2.4 / September 6, 2014
(3.6/5) (2464)


Fake sms, outgoing sms
Fake SMS log (sent, received, read, unread)
Very easy to pick a contacts from call history, sms orcontactbook
Show SMS notification
Fake immediately, in the past, in the future
Schedule multi fake sms (text messages)

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  • 2.4 (4) - Latest Version
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    Publish Date: 2016 /3/2
    Requires Android: Android 3.0+ (Honeycomb, API: 11)
    File Size: 2.2 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean, API: 17)
    File Sha1: 722c16d1319288b91fdf1f7b7ac8d70118665a61
    APK Signature: b30bab1551d9f87372fe08a69302da71dc08ff7e

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Fake SMS 2.4 APK
Fake sms, outgoing smsFake SMS log (sent, received, read, unread)Very easy to pick a contacts from call history, sms orcontactbookShow SMS notificationFake immediately, in the past, in the futureSchedule multi fake sms (text messages)
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