnow.In this drone blast simulator you get to kill the enemy troupersand veterans, you have to destroy enemy’s tanks and battleships.Unleash hell from sky on earth and show the enemy that they cannottake over your homeland while you breathe. These enemy warships aredesigned to take down fastest of planes in a matter of seconds.Stealth is the key! You have to be quick with your survive andattack strategy. Take cover behind tall buildings and weave inmidair to defend your Aircraft against enemy’s attack. Be carefuland stay alert in the war zone and watch out for surprise attacks.If you get attacked, or you land on great speed or crash yourhovercraft in the building then your mission will ultimately fail.Work hard and play hard on the battle field and earn honor againstthe high and mighty ranks of Jet Fighters.
Car vs Robot knock down 2017 1.1 APK
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Car vs. Robots knock down is the battlebetween Car vs. Robots, present machine vs. futuristic machine andengine power vs. fire power. The game is a real neck-breaker thanksto the incredible 3D visuals and tough nature. The game play bringsout your best driving instincts to drive pass these realsteel-designed dangerous Robots of future. This game offers intensedriving rush through hard-to-rock tricky different levels. Everynew level comes with harsher, swifter and treacherousmachines.You are given some high ability very fast and very furious sportsCars. You are to drive through the showground and collect diamondsof different worth. The moment you accelerate your Car the showdownstarts and the Robots unleash hell on you with fire power andintense laser beam. Your enemies, these futuristic Robots shootlaser beam on your Car, so your health bar reduces. Some of theRobots are immobile but are very dangerous and some of the Robotscan move. The Robots which move are the most perilous one Theirattacks are very fatal for your automobile so drift your way acrossthe stadium and save your life from these next generation monstrousmachines. Your main objective is to collect diamonds and save yourride from the deadly fleet of Robots. Will you surrender or emergevictorious against these immortal automatons of the new era?
Vending Machine Supermarket 1.1 APK
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Vending machine games or super market games webring out the best of shopping with vending machine game. Enjoy theamazing simulation of yum and tasty products in the fantasticvending machine simulator of this fall with the addition of drivethru shopping superstore. From the best of supermarket games, thisis vending machine fun 2017. This is a realistic vending machinewhich allows you to get knowledge about how to buy goods from areal vending machine.In vending machine supermarket you have to drive in a car from yourhome to the grand supermarket. Now either stays in your car or walkup to the vending machine and pay cash and coins to buy products.Touch and tap game tap on the product to buy it. Use sufficientamount you have to buy the required product. First insert the coinby press the coin, then select the item those you want to buy. Youhave limited cash and you must buy three items to complete theevery mission.You can also drive fast car in the big city and perform stunts withgroundbreaking animations installed on your car. Be aware of thecity traffic and surprise hurdles anything you hit upon will resultas a failure in current mission. Don’t crash, drive safe and enjoyall of that in only one app.
Transit Elevated Bus Driver 3D 1.1 APK
Creative Games Studios
Are you ready to drive the latest TransitElevated Bus in a fancy town? We bring you the straddling Busstraight. Elevated bus is a cutting edge technology which replacesall local, metro and double decker buses. Drive the Elevated Busthrough the beautiful city and pick up locals and tourists and dropthem at specific TEB terminals. This futuristic Elevated Bus is awhole new transport Bus concept where a guided Bus straddles overroad traffic. The Elevated Bus moves on electricity so there are nostops for fuel refilling. Being 2 meters high this Bus is like amoving tunnel on a specific track. Now drive over the traffic withthe astounding advanced controls provided to you. Push theaccelerator to max and travel at chockfull speed though the city.372 feet long this Bus has room for more than 250 people.Your task is simple. Just pick and drop people from specificlocation to exact stations keeping on the explicit route. Stop attraffic signals drive when the signal is green. Stop at differentlocations to pick up locals and tourists and then drop them attheir destination. Stay alert of the moving traffic and sharp turnsat the end of the road. Crashing into local vehicles will result ascrashing your Airbus and the mission will ultimately fail. If youdon’t turn the Straddling Bus at the end of road then it will gohit a building and blast off which will also result as failing ofmission. If you disrespect traffic rules and kept the Elevated Busmoving on a red light then level will be failed as an outcome ofviolation of traffic rules. So drive responsibly and drivesafe.City traffic jams are not an issue anymore. Drive the advancedElevated Bus, serve your city with transport facility and become alegendary TEB driver
Police Robots Transform Force 1.0 APK
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Earth is attacked, the buildings are onfire.There are evil robots everywhere and these wicked robots aretakingover the world city by city. Now they are heading towardsyourtown. Will you be able to save your hometown? Do you have thegutsto stand against evil futuristic robots? Get a hold of themostadvanced robot police game with the added touch of a gunshipstrikeand flying robots.In this police transformer robot simulator, you unlockmultipleseries of events like police rescue, police fight, policecombat,police air attack and whole load of police action. This gameblendsthe casual street fighting game skills. Do not hesitate toriskyour life on the line of duty. Enjoy the brand new experienceofpolice robot simulator; including flying robot, police carorpolice helicopter game play.While performing a rescue mission, hold up to a futuristicflyingrobot. Fly to the red location and transform back intofuturisticpolice robot. Enter the building which is on fire andrescue thelocals at the disturbed building and become the hero oftheday.For a street dispute, take the transformer robot which cantransforminto car and back into a ground robot. These robots aredesigned forcombat action and feel the realistic police action.They can firemissiles and bullets at the enemy. Hop into yoursplendid police SUVand dash to the disrupt point. Destroy all ofthe malicious robotsand tear their bodies apart and save theday.You can hook up with your gunship with groundbreakingfirepower.Shoot missiles on the enemy, and fire steel bullets onthe robots.Take cover in the sky, and perform stunts in the bigcity. Go intostealth mode and save your gunship from enemy’sattack. Be smartand unleash hell on the corrupt robots.These entire multiple and full action packed series ofeventsexperience them all in one game if you are a hardcore fan ofpolicegames and robot games.