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Fabián Mastrocola, cantautor folklórico de Entre Ríos presenta sunuevo trabajo discográfico "Tierra, Sangre y Alma" ahora podesdisfrutar de su música a toda hora descargando su aplicación paracelulares, tablets y smart tv.Fabián Mastrocola es otro granlanzamiento de CDi Records el sello del éxito.Fabian Mastrocola,folk singer of Entre Rios presents his new album "Earth Blood andSoul"Now you can enjoy your music at anytime downloading yourmobile app, tablets and smart TV.Fabian Mastrocola is another majorrelease of CDi Records label success.

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Mayra Armenteros 1.5 APK
It is pronounced in Argentina after a pause in his career, abeautiful singer of Cuban origin named Mayra armenteros Garciasexy, bold, cheerful, racial, taking first in a proposed variedmusical style called tribute, is a singer, songwriter, large Vocalability and their dances and performances makes clear the greatcharisma of this Latin woman.    has traveled to manycountries represented by the National Union of Writers and Artistsof Cuba and the National Opera of your country, today we have inArgentina where he was in top events such as performances at clubriver, secluded, management center No. 12, was hired by the city ofAvellaneda, shopping wheelie, singing duets with Argentine singers,made television was published in magazine and radio and today isshown with the spontaneity that characterizes the Latin todemonstrate his talent that undoubtedly It is marked on your hardBorn in Havana; Cuba began my musical career at age 8 taken pianocourse in Hurtado school later I graduated a higher level ofindustrial chemistry without parting with the love he felt for themusic I stand in the choir of the National Opera of Cuba, looking Iam singing technique where I was approved and I was able to travelto Spain, France, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. Interpretingzarzuelas, operettas, complete operas, in some of these countriesthe 23.07.1992. Participate in programs in my country as fame andapplause led by Victor towers and becoming the winner of thiscontest. I was soloist with the orchestra sublime pachanguera ofCuba where recorded in the studios of Radio Progreso two issues ...1 - tasty as the garapo 2 - If you die do not take me Then heparticipated in festivals cha cha cha where I was the winner andpublished my work in Cuba newspaper workers in 1993, sing in firstclass hotels like Parisien. Free Havana Riviera, my first CD wasrecorded with the blood Caribbean 03/13/1995 band, sing and recordradio programs as joy desktop, and then I selected the Tropicanashow. As a soloist and today belong to a company of great artisticvalue as UNEA National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. Laterit gives me the opportunity to travel to Spain with the show calledmy beloved genre Havana with a select group zarzuela opera  my entry into Argentina was something beautiful will they openedthe doors with ease, working in very good events, did television,was hired to sing at the mall of horse, in the municipality ofAvellaneda, Club River, work for free for kids with problems, I hadthe honor of singing a duet with Lucho Fiera Galindes singer atthat time helped me a lot in my musical path, I do not want tooverlook an actor of great value as it was Marco Suquer was alwaysgoing to my shows and gave me much encouragement, I am very happyis infinite gratitude I feel for the Argentine people and mybeautiful cubita Today I end my recording work after a great effortparticipating Cuban musicians and Argentinos run by a great drummeras is Dagoberto Antonio Hernández Avilés, was who created therhythmic foundation for this work, and Marco Antonio Franchinineighborhoods is who finds the CD title and joins the talents.  I would love to say that I am very grateful to Julia GarcíaGoyre, Pablo Garcia Armenteros, Tania Garcia Armenteros andespecially my little daughter Elizabeth Meza Armenteros, friends,thanks to the seal that opens the doors to success.
Nuevo Tiempo Libertador Radio 1.1 APK
Misión: “Una emisora cristiana con programación local y productorade contenidos, donde el principal objetivo es la evangelización.Implementando la fe con la enseñanza .Un lugar donde losprofesionales que colaboren se sientan inspirados para dar cada díalo mejor de sí mismos para la difusión del mensaje de esperanza aaquellos que necesitan.”Mission: "A Christian radio station withlocal programming and content producer, where the main objective isevangelization. Implementing faith with teaching .A place whereprofessionals will be inspired to collaborate each day to give thebest of themselves to spreading the message of hope to those whoneed it. "
Cali group, the group's No. 1 tropical move presents itsapplication for mobile! You can listen to 24 hours all your music,chat with users, view photos, meet the bio, and share it all withyour friends. Download the application and you can stay connectedto the latest updates in the world Cali with your phone.
GMP Cumbia 1.1 APK
GMP Cumbia presenta su nueva aplicación para celulares, tablets ysmart tv, donde podrás descargar todos los mp3 que quieras, chatearcon otros usuarios, conocer a que distancia se encuentran de ti,comentar sus fotos y mucho mas, descargá e ingresá a la comunidadde GMP Cumbia.GMP Cumbia introduces its new application for mobilephones, tablets and smart TV, where you can download all the mp3you want, chat with other users know how far they are from you,discuss your photos and more, download and fill in the communityGMP Cumbia.
Nicolás Machuca el pequeño gigante del chamamé nos trae su 5totrabajo discográfico "volviendo a nuestras raíces" con sus jóvenes10 años recorre el país arrasando los escenarios haciendo que sumúsica llene corazones de nuevos seguidores. Ahora podes descargarsu aplicación para celulares, tablets y smart tv y vivir a pleno lomejor del chamamé.Nicholas Machuca little giant chamamé brings his5th album "Back to our roots" with his young 10 years toured thecountry devastating scenarios making your music fills hearts of newfans.Now you can download your application for mobile phones,tablets and smart TV and live fully the best of chamamé.
En nuestro sitio encontraras material de difusión en donde se den aconocer a los nuevos grupos de la movida tropical o sus nuevostemas, también ahora podes instalar nuestra nueva aplicación paracelulares, tablets y smart tv, donde podrás descargar todos los mp3que quieras, chatear con otros usuarios, conocer a que distancia seencuentran de ti, comentar sus fotos y mucho mas, descargá eingresá a la comunidad de Difusión Santafesina.On our site you willfind broadcast material in which to make themselves known to newgroups of the tropical moved or new songs, too Now you can installour new application for mobile phones, tablets and smart TV whereyou can download all the mp3 you want, chat with other users, toknow how far you are, watch photos and more, download and fill inthe community Santafesina Broadcasting.
Cantante Melódico DIMIKA Nacido en el año 1982 en la ciudad de SanFernando provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bajo el nombre deDiego Norberto Mercado, hijo de Atilio Mercado y de María Patiño.Ambos padres de clase trabajadora y se esforzaban al máximo parabrindarle a Diego, las cosas básicas y necesarias. Desde muy chicole gustaba mucho la música. Y soñaba con ser un cantante. Pero sutimidez y la falta de recursos, lo llevaron a tomar un caminodiferente que nada tenía que ver con la música Trabaja comoconductor de trenes en la misma empresa donde lo hacia su padre.Después de un tiempo; y gracias al apoyo y contención incondicionalde su familia. Prueba suerte en un instituto de música, donde elprofesor encantado con su voz, decide aceptarlo como alumno ycomienza entonces a formarse vocalmente. Luego de varios meses,decide cambiarse a un instituto de mayor prestigio y le ofrecencantar, a menos de dos meses, una muestra en un importante teatrode la ciudad de Tigre en Buenos Aires. Luego de esta presentación,por intermedio de allegados, le ofrecen grabar un material comosolista en un estudio de grabación amateurs. DIMIKA: Este nombreencierra muchas cosas buenas en la vida de Diego. Di: Por su nombreDiego Mi: Por su hija menor Milagro de los Ángeles y por su esposaMirna. Ka: Por su hija mayor Kiara Belén a la cual le dicen Kalu.El título de su primer material: "Regalo del Cielo". Este discoestá compuesto por temas variados, covers de distintos artistas,entre uno de ellos, temas de el referente número uno en la música,para Dimika, que es Alejandro Fernández. Estos son: 1. Cuando digotu nombre - Covers de Alejandro Fernández 2. Necesidad - Covers deAlexandre Pires 3. Estabas ahí - Covers de Alejandro Fernández 4.Te quise olvidar - Letra de Carlos Baute 5. Me dedique a perderte -Covers de Alejandro Fernández 6. Bajo la rambla - Covers de LosPerros 7. Solitario y solo - Covers de Alejandro Fernández 8. Estoyenamorado - Covers de Donato y Estefano 9. Hasta cuando - Covers deDiego Torres 10. Te fuiste de aquí - Covers de Reik 11. Cuando digotu nombre (Versión unplugged) Covers de Alejandro Fernández Todosestos temas fueron re versionados e interpretados en un estilodiferente y con la dulce voz de DIMIKA. Presentaciones Diciembre de2014 - Teatro Nini Marshall - Tigre Diciembre de 2014 - En eventoprivado del Sindicato La Fraternidad - Victoria Mayo de 2015 -CLOCK - Puerto Madero Junio de 2015 - Barco Cachaquero - Puerto deOlivos Marzo de 2016 - Centro Cultural "El Alambique" - VillaPueyrredón CCABA Abril y Mayo – Club Defensores de Belgrano – CABAJunio y julio – Sociedad Italiana Dopo Laboro – CABA Julio – PeñaDon López – Colón, Entre Ríos Agosto – Multi espacio – CaserosSeptiembre – Auditorio del SADEM – CABA Octubre – La Delfina restobar – Rosario, Santa Fé. Premios y distinciones: • REINA DEL PLATAARTISTISTICO 2016 – Género Cantante Melódico solista. • CUNA DE LABANDERA 2016 – Mejor producción del Disco “Regalo del cielo“Crooner DIMIKAHe born in 1982 in the city of San Fernando provinceof Buenos Aires, Argentina. Under the name of Diego NorbertoMercado, son of Atilio Mercado and Maria Patino. Both parentsworking class and went out of there to give Diego, basic andnecessary things.From an early age he loved music. And he dreamedof being a singer. But his shyness and lack of resources, led himto take a different path that had nothing to do with musicHe worksas a train driver in the same company where to his father. After awhile; and thanks to the support and unconditional containment ofhis family. Try your hand at a music institute where enchanted withher voice teacher decides to accept him as a student and thenbegins to form vocally.After several months, decide to change to amore prestigious institute and offer singing, less than two months,a sample in an important theater in the city of Tigre in BuenosAires. After this presentation, through relatives, offer to recorda solo material in a recording studio amateurs.DIMIKA: This namecontains many good things in the life of Diego. Say: By name DiegoMi: By his youngest daughter Milagro de los Angeles and his wifeMirna. Ka: By his eldest daughter Kiara Bethlehem which tellKalu.The title of his first material: "Gift from Heaven". This discis composed of various subjects, covers of various artists,including one of them, issues the reference number one in music,for Dimika, which is Alejandro Fernandez.These are:1. When I sayyour name - Covers Alejandro Fernandez2. Need - Covers AlexandrePires3. Were there - Covers Alejandro Fernandez4. I wanted toforget - Lyrics of Carlos Baute5. I dedicated myself to lose -Covers Alejandro Fernandez6. Under the boardwalk - Covers forDogs7. Solitaire and only - Covers Alejandro Fernandez8. I'm inlove - Covers Donato and Estefano9. Even when - Covers of DiegoTorres10. You left here - Covers Reik11. When I say your name(Version Unplugged) Covers of Alejandro FernándezAll these issueswere re versioned and interpreted in a different style and with thesweet voice of DIMIKA.PresentationsDecember 2014 - Teatro NiniMarshall - TigreDecember 2014 - In private event Guild Fraternity -VictoriaMay 2015 - CLOCK - Puerto MaderoJune 2015 - Boat Cachaquero- Puerto de OlivosMarch 2016 - Cultural Center "El Alambique" -Villa Pueyrredón CCABAApril and May - Club Defensores de Belgrano -CABAJune and July - Dopo Italian Society Laboro - CABAJuly - DonPeña Lopez - Colon, Entre RiosAugust - Multi space -CaserosSeptember - SADEM Auditorium - CABAOctober - Delfina restobar - Rosario, Santa Fe.Awards and distinctions:• REINA DEL PLATAARTISTISTICO 2016 - Gender solo crooner.• CUNA FLAG 2016 - BestDisco production "gift from heaven"