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Gain resources for your own farm by tapping and collectingdifferent crops in this FREE tap-3 game! Demonstrate your skillsand reflexes while enjoying fast and exciting puzzle action forlovers of match-3 casual games!Farm Jewels -Tap & Farm is FREEand so addictive! Tap on three or more farm crops of the samecolour to collect the required resources and to gain points beforethe time runs out. You only have 60 seconds! Create massivechain-reactions to rake in more points and resources! Invest yourresources into new upgrades and to buy helpful items. Use them togain more score and to reach higher levels! Start farming andcollecting resources today!Download Farm Jewels -Tap & Farm nowfor FREE and test your reactivity by collecting as many resourcesas possible!Farm Jewels -Tap & Farm is FREE, fun, andfantastic! Farm Jewels -Tap & Farm Game Features: + 60 seconds,FREE to play farm and resource rush!+ Tap as many same-coloredcrops as possible within 60 seconds!+ Simple yet addicting gamewhich improves your reactivity!+ Collect FREE Gold each level topurchase unique items and boosters+ Highly addictive tap-3 gameplay

App Information Farmer Jewels - Tap & Farm!

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    Farmer Jewels - Tap & Farm!
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    April 8, 2014
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    SOFTGAMES - Free Mobile Games
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    SOFTGAMES GmbH Torstraße 33-35 10119 Berlin, Germany
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This is an awesome matching casual game! Use your amazing skills totap and combine the vegetables. Carrots, tomatoes, broccoli,potatoes and many other healthy vegetables await you in this fastand addicting game. Get mighty boosters at the beginning of eachlevel and use them to win even the hardest battles against the fox- losing is not an option. Once you start playing, you will not beable to stop. Your main goal in Farm Puzzle Story is to DEFEAT THEFOX!Farm Puzzle Story is a FREE match-3 game that gives more than 80levels packed with fun und enjoyment! Put veggies together to earnapples and points! You are able to choose among three difficultylevels. Start on the easy mode in order to get a good training forthe hardest one. You will get faster and faster on every wave.Don´t forget to control the number of moves left, because if youdon't manage to combine vegetables well, you will run out of movesand lose. Be smart, be fast and win!*** Find out more about SOFTGAMES and upcoming games on ourFacebook page (we love it when you "like" us)! [LINK: http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile] ***Farm Puzzle Story Game Features+ Daily Bonus Game+ Combine as many vegetables as possible in order to win+ More than 80 levels+ Boosters on every level+ Connect to Facebook+ Simple yet addicting game which improves your reactivity!
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Happy Farmer: Stranded (Farm) 3.0 APK
Stranded on a beautiful island you must manage your own virtualfarm! Grow and fertilize crops, raise & care for farm animalsand decorate your own tropical island farm! *** Find out more aboutSOFTGAMES on our Facebook page (we love it when you "like" us)![LINK: http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile] ***ATTENTION: There is abug in the Facebook API - please make sure to uninstall the nativeFB app on your phone first when sharing Happy Farmer to yourfriends! This will solve the issue of being not able to connect toFacebook!Happy Farmer – Cast away is FREE casual farm gaming at itsbest: Play and earn experience, unlock new items, use helpfulharvesting tools, grow delicious fruits, vegetables or uniqueflowers, raise farm animals, decorate your farm and master over adozen of challenging missions! Compete worldwide against otherplayers and review the global high score / leader boardsynchronously with each experience you earn while you play!FEATURES with unlimited options:+ COOL: RAISE and GROW your FARMGARDEN with delicious crops, fruits, veggies, flowers, trees &animals on your own virtual FARM island!+ MULTI-LINGUAL: Play inEnglish, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese or Russian!+ AMAZING:Build your own RANCH! Take care of super CUTE ANIMALS like cows,cats, dogs, hens, sheep, gooses and many more - but no angrybirds!+ UNIQUE: Expand and grow your tropical farm island gardenRANCH with DECORATIONS and numerous items!+ FASTER: Use performanceUPGRADES like harvesters, fertilizers or seeders to GROW your FARMfaster!+ ADDICTIVE: Plow, seed and HARVEST to gain experience andmoney! Unlock new CROPS, rare items, animals and great achievementsevery level! + FREE: Earn Coins and Diamonds to get dozens ofseeds, animals and decorations for your farm!+ MULTIPLAYER: Compareyourself in the worldwide highscore and see, if you can make it tobecome the top 1 farmer!+ FREE UPDATES: Happy Farmer - Cast awaywill be frequently updated with new crops, fruits, flowers, trees,buildings, decorations, animals, fish and so much more!+ PLUS:BEAUTIFUL graphics! Great SOUNDS!+ and a lotmore...****************************************
Bubble Dash: Bubble Shooter 1.0 APK
Bubble action at it´s best! Match 3 or more bubbles of the samecolor and pop as many bubbles as possible before the time runs out!Start massive chain-reactions to rake in more points. Use powerfulbooster, like a fire bomb, thunderstorm, multiplier and many more!Earn gold to start your shopping tour for incredible powerups andbeat the highscore to unlock new level and items!*** Find out moreabout SOFTGAMES and upcoming FREE GAMES on our Facebook page (welove it when you "like" us)! [LINK:http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile] ***Bubble Shooter Dash is FREEand has awesome features: + FREE to play+ Shoot and blast as manysame-colored bubbles as possible within 60 seconds!+ Great socialfeatures like weekly tournaments, sending lives and much more!+Collect Gold each level to purchase unique bubble break items andboosters+ Stunning in-game graphics+ Upload your scores to theglobal leader board and compare with your friends and other playersfrom all over the world! + Amazing combos while you pop 3 or morebubbles+ Invite your friends and compare your scores withthem!PLEASE NOTE:+ This is an online game only.+ This game requiresAndroid 4.0 or higher to runsmooth!*****************************************Like Bubble Dash onFacebook and receive exclusive updates!!! [LINK:http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile]****************************************
Blood & Honor - Glory War RPG 1.0 APK
To all Blood & Honor fans and newbies:Play now and experience our special Valentine´s whack the bosschocolate gifts. Additionally experience 10+ new levels and newrare and super rare items for your character in the game!★★★★★ "Best new Mobile RPG Game 2012 - Mobile AwardMagazin"9/10 "Great Timekiller - Android Publics"5/5 "I have been secretly waiting for something like this -Airgames U.S."*** Find out more about SOFTGAMES and upcoming games on ourFacebook page (we love it when you "like" us)! [LINK: http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile] ***Let the games begin: Join exciting fights to the death in theBATTLE ARENA! Create your own AVATAR for FREE, equip it from anarsenal of lethal weapons and armor and craft your character intothe ultimate battle force! Fight for Blood & Honor in thisGlory War RPG!Do QUESTS, search for TREASURES, complete DUNGEONS, killchallenging BOSS enemies, CRAFT and FORGE new WEAPONS and ARMOR,buy recipes or go mining! Create a CLAN / GUILD with your friendsfor FREE and challenge other players from all over the world! Thepossibilities are ENDLESS!Enter the war and world of violence and fight for BLOOD andGLORY! Train your AVATAR and feel the raw violence of the otheravatars in exciting fights against challenging BOSSES and otherplayers! Become the ultimate ARENA LEGEND in powerful battles withcombos and cunning moves, strategically upgrading and fusingweapons. Don’t lose and never surrender! Feel the ADRENALIN rushingthrough your veins! There can be only ONE real champion!Explore a huge world packed with hundreds of items and rewardsfor FREE. Buy stunning fighting equipment, personalize your AVATARand get new upgrades to become stronger and come further! Battleyour friends or other CLANS and BOSSES and fight in varioustournaments and for different PRIZES!Join with Blood & Honor - Glory War RPG a daily stream ofexciting missions to earn money and respect. Invest into yourequipment and clan to become the ultimate AVATAR FIGHTER in thisawesome BATTLE ARENA game!Join this free 2 play, Massively Multiplayer ONLINE FightingGame: Blood & Honor - Glory War RPG!FEATURES:-Create and customize your own AVATAR!-Choose between hundreds of different weapons and performanceupgrades-Perform unique missions per day and earn cash and bucks to trainyour fighter-Real social features: Play with your friends!-Invest in your clans power and together you will rule thekingdom-Huge maps to explore-Complete hundreds of different missions-Fight and challenge other players LIVE (PVP)-Unlock tons of new features, quests and weapons-Add your friends to your clan to get stronger-Fight in Clan Wars and conquer their castles!-Climb up the leader boards-Chat with other players around the world-Unlock great achievements-Send messages to your clan membersPLEASE NOTE:+ This is an online game only.+ Blood & Honor - Glory War RPG Game is playable for FREE.*****************************************Do love your avatar and want to get stronger?Please rate Blood & Honor - Glory War RPG Game 5 stars!Like Blood & Honor - Glory War RPG Game on Facebook andreceive exclusive updates!!! [LINK: http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile]*****************************************
Zombie Farmer: Monster Farm 1.06 APK
Build up your own Monster World in Zombie Farmer! In Zombie Farmeryou can grow local, fresh monster crops and fruits, raise cutemonsters and decorate a beautiful zombie farm together with yourfriends! This is not an ordinary FREE farm game as you can plantanything from candy crush trees to lady bug plants! This is yourchance to manage and build your own monster world on a zombie farmisland!*** Find out more about SOFTGAMES on our Facebook page (welove it when you "like" us)! [LINK:http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile] ***Zombie Farmer: Monster Farm isa FREE casual monster farm game for you: Plow land, plant crops andharvest them to gain experience. Discover a mysterious monsterworld and play to earn experience. Unlock wonderful decorations,new unique monsters, use helpful harvesting tools, growextraordinary plants, weird vegetables or crazy flowers, raiseZombies and master unlimited challenging tasks and missions!Connect with Facebook, invite your farm friends and competeworldwide against other players. Take a pause and review the globalhigh score / leader board synchronously with each experience youearn while you play! FEATURES with unlimited options:+ RELAXING:RAISE and GROW your FARM GARDEN with delicious crops, extraordinaryfruits, veggies, flowers, trees & animals and CREATE your ownvirtual Monster World!+ MULTI-LINGUAL: Play completely in English,German, Spanish or French!+ AMAZING: See your own monster farm growby cultivating your land, placing zombies on your farm and enjoyingthe imaginative gameplay!+ UNIQUE: Expand and grow your monsterfarm island garden RANCH with monstrous DECORATIONS and numerousitems!+ FASTER: Use performance UPGRADES like harvesters,fertilizers or seeders to GROW your FARM faster!+ ADDICTIVE: Plow,seed and HARVEST to gain experience and money! Unlock new CROPS,rare items, zombies and great achievements every level! + FREE:Earn Coins and Diamonds to get dozens of seeds, animals anddecorations for your farm!+ MULTIPLAYER: Compare yourself in theworldwide highscore and see, if you can make it to become the top 1farmer!+ FREE UPDATES: Zombie Farmer: Monster Farm will befrequently updated with new crops, fruits, flowers, trees,buildings, decorations, zombies, more farms, fish, city buildingand so much more! Ask us for more updates and we listen to yoursuggestions!+ PLUS: BEAUTIFUL graphics! Great SOUNDS!+ and a lotmore...**************************************
World War 2 - WW2 1.3.6 APK
Play the top FREE war strategy game alternative on your Androiddevice! Position your units and use wisdom and strategic clevernessto beat your enemies! Fight against the AI in 3 different campaignsor go online to challenge millions of other players! Collecthundreds of generals and unit upgrades and assemble an undefeatableteam in this top FREE STRATEGY game!*** Find out more aboutSOFTGAMES and upcoming TOP FREE GAMES on Facebook: [LINK:http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile] ***ADDICTIVE ROUND BASEDGAMEPLAYWW2 - World War 2 is FREE and so addictive. It features aneasy and well known game play: Fight your enemy on a round basedbattlefield! Put your units in position and encircle the enemyunits to let them explode! No limitations like in other freestrategy war games! Download WW2 – World War 2 now for FREE and winthe fights by upgrading your units at once to generate as manydamage as possible. Heal your units if their HP goes low!CHOOSEYOUR SIDEAre you more into germans, Russians or Americans? Chooseyour side and lead your army to wealth and glory! Each side got itsspecial abilities, units and commanders! Choose wise to match yourplay perfectly! Explore legendary battlefields and change thehistory! Who will win the war? Try it out!UNLOCK LEGENDARYGENERALSFind the perfect combination of tank, infantery and airforces! Choose your generals wisely and level them up for specialabilities, like unit powerups or air strikes! Every general got hisown skills, attributes and specializations. The perfect mix willlead you to victory! Assemble an undefeatable team of manpowerwhile combining your existing units with new forces or whilepowering them up with thousands of different fights and battles.USESPECIAL SKILLS AND ABILITIESGain resources to use special skillsand abilities, like unit shields, air strikes, parachute fightersor even nuclear bombs! Nuke a whole battalion of enemies with onehit or defend harmed units you don’t want to loose with shields tokeep them alive! Use parachute fighters to stab your opponent inthe back and infiltrate his bases! PLAY TOGETHER WITH YOURFRIENDSInvite your warfighter friends through Facebook or by usingtheir game ID and build together the most powerful team! Play withor against your friends to show them your real battlefield skills!Defend other players and fight your way to the highscore!WW2 –World War 2 is FREE, fun, fantastic and has awesome features: +FREE, simple and addicting round based game action!+ Unlimitedupgrades and skills for your army!+ Great social features likemultiplayer matches!+ Stunning in-game graphics!+ Collect tons ofgenerals and look them up in your collection!+ Invite yourfriends!PLEASE NOTE:+ Many features are only available when you areonline.+ WW2 – World War 2 is playable for FREE.+ This game runssmooth even on older androidversions!*****************************************Like us onFacebook [LINK: http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile]Follow us onTwitter [LINK: http://twitter.com/softgames]Please rate WW2 – WorldWar 2 with 5 stars!****************************************
Pocket Online War FREE 1.0 APK
Play the top FREE science fiction strategyzombie game alternative to Clash of Clans on your android devicesand tablets! Build up your base and defend hordes of zombies! Fightagainst other players and enlarge your power! Build your villageinto an undefeatable fortress, train hordes of troops, researchpowerful weapons and battle your way to glory in Pocket Online War!Hire legions of heroes, mythical creatures and train certainstrategies to fight your way through thousands of online player toclimb the top! Combine sorcery, skills, small and big creaturemixed with unique heroes in epic battles!Feel the intense mix of brilliant graphic and an action packed,creative game balance that might be the best online strategy gameever! Dominate your territory and fight against other player onlineand goblins and other mystical creatures!Pocket Online War has awesome features:+ FREE, simple and strategy game action!+ Build up your base to a fortress!+ Great social features!+ Stunning in-game graphics!+ Defend hordes of zombies or fight against other players!+ Invite your friends!PLEASE NOTE:+ Many features are only available when you are online.+ Pocket Online War is playable for FREE.+ This game runs smooth even on older android versions!+ Tablet optimized!*****************************************Do you love match 3 puzzle games, jewels games, RPG games, gamesfor adults or kids and want to receive ongoing and exclusiveupdates?Like us on Facebook [LINK: http://www.fb.me/softgamesmobile]Follow us on Twitter [LINK: http://twitter.com/softgames]Please rate Pocket Online War with 5 stars!