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Get ready for 2017 adventurous off road journey to breathtakinghills and mountains by riding a super fast motorcycle on twistedmountain roads. In this mountain bike adventure ride the motorbikeboth uphill and downhill. Get control of your extreme dirt bike andsteer with race to get real life sensation of riding heavy bikes.Satisfy your passion for motorbiking with the blend of adventurousmoto racing game. Extreme Uphill Offroad Motorbike Rider is the oneof the best addictive new age bike games. During downhill mountainbiking avoid falling down and crash.Motor bike games are racing andaction games with extreme bike stunt and thrilling missions. Thebike stunt racing fever is all about bike balance, skill andcontrol as you ride your rider on offroads across the ramps, jumps,barrels and obstacles. Bike stunt 2017 mania is one of the bestMoto GP stunt racing game of 2017 for off road driving lovers. Youneed daring skills for performing tricky bike trail stunts to be aoffroad legend of motorbiking in Offroad Bike Adventure. There isNo ROAD, no LIMITS! Forget the roads now to race through thecanyons by choosing your ride from dirt and heavy bike. Takecontrol of driver's seat and ride splashy and rough to jump as highas you can.Uphill Offroad Motorbike Rider Features:- Realisticstunt ramps and stunts- Ultra Smooth and intelligent control-Multiple Realistic physics based dirt bikes- Unique, rough anddangerous stunts- Beautiful 3D graphics and amazing environment-Challenging stunts game-play on mountains- Very easy to play- Racethrough a rugged terrain on a hilly island

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    Uphill Offroad Motorbike Rider
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    May 23, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Tech 3D Games Studios
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Uphill Offroad Bicycle Rider 1.6 APK
Tech 3D Games Studios
Are you ready for 2017 adventurous off road journey to breathtakinghills and mountains by riding a super cycle on twisted mountainroads? In this mountain cycle adventure ride the bicycle bothuphill and downhill. Get control of your extreme mountain bike andsteer with pedals to get real life sensation of riding cycle.Satisfy your passion for cycle racing with the blend of adventurouscycle racing game. Extreme Uphill Off road Bicycle Rider is the oneof the best addictive new age cycle games. During downhill mountainbiking avoid falling down and crash.Cycling is best for maintainingfitness. So become a crazy freestyle cyclist and ride with fullspeed by controlling the BMX handlebars with strong wrist grip.Race the 2 wheeler monster bicycle by kiciking fast paddle toperform stunts in freestyle jumping. This bicycle wheelie gameoffers adventurous off-road driving experience with perfect cyclesimulation. Driving on with easy trails the riding on hills becomechallenging with time. Bicycling doesn’t need gas or fuel its justneed focus and cycling skills. This offroad cycle game is also forKids. The countries most devoted to bicycle racing include LosAngeles, Frankfurt, Moscow, London, Germany, Russia, Belgium,Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain andSwitzerland. Other countries with international standing includeAustralia, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the UnitedStates.Play free extreme off road bicycle simulator game of 2017and enjoy the fun of driving experience with mountain climb racingadventure. Be the best bicycle racer and as a bike citizens you canchoose one of your best heavy bicycles, which can use for race inmountain climb and racing mania environment. On the bicycle routeyou have a chance to become climbing king by riding the BMX bikesas a climb hero. Hill climbing cycling improves your BMX freestyleskills so that you can prove that you are an off road legend withcycle riding.Features:- 35 challenging mountain climbing levels- Areal Life Cycle Simulation - Perfect & Realistic BicycleControls- Free ride and level Mode - Obstacles to avoid- Realistic& Stunning Hill Mountain Environment- Free Play Game nointernet connection required
Impossible BMX Bicycle Stunts 1.0 APK
Tech 3D Games Studios
Are you a crazy bicycle rider? Do you love doing crazy bike stuntson dangerous tracks that are sky high? If yes then it's your timeto ride bicycle as a real bicycle rider. This sky high game offersbmx freestyle stunts that include ramp jumps, air stunt, skaterstunts and spectacular BMX tricks on impossible paths. It takessomeone who dare to ride cycle fearless and flawless. You may haveplay other bmx bike games but here you can experience realbicycling experience on impossible tracks by performing extremestunts. This is a new Simulation Cycle Game in which you will drivecycle across world's impossible tracks. Be the king of bicycling byshowing daredevil cyclist skills.The narrow tracks for bicycleriding are build upon hills and mountain. To master bicycle trickson the zigzag roads you need to ride slow with accuracy. As astuntman rider show bmx racer skills on sky high ramps by paddlingBMX cycle fast. While racing tricky MTB bike avoid falling downfrom sky heights. Get ready for thrilling bicycle adventure of2017. Pedal your bmx to sky limits for extreme bike ridingexperience. Take control of your mountain cycle and park thebicycle on parking lots by crossing all twisted tracks.ImpossibleBMX Bicycle Stunts Features:- Realistic Driving physics for sportsbike, MTB cycle and Luxury BMX.- Breathtaking views of hills andmountain from sky- Adventurous cycle riding and off-road race-Choose according to your driving style from variety of cyclecontrols- Unique Camera angles for better biking simulation
Police Car vs Gangster Escape 1.1 APK
Tech 3D Games Studios
Do you love police chase games in cars and love driving actionsimulation games? In this police car smash 2017 game you have achance to play police chase game where you are the criminal of bigNew York city. You may have played police chasing games as a copbut this time your role is to become a extreme member of gangstersinstead of a police officer. Cops will try to chase, smash, andcatch you. The main purpose of this real cop simulator game is totrain the duty officers for this you have given a role of acriminal as prisoner escape where you have to accomplish breakoutjail survival missions by real furious drive in cars. Speed up toset fire on the roads and don't let police cars pull over your car.Police is chasing you with all their strength you have to escapefrom them by using your daring skills of driving. In cop vscriminals don't get busted or trapped by police cars. There is aabandoned city where police chase down gangsters squad, thugs,murderer, robber, thieves, criminals, escaped prisoners from jailand most wanted killing mafia members to end lawlessness due tohigh crime level to accomplish this police duty in the town policehas to smash gangsters cars that have made a successful prisonerescape. While escaping from the police cars be smart do not beaggressive be smart and smash high speed police vehicles. Escapethe Prison with a prison breakout plan. Police Car Chase vsGangster Escape is the latest 2017 new game. The countries mostdevoted to police smash racing include Belgium, Denmark, France,Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Othercountries with international standing include Australia,Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States. Gameplay forpolice car chase training: ▶ Ride to the targeted location. Time isvery important in our business, so make it done in given time.▶Pick up the package and deliver it to hideout before it gets toolate!▶ Escape from police cars for specific duration ▶ Pick packageand deliver it to the gang, be alert! police is chasing you!▶ PickWanted person and drop him in safe house. Be careful don't getcaught!▶ Now reach to the safe zone in given time don't let policearrest you!▶ Pick two dealers from their respective locations anddrop them to the club safely!▶ Speed up to set fire on the roadsfor 2 minutes and don't let police cars pull over your vehicle.▶Reach to the safe zone in given time don't let police arrestyou!Our players are very important to us at Tech 3D Games Studios(T3GSS). We want to make better police car games and also prisonersgames that are source of fun for car racing fans.If you like PoliceCars vs Gangster Escape simulator games then please don't forget torate this game!Our fans page :https://www.facebook.com/top3Dgamessimstudio/
Robot Car War Transform Fight 1.5 APK
Tech 3D Games Studios
Earth is under attack of evil robots. Lets fight back withsuperhero robots as bravest warriors to save earth from alienrobot. It’s time to play ultimate car robot game of the century!Drive, fire and fight to destroy all the robo cars and enemyrobots. This robot war games includes new robot fighting games withnew combat skill. Do you love robot car fighting games? AreRealistic steel robots and death row fight games challenging andfun? if yes then this ultimate robot war game is for you where bigrobots are fighting for life. This robot battle is specially designfor crazy fans of robot games where robot shooting is going on tofinish evil robotic forces in survival war. It’s time to fightbackby shooting and killing the x-ray robots as a mech robot warrior.This is new modern warfare where as a robot hero you have to takedown enemy robots in combat arena. Make your robot transform intocar to fight mega bots in marvel contest of heroes alliance. Whilebot fighting use knock punches, boxing skills, x-gun attacks, kicksand shoot missiles on monster mech robots with rapid intensity tobe a superhero of outlawed city. Robot Car War Fighting features: -No internet connection required. You can enjoy robots war offline.- Nerve wrecking combat shooting adventures - Realistic Iron robotsof robot battle games - Transform robot to car and car to robot -Flying Robots Fighting in the war city - SmashPolice car robots -Real fighting animation, Punches and war combat skills
Monster Truck Racing 1.3 APK
Tech 3D Games Studios
Racing Monster Truck Simulator game is a addictive and fun 3D gamededicated to all the monster truck fans! it's a free racing game!Select your monster truck and 4x4 offroad truck and smash all theopponents on the racing tracks. The Racing fun is about to begin.Be a King of race and feel the spirit of real racing in this racingmonster game. You will love this Monster Truck simulation game.Feel the awesome driving experience through Racing Monster trucks.Be a real monster in Monster Truck racing! Join this fun and reallychallenging 3D race! Choose huge powerful super crazy monster truckand hit the track by generating turbo boosts and perform stunts toincrease your turbo amount. Buckle up, use nitro to speed up yourtruck avoid crashing as you may encounter roads filled withobstacles and traps and get to the finish line as a winner. Thegame has distinctive 3D environments and incredibly detailedmonster trucks where you can customize your ride. Take care of yourfavorite monster truck and get it ready for the race. You can takea test drive by driving indestructible wild monster trucks in thissuper rally challenge, unlock and upgrade off-road racers acrossthe stunning 3D tracks. This evil Monster Truck racing game isbased on a nice Halloween theme. Your goal in this racing challengeis to speed up your Monster truck and beat the rivals. You canclimb the hill by going off road and take shortcuts through thehighway hidden track to reach the destiny. There is also a timetrial mode where you have to drive your car with speed and accuracywithin a give time frame to reach to the check points. Dominateevery other vehicle in Monster Racing Truck Assault, smash youropponents rides! You must win in order to advance and unlock newtrucks. Spend earnings on valuable upgrades, and finish eachmission in first place. Don't let the competition get in your way!Monster Truck Racing Features: ♠ Racing Monster Truck requires nointernet connection. ♠ Race with 6 powerful monster trucks! ♠ Funand excitement guaranteed ♠ Enjoy awesome realistic 3D graphics ♠Real Physics for Truck balance ♠ Simple, easy and intuitivecontrols ♠ Fun and excitement guaranteed ♠ Easy to play racing gamefor everyone!
Off-Road Hill Bus Driving 2017 1.1 APK
Tech 3D Games Studios
Welcome to offroad Snow Bus Hill adventure of 2017!Are you ready todrive the tourist bus on snowy hill stations? Here you will get achance to Play offroad Snow Bus simulator game and become theextreme snow hill road driver! This is the best winter Bussimulation game for all ages including kids. As luxury bus driverin hilly roads, drive luxury buses on beautiful mountain roads anddrive on long journey. It's not that easy to be great hill driverbecause driving a bus filled with tourist inside the hills anddangerous mountains is a duty of great responsibility. This is notlike other driving games. Drive this extreme offroad Coach Bussimulator game and safely transport the passengers. It is very coldout there and your duty is to pick the passengers along the snowroads from one hill station and drop them safely to theirdestination. Be careful while driving the big bus on steep hills,high mountains because the roads are slippery and extremelydangerous. Don't leave any passenger behind otherwise you parkingmission will not be accomplished. Say welcome to new year 2017 andplay the highway hill climb Bus Simulator game without internetconnection. It's free! Handling a 18 wheeler or 6x6 wheeler longtrailer truck on dangerous hill roads is not so easy as SUV jeepdriving. Bus driver need special skills. This is a very challengingCoach driving game. As you reach on your destination you have topark you Bus by using your Bus driving and parking skills.Off-RoadHill Bus Driving 2017 Features- 3D Hilly and mountainsEnvironment.- Beautifully designed buses with santa textures andjingle bells- Unlock new tourist Buses by transporting passengers!-Improve your offroad Bus driving skills while racing in thisextreme offroad Bus simulator game.- Extremely snowy offroads!-Offroad big bus and challenging missionsAbout Tech 3D GamesStudios( T3GSS ):Tech 3D Games Studios ( T3GSS ) publishes free toplay 3D games for all mobile platforms. Our goal is to producequality 3D games that everyone can enjoy!
Real Turbo Car Racing 3D 1.6 APK
Tech 3D Games Studios
If you like drifting and racing games then this 3D racing game isdefinitely for you and its free! Unleash your free spirit in a newrace, become a real car driver with extreme speed car turbo racingand conquer the roads, be the king of speed racing! You will feelthe real driving experience in this crazy and addictive 3D car racegame. Perform wild tricks and awesome stunts with real drift as yourace your car to the checkered flag. Be the best racer put thepedal to the metal and smash your competition on this highwayracing game by applying top speed. Drive as fast as fast you can asopponents will be very difficult to defeat. Choose your fast carwisely, make sensible use of nitro to speed up and drive hard. Earngold by moving up the driving ranks by winning races and unlock newtracks, racing cars and upgrade the real turbo engine. You shouldnot drive as fast in the real world as in this game. Take controlof your car as a stuntman driver and make use of fast speed onoffroads and dirt hills. Choose super sports car so that you canget the top speed that helps in chasing the opponents. Cross thespeed limit by using Turbo of your car. Each car has differentspeed and controls so that you can feel the real game experience ina different way. Earn free coins and gold by winning the raceswhich let you unlock other cars and 3D highways with a totallydifferent game sceneries. Play free car racing game on Xmasoccasion. Updates are on its way, Happy Racing! Features: *Realistic simulation and physics engine for the car * Leaderboardto compete with your friends and people all over the world; * Pressthe paddle to speed up, press brake to slow down * Gravity sensorcontrol direction, smooth operation * Real sound of the engine andcars. * Three ways to steer you car direction. * Super speed of prodriving * Free car racing gameplay 3D Car Controls: 1- Tilt Screen2- Using car Steering 3- By tapping on the left and right controlson the screen New online Multiplayer racing game features: - Nowplay Online with your friends - Multiplayer Feature Added -Challenge all over the world
Impossible Stunt Car Tracks 3D 1.3 APK
Tech 3D Games Studios
Are you ready to enjoy ultimate car driving on sky roads by playingimpossible tracks games? Welcome to new Impossible Stunt CarsTracks Simulator game where you can drive amazing cars on massiveheights to touch the skies like a legend. Get unique drivingexperience on impossible tracks by performing crazy stunts on rampswith super muscle cars. Be careful while racing the car to avoidimpossible fall. Dangerous Track Car Driving is hard driving gameon zigzag tracks of ramps in sky road.You will get the feeling of areal stunt rider by playing Impossible Tracks simulator game.Choose your 4x4 car among multiple super Grand luxuries cars withsuper suspension and realistic breaking physics. To perform crazystunts, tighten your seat belt and enjoy loads of grand vehicleswhile climb up the massive heights but try not fall down on thecity otherwise you will lose. Dare to be a fearless driver to drivethe cars on deadly and impossible roads. Driving on impossibleroads with extreme cars needs special training as climbing onmassive heights by doing mid-air ramps stunts is a hard drive.Everylevel is thrilling and challenging that makes it most exciting carstunt game. Reach to the check point by doing serious stunts butyou need to do this really fast to reach the finish line as racingtime is limited. Enjoy the fastest and most exhilarating 3D stuntsaction on un possible path.Impossible Stunt Car Tracks 3DFeatures:- Mid-air stunts and sky high driving tracks- Sports carswith real stunt cars inside in impossible tracks games.- Xtreme carstunts and realistic car driving simulation - New free car drivinggame of 2017 with thrilling new high tracks- Amazing tracksdangerous sharp turns with jumps and obstacles- Heavy nitro enginefor acceleration for impossible car racing simulator experience