1.0 / January 19, 2018
(4.2/5) (5)


In his Stickman Parkour Jump And RunPlatformuses his skills to explore and go through the level.

This is a great action game similar to Vector. It combineshisParkour with our familiarity with Stickman Parkour games.
** Nice Levels
** Awesome Jump Spots
** Climb Walls Parkour
** Parkour
** Stickman Parkour

Run, Parkour, Die, Reborn, Run again, Die Again, jump....well,that's what you will do.

اطلاعات برنامه اندروید Stickman Parkour Jump And Run Platform

  • نام برنامه
    Stickman Parkour Jump And Run Platform
  • نام بسته
  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    January 19, 2018
  • حجم فایل
  • حداقل نسخه اندروید
    Android 4.1 and up
  • نسخه
  • توسعه دهنده
  • تعداد نصب
    100 - 500
  • قیمت
  • دسته بندی
  • توسعه دهنده
    Email tienbi2ni@gmail.com
    City : Ho Chi Minh
  • Google Play Link
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Stickman Parkour Jump And Run Platform 1.0 APK
In his Stickman Parkour Jump And RunPlatformuses his skills to explore and go through the level.This is a great action game similar to Vector. It combineshisParkour with our familiarity with Stickman Parkour games.** Nice Levels** Awesome Jump Spots** Climb Walls Parkour** Parkour** Stickman ParkourRun, Parkour, Die, Reborn, Run again, Die Again, jump....well,that's what you will do.
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Classic Solitaire, also known asPatienceSolitaire, is the most popular solitaire card game in theworld.Try our BEST FREE SOLITAIRE card app, which is beautiful andfunlike classic Solitaire.The four foundations (light rectangles in the upper right ofthefigure) are built up by suit from Ace (low in this game) toKing,and the tableau piles can be built down by alternate colors,andpartial or complete piles can be moved if they are built downbyalternate colors also. Any empty piles can be filled with a Kingora pile of cards with a King. The aim of the game is to build upastack of cards starting with two and ending with King, all ofthesame suit. Once this is accomplished, the goal is to move thisto afoundation, where the player has previously placed the Ace ofthatsuit. Once the player has done this, they will have "finished"thatsuit, the goal being to finish all suits, at which time theplayerwould have won. There are different ways of dealing theremainderof the deck:Features:♠ Beautiful graphics♠ Klondike gameplay♠ Unlimited free undo♠ Unlimited free hints♠ Option for All Winning deals♠ Timed mode♠ Draw 1 or 3 cards♠ Auto complete for solved game♠ Statistics♠ Personal records♠ Choose your card style♠ Left handed mode♠ Tablet support♠ Portrait♠ LandscapeTurning only one card at a time, but placing no limit onpassesthrough the deck.Turning three cards at once to the waste with no limit onpassesthrough the deck, but allowing the player to switch once toasingle pass through the deck one card at a time; after thatsinglepass, however, the player cannot go back to turning threecards ata time and can turn over no more cards from thewaste.Join over 100 million users playing our Solitaire for Android!Ourversion of Solitaire is free and is the most popular in thePlayStore! Take on our Daily Challenges for a new Solitaireexperienceeach and every day. Download now to play the best classicSolitairecard game on Android now!