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Funny face changer app with great fun....!!!Take your picture fromGallery or Camera and change effects of your photo.Make your photofunny for laughing and enjoyment.- Very easy steps to make funnyphotos- Best Face Changer and funny face maker app.- You willdefinitely enjoy with this funny face app.- Replace face partsFunny eyes, noses, make them bald.- Smudge and warp Make faces thinor fat, make ears pointy, make them smile.- Turn any photo into afunny one.Best Features:✰ Face Changer Video lets you easily changeand animate faces in photos by adding funny animated objects on topof the picture. The people in the photo can move and talk.✰ It'seasy to create funny animated photos:✰ Select a Face to change✰Record yourself and change the voice to one of the funny voices.✰Add animated objects Anything from popping eyes to a hammer and ananimated bump on the head.✰ Touch ups smudge the image to makefaces skinnier or fatter, add text, and much more✰ Share the videoyou’ve created with friends.✰ Replace face parts Funny eyes, noses,crazy hairdos, tattoos, scary scars and moreKey Features:✰ Latestcollection of caps and hat.✰ Over 30 different masks.✰ Differentkind of lovely goggles.✰ Friendly user interface.✰ Automaticface-changing Choose from a wide selection of morph effectsincluding alien, fat, skinny, and many more. Smudge to reshape theface.✰ No need of internet connection✰ Simple touch gestures torotate, resize✰ 34 different types of mustache and beards.✰ Bestcollection of eyes.✰ Fuse the photo with a different background,put yourself on the beach, on the moon, use many other backgrounds,or use your own.✰ Good collection of business & bodybuildersuits✰ Different type of mouths:✰ All type of wings for man andwomen.✰ Many Image wrapping filters.✰ Stickers Over 600 stickersfor any occasion on any subject.How to use this app:✰ Take pictureusing camera or choose from gallery.✰ Apply different stickers onyour photo.✰ Save and Share to social network.✰ Share with yourfriends and enjoy...

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    Face Changer
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    March 28, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Village Mair, P.O. Rariala,Tehsil. Kharian, District. Gujrat, Pakistan
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ABC for kids 1.0.2 APK
Kids learning alphabets app free download.. It is best learning appfor your kids.ABC for kids is a free educational application foryour kids!Your child will learn the correct English pronunciationof alphabets, Educate your kids with learn Alphabet appVeryinteresting Alphabet sounds and pictures with attractive design.Letyour kids learn English Alphabets with sounds and pictures in aneasy way by relating each Alphabet with an animal or object.Bestapp for your kid to Learn by using your phone which is alsoentertaining for your child.App Features:☆ Auto play alphabets☆play one by one Alphabet with sound☆ Learn how to write alphabetand numbers☆ Kids learning app ☆ Tablets support☆ Very easy app foryour kids to learn Alphabets☆ Complete alphabets for two languages:English and Spanish.☆ Professional voice over in a clear voice withperfect pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds.☆ Ninety brightcards of real life objects to help study and remember the letters.☆Learn, Play and Guess playrooms offering games with the lettersyour child has alreadylearned.☆ Full ABC☆ Kids learn alphabet withsample words.☆ Kids learn numbers with pronunciation☆ Tap thescreen or button to repeat the letter and word☆ Play - pausefunctionality☆ Step by step learning process. The child can playwith a new letter only after he learned theprevious ones.☆ Humanpronunciations of all alphabets☆ abc for kids☆ Kids learn alphabetfrom ABC to Z with pronunciation☆ Learn 2 Alphabet☆ All Alphabetsincludes letters A to Z and is fully☆featured.☆ Learn Alphabet☆Multiple words per alphabets for better co☆relation of letter withwords.☆ Real sounds associated with words
Tattoo my Photo 1.3.9 APK
Tattoo my Photo app for you.....Take photo and place best tattoo onyour photo and share with your friends.- Best Photo Tattoo Editorwill help you to generate tattoo on your photo.- Best Photo tattooeditor free download- Tattoo on photo with best design - Tattoos onpictures easy to use Features of This Application★ Tattoo on photo★Browse Tattoo by Category!★ Tattoos by the Pros, with DailyUpdates!★ Both Color and black and white tattoos for free.★ ColorTattoos with different style and size.★ You can change opacity andalpha level.★ Touch Resize Tattoo Photo for Great and accurateresults.User manual:1) Best Camera tattoo app free download 2)Choose the tattoo which you like3) Save or Share by clicking saveor share button4) Click "MAKE A PHOTO" to create tattoo photo5)Choose the image from gallery or photo, or take picture from yourcamera How To Use Tattoo on Photo★ Select Image form gallery orcamera.★ Bring Photo to editing Lab.★ Apply effects and save orshare your Photo.★ Camera Tattoo★ Selfie tattoo★ Tattoo My PhotoApplication gives you free tattoo on your body without pain★ Youwill Many Types of tattoo like Birds Tattoo, flower tattoo, firetattoo, boys tattoo, girls tattoo, designer tattoo, snake tattoo,Star tattoo, cross tattoo, love tattoo, emotions tattoo, butterflytattoo.★ Tattoo your photo with this photo tattoo maker.★ Do notworry for about permanent tattoos.★ Share your effects with yourfriends with tattoo photo suit★ You will get Different tattoodesigns with Tattoo My Photo app.★ You will also get Colortattoos.How To Use★ Open tattoo my photo app★ choose photo fromgallery or take a fresh picture from camera.★ Now stretch or rotateyour image with two finger gesture.★ now select your tattoo youwant to paste on your photo.★ you can add many tattoos on a singleimage.★ choose photo from camera or gallery,★ press red button toadd new tatts (choose the one you like from handy categories),★place the tattoo stencils on best place on your body. Move markers,rotate, resize and edit to best suit,★ erase unwanted parts ofdesign,★ add another tattoos to your picture. ★ Choose a stickerfrom the tattoo booth: a large number of tattoos of all sizes andshapes;★ An infinite variety of “tattoo stickers” for photos;★ Cooltattoos, crazy and cute tattoos, heart tattoos, tattoo fonts, funnytattoos for girls - just take your pick;★ Drag the sticker withyour finger and place it on the pic!★ Scale the sticker and adjustit the way you like: zoom in, zoom out, remove the sticker;★ Sharepictures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and face any photo boothchallenge successfully;★ Install this tattoo pic editor for freeand let the photo funia begin;★ Tattoo edit pictures with – -Tattoomy Photo Editor- free download;★ Love tattoo photo★ Remember on theleft part of the screen you can pull out the layout with layers. ★Choose here the element on which you want to work,★ on the leftside there is one more layout. Here you can change transparent oftattoo, flip, change colors and more filters,★ love tattoos★ Thelargest variety of “tattoo stickers” for photos;★ Pick a stickerfrom the tattoo booth: a great number of tattoos of all shapes,sizes and colors.★ Heart tattoos, crazy and cute tattoos, skull andtribal tattoos - just take your pick.★ Drag the sticker with yourfinger and place it on the pic!★ finally save & share theresult image!★ in our simulator gallery you can browse your owncool body art created by you in the app.★ Scale the sticker andadjust it the way you like: change its position, zoom in, zoom out,remove the sticker...★ Share pictures with your friends on Facebookor Twitter★ Get this tattoo pic editor for free and let the photofunia begin.★ Tattoo edit pictures with awesome “photo stickers”and stamps –free download.
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Now you can scan mood any time by your device and don't worry aboutdifficulties. This app will detect your mood and provide you bestresults to provide you great happiness and enjoyable mood. moodscanner free real This app is specially designed for sad people andboring people to become happy and pleasant mood.Now be ready toscan your mood, to scan your face, to scan your sadness and to scanyour worries because face impressions cannot be hidden.Mood scannerapp will scan mood and gives you a big smile on your face.Keepsmiling with this app and enjoy smiling with your friends.real moodscanner free actually realDetect mood with this app and enjoy withfree app.Mood Reader Features:- Mood Detector free- mood scannerfree real- Mood Scanner free- Show my mood- Very easy steps todetect mood- Mood display- Face impressions- Show face impression-Share your mood with friends - real mood scanner free actuallyreal- Show my mood- Mood reader- real mood test- Mood Scanner free-Mood Scanner free- Best Mood Reader app- mood scanner free real-mood tester- Free mood detector- mood scanner with yourfingerprint- Easy mood reader- Scan mood with fingerprint- Scanmood with thumb- real mood scanner free actually real- Easy moodreader
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Set these interesting anthem ringtones for ringtones,alarms,notifications and contacts.National anthem will make you feel proudevery time.All world national anthem ringtones free for you toenjoy and proud.Use “National Anthem Ringtones” every time!Showlove with your country by setting national anthem as ringtones,alarms, notifications and contacts.Install this free app nationalanthem tunes for free!These are top country anthem sounds are in acollection of various free ringtones, SMS alert sounds and alarmtunes.This app is for national heroes and national loversNow forgetyour boring life with national anthem ringtones free app!NationalAnthem Ringtones Features - Long press to set anthem sound asringtone, notification sound or alarm.- World national anthems withflags.- You can assign a sound as a ringtone to specific contactfrom your contact list.- National anthems with music- NationalAnthem Ringtones with flags- Easy to use, National AnthemsRingtones App.- This app is optimized for all tablets andsmartphones.- This application is ideal for learning and fun.- Havefun!- Top national anthem sounds set as ringtones & SMSsounds!- US National Anthem - Indian National Anthem- NationalAnthem of the United States- USA National anthem- The Star-SpangledBanner- With this app you can listen to the Anthem and sing alongas national anthem with music- The application includes the worldnational anthems and flags of countriesThis app includes worldNational anthem ringtones- Pakistani National Anthem- AfghanistaniNational Anthem- Indian National Anthem- Germany National Anthem-China National Anthem- USA National Anthem- Uk National Anthem-France National Anthem- Cananadian National Anthem- JapaneseNational Anthem- African National Anthem- French National Anthem-Brazilian National Anthem- Siri Lanka National Anthem- TurkeyNational Anthem- Argentina National Anthem- Bolivia NationalAnthem- Brazil National Anthem- Chile National Anthem- ColombiaNational Anthem- Ecuador National Anthem- Paraguay National Anthem-Peru National Anthem- Uruguay National Anthem- Venezuela NationalAnthem- Canada National Anthem- Dominican Republic National Anthem-Mexico National Anthem- United States National Anthem- AlgeriaNational Anthem- Ghana National Anthem- Morocco National Anthem-South Africa National Anthem- Tanzania National Anthem- UgandaNational Anthem- Zambia National Anthem- Zimbabwe National Anthem-Austria National Anthem- Belgium National Anthem- Denmark NationalAnthem- Iraq National Anthem- Finland National Anthem- FranceNational Anthem- Netherlands National Anthem- Iceland NationalAnthem- Ireland National Anthem- Italy National Anthem- GermanyNational Anthem- Norway National Anthem- Portugal National Anthem-Spain National Anthem- Switzerland National Anthem-Sweden NationalAnthem- United Kingdom National Anthem- Czech Republic NationalAnthem- Greece National Anthem- Hungary National Anthem- PolandNational Anthem- Romania National Anthem- Russia National Anthem-Ukraine National Anthem- Afghanistan National Anthem- ArmeniaNational Anthem- India National Anthem- Iran National Anthem-Israel National Anthem- Kazakhstan National Anthem- PakistaniNational Anthem- Saudi Arabia National Anthem- Turkey NationalAnthem
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16 lines Quran for Hafiz free download:Read and listen quranofflineBest quran for all huffaz to read quran and prepare thiermanzil easily. 16 Line Holy Quran is especially designed for Hafiz,Muslims who completely memorize Quran in madrasa, school andreligious institutions.Listen Quran without internetListen Quranwith Urdu TranslationsListen Quran in EnglishListen Quran inUrduRead and listen Quran offlineRead Quran offlineQuran in yourpocketFree Quran download to read and listenAndroid Quran appQuranappPocket size QuranListen Quran without internetRead and listenQuran offlineurdu quran 16 lineGet Quran in pocket with you. ListenQuran without internetRead and listen Quran offlineListen QuranofflineRead and listen Quran offlineListen Quran with UrdutranslationListen quran with english translationsUrdu translationQuranRead and listen Quran offlineFree Quran download to read andlistenEnglish translation QuranAl-Quran with translationThe Quranwith translationsListen Quran in EnglishListen Quran in UrduListenQuran without internetRead Quran offline 16 linesQuran readofflineFree Quran download to read and listenListen Quran withoutinternetRead and listen Quran offlineRead Quran 16 linesListenquran 16 lineListen quran by multiple recitersListen Quran withmultiple recitersAudio Quran with translationsThe Quran MP3MP3QuranAudio voices QuranAudio Quran voicesRead and listen QuranofflineFree Quran download to read and listenBest Features:-Install this app and read quran every where.- Read 16 lines Quran-Best Quran for Huffaz- urdu quran 16 line- Real page turningvisuals with sound effect- Multi lingual menu- Free Quran downloadto read and listen- Beautiful style- Listen Quran by multiplereciters- Read and listen Quran offline- Hafzi Quran free download-Small size 16 line Quran- Listen Quran with English translations-Resume option remember where you last left reading- Go to pagenumber, Juz and Surah index helps to navigate easily- 16 line quranpak taj company- Taj company Quran- Listen Quran with Arabictranslations- Quran with Images- Listen Quran with meaning- ListenQuran in English- Free Quran download to read and listen- ListenQuran in Urdu- Read Quran with meaning- Listen Quran with tarjuma-Listen Audio Quran- Smooth font for better reading- Read and listenQuran offline- Read and listen Quran offline- First line of everyJuz prominent with black color- Auto screen off will be disabledwhile recitation- Images Quran- Taj Company 16 lines quran- HolyQuran (16 lines per page)- Quran with Translations- Free Qurandownload to read and listen- MP3 Quran- Audio Quran- Quran withtranslation- Read and listen Quran offline- Listen Quran inEnglish- Listen Quran in Urdu- 16 Line Hafizi Quran- Free Qurandownload to read and listen- This special edition has a specificstandard format of sixteen lines per page and every page ends withan ayat.- Add bookmark of any page- Read and listen Quran offline