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Fake Call is an awesome app, you can generate fake incoming callsto pretend that you have a call from friend, Boss, Mom, Dad andGirlfriend etc. You can record and select caller voice to show thatits a real incoming call, It allow you to set delay time for call,you can also select any contact no from contact list. It has CoolGraphics, Easy to use and you can select caller picture on clickingCaller Icon. This app is just for fun, joke, and make fool yourfriends and family members. Feature: => Attractive Graphics=> Easy to Use => Incoming Caller Voice => Select CallPicture => Set Delay in Call => avoid awkward situations=> Totally Free. Don't Forget: To rate us, we will appreciateyour feedback. Note: This app is free and supported by Ads.

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    Fake Call GirlFriend
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    November 29, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Sink Apps
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com.prime.studio.apps.route.finder.map 2.0.44 APK
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GPS Route Finder use GPS & Network to get your position onEarth Map, Helps you Navigate Freely on google Maps and get yourequired directions with Traffic Updates. Route Finder helps inNavigation on Maps.Travel around the world and navigate using anymethod of transportation.it is not offline map navigation but yourdevice should connect to 3G, 4G or WIFI. It is a GPS route guidethat you reach your desired location by using this Application. GPS, Maps , Navigation & Directions enable one to Find yourfriends ,Locate your friends on a Map, Let friends find you. Thisis the best app to share your location with friends and find themon Map. Now you can view your friend's location on the map and getconnected with them always.Google Maps best features are integratedin it to give you accurate result.It highlights Highly Trafficareas on Map and save your time. With Variety of Features such asGPS shortest Route finder, Driving route , CurrentLocation,Navigation , Directions , Sharing Location with Friendsand Family , Speedometer added to calculated speed while traveling,Qibla direction and Compass added to View Qibla , Video recordingfeature added with save option help to remind and recall tripmemories later on, and more - make everything simple and easy!Note: Check the GPS & network is connected before you use thisGPS tracker app. GPS Route Finder Main Features are: GPS RouteFinder: Allow user to find route to destination with one click.Route Finder Helps you to Find distance and traveling time betweenstart and ending location with shortest and easiest path available.Route Finder helps in Navigation on Maps.Travel around the worldand navigate using any method of transportation. My CurrentLocation/ Mobile location: helps you if you lost your way or forgotthe address then you can see your current position and also allowto share your current location with anyone, GPS Route Finder allowuser to `Share His Address` via any Social App, It will help themto find you easily. Driving Route Finder: Route planner for thebus, bikes and walking to any place. Helps to find the drivingroute between any two locations around the world. Just tap on themap to add end location, the driving route to your destination willbe automatically figured out. Voice Navigation also Added.Getaccurate driving route for wherever you want to go. Favorite Places/ Explore New Places: User can Add any place to their favorite list. which later on can be re-visited or share with friends andfamily.You can search any places and add it by using search placesfeature. View Friend Location: Route Finder enable one to Find yourfriends ,Locate your friends on a Map, Let friends find you. Thisis the best app to share your location with friends and find themon Map. Now you can view your friend's location on the map and getconnected with them always. GPS Nearby - Around me places : quicklyidentifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank,Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, TAMS, Airports, Post Office, Clubs,Mosques, Church's, Temples ,Hotel, Movie Theater, Restaurant,Supermarket, Theater and Taxi. GPS Speedometer : Now with Anothernew feature Speedometer , which allow user to track its speeds atround time with our Speedometer feature.Speedometer has analog anddigital meter for user choice.You can get very accurate speed byusing GPS Speedometer. Qibla Direction : Qibla Direction enable allMuslim user from round the world to find exact direction for Qibla.This Qibla Finder new feature will show the course of Holy Kaabawith the help of its Unique and easy to use Qibla Compass. We wishthis app will make your life better and more convenient :)
Girl Voice Changer PRANK 1.0.30 APK
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Voice changer is an entertainment Prank App. This app Changes yourvoice into Different tone with applying effects. A great voicechanger to have fun while you are with a group of friends or in aparty.It let you hear your Voice in different Tones ,really amusing.Our Voice Changer modify your voice. It is Smart voice changer ,it smartly changes your voice with adding different frequencies andyou can hear modified voice. Change voice with our app its veryinteresting and funny voice changer.Change your voice and have funlistening to your modified voice.Record your voice, apply effects,and share them with your friends.Share it on Facebook, Whatsapp,etc . Usage: All you have to do is to press the record button,record your voice and the app will modify your voice with effects.Features: # Robot Effects # Normal # Chipmunk # Funny # Bee # Gaint*Scary Voice: The App will change the tone and frequency of yourvoice ,As if some Ghost voice. Also refer as underwater voice.*Prank Funny Voice : that's really funny feature which change thetone and make your voice sound very funny. Also refer as Duckvoice. Note: This App is only for entertainment purpose, Do notChange voice but modify it with Changing its pitch & Frequency.
com.prime.studio.apps.gps.personal.tracker 1.0.35 APK
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Caller ID: Caller ID Name Locator, Call Record & Spam blockinghelps you to Search and Track Mobile Number ,STD code and ISD codewithout internet connection, it will display country location ofcaller with service providers name, with City, State info on calls.True Mobile Number Locator Have you been getting phone calls fromunknown number? Do you want to find the caller location? Do youwant to have a phone number lookup tool to get the detailed info ofthe caller number? True Phone number locator will meet all theseneeds and will showcaller. It will locate any caller numberlocation and display it on the GPS map (we dont provide locationwithout user consent, And we donot provide physical location).Caller ID info such as phone number service provider, phone numbertypes and phone number location like in which country & state.Call Blocker: Block Incoming Spam Call/SMS Block unwanted callssuch as telemarketing, spam callers, robocalls, fraud, by addingthem to calls blacklist. Caller ID Name Address will automaticallyblock number from your blacklist and help you say goodbye to allspam calls. Note: Call blocker do not work on Pie Automatic CallRecorder: Record Incoming/Outgoing Calls Freely Recording calls iseasy! Recording incoming & outgoing phone calls with ourAutomatic Call Recorder feature! Call App has quality recordingcalls. Call recordings can be used on any android phone. User Cansave their recording to google drive too. Just login within our appto google drive and save all recording to google drive.This makeour application more secure and increase its usability. > LiveMobile Number Location Tracking Added > Local Transport SearchAvailable > Share Current Location with one click on Whatsapp,Instagram, Facebook and other social networks Personal Tracker GPSPersonal Tracker is a location tracker application through whichyou can easily track all the locations you have visited. PersonalFamily Tracker GPS If you want to keep a watch on your familymembers just install this GPS tracker app in their mobile and youcan easily see all the places they have visited just by checkingthe app history in their mobile. Family tracker enables you toshare your live location and live address with your friends andfamily easily. Personal Tracker GPS locator is faster, easy to use,and gets real-time locations point to highlight on Map. GPS RouteNavigation on Map GPS Navigation is new functionality added to ourapp. Which make it more powerful and handy app. Now one cannavigate to any place with just one click. GPS navigation help tofind the shortest route near by. Best route finder for navigation.Allow user to find address, current location and nearby places. GPSRoute Finder This app work like GPS Route Finder .Travel around theworld and navigate using any method of transportation.it is notoffline map navigation but your device should connect to 3G, 4G orWIFI. It is a GPS route guide app which helps you reach yourdesired location . Mobile location tracker let you access thehistory of all visited places with date and time either by you orby your friends. New Permissions Added To Implement NewFunctionalities We had Added Following Necessary Permission.without these permissions the new functionalities won't work.android.permission.CALL_PHONE android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATEandroid.permission.READ_CONTACTSandroid.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE android.permission.RECORD_AUDIOand android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS permissions. Note: - This appwill not upload your Phone book to make it public or searchable. -We Do not Provide physical location of incoming caller.
True Mobile Number Location Tracker , Caller ID 1.0.35 APK
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main Features of True Mobile Number Location Tracker Search AnyMobile Number with just one click Search ISD/STD world wide withMap display location Track Live mobile location around the globeLocation Sharing was new so easy before Explore Nearby popularsites of any city worldwide track the complete recorder of visitedplaces plus favorite locations preview of 3D live street view withgoogle Earth map Live Updates of Traffic & Transit around thecity True Mobile Number Location Tracker tracks you all the waywhere your mobile goes, Maps tracker help you to know the track youhave come through to a new location. It is gps recorder which getsyour multiple GPS location and then draw on Google Map. Phonelocation tracker is fast, easy to use, and get real-time locationspoint to highlight on map. It use GPS to track your mobile locationthat is every accurate and reliable then other sources of locationprovider.It records the route and all the navigation on your maps.Feature: 1. GPS Location Base. 2. Highlight your mobile Locationson Google Map, you have travel through. 3. Helps you in new places,to find track you have traveled. 4: Best reliable app whentravelling too far.give you exact path you have travel through. 5:Best Maps tracker App with gps recorder. 6:Best Mobile trackingfunctionality records history. Note: Its a free app supported byAds.
Battery Saver And Solar Battery Charger PRANK 1.0.18 APK
Sink Apps
A Complete Battery Saver Application with a fun feature of SolarBattery Charger Prank. The Solar Battery Charger Feature is onlyfor fun. IT does not charge battery at all New Feature Added:Battery Saver Added to Optimize Battery And Increase Battery LifeMonitor Battery Usage , Super battery Saver Custom Modes AvailableSafe Clean Feature Boost Battery And Clear RAM Solar BatteryCharger Prank doesn't charge in actual but behave like chargingbattery by using solar power. This app is only for prank andentertainment. Solar charger prank just simulating and show thatyour battery level is increasing. It has awesome graphics,attractive interface/layout, looks and work like really charging.Share this app with your friends and family and prank them. NewFeature Added: Solar Charger is now Added with Battery Saver whichextends battery life by stopping apps and increase charging speed.Battery saver app also contains Power saver mode that shows theGeneral mode, long standby, sleep mode, custom mode, according todemand to select a different power saving mode.Batter Saver FeatureAdded which allow the App to Shows Battery states for BatteryCurrent, Temperature, Voltage and Battery life status. It alsoMonitor all apps that drain power while not in use and remind theuser about high consumption apps. Indicates how much power batterywill be extended if you use. Features: 1: Solar Electricity power2: Attractive Graphics 3: Simulation 4: Increasing Charge level5:Easy to use One Touch Battery Saver. 6:Battery Monitor clearlyshows the status of battery life and usage. 7:Switching &managing Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and background light, sound,synchronization in one touch, saves battery with efficiency.8:Control Power consuming apps and kill or stop applications.9:Battery Usage Setting will adjust the battery usage statusautomatically to monitor the battery life more accurately.10:Special Battery charging mode. 11:Battery Schedule power savingmodes for 3 Stage Charging systems Note: Solar Battery ChargerFeature is Only for FUN, also PRANK Your Friends, Only forEntertainment IT DOES NOT CHARGE BATTERY In Real.
Call And SMS Blocker 1.0.14 APK
Sink Apps
Call and SMS Blocker App is the very efficient blocking app forAndroid to block disturbing calls & SMS. Now you can stopannoyed phone calls and SMS,and Call And SMS Blocker will give youa peaceful life.You can also check the block calls and sms history.In this app there are multiple modes and two types of lists(Blackand White) for contacts management to block any number.Black List:the contacts of this list will be block and history willmaintain.White List: the contacts of this list will not blocked buttheir history in app will maintain.Feature:-Accept all-Block allfrom blacklist-Accept only from white-list-Accept only fromwhite-list and contacts.Advantages:1. Block call and SMS2. Easy touse3. Does not consume extra memory or CPU resources.4. Blockedcalls and SMS will not show in call log or Messages ofphone.Note:it's free and ad supported!
GPS Route Finder : Driving Route & Local Transport 1.1.21 APK
Sink Apps
GPS Route Finder : Driving Route & Local Transport Just pinstart point and end point and get walking route and driving route.GPS Route Finder helping to save your precious time. It helps younot to waste your time in long route. Route Finder Map have threekind of maps to clearly show your destination and understand theroute that is suitable for you during journey/ traveling. Gpsnavigation has Normal, Satellite, Terrain maps to find driving andwalking routes.It acts like GPS location tracker that takeadvantage of GPS & Network to get your position on Earth, andobtains map information near your location using Google Map and GPSlocator and allow user to request the location of your friend. ITacts like a friend Finder. It uses Global Positioning System forGPS tracking. Google Maps best features are integrated with it togive you an accurate result. GPS Router Finder - Navigation, Maps& Directions provides your distance and time taken to reachyour destination.GPS Navigation allows users to navigatedestinations via directions and search maps using a number ofdifferent methods. GPS Route Finder Map highlights highly trafficareas on Map and saves your time Feature: 1. Normal, Satellite,Terrain maps. 2. Find Driving Route. 3. Find Walking Route. 4. findthe shortest Route to travel 5.helps to Navigate on Map 6.Show allNearby local Places 7.Parks,Hospitals, Banks ,zoo ,Laundry,Hotelsetc 8.Exact Route Finder with very accurate result,easy to use anduser friendly 9.RAM booster also added for better batteryperformance. Note: Its a free app supported by Ads
GPS Location Alarm 1.0.4 APK
Sink Apps
While travelling add your location and enable alarm, GPS LocationAlarm will alert you, in this way you would be relax and not to beworry about your bus stop/ destination in public transport such asTrain/Bus etc. GPS Location alarm will alert you for your stop byAlarm. GPS Location Alarm allow you to sleep or reading or doingany other activity and not to look at road or sign boards for yourstop every-time.Features: _: User Friendly interface _: Simple andattractive Graphics _: Add multiple locations and enable/disable _:View your save locations _: Delete your saved location by longpressNote: Its a free app supported by Ads.