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Full support for tablets in HD."Farm animals for toddlers" is apuzzle game for small kids and toddlers from ages 1-6.It features18 beautiful designed animal puzzles.When the puzzle is completed,the player is rewarded with a nice surprise.The first few puzzlesare free of charge, if you like the application please support usand unlock all puzzles.thank you for your interest

App Information Farm animals for toddlers HD

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    Farm animals for toddlers HD
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    June 22, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Denne app, hjælper dig med hurtigt og nemt at følge med i saldoenog rejser foretaget med dit rejsekort. Som noget nyt, er der kommeten menu så du kan se dine rabattrin. Du kan oprette lige så mangerejsekort som du ønsker. Du kan både oprette flere kort fra sammekonto, eller du kan benytte flere forskellige konti, således at dukan holde øje med saldoen på alle kort i famillien. OBS: man kanikke benytte nemID login i denne app, kun login med brugernavn ogadgangskode er muligt. Kontakt rejsekortets kundeservice og bed demoprette et login til dig. Når du opretter et rejsekort i app´en, sågår den ind og fremfinder alle de rejser den kan finde inde pårejsekort.dk. Den går lige så langt tilbage som det er muligt.Herefter vil den når den opdaterer altid gå et år tilbage. Appenopdaterer automatisk med de seneste rejser når den åbnes, eller dukan manuelt bede om en opdatering ved at trække ned og slippe. Påforsiden i "Saldo" menuen, kan du se den aktuelle saldo på ditrejsekort, samt de seneste 3 rejser. I "Rejser" menuen finder du enliste over alle de rejser som appen har registreret, Du vil derforover tid kunne se meget langt tilbage i din rejsehistorik. I"Rejsekort" menuen kan du oprette et eller flere rejsekort. Frasamme konto, eller fra forskellige konti. I "Hjælp" menuen kan dulæse lidt mere om hvordan app´en fungerer. Når du vil se dinerejser, skal du være opmærksom på, at der går noget tid, førrejserne dukker op. I langt de fleste tilfælde bliver dinerejsedata opsamlet dagligt, men der kan være en vis forsinkelse.Med nogle busrejser kan der gå op til en uge, før data er opsamletog registreret på selvbetjeningen. Det skyldes, at opsamlingenførst sker, i det øjeblik bussen kører i garage, og bussens databliver overført til rejsekortsystemet. Den korrekte saldo bliverdog gemt på chippen i dit rejsekort, så du kan altid få adgang tilden reelle saldo på en rejsekortautomat eller et salgssted. Bemærkat denne app, har ingen tilknytning til rejsekortet A/S. Den henterog viser blot dine egne oplysninger fra selvbetjening.rejsekort.dk.Denne app, dens udviklere eller andre med tilknytning til thasmobi,har intet ansvar for registreringerne af rejser på dit rejsekort.Rejskort A/S har intet ansvar for funktionalitet eller data i denneapp. God fornøjelse :-) This app helps you quickly and easily keeptrack of the balance and trips made with your travel card. As a newresult is a menu so you can see your discount level. You can createas many travel cards as you wish. You can both create more cardsfrom the same account, or you can use several different accounts,so that you can keep track of the balance on all cards infamillien. NOTE: You can not use NemID login in this app, justlogin with your username and password are possible. Contact travelcard's customer service and ask them to create a login for you.When you create a travel card in the app, so it goes into and aboveall the traveling it can find in the rejsekort.dk. It goes as farback as possible. Then it will when it updates always go a yearback. The app automatically updates with the latest traveling whenit is opened or you can manually request an update by pulling downand drop. The face of the "Balance" menu, you can view the currentbalance on your travel card and the last three trips. In the"Travel" menu, you will find a list of all the traveling that apphave registered, you will over time be able to see very far back inyour travel history. In "Travel Card" menu, you can create one ormore travel card. From the same account or between differentaccounts. In the "Help" menu, you can read more about how the appworks. To watch your travels, you should be aware that there willbe a while before the trips appear. In most cases, your travel datacollected daily, but there may be some delay. With some bus travelcan take up to a week before the data are collected and recorded onself-service. This is because the collection only happens at themoment the bus leaves the garage and the bus data is transferred tothe travel card system. The correct balance will be stored on thechip in your travel card, so you can always access the real balanceon a travel card vending machine or point of sale. Note that thisapp has no affiliation with the Travel Card A / S. It retrieves anddisplays only your own information from selvbetjening.rejsekort.dk.This app, its developers or others associated with thasmobi have noresponsibility for the registrations of traveling on your travelcard. Travel Card A / S is not responsible for the functionality ordata in this app. Enjoy :-)
Animal sounds puzzle HD 2.3 APK
Full support for tablets in HD"animal puzzle farm edition" is apuzzle game for small kids and toddlers.It features 10 beautifuldesigned puzzles, featuring the famous environment and animals fromthe "farm for toddlers" app.The player is rewarded with the naturalsound of the animal, when the puzzle is completed. Furthermorebubbles appear on the screen, for the player to tap and pop.Inscene 2 the animals are animated, before they transform into thepuzzle.The first few puzzles are free of charge, if you like theapplication please support us and unlock all puzzles.thank you foryour interest
Tiny Racing 2.0.25 APK
Tiny Racing is a non-scrolling, top down online racing game. Thegameplay is simple, but very hard to master. Race your car as fastas you can for 3 laps. Send challenges to your friends or randomopponents, and beat each others race times during a 24 hours timeslot. When the time is up, the challenge is locked, and points arerewarded. Friends race times, are downloaded as a ghost replay. Theentire track is on screen, there is no scrolling. You have thecomplete overview and can take the corners very fast and tight.Tiny Racing is fast action, with relatively short race times. Asyou build skills, there are always milliseconds to cut off. Climbthe leaderboards, where you can either compete in timetrial mode,or points from the challenge mode. Race against the top rankedracers, download their record ghost replays and beat their times.the first 2 cars and tracks are FREE. If you like the game, pleasesupport us and unlock more tracks and faster cars through in-apppurchase. Full support for tablets in HDThanks for your interest
Funny animal puzzle HD 2.0.4 APK
"Funny animal puzzle for toddlers" is a puzzle game for small kidsand toddlers from ages 1-6 It contains 12 puzzles with differentdifficulty levels. It features cute artwork, with 24 differentanimals. When the puzzle is completed, the player is rewarded withbubbles that appear on the screen, for the player to tap and pop.The first few puzzles are free of charge, if you like theapplication please support us and unlock all puzzles.
Hilltop Hotrods 2.4.180 APK
Race your car over hilltops as fast as possible.Features 30 builtin tracks in 6 different worlds.It has the ability to create randomgenerated tracks, for your unlimited racing pleasure.Sendchallenges to friends.Features:- Upgradeable vehicles- 30 tracks in6 different worlds- Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation-Designed to look good on low resolution and high resolution devices(incl. tablets)- Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine!
Farm for toddlers HD 2.1.30 APK
Full support for tablets in HD"Farm for toddlers" is made for smallchildren. They love to tap the animals, flowers the sun and all theother things, they can interact with.They are rewarded with cutegraphics and funny sounds. Buy now, when we run the Half-pricerelease campaign.There are no ads anywhere in this game.Fourdifferent scenes, Farm, Road, Bubble pop and Countryside.Farm:Tapthe animals and the surroundings to interact with them, and to heartheir sounds.There are lots of hidden secrets, can you find themall ?Road:Hear the sounds from the road, and the riverrushing.Bubble pop: bubbles fly up in the sky, while the childneeds to tap and pop them before they fall down again. Veryaddictive, while training the childs eye to hand coordinationskills. Countryside:Tap the animals and watch them run, and heartheir sounds. Can you find the hidden animals ?There are NO ads inthis application.
Puzzle: Christmas animals HD 1.0 APK
"Christmas animals for toddlers" is achristmas puzzle game, for small kids and toddlers from ages1-6.It contains 12 puzzles with different difficulty levels, from easyto hard.It features cute christmas artwork, with 24 different animals.When the puzzle is completed, the child is rewarded with a nicesurprise.The first few puzzles are free of charge, if you like theapplication please support us and unlock all puzzles.Thank you for your interest