1.0.1 / June 15, 2017
(4.3/5) (67)


The zombies make a trap and your bus is stuck in the dead zone!Those undead creatures walk as tsunami and try to attack yourresidents in the bus. You must shoot the zombies, kill them all,defend your bus and stay alive! Can you protect your residents tosurvive in the zombie apocalypse !?FEATURES:✤ 3 game modes:Protect, Classic (60 levels), 2 Players✤ 5 different kinds ofundead and boss✤ Global leaderboard to rank score of killed undead✤Stunning graphics and horrible sound✤ Share your killing score toFacebook✤ Use weapons to smash large wave of walking dead✤ Protectmode: zombies attack from 2 side of the bus. You are a hero on thebus shoot all waves of walking dead!✤ Classic mode: play through 60levels to protect your residents. Shoot the walking dead as fast aspossible cause they love brains! ✤ 2 Players mode: play with yourfriend. Each player shoots zombies on half side✤ Shoot the undeadto enjoy your Halloween season now!HOW TO PLAY:✤ Shoot the rocketat zombies to kill them✤ Use weapons wisely to kill tsunami ofundead creatures at same time✤ Be careful with the Mummy and Boss.Shoot them many times!✉ To help us meet your desire about this freegame, please send your feedback to: [email protected]✉Likeus on Facebook for the latest news: facebook.com/ASQTeam❤ We wantto say a coolest THANK YOU to everyone who has played this zombiegame & gave us 5 star review!ASQTeam creates FREE COOL FUNgames that bring full-of-joy times for everybody. Millions ofpeople around the world enjoy our games

اطلاعات برنامه اندروید Zombie Walk!

  • نام برنامه
    Zombie Walk!
  • نام بسته
  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    June 15, 2017
  • حجم فایل
  • حداقل نسخه اندروید
    Android 2.3 and up
  • نسخه
  • توسعه دهنده
  • تعداد نصب
  • قیمت
  • دسته بندی
  • توسعه دهنده
    106 Dong Hung Thuan, Dist 12, HCM City, VN
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Cookie Star: Sugar cake puzzle match-3 game 2.0.4 APK
Play the sweetest match-3 mini game & enjoy the full-of-funhours in cookies world! Cookie star is a totally fresh new match 3puzzle with cute characters, yummy cakes & well-designedgameplay. Switch and collect 3 or more sugar cookies to help Alicecollect her sweet food and punch the Mouse Monster that harm yoursugarland! Over 1.5 million players enjoy this one of best androidgames which has 600+ levels & cool gameplay. Take on thisdelicious game alone or play with friends/other gamers to see whocan get the top position & highest score! MAIN FEATURES ♥ Enjoysugar world with jelly jam & yummy food! ♥ Fresh-new match 3mini game with cute characters & creative gameplay ♥ 5 modes:Arcade, Puzzle, Campaign, Challenge, Action with 600+ well-designedlevels ♥ Easy to play but hard to master. Can you get 3 stars oneach level ♥ Play & compare your score with FB friends ♥Spectacular power-ups ♥ Collect strawberry for buying power-ups insweet shop ♥ Leaderboard to rank with other gamers ♥ SpecialAchievements for your mania time ♥ Colorful & deliciousgraphics ♥ Stunning effects & smooth animation ♥ Impressivemusic & sound that bring you more! HOW TO PLAY ♥ Switch andmatch 3 or more sweet cookies ♥ Match 4 in a line to createlighting thunder ♥ Match 5 with T or L shape to create sweets bomb♥ Match 5 in a line to create sweets chocolate ♥ Combine 2 specialcookies to make a big surprised JAM! ♥ Collect sweets chocolatecake recipes contain extra time & double score ♥ Rush theChocolate Cake recipes by collecting food next to it GAME MODES ♥Arcade: clear all jelly backplanes on the sugar puzzle then movegingerbread cookie to bottom ♥ Puzzle: collect cookie recipe inlimited moves. Remember the target yummy cakes recipes for everylevel is the key! ♥ Campaign: a sweety journey in jelly world withdifferent missions and hundred of fun levels. This new mode giveyou the best wonderland time ever! ♥ Challenge: the Mouse Monstereats yummy biscuit cake recipes! Go with Alice to crush the mice!Get 3 seconds for every mouse you crush ♥ Action: maximize yourpoints in 120-second. Be quickly & make large cupcakes forgenerating boosters! Get 1, 2, or 3 seconds if you get Good,Awesome, or Perfect score BOOSTERS (POWER-UPS) ♥ Biscuit Boom:popcorn collect & crush delicious cookies in a 9-cell region ♥Tasty Ice Cream: get & jam all sugar cupcakes jelly on thecolumn or row ♥ Extra Time: add 5 seconds to the sugar puzzle ♥Chocolate Cake Pops: get & jam all yummy food have same color ♥Hungry Spider: use the spider to cookie crush delicious food ♥ RushTime: double score you get in 10 seconds ♥ In sweet shop you canuse strawberry to buy boosters Fun time in sugarland Alice lovessweety candy & delicious jelly. Let enjoy tasty recipe withcartoon girl Alice and rescue gingerbread man. Be careful withMouse Monster that destroy your candyland! Help cartoon girl Alicecrush the mice by using biscuit boom or lighting thunder ♥ To helpus to meet your expectations about this puzzle mini game, pleasesend your feedback to: [email protected] ♥ Like us onFacebook for the latest news: https://www.facebook.com/ateamdroidThis match-3 is free now and forever, it is for boys and girlsgames. We have added Admob ads to earn some cents. We want to say asweety THANK YOU to everyone who has played one of best androidgames & gave us five star reviews! ASQTeam
Jelly Pop 1.2 APK
Jelly Pop – The amazing match-2 puzzle game with coolest emotion!Enjoy this pop game, get new records & best position on Globalleaderboard now! Your mission is matching two or more same cuteJelly to make them burst. The more items you match, the more scoresyou have.With 3 game modes, lovely & cute world, worldwideleader board, amazing effects & animation, the boosters to helpyou collect special gifts… This match 2 game is so interesting foryou to enjoy! ★ ★ ★ ★ MAIN FEATURES ★ ★ ★ ★ ✔ 3 game modes: Easy,Medium, and Hard. This sugar game easy to start but hard tomaster!✔ Addictive Gameplay: match larger block of jellys to gethigh scores, collect gold to buy boosters, collect gift to getextra scores, break the sweet jelly cake in ice✔ The boostersinclude Bomb, Hammer, Rocket to help you get more scores andcollect special objects.✔ Collect Gold and go to Yummy Shop forbuying boosters✔Global leaderboard to rank with other players oncommunity in 3 modes. Try to play & get top positionworldwide!✔ Amazing effects & animation✔ One of best pop gameson Android with over 1 million players✔ Sweet jelly cake aredesigned with lovely emotion✔ Amazing background music &interaction sound★ ★ ★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★ ★ ★✔ Tap on any 2 or moreconnected identical sweet jelly cake to remove them. The more itemsyou connect, the more points you get✔ Move gift box to the bottomof the puzzle to get more scores✔ Try to move gold, extra boostersto the bottom to get it. You can then use gold to buy more boostersin shop✔ Gameplay is in endless style so you must try to pass asmany levels as possible.✔View your position on Global leaderboadfor 3 mode Easy, Medium & Hard separately.★ ★ ★ ★ BOOSTERS ★ ★★ ★✔ Bomb: an explosion to match all sweetest jelly cake in 9cells✔ Hammer: crunch a yummy item in a cell✔ Rocket: a jammingbooster to break all sweet jellys in a sugar line✔ In Yummy Shopyou can buy more boosters★ ★ ★ ★ OUR CONTACT ★ ★ ★ ★✔ To help us tomeet your expectations about this sweet pop game, please send yourfeedback to: [email protected]✔ Official discussion website:https://www.facebook.com/ateamdroid★ ★ ★ ★ PLEASE NOTE ★ ★ ★ ★Thissugar game is free now and forever. We have added banner &interstitial ads from Admob to earn some cents. Please understandthis. Thanks for your supporting.Play this free pop game today andget new record on leaderboard!ASQTeam - the maker of featured gamesFish Crush and Cookie Star!
Jelly Smash 1.2.3 APK
Jelly Smash - Delicious matching puzzle game with cute characters& addictive levels! Help Emma collect jellies through manysweet lands, but be careful with the monsters! They try to attackthe Jelly Kingdom by eating cakes & making obstacles. Emma& Jolly Crab must defeat the monsters & make the landsbecome jelly paradise!With incredible graphics, new characters, & challengeadventure, Jelly Smash is a FREE game that brings you joy &fun. Play this puzzle game with Facebook friends, compare scoreswith them will make your day Jellicious!★MAIN FEATURES ★● A sweet match-3 adventure game with cool characters● Tons of fun levels. Addictive gameplay & 10 missions● Tasty colorful graphics with Soda Jellies● Travel across sugar lands● Collect yummy cakes, kill all monsters to make the kingdom becomeJelly Paradise● Magic boosters & power-ups● Easy & fun to play, hard to master. Can you get 3 stars foreach level?● Play & compete your Facebook friends across the jellyparadise● Leaderboard to compare score with Facebook friends. Sync yourgame progress● Awesome characters: Emma, Jolly Crab, Monsters, Cookie Jumper,Thief Cat● Get challenge Achievements to fully master this match-3 puzzlegame● Collect strawberry coin & buy boosters in bakery shop● We will add more levels & update gameplay regularly● Interesting music & sound● Impressive effects: jellies explosion, sugar blast thunder, jellypop painter, big jellies jam★HOW TO PLAY ★● Crush to smash 3 or more soda jellies● Smash 4 soda jellies in a line to create Sugar Blast Line● Smash 5 soda jellies with T or L shape to create Jelly Boom● Smash 5 soda jellies in a line to create jelly pop - ColorfulSugar● Combine 2 special jellies to make a big jelly pop JAM!● Use Jelly Boom or Sugar Blast to kill monster● Match Soda Jelly beside Giant Monster to hit him★MISSIONS ★● Collect delicious Soda Jellies● Kill Tiny & Giant Monsters● Clear all Icing Butters & Cookie Lockers● Collect Sweet Toy by moving them to puzzle bottom● Collect Cookie Toy: clear Icing Butters, then move Cookie Toy topuzzle bottom● Catch the Thief Cat by collecting Rocket Soda Jelly● Catch the Cookie Jumper by matching it with the same color SodaJelly● Collect delicious Soda Jelly to reach target score★BOOSTERS ★● Jelly Boom: collect jellies in a 9-cell region● Jelly Pop: get a yummy jelly● Colorful Sugar: crush & jam all yummy cakes have samecolor● Sugar Blast Line: crush & jam all yummy cakes on the puzzlerow● Super Sugar Blast: crush & jam all yummy cakes both row &line● Go to Bakery Shop to buy boostersThe sweet lands have many jellies & yummy foods. Let begin theadventure with Emma & Jolly Crab to make sweet lands toparadise in this match-3 game!★We love to hear from you★● To help us meet your desire about this free match-3 jelly game,please send your feedback to: [email protected]● Like us on Facebook for the latest news:https://www.facebook.com/ateamdroid● We want to say a sweetest THANK YOU to everyone who has playedthis free match-3 jelly game & gave us 5 star review!ASQTeam
Cookie Frenzy 1.5 APK
Cookie Frenzy – The delicious match-2 puzzlegame with sweetest Cookie & Yummy Jelly! Enjoy this game withFacebook & get best position on Google leader board now! Yourmission is matching two or more same items to make them pop. Themore yummy cookies you match, the more scores you have.With innovative gameplay, coolest sweet cakes, global leader board,stunning graphics & effects, delicious boosters … Cookie Frenzybrings tons of fresh and sweet challenges for your shiningday!★ ★ MAIN FEATURES ★ ★✔ A sweet and exciting match-2 puzzle with yummy cakes & lovelyFairy✔ 3 game modes: Beginner, Normal, and Challenge✔ Fun and easy to play, but challenge to fully master!✔ Delicious & addictive gameplay:Match & pop larger block of sweet items to get high scores forachieving level's targetCollect Gold by moving it to bottom for buying boosters inshopCollect gift to get extra scores by moving it to bottom jellypuzzleCollect boosters from the fairy by moving it to bottom jellypuzzleBreak the sweet yummy food in ice to rescue them✔ Unique and delicious power-ups & boosters, include YummyBomb, Pastry Axe, Sugar Rocket to help you get more scores &special objects.✔ Popping specific food to get extra power-ups for next level✔ Global leader board to rank with other players on community in 3modes. Try to play & get top position worldwide!✔ For players that Facebook Connect, there are leader board for youto compare & share your cookie mania time scores with yourfriends.✔ Try your best to achieve special Achievements for your sweettime!✔ Amazing effects & animation✔ Sweet yummy cookie & jelly with coolest emotion✔ Fresh-new background music & interaction sound★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★✔ Tap on any 2 or more connected identical items to pop them. Themore items you connect, the more points you get. Think twice beforeevery matching.✔ Special extra score: move gift box to the bottom of the puzzle toget more scores✔ Power-ups: try to move gold, extra boosters to the bottom to getit. You can then use gold to buy more boosters in shop.✔ Never-ending level: gameplay is in endless style so you must tryto pass as many levels as possible on your fun time. The morelevels you passed, the more scores you have & high position onleader board!✔ The lovely Fairy will go with you through the cookie maniatime★ ★ OUR CONTACT ★ ★✔ To help us to meet your expectations about this free game, pleasesend your feedback to: [email protected]✔ Official discussion website:https://www.facebook.com/ateamdroidCookie Frenzy is free now and forever. We have added Admob ads toearn some cents. Thanks for your supporting.If you love sweet game, you may also like our game Cookie Star.Play the sweetest match 3 game & enjoy the full-of-fun hours incookie world!ASQTeam
Juice Splash: Farm Journey 1.2 APK
Juice Splash: Farm Journey – A sweet connect line puzzle game withadorable Fruits! You need to connect the line of lovely Fruits forharvesting the farm. Be careful with the worm monster that harmyour fruit garden! With addictive gameplay, creative & newcharacters, play & compete with Facebook's friends, vividgraphics... Juice Splash: Farm Journey will make your day full ofjoy & fun.☆☆☆ MAIN FEATURES ☆☆☆ ✔ 120 addictive &well-designed levels✔ 7 fun & joy missions on your adorablefruits world with Rose✔ Try to get high score & bonus AppleCoins to buy strong boosters✔ Colorful & juicy Fruits withemotion & personality✔ Easy to learn, hard to master. Can youget 3 stars on each level & earn more Apple Coins?✔ Newcharacters & innovative gameplay in the game story✔ Share highscore & compete with your Facebook's friends.✔ Moves arelimited so be careful to connect the juice lines!✔ Amazing effects:fruit smasher, juice boom, juice thunder, worm monster explosion✔Vivid graphics & fun sounds!✔ Juice Splash: Farm Journey iscompletely free & you can play in both offline and onlinemode☆☆☆ HOW TO PLAY ☆☆☆✔ Connect the lines of 3 or more same Fruitsto harvest them on the fruit garden✔ Get the Special Fruit byconnect at least 7 fruits on current line. The Special Fruit willmake a thunder booster on garden✔ To destroy thegray/ice/mushroom/locked cells, make a line beside them✔ Each newmission will have detail explanation how to pass it☆☆☆ MISSIONS☆☆☆✔ Get specific score in particular moves✔ Clear all icing orfreezing cells to make garden puzzle clean✔ Free captured fruits ✔Destroy the box containing fruit✔ Kill all worm monsters that harmyour fruit garden✔ Collect cherry & grape by move them to thebottom of garden puzzle✔ Get specific score before time runningout☆☆☆ BOOSTERS ☆☆☆✔ Fruit Boom: make a juice smash to collectadorable fruits in a 9-cell region✔ Fruit Line: collect alladorable fruits on the garden puzzle by column/row✔ Connect 7fruits or more to make Super Fruit Line in the garden puzzle✔ Tryyour best to get Apple Coins used for buying boostersTip: Use FruitBoom & Fruit Line to get more fruits and kill the worm monsteron that region.☆☆☆ Enjoy farm mania time with Rose ☆☆☆In the game,Rose will go through many lands to collect her favorite fruits.It's a journey through Garden House, Plain Land, Highland, AutumnForest, River & Freezing Land. The journey is fun but Rose willmeet many obstacles like worm monster, poisonous mushroom &dangerous area.☆☆☆ Please Note ☆☆☆ Juice Splash: Farm Journey is afree fruit game now and forever. We have added banner &interstitial ads from Admob to earn some cents. Please understandthis. Thanks for your understanding.☆☆☆ OUR CONTACT☆☆☆ We wouldlove to hear from you!✔ To help us to meet your expectations aboutthis fruit game, please send your feedback to:[email protected]✔ Official discussion website:https://www.facebook.com/ateamdroidBest wishes to you & thanksso much for your supporting.ASQTeam
Bubble Adventure: Dragon Land 1.2 APK
Bubble Adventure: Dragon Land - shoot thebubble to rescue your dragon kids! Let's begin the journey withDraco to fight against the Giant Monster, save the dragon eggs anddrop your way to victory!You can enjoy & compete the game with Facebook friends, jointhe adventure across dragon worlds, defeat the enemy to saveDraco's dragons... This free game will give you new-fresh &exciting joys! Come on, let begin the journey on challenging lands& become the master of bubble shooter!★ ★ MAIN FEATURES ★ ★✔ Lots of well-designed & addictive levels✔ A challenging journey across dragon worlds:Grassland - kingdom of DracoSeaside - journey through nice ocean & riverDesert - be careful with Giant Monster!Freezing land - enjoy shooter for this summer!Highland - a dreamy world✔ Innovative & challenging gameplay✔ Powerful boosters: Burst Boom, Rainbow Blaze, Thunder Lightning,Magic Line✔ Play & compete your Facebook friends✔ Fun & easy to start, but challenge to get 3 stars on eachlevel✔ Get special Achievements to master this journey game✔ Leaderboard to compare score with Facebook friends. Sync yourgame progress.✔ Collect free coins & buy boosters in magic shop✔ Polished Bubble, lovely Dragons with kute emotion, sweet fairy,impressive journey map, wicked Giant Monster & other coolcharacters will bring you back bubble age!✔ Bright and vibrant effects: boom explosion, popping, blazethunder, Snow/Spring/Night weather, object breaker✔ Exciting music & sound✔ We'll add more levels & update gameplay regularly★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★✔ Tap the screen to shoot the items of group 3 or more the samecolor items to make them burst✔ Shoot the egg for rescuing your kid✔ Defeat the enemy: pop the ice, try not reach the giant monster -this will reduce your move, use booster to destroy rock,monster...✔ Control Draco to pop: touch down to adjust the aiming line andtouch up to shoot✔ Try to destroy obstacles for easy rescue your kid✔ Collect coins for buying boosters in magic shop★ ★ BOOSTERS ★ ★✔ Burst Boom: explosion to blaze a large group of items✔Rainbow Blaze: a special weapon can blaze any color of items✔ Thunder Lightning: a thunder to pop all objects in a line✔ Burst Boom & Thunder Lightning can kill Giant Monster✔ Magic Line: a long line to easily direct popping to a specificpositionJourney in dragon worlds with DracoLong time ago in bubble kingdom, the dragons lived in peace withtheir king Draco. Unluckily, the enemy of them - Giant Monsters -wants to become the ruler of the world. They tried to make Dracoweaker by stole his eggs. Then they make black magic to preventDraco rescue the eggs: rock, ice, black hole, and monster ... Dracomust try his best to shoot accurately, defeat the obstacles, &kill the Giant Monster to rescue the eggs. This game will take youto the childish & bubble age!We love to hear from you✔ To help us meet your desire about this bubble shooter game,please send your feedback to: [email protected]✔ Like us on Facebook for the latest news:https://www.facebook.com/ateamdroid✔ We want to say a sweetest THANK YOU to everyone who has playedthis free game & gave us 5 star review!If you love shooter game, you may also like our game Monster Bubble- an all-new and super-addictive puzzler for gamers to enjoy newexperienced popping with creative gameplayASQTeam
Jewels Blast 1.1 APK
Jewels Blast – The ultimate match-3 puzzle game! Playing today& try to get best position in Global leader board!Jewels Blastis a Match-3 game with creative gameplay & features. In Actionmode, try to match as many jewels as you can in 60 seconds, getspecial gift or tap large block to earn bonus scores. In Endlessmode, you can enjoy addictive levels but very challenging missionto get high scores.**** How to Play ****- Tap on any 3 or moreconnected identical jewels to remove them. The more items youconnect, the more points you get- Be careful with wrong tapping, itwill reduce your time!- Try to get special items that contain bomb,thunder, extra time, super color pop, double score - Move gift boxto the bottom of the puzzle to get more points**** MAIN FEATURES**** + Maximize your points in 60-second Action mode. + Try to passas many levels as you can in Endless mode. Each level you have atarget score and 60 seconds to play.+ Special diamonds: Bomb toexplode a 9-cells, Thunder to clear column/row of jewels, Color Popto blast all items have save color, Double Score you get in 7seconds.+ Global leader board to rank with other players oncommunity in mode Action & Endless. Try to play & get topposition worldwide!+ Share your high score via Facebook to showwith your friends+ Smoothly & amazing effects+ Lovelybackground sounds & interaction sounds+ Save last played levelin Endless mode so that you can move on next level easily+ Weatherchange in puzzle when you get rain, snow, desert items**** PleaseNote **** This game is free now and forever. We have added bannerads from Admob & interstitial ads from StartApp to earn somecents. Please understand this. Thanks for your supporting.**** OURCONTACT **** To help us to meet your expectations about this freegame, please send your feedback to: [email protected] to you.ASQTeam
Panda Adventure 1.0.1 APK
If you love adventure & running game, thenPanda Adventure is a fun game you must play to run throughbeautiful jungle with brave Panda. On the journey, you must passedlots of obstacles like animals, flying creatures, and wickedcharacters. Run as far as you can, pass tricky obstacles as much aspossible and check your position on global Leaderboard.Your Facebook's friends may play the game - can you beat their highscores?! With 4 endless game modes, everybody can enjoy the gameand brave Panda can become friend to anyone. Let's play thisrunning game from the creators of top games Cookie Star and JellyPop.FEATURES:★ A panda run game through legend forest & lost jungle.Full-of-exciting on the journey!★ 4 addictive Endless modes: Beginner, Professional, Madness, ModeKid★ Cartoon style graphic & beautiful animation in background,characters & obstacles★ Play with Facebook's friends & compare your score with themon leaderboard★ Global leaderboard to rank with other runners. Who is the bestrunner !?★ Lovely & brave Bear with motion panda run, jump &slide★ Lots of obstacles on the land & in the sky, including animal,human, flying creatures and jungle objects★ Simple control. Easy to be addicted but hard to master★ Get challenging Achievements to master this running game★ Support almost mobile & tablet devices with all resolution,both offline & online★ Fun music and addictive soundHOW TO PLAY:Brave Panda run continuously in the jungle. When nearly reachingtricky objects, you must control him not hit them:★ Tap right to JUMP obstacles on the land★ Tap left to SLIDE obstacles in the sky★ The game is in ENDLESS style, so keep running as far as youcan★ DODGE the oncoming obstacles★ You have 3 lives for each running. Try to avoid tricky objectsthat hurt the runner & keep him aliveOBSTACLES:★ Tiger, lion, rock and other obstacles on the land will try tohurt the runner. Tap right to jump to avoid them★ Be careful with the eagle, dragon, bee and other obstacles in thesky! Tap left to slide down★ Pay attention to angry tarzan, busy Santa Claus, and quickmonkey. Not hit them!● To help us meet your desire about this run game, please sendyour feedback to: [email protected]● Like us on Facebook for the latest news:https://www.facebook.com/ASQTeam● We want to say a sweetest THANK YOU to everyone who has playedthis free game & gave us 5 star review!● This running game is free now and forever. We have added banner& interstitial ads from Admob to earn some cents. Thanks foryour understanding.● ASQTeam is a young team & our mission is creating FREE COOLFUN games. If you love journey game, you may try our game BubbleAdventure: Dragon Land - shoot the bubble to rescue your dragonkids!Are you ready for the journey with coolest bear in the jungle !?Don't wait anymore, let's run as far as you can!ASQTeam