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As a girl you must love fashion dress up games, and there's nodoubt that dressing up a princess or fairy is one of your greatdesire.Want to hear the story about Tinker?Tinker is feeling lonelyso she decides to visit her fairy friends in Rainbow Land. Shewants to look great for her fairy gathering so she needs a dress upsession. Dress up Tinker in a gorgeous fairy outfit that will makeher shine so everyone will notice her.Also to take the time to lookin her make up tools and see if you can combine some cosmetics andeven hairstyles and come up with one that matches herperfectly!Surely you won't disapoint our little fairy, and you'llget her prepared to look as fashionable as she can be. Enjoy all ofour collection of fashion and dressup games for girls!

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the fairy princess 5.0.0 APK
If you like fairy and princess games, than this is one of the girldress up games that you should try.They say that her voice isspecial like the sweet sound of the bells, she is powerful, magicaland very beautiful, you may know her from Peter Pan Disneycartoons, she is Thinkerbell. Today you can re-create a magicalscene with your favorite fairy by simply choosing her a cutehairstyle, a nice pair of wings and you certainly want to get herdressed up in a magical outfit. Have fun giving our fairy,Tinkerbell, a charming new look!
gizmo rush tractor race 5.0.0 APK
The Farm is one of Gizmo's favorite places to be. It's autumnseason and now is the perfect time to gather all the farm's fruitsand vegetables. Help Gizmo drive his powerful tractor over allkinds of obstacles and gather all the apples in his way. Do yourbest to get a three star rating on all the levels and finish thegame in the fastest time possible.Control your tractor as good asyou can by pressing the arrow keys and use the nitro only when youhave full control of your motor.A fun and challenging tractorracing game, fun for kids of all ages. We hope you enjoy it!
winter fairy 5.0.0 APK
For kids of 4, 5 or 6 year old, we have prepared a number of fungames for girls dress up in which they can have lots of fundressing up their favorite princesses, fairies and other beautifulcartoon or fairy tale characters.Join the fun in this fun dress upgirl games and create your own perfect fairy. Use all of the gamesoptions and try on different types of clothes and hairstyles untilyou find your perfect match. Be creative and have fun!Also rememberto share the game on Facebook, Twitter or Google plus, so that yourfriends can also have this kind of fun and create their own outfitsfor the cute fairies.
dinosaur food revo cooking 5.0.0 APK
Discover Gizmo's Food Revolution, an adventure game that will putyour skills to the test.The fries are done and the burgers arehot..that can only mean one thing..it's time for the foodrevolution! Join Gizmo the hungry dinosaur on his epic food questin this addicting fun game. Gizmo is a little different from youraverage dinosaur..he doesn't like to hunt his food but prefers agood old fashion meal. The path to a healthy meal is not an easyone because Gizmo will have to pass through many obstacles andenemies to reach his goal. He is determined to reach the top orstarve trying! Don't forget a healthy diet features a lot of fruitsso be sure that Gizmo collects the apples and the other healthyfruits, they will give him the extra boost he needs. If you are adinosaur loving, food enthusiast and love adventure you will feeljust right helping out Gizmo. With your help he will be enjoyinghis meal soon and the food revolution will come to an end.* For agreat experience we recommend playing the game on a device with adual core processor..
princess dress up 5.0.0 APK
Here are some new princess dress up games for girls that you shoulddefinitely try! We know how much you love girl games with storiesthat is why we have a new girl dress up game prepared for you playright away!Do you believe in magic? In lands filled with fairiesand unicorns where rainbows are always on the sky? Well I do andI'm sure that you girls do to. Meet Zooey! She is a young fairythat is eager to join the Flower Fairy Group. She has her meetingwith them in a few moments so she needs your help to look her best.Try on different types of clothes on her until you find the perfectones. Have fun!
bunny rabbit dress up 5.0.0 APK
Every kid loves bunnies, and you have to like this gorgeousanimals. In this games for kids you can also have lots of fun bydressing up some sweet little Bunny Rabbits in some of the mostgorgeous clothes you can find. Play around with all kinds ofoutfits, mix some shoes with some nice accessories, and lets findout how we can make this little rabbit look awesome.These are thekind of animal dress up games for children than any mother willlove to give them.Have fun!
girl night out dress up 5.0.0 APK
From the biggest collection of high school free dress up games forgirls, we bring you a new challenge. Join our girls in some new fungirl games, and lets help them get their makeover done and choosethe right outfit for any kind of event.Kids of 6, 7 or 8 years oldlove to dress up princesses and fairies, but they also like todress up school girls cartoon characters. So we've prepared them asimilar cartoon character to have fun with.The homecoming prom istomorrow and Lisa the cute vampire needs some help. She has alwaysbeen the shy and smart type so she doesn't have a lot of fashionexperience but lucky for her..you do! Start off by finding afitting hair style for her and then it's time to find the promdress. She will remember this moment for the rest of her life somake sure she looks perfect for the prom photos. Don't forget toaccessorize and have fun!
parrot dress up 5.0.0 APK
Do you know which are the most colorful and funny birds you canmeet? Well if you're thinking of parrots, you're right and in thisgames for girls you will find one of the most amazing parrot fromBrazil. He is from the city of Rio de Janeiro, and his ready tovisit his friends from South America.Lets join our beautiful parrotin a fun Bird dress up game for kids, and find the most beautifuloutfit we can dress him up.Take your time to play with hisfeathers, and try to find him the most awesome wing style and dresshe can wear!