1.0 / May 17, 2018
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Fake Video Call from the Mummy is a fake caller app, you need tosetthe time interval to initiate a call from the Mummy, and alsoyouneed to save the phone number of the mummy and name of thecallerwhich you want to display on the incoming call screen. Thenthisvideo fake call app will start a fake call that looks likereal callyou need to attend the call and listen the fake videocall frommummy. You can set the call from any number or name andchange theinterval or time of call. This video fake caller isghost fake videocaller app free for entertainment. Let’s downloadthis fake callerapp today and enjoy the fun with friends. -Setfake call time -SetName of the Mummy -Set Caller Phone Number-Wait for the Call tocame in -Attend the Call and watch the videocall from mummy (mayyou not able to understand) But this is onlyfor fun andentertainments purpose! Send us your thoughts andfeedback how youenjoy this video fake mummy caller app withfriends and familymembers. Please note: This is prank app for funand entertainmentpurpose only!

App Information Fake Video Call from the Mummy Prank

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    Fake Video Call from the Mummy Prank
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    May 17, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Air call Receiver: Incoming 1.3 APK
Air Call Receiver: Incoming Accept incoming call with the help ofthe air call receiver in easy way. Receive Call without touchingyour phone screen or the answer buttons. You can receive call usingyour hand swipe over the proximity sensor in any devices. IncomingAir calls receive will help you when your hands are busy then youjust swap hand on the mobile proximity sensor. This action willaccept the phone call. Air call receiver is free to download andenjoying using proximity sensor to receive a call.Air Call Acceptis modern concept to accept incoming calls using the mobilesensors.Air Call Receiver is really perfect application to receiveincoming calls without touching the mobile screen. Easy Air callother phone receive using sensor • Accept Call when you are drivingwith Bluetooth headset. • No need to lost you concentration whileyou are driving to press button • Effortlessly answer your phonecalls • Air Call Receiver Incoming is totally free • ON / OFF theAir Call Receiving • Move your hand over the mobile screen andreceive callHow it is easy, Then what are you waiting download andinstall and set the Air Call Service to ON