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You are looking application where you can draw text run time on thevideo while recording?Yes, here is Watermark Video Recordingandroid app where you can draw text freely on the video and makeyour own video by name. It has many features like setting ofwatermark font, color, style, transparency and much more on the runtime. What you need else? Make video upto 5minutes and you haveoption to pause video while recording. Make your professional videoby setup watermark live on the video and share with yourfriends.Watermark Video Recording Features:- Draw watermark onvideo while recording- Edit Video Recording- Upto 5minutes VideoRecord- Pause video while recording- Simple UI- Easy to use- VideoSharing on social mediaYour valuable feedback is very muchimportant for us to improve our app till your expectations.

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    Watermark Video Recording
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    December 15, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    APCOMS Apps
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Phone Clean Master 2017 1.0 APK
Phone clean master 2017 is a best and easytouse cleaner master which provides the facility to cleanthecontacts, Messages, Sd Card, Cache, Internet History and calllogs.Phone clean Master also provides custom options into Sd CardandContects ,means provides options to users to deletes the filesandfolders of their choice or if user wants to to delete whole SdCard,this App provides both facilities to user .By using this App you can easily clean internet browsinghistoryand cache of your mobile phone as well. Phone clean mastercontainsmore features and is more convenient.Features:- Delete Inbox: Phone Clean Master allow you to cleandeletesmessages from your inbox.- Delete Contacts: This app provides you allow you to deletecalllogs of your mobile phone by clicking just one button .- Delete Contacts: This app allow users to deletes all contactsbyjust clicking one button and delete only one contact byusingcustom option of the app.- Delete Browsing History : Phone Clean Master allows you todeletebrowsing history of your mobile phone.- Delete Cache: Clean your Cache by using this App is an easytaskas compared to others.- Delete Sd Card: You can delete your whole Sd Card and deleteanyselected folder or file by ujsing custom option of this App.
VPN Super Master: Unblock Site 1.2 APK
Are you looking for unblock your favorite sites then here isabsolutely free VPN Super Master android app for you. Install lowfat application in your cell phone and unblock your unlimitedsites. Best solution is here for free. VPN (virtual privatenetwork) is allowing you to surf the websites by connecting with iton single tab. You may call it unblocker sites by allowing proxy tovisit best sites. Few countries prohibited websites in theircountry. but now you don't to worry. through this vpn (virtualprivate network) super master you may able to connect all yourfavorite websites and unblock which you want. It will protect yourprivacy by changing the proxy id, you will able to hide your statuswhile connecting the websites. secured your personal data andstatus by unlock your favorite website and enjoy free visiting anddownloading in this app. VPN Super Master is able you connect withworld class websites and applications like google, twitter,youtube, twitter, facebook and so on. Enjoy unlimited surfing onthe internet by securing your privacy and status.VPN is onlyworking in the US, Saudia Arabia, Canada, United Kingdom, Qatar,Pakistan and India as well. User in the above countries enjoy freesurfing by unblocking the favorite sites. now, you watch yourfavorite funny videos, health related issues surfing and onlinecartoons etc for free.In addition, you can block any website whichmay harm during your children using cell phone. It will also workfor blocking websites. It has been checked on the different androidphone and it is working absolutely fine with us. VPN Super MasterFeatures:*** Simple, just one click and connect with world***Absolutely free 100 % app*** Unblock your favorite website andapp*** Provide privacy while internet surfing *** Protect you fromhackers and negative activities*** Use VPN (virtual privatenetwork) to secure your internet traffic*** Enjoy your true onlinefreedom while internet surfing*** Change your IP address*** Blockwebsites if you want to protect your phone from your childrenUsersuggestion and comments are welcome for improving this VPN app.
Battery Saver & Clean Booster 1.0 APK
Are you facing trouble due to charging phone battery again andagain, may be some time you miss the important calls and urgentmeetings notifications as phone battery dead. No worries, here isbest Battery Saver android app for you. It will real time help youto save your mobile battery from extra wastage and give you perfectmatch as you required. You may not have enough time to chargemobile battery again and again in the day especially in officetime. You need a tool for battery which gives you all day bestperformance by saving battery drain. This fast power savor app willguide you how to savor battery drawn in wastage. Some time batterypercentage shows that 100% battery charge status but after fewminutes all battery ended and phone is dead. Battery saver willguide you in this regard that how you need to battery chargedirectly through battery charger and make your life easy. Actuallyyou need a battery doctor who identifies that why battery isdrowning very fast without any call and sms. But some time we didnot off our applications which are working in the phone backgroundand after fast charging that resulted to end battery. If you checkstatus of battery and customize it according to your need then itwill help you regarding battery charger booster. Because batteryapps that charge your phone fast without charger is basically saverthe battery. Wifi on, ringing mode on, high brightness of the phonemay cause to drawing battery and make it dead. Battery king is whatwe called it that charge battery without charger that works forreal and save your specious time. Through battery saver and boosteryou may able to fast battery charger that can charge in 10 secondswithout any integration or anything else. Best fast battery chargerfor android which is accurate what is said. Install the superbattery savor and battery charger booster to 200 percent with thisfree best 2016 application. Battery saver embedded the boostercleaner battery saver anti virus launcher that will delete thephone cache and automatically remove non usage apps. Which maycause to booster charger battery in few minutes without plugcharger that allows all features to work out? Connect it 360battery saver and fast charger that diagnose the battery drawingissue and will give you battery health checker. Stop theunnecessary apps to save battery so that battery timing would beincrease. Battery risk may accrue when it charge high speed batterycharger with plug the switch. So, you need to clean master batterysaver to check the status whether it works or not on the real phonescreen. Click on the ram cleaner option that clean other base lessmaterial from your phone and make space to save important data fromit. Features: - Its work as like battery optimizer and cleaner-battery health checker and status real time on the screen- Batterydiagnostic tester where the battery drawing- Battery saver throughwifi, ram cleaner, screen brightness etc- Power saver, monitor,charging booster, memory manager- Customize power save mode, supermode and general mode- Apps killer while the screen is powered offmode- Simple and easy user interface
PDF File Converter 1.1 APK
PDF File Converter is a best and easy to use PDF Converter whichprovides the facility to convert files into pdf files .This Appallows you to convert all your contacts ,Messages,Browser's Data,pictures ,devices details ,wifi details and emails to PDF. pdfConverter contains more features and is more convenient.Highlights-Easy to use and is convert free converter to pdf.- Convert pictureto pdf.- This App Allows you to Convert image to pdf.- This Appallows you Convert pdf to jpg, smart pdf to pdf, free pdf creator,in pdf format.
Audio Player Pro: Equalizer 1.2 APK
You are searching for music player which supports all audio filesthen download free Audio Player Pro. This player is simple andattractive which will support your all songs and media files. Oneof the best music player that supports all type of audio songs andbrings your all audio files on one platform.It gives you all whichyou need in simple audio player with 3d sound effect. Audio playersupports formats like winamp audio mp3 player with 3d sound effectas well as music player with equalizer and visualizer. Install freeaudio players with high equalizer in your Android phone. Audioplayer android including m4a,mp3, mp2, mp1, ogg, wav, aiff, midi,aac, aac, 3gp,xm,ota,mo3, umx, M2TS, Wv and AAC. Music playerwithout wifi works when you download your favorite music fromdifferent social sites. You will enjoy best audio player with manyequalizer Dolby digital sound. It has full of sound effects inmusic with echo and delay effect. 4band bose headset high qualitymusic audio player imbed with audio player with high volume andbase so give you enjoyment. Free music download and player mp3downloader and manager audio files works in offline. You may listenmx player full hd audio quality with ac3 audio format support withequalizer. what you need else. Simple click om download button andhave best audio mp3 player in your smart phone.Audio Player ProFeatures:- Support all audio formats like aac, mav, ogg, mpr otaand so on- Play your music from albums, all songs, favorite folderand playlists- Custom tone music style and manually adjustedequalizer- 5band equalizer, set your music as you want- Reeditalbum and favorite playlist folder- Mp3 player which gather yourall music at one place- Headset supported- Party shuffle andshuffle your music- Easily search quickly, any audio songs in thisaudio player pro
Video Downloader For Facebook 1.0 APK
One of the best 2017 video downloader for facebook videos. You caneasily search and download videos in your smart phone. It allowsyou to download videos from your fb account and save your videos inphone gallery then start with your family and friends. You willfeel better by using this than other available apps as this givesyou hd video downoader with maximum download speed.How to Use:-Login your facebook account- Search yours favorite videos - Clickon download button given on left side- Free downalod fb videosFeatures:- Free 100% app- Easily download videos - Show downloadedvideos in free time without internet- Having low fats to download-Having ability to download hd videos- Simple, easy and cool UI touseDisclaimer:Please note that the downloading and viewing ofvideos protected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by thelaws of the country where you live. We assume no responsibility forany misuse of our application.
Free Wifi Walkie Talkie Easy 1.1 APK
You are looking for the inter communication tool then download thisFree Wifi Walkie Talkie Easy Android application. Walkie talkie forvoice communication with multiple persons through multi-channel IPserver. Walkie Talkie app is best way to communicate within yourhome, office or any building with buddies on same the network , noneed to use internet connection or cellular network but only thingthat you needed is to connected with same network. For theapplication, connect the two (or more) phone that is running asingle router. Availability of Internet router is not required.Entre your name from setting and click on push to talk buttons totalk within the premises. Free Wifi Walkie Talkie Easy Features:•Voice modification• NSD(aka Bonjour) is used to find each other onsame network.• Easy to use , no need to perform some configuration•NSD is not stable with android phone if devices can't find eachother then restart the application or reboot device.Users maybenefitted by:With this application, you can transmit your voicedata to all devices which are on the same network or to any devicewhich you know its IP address. Simply, push to speak button, holdand speak. Talk automatically recognize by the other user but onlything is important that users should be on the same network, noneed internet connection.
Flashlight LED Bright 1.0 APK
Flash Light Torch is very good App! with good interface and withmultiple features(Front(LED Light) and Back(Screen Light)) .You canalso set and control the frequency of the light by strobe left andright. This app will need some permissions of yourdevice.Flashlight is amazing app to turn your device into a torchlight. It will use your device's camera LED /Flash /Screen as atorch. Simple, Easy and Effective Torch light App for your Androiddevice.• The brightest and fastest, LED flashlight. • With the mostelegant design and the fastest startup.The Flashlight App needmultiple permission of your device.Key features:• Two LightsResources:o Screen Lighto Camera LED light• Dynamic FrequencyoChanging the frequency by scrolling/ strobe.• Sound On/OffoSwitching On/Off the sound of the scroll(Wheel) bar.• Power ButtonoSwitching On/Off flashlight by pressing the power button.