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Hi girls! Are you ready for opening your own spa salon forgirls?Get ready for learning by amazing game named as fashiongirlshopping mall cashier. In this shopping mall, you will enjoy alotby purchasing new latest items for spa, makeup, jewelry, shoesanddifferent trendy dresses. Girls love to go in makeoversalons.Because on wedding or party functions, girls want to lookgorgeous.It is all could be possible if you play this fashion girlshoppingmall cashier. You will enjoy spa salon for girls as wellasshopping in shopping mall. You can be able to count figuresthroughcash register. In shopping mall, you will act like a girlmall. Allshopping will be done through cash register in shoppingmall.Register cash on the cash counter like pro cashier girl andcashmanager. After shopping, you need for spa. Spa salon for girlsiswaiting for you. Just go and start spa for getting freshness.Afterspa salon for girls, you will start dress up which designedforstylish girls. You will select your favorite dress for startdressup. Beautiful girl dress up has a strong impact everywhere.Yourlook will be trendy after girl dress up. That’s why, try tochoosedress according to your desire. After girl dress up, you willfinda beautiful makeover salon. In makeover salon, you willstartmakeup according to your girl dress up color. You are justready tohave a beautiful looks.Features: Kids can learn tocalculate cashthrough cash register.  Beautiful atmosphere inshopping mallGirls will find a real joy of spa, shopping, dress upand,makeoverDownload this special Fashion Girl Shopping MallCashiergame which is made for girls

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Kite fighting is favorite hobby of teenagers. They love to fly kitein their spear time. This kite fighting s specially made for thoseboys and girls who love to do kite fighting and kite competition.Kite festival is very beautiful festival of spring. People love toarrange big parties; they do kite competition among each other.Kite tournaments held on huge level on kite festival, as it is agreat fun, adventure to fly kite in the sky, and do kitecompetition with your friends. Try to fly your kite high in the skybecause your opponent is skilled kite flyer. In this kite fightinggame you have five opposite countries and you have to fight to winthis kite tournament. Let us play this kite flying and kitefighting game.Game Play In this kite fighting game first, you havekite selection scene. You have five types of kite. This is amazingfun to select your kite as your choice. After selection it’s timeto cutting, ironing and pressing of kite. Make sketch on the paperand cut it with the cutter. You can also choose your favorite colorfor your kite to make it more beautiful and attractive. After,cutting attaches wood stick with the glue and press it with theheavy presser to make it strong because you are going to fight withyour kite in this kite competition. Allow your inner designer tocome outside by decorating your kite with beautiful faces andemojis. Do not forget to attach tale with your kite. You have threedesigns of kite tale in this kite flying game and in these threedesigns; you will find further ten designs. Have you ever thoughtabout this type of vast decoration game? Make it beautiful aspossible as you can. Make holes in the kite and tie thread in theholes. Your kite is ready for competition. Let us fly your kitehigher and cut your opponent kite. Fight with passion and win thiskite tournament. Celebrate your victory by dancing with yourfriends. Play our other Kite flying game with your friends and havefun together.
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Welcome to the tasty ice cream cake maker game where you’ll learnparty cake making and decoration ideas of wonderful wedding cakesin the town’s best bakery shop. so be like a chef master and dashto your kitchen in cooking cake mania. This is a real world contestof champions of cooking wedding cake for the bride. So be a realcake maker chef to bake a cake in the yummy cake factory simulatorand bake shop. This is one of the best cake baking games for girls,kids and boys in which you’ll learn cake decorating, cooking andmaking at the same time in the chocolate factory. How to bake acake in the cake maker factory is a crazy experience for a chefmaster suffering from cake mania. Celebrate your cake party withyour friends in the cake making factory and teach them also how tomake a cake.Be a wedding cake maker chef to make vanilla andchocolate cake with ice cream. It’s a happy anniversary cakebecause it can be used as a birthday cake, wedding cake or a simpleparty cake to celebrate anniversaries and happiness. An expertbirthday cake maker and party planner skills are required to makespecial ice cream rainbow cake in the ice cream cake bakery. Firstof all take milk from the milk farm. Milk should be healthy andgerm free so get it from the healthiest cow of the milk farm.Collect it in a big container of your party cake factory. You canenjoy this handmade cake in a simple tea party with your friendsand family without any party decorations. Work like a wedding partycake maker chef and add cream, butter and cheese into the milk andmix it well in large blenders of your party dessert maker kitchen.Now you have a yummy mixture of all dairy products collected fromthe milk farm. Now add salt and sugar crush, flavor and food colorinto the cake baker mixture. Your cake making party will have agreat twist when you’ll start delicious cake decoration with yourparty planner. Pour the ice cream into the molds and freeze it inthe freezing compartment of your ice cream cake making factory andbakery shop. After freezing, start decorating party cake with lotsof yummy buntings, sprinkles and dry fruits. Let’s Gather all ofyour ice cream party decoration ideas and apply it in the deliciouscake factory. Cake making process has been completed and now youcan have a great ice cream cake party in the bakery shop.You canplay our other party cake factory games for kids, boys and girls tosatisfy your cake mania like a cake chef master. Have fun!
Indian Sports Bike Factory Repair Shop 1.1 APK
Youngsters as well as little boys are crazy about sports bike. Theylove to ride on sports bike and make their ride adventurous. It’sall about fun. As we know that sports bike is heavy in weight anddifficult to handle. But being a sports bike rider, young boys wantto make fun by riding with sports bike. We are here to representthis amazing sport bike game with full of fun. Here you will makeyour own sports bike in your repair workshop.Welcome little automechanic, if you want to polish your mechanic skills then you willhave to learn the whole process in detail. Firstly you have tochose any bike of your own choice and make sure you have allmaterial and parts of sports bike. Here we will have to work as anauto mechanic and look at the automatic procedure in our repairworkshop. Sports bike repair in auto repair workshop:we willcollect parts of sports moto bike. We will start from making petroltank of our selected sports moto bike. We will clean and designthis tank with shower and remove all dents. You are acting like aauto mechanic of sports bike factory simulator, select Tyre designand build up tyre for sports moto bike. Here we will fix wires andrings in tyres. After build up the tyres, now we will move towardsengine making department. Here we will clean and design engine andmake engine. We will fix all material which is used in engine.Sports moto bike is not ready yet. In this repairing workshop, wewill assemble all parts of sports bike like tank, tyres and engineand build a beautiful sports bike with latest machinery andtechnology in our sports bike factory simulator. Lastly we willpaste sticker. If we build sports bike in army design, then we willpaste sticker in army design. Boys who want to clean and designsports bike, then download this game and have fun.
Pure Mineral Water Factory – Maker Mania 1.0 APK
Welcome to the mineral water factory simulator where you are goingto learn how to make pure water? Water is collected from thewaterfalls on the mountains so that our customers can enjoy healthydrinking water. Water is all time necessary food for the livingbeings on the earth but the human beings used it in variety ofshapes such as cold drinks, soft drinks, fruit juice etc. weatheryou have soda drink, cola flavor or some fresh fruit juices, youare still taking water in your body. Pure water can cause weightloss and so is very good for fatty people for losing weight. Freshand pure water is not only helpful for losing weight but also itavoids kidney stone and other harmful diseases caused by pollutedwater.The cooking story of mineral water factory starts from thewaterfalls where a long water slide is naturally built and when itpasses through the stones it gets filtered naturally by some level.All you need to do is to check water level by water levelindicator, given to you. indicator will show you the presence ofwater, then adjust water level meter to check it’s level. Take thebig water tanks from the mineral water factory to take this waterto the factory back. Hydraulic machines are provided to you to takethe water out of the earth. Adjust all hydraulic machinery and takethe water out from the underground water park.Take the water fromwaterfall to the mineral water factory to make water bottles.Filter the water and cook it or boil it well in the chef masterfactory’s kitchen. After cooking, send it to the packingdepartment, to pack in plastic bottle.Fill plastic bottles withwater and apply stamp and label of your company so that yourcustomers can recognize the healthy water bottle easily. Once youhave done with packing all plastic bottles, send it to the bakeryshop, supermarkets, carnival food maker stand and restaurants onthe delivery truck. Enjoy mineral water in breakfast, lunch, dinnerand fast food. Pure mineral water gives extra tastes to all kindsof drinks and also causes weight loss. So be chef master and herofactory worker to make world class mineral water in a real worldfactory simulator.If you are looking for real world factory gamesfor kids, boys and girls, so you are on the right page. Download itand enjoy the crazy fun adventure in the best mineral water factorymania.
Chicken Poultry Breeding Factory 1.3 APK
Hi Kids! This is chicken poultry farm guide for you so that you canbecome a great chicken farmer of your poultry breeding factory.Chicken farming adventure consists of poultry farm management, babychick care and poultry farming of egg of hen. So be a poultrymanager of the hen farm and take care of chicken breeding and henfarming. Poultry management of egg farm is not a difficult task forthe egg farmer like you who love silver and golden chicken andeggs. Separate crack egg in your barn so that you can have maximumproduct in the craziest ever poultry farm factory simulator game.Supply these chicken and eggs to the bakery shops and food courts,supermarkets or to the fast food points to make crispy chickenburger etc.The poultry farm story starts from the garden wherenumber of hens live. Make a trap for them to catch number of hens.Take them to your hen farm and don’t forget to pick different kindsof hens for hen farming, such as silver hen and golden chicken etc.Have fun in poultry management and chicken breeding by doing yourjob as an expert poultry manager. Give hens their food and collecttheir eggs. Start egg farming adventure in your barn to get babychick. Take the eggs into the egg farm where chicken egg breedingcan be done by the egg farmer. Poultry farming of egg of hen is acrazy fun adventure in the egg farm. Be careful while delivery ofeggs as they can crack especially takes extra care of golden egg asthey are more precious. Take the eggs in the chick machine to getcute baby chicks in the egg farm. You’ll get cute baby chick aftertwenty one days and can be a successful chicken farmer. Chickenfarming is a cycle that starts from the hen laying eggs and ends upon the baby chick.This chicken poultry farm guide will let youlearn the whole poultry farm management. Our poultry breedingfactory’s story starts from the hen farm and poultry farming endsupon the baby chicks of the egg farm. Take care of your poultryfarm factory and run it as a hero factory worker and manager.Poultry farming is a fun filled activity for the people close tothe nature.Want have more fun and factory games for girls, boys andkids? Hit the link below to havefunhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Ting+Tong+Studio
Ice Cream Factory Chef 1.4 APK
Everyone loves Ice cream in every season especially adults love itin winter season more than summer. Little kids, girls and boys loveto have ice cream in every season even they do not care forscolding of their parents. Whenever the weather is beautiful, kidslove to go to the ice cream bar to enjoy yummy frozen party. Havingice cream in the ice cream bar is much more crazy fun adventurethen buying from the ice cream delivery van at their doorstep. Haveyou ever though how to make ice cream in the ice cream factory?Cooking ice cream is a crazy fun adventure in the ice creamfactory. So dash in the ice cream mania to cook ice cream in thefrozen dessert maker factory’s kitchen and try your own ice creamrecipe. Start making ice cream in the ice cream restaurant like acrazy chef. Take all the ingredients from the market and collectfruits from the fruit garden for flavor. Once you collect allfruits from the fruit garden load them onto the ice cream deliverytruck and send it to the ice cream maker factory. Food lovers arekeenly waiting for the yummy frozen ice cream so start ice creamcooking in the chef mania. Satisfy your ice cream fever in thefrozen dessert maker factory and restaurant. Follow the chefmaster’s ice cream recipe in your kitchen fever and become acooking master. First of all wash fruits and cut it into slices forflavor. Collect fruits and other ingredients in a big containersuch as salt and sugar crush, gelatin etc. milk the cow directlyfrom the milk farm and pour it into the big container with otheringredients. Ice cream is empty and food lovers are waiting for icecream truck to come and serve them yummy frozen ice cream withvariety of flavors. So mix everything and send the container to thefreezing department of the ice cream making factory, where icecream cooking process can be completed.Here finally you have donewith the ice cream cooking so now pack your yummy frozen dessert tokeep its taste fresh. After packing, load it on the ice creamdelivery truck and send it to the ice cream bar, ice cream shop,restaurants, carnival food points and food court directly from yourice cream maker factory.Here the story of ice cream making ends upand finaly you have become a hero factory worker, owner and managerat the same time so run your ice cream making factory simulatorlike a chef master and have fun.If you want more fun with thecooking and making factory games hit the link below and enjoy muchmore.https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Ting+Tong+Studio
Bubble Gum Factory Crazy Chef 1.0 APK
If you love bubble balloon you should know how to make that chewygumball in the gummy candy factory. Usually not only the kids butadult boys and girls love chewy gummy candy and love making bubbleballoon of chewing gum. So welcome to the gummy candy maker factorysimulator where advanced bubblegum machine is working to make yummyand delicious gumballs. Make a soft bubblegum in your bubblegummaker factory to make a very big bubble cloud. So welcome to thebubble island where a hero factory worker is ready to work asfactory manager, owner and manufacturer at the same time. Check allgummy candy maker machinery and tools in the bubble gum makerfactory and make your own bubble gum in the best bakery shopfactory simulator. Dash to the bubble gum factory’s kitchen in thechef mania and make yummy, delicious and sweet bubbles. Makingbubble gum is a crazy fun adventure and your cooking and bakeryshop can also be satisfied. Collect the gum to make yummy and chewygumball and take it to the chewing gum maker factory on theexporter truck and start making bubble gum like a crazy chef. Everysingle ingredient is provided to you in this bubble gum game andall you need is to start bubble gum making process like a starchef. Boost up your chef mania for making bubble gum, take the guminto a big container and add all ingredients in it. Add corn syrup,salt and sugar crush, softener and flavor of your choice into thebig container full of raw bubble gum. Mix all ingredients to makegumballs and pour the mixture into the bubble gum machine that willmake amazing gumballs of different flavor. At the end of makingbubble gum, sprinkle sugar crush on it for decoration. Wrap it insilver foil to its taste as yummy as it can be. Pack it in thegumball maker factory’s packing section and complete themanufacturing process of bubblegum maker. Take it to the bakeryshop, coffee café, shopping malls and carnival food stands so thatlittle kids can enjoy your bubble gum and gumballs.Enjoy our otherfactory games for girls and become expert chef of your bakery shopand candy factory. Like us on Facebook.https://www.facebook.com/hangonstudio/
Princess Little Tailor Boutique 1.5 APK
Princess is preparing for a big day. She is worried about her royaldress so, let us help the little princess to design it. Are youready to design a royal dress for princess in your boutique? Yes!It is a crazy fun to play as a royal tailor. In this game, you haveboutique and a little princess is coming on royal cart to visityour tailor boutique and fashion salon for her charming weddingdress as princess is planning to attend a wedding. Dressmaking isan amazing fun to play with beautiful stuff and many otherdesigning accessories for stunning princess dress up. In this gameyour highly task is to make the most stunning dress for starprincess to make her look like a superstar fashion model in the redcarpet show. It is an amazing fun to create lot of trendy design inthis incredible princess tailor game. Choose best color of stufffor your favorite attire. Show your skills in this tailor boutiqueand become a real couturier. In this princess little tailorboutique you will find lot of beautiful designs and textures todeign it. First choose your favorite stuff and texture for princesswedding dress. After that experience princess ironing dresses. Addbeautiful buttons, laces, badges, flowers, belts, buckles, and lotof other add-on’s to design an outstanding dress for littleprincess. This princess game has amazing trail room and manyclothes of latest fashion trends in little tailor boutique whereyour beautiful princess can try her royal dress and the dressmakercan give her the best outfit that will be best for her. Just playand show your friends how stunning fashion designer you are andprove yourself a best dressmaking tailor of the town. Play andchallenge your friends to see who can design most breathtakingdress for the little princess in tailor boutique and fashion salon.Features:- Cutting and sewing of outfits with the awesome sewingmachine at the royal tailor boutique. - Various selections oftextures and designing accessories for wedding dress.- Thousands ofcombinations to design it Prove yourself a royal dress maker andfashion tailor and make your own fashion empire in the city. Playour other tailor games for girls, boys and kids and have much morefun.