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Hi girls, ca you help cute fairy to dress up get ready for thefamous fashion show. It is tonight, so you need to hurry up becausethere is a lot of work to do. Our fairy star just finished makeupin best fairy studio based on magical fairy island. Also, she wentshopping in fashion boutique and now she needs makeover dress up.Download this top Fairy Dress Up Games app for free, and start yourdress up content. Use your imagination and make your own fairyfashion story. Just one keyboard click and you will see new boardwith best categories: dresses, shoes, tops, jewellery, bags, andother accessories for fairy good looking. Welcome to fashion dressup world. Play fairy dress up games free and make a cool fairyprincess for top fashion challenge. If you love fashion design, redcarpet and famous fashion models, then this free game is perfectfor you. Practice your talent and dress up fairy to be realprincess. Become a fashion fairy Godmother. Follow latest fashiontrends and create your own fairy bride fashion clothes. Maybe shefall in love with some handsome prince, and make a love fashionstory. Just download this Fairy Dress Up Games app for free andyour fashion content can start. She must look very attractive.Choose the latest trendy style and makeover our fairy girl to looklike a princess and beautiful like doll. Start with beautifulmodern dresses from virtual fashion closet. Choose the best one,make hundreds combinations with shoes, hats, haircuts and bags.After that set to your model doll some jewellery, like earrings,bracelet, necklace. She needs to look very elegant, so she needsand gloves, too. Now she is ready for big fashion runway day. Useyour imagination, make fantastic combinations with coolbackgrounds, take a photos of your famous fairy fashion model, puther in top fashion magazine. Let her to walk on red carpet on hotfashion week content, and have fun. Just on move with fairy magicwand, and your fashion icon will be ready for fairy kingdom. We putand best set with amazing backgrounds in romantic fairy village, inprincess ball room, in front of magical wood, take a photo of herand set it as cool wallpaper. Now you have a beauty idol fashionqueen. Your fairy is happy and proud, because she is the mostbeautiful in her fairy iceland, and everybody will make a fantasticfairy legends about her beauty, magic powder, gorgeous flowers,magic fairy craft, and relaxing life in fairy forest. Be happybecause your fairy princess will fly now on her fairy wings tobecome a famous dress up fashion star model. Thank you. Featurescategories: - 3 beautiful fairies - Hairstyle - Dresses - T-shirts- Tights - Shoes - Wings & magic wands - Crown & flowersfor hair - Different eye colors - Jewelery: necklace, bracelet andearrings - Amazing backgrounds You can: • Save your model, take herphoto, use it as wallpaper

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    May 29, 2020
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Misko Games
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Your favourite jungle animal is here, and the two of you can now bebest friends! This buddy is very smart and funny, and he will bethe coolest virtual pet you have ever had. Download free TalkingMonkey game app and see what this hero can do! You will be hisguide and make sure he sleeps, and takes care about his looks andhygiene. Later you will try the amazing top mini games together, goto the playground, and exercise gym! You and the monkey will haveso much fun together, so grab your smartphone and install thelatest talking game. It will quickly become your favourite one. Themonkey lives in a house that has many cool rooms. You will makesure that you unlock all of them and see what each of them hides.In the living room, there are many interesting items! For example,you can tap the table to see the caveman who is hiding there! Tapthe monkey behind the window and see what happens. Take a look ondrawer and the colorful fireworks will attract your attention.Let’s learn the letters together, just watch the tv screen. Do youknow that your little hero has musical talent? You will enjoy thesounds he performs on afro drum. Also, he has a balafon, a woodenxylophone. Listen your cute hero while his performance and you willbe amazed. The talking monkey has a beautifully decorated bedroom.When it is time for him to take a nap, just turn off the lights forhim. The roll whistle will wake him up from his sleep, whenever youwant. This animal loves to spend time on the playground. That iswhere he can jump on his trampoline and play sports. Jungle boywill surprise you, he likes to climb over the trees and to slidedown them. The newest game is fun to play, it is relaxing andentertaining at the same time! The monkey has an awesome home gym,where he comes for his daily workout. He prefers the treadmill, soyou decide if he is going to run or walk on it. Make sure that yourhero stays fit! Now it is time for some fantastic mini games, sotry it together and enjoy in these popular adventures. Play MonkeyJump and just tap platform that you want your hero to jump on. Lifein the jungle is never boring, and our monkey leads an impressivelifestyle. He is very meticulous, too. In his bathroom he can brushhis teeth and take a bath. Later he will wipe with the towel. Thistop game is for people of all ages, for kids and teenagers, foradults as well. Take care of your virtual animal and be the bestguide to him. Talk to the monkey, he will listen very carefully.Later he will repeat your words! How to play Talking Monkey gameapp:  Play mini games to collect more coins  Talk to the monkeyand he will repeat your words  Take the monkey to the gym  Havefun with him on the playground and make sure he gets some sleep Thepopular pet care game will surely bring a smile to your face, so donot hesitate and download it on your smartphone free of charge. Youcan share with your friends and let them know that you have a newvirtual buddy! The monkey will make sure you have a lot of funtogether, so install the latest application and see what happens inthe jungle!
Talking Tiger 2.4 APK
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Guess who came from the jungle? He is now all fancied-up, and readyto be your new virtual pet! Download free Talking Tiger game app onyour smartphone and meet the hero who has changed his ways and isnow the cutest little animal ever. He bought a fabulous house thathas beautifully decorated rooms. He will show them all to you, andyou can also play latest mini games to collect coins and unlock theother rooms! The tiger learned how to dance and he wants to stayfit so he made a home gym! You can talk to him and he will listencarefully, later he will repeat your words. The tiger has abathroom where he can take a bath and brush his teeth. Later he canwipe with the towel. He has everything he needs in his beautifulhouse, but you will help him collect coins and unlock the otherrooms. Take your popular tiger on playground and have fun! Hisfavourite toy is the ball, so he is really fond of sports! Otherthan that, he loves jumping on the trampoline! Jungle boy willsurprise you, he likes to climb over the trees and to slide downthem. Check out his fabulous gym where he can run or walk on thetreadmill. Your pet should exercise regularly in order to stay fit!So, making sure that he does not miss a single training. Play thebest tiger game free and you will make your top jungle adventure.You will see his amazing bedroom where he can sleep when he istired. The roll whistle will wake him up! Do not hesitate todownload the newest tiger talking game free of charge and enjoyplaying with your virtual pet. You can tap the table to see thecaveman who is hiding there! Tap the crazy monkey behind the windowand see what happens. Take a look on drawer and the colorfulfireworks will attract your attention. Let’s learn the letterstogether, just watch the tv screen. Do you know that your littlehero has musical talent? You will enjoy the music he performs ondrums. Also, he has a mixer, so listen your cute dj while hisperformance and you will be amazed. Now it is time for somefantastic mini games, so try it together and enjoy in the bestadventure. Play Jumpy Tiger, cross all platforms and try to achievethe maximum height. Open Pizza Defense and protect this deliciousmeal from the attack of nasty bugs. Beware of spiders andcaterpillars but try not to hurt butterflies and ladybugs. They areyour friends and will help you in your mission. In Tiger Smash donot drop the hammer from your hands and hit this wild animals assoon as they come out of the pit. Play Tiger Jump and just tapplatform that you want your hero to jump on. The latest talkinggame is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, it is addictive andfun so you will surely enjoy your time with this popular pet. Howto play Talking Tiger game app:  Play mini games to collect morecoins  Talk to the tiger and he will repeat your words  Take thetiger to the gym  Have fun with him on the playground and makesure he gets some sleep  Tickle and slap the tiger for fun So whatare you waiting for? You and the tiger will make a great team!Hurry up, grab your smartphone and enjoy playing with the coolestvirtual pet. Share with your friends and let them know you havetamed a cute little friend! In the jungle, everything is possible,so install the top application and have fun with the smartesttiger. So, do not hesitate and download cool talking game andenjoy.
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The latest talking game is here, so meet your new friend. Isn’t hethe cutest little animal ever? Now he will be your virtual hero.Download free Talking Hedgehog game app on your smartphone and havefun with the best pet game. This buddy lives in the forest, and hewill welcome you to his beautiful home. He has an amazing house,that even has a top home gym! How about that? Take care of thehedgehog, play with the him on the playground and make sure he getshis daily workout. Tickle him and slap him for fun, to see hisreactions! The hedgehog lives in the forest, install this popularapp and get ready for an exciting adventure. He has some dancingskills, so you will be amazed to see his moves. The magical forestis his favourite place, so he enjoys spending time on theplayground. Try mini games and collect the coins! The top hedgehogadventure can begin! Talk to your pet and he will listen carefully.Later he will be able to repeat your words. All of the rooms in hishome are beautifully decorated, and his bedroom is just a perfectplace to rest. When you think that the talking hedgehog should goto sleep, just turn off the lights. The horn will wake him upwhenever you want! Come into his beautifully decorated living room.Tap the vase on the table to see flowers come out, and the balloonswill appear if you click on the chandelier. If you open the drawer,little duck will come out. Your hero knows to play trumpets andbalafon, a wooden xylophone. You will enjoy in his performance,just listen. Let’s learn the letters together, just watch the tvscreen. Get ready for fabulous mini games. Try all of them and helpyour brave hero collect coins and unlock other rooms. Get intoJumpy Hedgehog and just follow your cute pet in endless jumpingadventure, there is a lot of platforms to cross. In Pizza Defenseyou need to protect this delicious meal from nasty bugs, such asspiders and caterpillars. Be careful and do not hurt ladybugs andbutterflies, they are your friends and help you in this task. PlayHedgehog Smash and you will see that your job is to hit theseanimals with a hammer when they coming up out of the hole, so youmust to be very quick. You will see that they hold a snakes as ahostage, so try to release them. In Hedgehog Jump just tap theplatform that you want your hero to jump on. This animal loves tospend time on the playground! He bought a beautiful trampoline sothat he can jump and have fun, and he is also good at sports. Youwill see a bird on tree, if you tap it will take off and throw anegg. This hedgehog cares about his looks, so he goes to the gymregularly. His favourite is the treadmill, where he can run orwalk. There is a cool bathroom in his house where the talkinghedgehog can brush his teeth, take a bath and wipe with the towel.He is the smartest hero ever! You can tickle him or slap him forfun, to see his reactions. Do not hesitate to download the besthedgehog game free of charge. The kids will absolutely love thenewest pet, it is fun and easy to play. Everything is magical inthe forest where our little hero lives. How to play TalkingHedgehog game app:  Play mini games to collect more coins  Talkto the hedgehog and he will repeat your words  Take the hedgehogto the gym  Have fun with him on the playground and make sure hegets some sleep  Tickle and slap the hedgehog for fun The popularhedgehog game is for everyone, so install it free on yoursmartphone. Share with your friends to let them know about thecoolest new virtual pet. Play amazing mini games, collect coins andhave fun! This latest and amazing talking hedgehog application willquickly become your favourite.
Talking Pigeon 2.4 APK
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Welcome to the latest pet game that you will absolutely love. Meetthe popular bird who has a beautiful house, and who loves spendingtime at the gym and on the playground. Download free Talking Pigeongame app and have fun with the cool virtual pet. Watch him dance,slap him and take him to the gym to exercise! You will see thebeautiful playground where he loves to jump on the trampoline. Talkto the pigeon and he will listen carefully and repeat your words.Try amazing mini games and collect coins together. Have fun andunlock the rest of the rooms! Take care of him, make sure he getstime to sleep. Life on the farm is always interesting, so installthe popular pigeon app and you will get a new buddy! On the farmeverything is magically beautiful, so tap the aquarium in theliving room to see the fish come out of it, and tap the drawer tosee little chick. Your cute buddy knows to play drums and trumpet.Listen your hero while his performance and you will be amazed.There are many beautifully decorated rooms in the pigeon’s house,and you will be thrilled to see his cute bedroom! That is where helikes to get his rest and to take a nap. The rooster will wake himup whenever you want. The best talking pigeon loves to play! He isall about fun, so you will enjoy with him in his beautifulplayground. He adores jumping on the trampoline, and he is also abig fan of sports. Tickle or slap your buddy gently, for fun and tosee his reactions! This talking pigeon has his own bathroom, wherehe can brush his teeth and take a bath... later he will wipe withthe towel, of course. He cares about his looks so he lovesexercising at the gym. What he likes the most is the treadmill,because it really helps him stay in shape. Surely it will beinteresting to take care of such an awesome pet! Play top minigames and help your friend collect coins in order to unlock allrooms. In Jumpy Pigeon, you will jump on endless platformstogether, and in Pizza Defense, the evil bugs will try to steal adelicious meal! You have to protect this food by destroying nastyinsects like the spider and the caterpillar, but be careful not tohit butterflies and ladybugs, since they are your friends. PlayPigeon Smash and hit these birds with a hammer as soon as you seehim come out of the pit. Be quick! In Pigeon Jump, you will justtap the platform that you want your hero to jump on. Talk to yourpet, let him show you his dance moves. The cutest pigeon is veryhappy to be your new virtual friend. How to play Talking Pigeongame app:  Play mini games to collect more coins  Talk to thepigeon and he will repeat your words  Take the pigeon to the gym Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he gets somesleep  Tickle and slap the pigeon for fun With the best pigeongame, you will have so much fun on the farm, so do not hesitate anddownload it on your smartphone free of charge. The latestapplication is for everyone, it is easy to play and the kids willlove it. Share with your friends to show them your colorful bird.They will be amazed to see your cool new virtual pet. So, hurry upand install the top talking pigeon game and begin your adventure onthe farm.
Talking Penguin 2.4 APK
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Our Talking Penguin is here and he is ready for snowy adventureswith you. He came from the Antarctic continent and he likes to talkand to do other silly things too, he is a funny little guy! If youwant to have fun with the top talking game, then meet your newfriend, the Talking Penguin. Download free Talking Penguin game appon your smartphone and you will get the best virtual pet game thatwill bring joy and fun to your winter days. Our cute talkingpenguin adores music. He can dance so the two of you can turn upsome music and get ready for some fun at the bird’s house! But thatis not all, you will see that this little guy plays the violin. Itis important that you help him collect coins to unlock the otherrooms. Do that by watching cool videos and playing popular minigames. The two of you will become an invincible team! Slap thepenguin for fun to see his reactions. He loves to be tickled,though! Talk to the penguin and he will listen carefully, becauselater he will be able to repeat your words. Be the best guide toyour hero, he will depend on you! The penguin has the coolest homegym ever. He likes to run or walk on the treadmill and there is atrampoline on his playground where he jumps and has a great time.Enjoy your top talking game and have fun with the talking penguin!You will be amazed to see what this beautiful animal can do! He hasa playground where he spends his free time and enjoys playingdifferent games. He will play the latest mini games to collect morecoins to unlock the other rooms, with your help. Play Jumpy Penguinand jump on endless platforms, try not to fall! In Save Christmasyou will destroy the enemies and protect Christmas decorations,candies and presents! But try not to hit friends, because you willlose coins. In Penguin Smash you will hit our bird with a hammer assoon as he comes out of the pit. There are many pits so you have toconcentrate. Find different modes, choose the one you like the mostand enjoy! The last mini game is Penguin Jump, where you shouldjust tap the platform that you want the animal to jump on. Havefun! This lovely bird has a bedroom where he can rest and get somesleep, and tap the cute jingle bells to wake him up. Histuxedo-like appearance is what makes him even more adorable, and hewill quickly become your favourite pet! How to play Talking Penguinapp:  Play mini games and watch videos to collect coins  Talk tothe penguin and he will repeat your words  Tickle and slap thepenguin for fun  Take the penguin to the gym  Have fun with himon the playground and make sure he gets some sleep You will beimpressed to see the penguin’s rooms since all of them look lovely.Tap the drawer in the living room to see the snowman or theballoons, and tap the flowerpot to see beautiful hearts come out.Play the talking penguin game free and enjoy spending time with theclumsy irresistible bird. Do not hesitate to download the latesttalking pet application, because the little penguin adventures willmake you smile! The game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages,so share it with your friends and let them know about your popularnew pet.
Talking Elephant 2.2 APK
Misko Games
Not only the cute elephant can talk, but he can also dance! And itis not the only thing this animal can do, he is great at having funon the playground, and has great listening skills! Download freeTalking Elephant game app and see the other things that the popularhero from the jungle can do. Tickle him for fun to see hisreaction, and enjoy spending time with your top pet. He is thecoolest talking elephant ever, he was always the smartest one inthe herd! The latest virtual hero is perfect for boys and girls ofall ages, so do not hesitate and download it free. Play the amazingmini games and collect coins so that you can unlock the otherrooms. Your task is to be the elephant’s guide through his dailyactivities. This animal lives in a big house, and the two of youwil have so much great time together! You will see his beautifulbathroom where he can take a bath and brush his teeth, and use atowel for wiping. There is a gorgeous bedroom where he can sleepand rest. The roll whistle will wake him up. You can play theamazing mini games with the elephant, and collect coins to unlockthe other rooms! Try Jumpy Elephant and help him cross allplatforms and try to achieve the maximum height. Open Pizza Defenseand try to protect this delicious food from the attack of nastyinsects such as spiders and other bugs. Do not forget to keep safebutterflies and ladybugs because they will try to help you in yourmission. In Elephant Smash just take a hammer and hit this animalsas soon as you see them come out of the pit. Enjoy in ElephantJump, just tap the platform that you want your hero to jump. Playwith the best pet who knows how to dance and he will not hesitateto show you his dance moves. Do you know that your little buddy hasmusical talent? You will enjoy the music he performs on a trumpet.He can also whistling, so get ready for a good time with your cutepet. You can talk to the elephant, he will listen carefully andrepeat your words. Come into his living room, open the drawer andkites will fly and colorful fireworks will delight you. You can tapthe table to see the caveman who is hiding there! Tap the crazymonkey behind the window and see what happens. Let’s learn theletters together, just watch the tv screen. The latest elephantgame application is great for boys and girls of all ages, it is funand relaxing, and you will get a new virtual hero that will makeyour days more joyful. This cool animal has a top home gym with atreadmill where he can walk or run. Share with your friends and letthem know what a great pet you have! He loves to jump on thetrampoline that is on the playground, and he is very good atsports. Check out the trees behind and jungle boy will surpriseyou. He is very agile and good jumper. How to play Talking Elephantgame app:  Play mini games to collect more coins  Talk to theelephant and he will repeat your words  Take the elephant to thegym  Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he getssome sleep  Tickle and slap the elephant for fun This animal willmake a fantastic pet, he is playful and cheerful, and the two ofyou will have make a great team. So do not hesitate, download thebest elephant game free of charge and enjoy spending time with yourfavourite new virtual pet. Your popular buddy is happy that two ofyou will have a lot of fun together!
Wedding Dress Up Games 1.6 APK
Misko Games
Every girl dream about perfect wedding ceremony, gorgeous dress andunique ring with jewels. Do you dream about your unforgettablewedding day with man you love. Our new Wedding Dress Up Games appcan help you to organize your wedding on best way, and take somegood wedding ideas. But first, play the game, and help to our brideand groom to dress up, make up and makeover well for their uniqueromantic day. Out fashion star is very excited and nervous, becauseshe can not find a proper wedding dress for ceremony. Our bride hasjust finished spa salon making up, and now she wants to dress upfor wedding. Her handsome prince will marry her tonight, and shehas to look amazing and beautiful. Like every bride our fashionstar wants to look like a princess. So, your job is to take thegirl in your fashion boutique and find the most beautiful andtrendy wedding dress. After that take her to your virtual fashionsalon and select hair style and both fashionable and stylish bagsand shoes. Your wedding fashion model needs and brand-newjewellery, like earrings, bracelet and necklace. Select some coolbride's veil, hat or crown and now she can wait her prince charmingto come and put the most glory ring on her finger. Set somebeautiful backgrounds from this soundboard and take a photo of yourfashion idol. Make your own wedding dress up story. There are lotof wedding ideas, and for good wedding you need quality weddingplanner. You need to send wedding invitation cards to friends andfamily, to organize decoration place for wedding party, romanticwedding music, wedding cake, put wedding flowers everywhere around,etc. This game allows you to use your imagination, to imagine thatyou are famous fashion designer. This wedding dress up gamesapplication gives you chance to create your own wedding dress andgroom suit with all necessary elements. Now your beautiful brideand handsome groom are ready for red carpet, and fantastic weddingfashion show. Win this dress up contest and become famous fashionstar. Make your work better and better, and maybe one day your facewill be in famous fashion magazines, and fashion factories. Makeyour bride become beauty idol fashion queen. Features categories: -3 beautiful models - Wedding dresses - Shoes - Hair style - Flowersfor hair, crowns - Jewelery: necklace, bracelet and earrings - Bags, glowes - Biedermeier flowers - Top backgrounds You can: • Saveyour model, take her photo, use it as wallpaper