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Offer a sensational experience on a professional hair salon forthisfather and for his beloved girl. By playing this salon gameyou havethe opportunity to help an exhausted dad to get his welldeservedpause. First you will begin with the face treatment whereyou willmake sure that the beard is well cared because we need toobtain asmooth and flawless skin. Apply a face mask to get thedesired lookthen ensure a symmetrical face with the eye brows allarranged. Youwill wash the beard and cut it a little bit if isnecessary, but tryto make him be relaxed and in a good mood afteryour special care.Spoil his face with moisturizing cream and movefurther to the nextstep of his transformation. Here you will betaking care of thedaddy's haircut because you want him to lookamazing. Wash the hairwith your professional hair salon productsand right after you willarrange the messy strands. Cut the extrahair and apply a hair maskto strength it, then you will pick ahairstyle you want to performfor this cool dad. Paint, cut, curland don't be afraid to use yourimagination for his brand new look.Now it's time for the girl toget a pampering hair treatment. Washher hair and apply differentmasks to prepare the hair for thecutting and styling. Be creativeand choose one hairstyle from ourlooks.Product Features:Cool salongame with Prince themedstory.Easy to use controls for girls of allages.Tons of cooloutfits to dress up your Prince!Choose from coolhairstyles to makehim handsome for the ball.Use salon tools toclean him up and shavehis fuzzy beard.Make sure he is worthy ofyou, Princess, for yourstorybook fairytale ending!How to Play:Useinteractive controls toplay the game.Take your princess fashionsense to help your princeshave, pick a cool hairstyle, and dress upfor the ball.Go on yourfun date and start your love story towardits fairytaleending!Wanna have more fun? We would love to hearfromyou!Features:- Help to choose the best hat to suit theirstyle-Branded tools to use for beard makeover- Use bandages,aftershaveand more tools- Best entertaining game- Beautifulhigh-qualitygraphics & sound- Cheerful background music andcool graphics-Easy control of the game- Interesting procedure toexecute - Help afather to find his peace and be relaxed by yourspecial treatment-Free to play- Cool tools to use and many thingsto learn- Develophair treatment skills- Many processes toaccomplish- Multitude ofhairstyles to proceed and cool styles toadopt for a daughter and adad

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It dumps and it repeats! Defend your home against a horde ofzombiesnot stinged worms, thanks to an arsenal of zombicidalplants:pisto-peas, nuts, cherry bombs and others will not be toomuch todesolder happily different types of zombies, before theyWipe yourfeet on your doormat.A large crowd of living corpse willinvade yourvillage, so be prepared to protect it! These immortaldemons comeback again, it depends on you to resist the stupidmonstersnow.Before they destroy your door, use your finger totouch theliving corpses to break them up and annihilateZombiegames 2019Thegame instructions:- Touch the screen just to kill theliving corpse-Use sensitively the particular toolsZombie games2019Specialty ofthe game:- Seven styles of horrible living corpseZombies games2019- The explosion of living corpses stimulating inthe action gamesystemHelp the warriors to fight against thezombies in that zombiesworld. They have just one rule “ Kill or bekilled”. Kill as manyzombies as you can and rescue each of thewarrior and escape fromthat zombies forest. The Zombies virus hasspread like wildfirearound the world. Everyday millions peoplehave been transformedinto zombies that will kill any living thingthey come across. Helpour hero's to fight back against zombies andprevent zombiesattack.Run and destroy as many zombies you can evensome plants arechanged to zombies, just jump above them, it cannotbe destroyed.FEATURES* Stunning graphics with inspiring music andsound effectsin just * A map based adventure shooting game withaddictive andinteresting gameplay.* 4 Different worlds.* 8 Hero’swith differentweapons.* 24 different zombies types.* Zombiesplants.* EasyControls.* Unlimited ammoAnd good luck to you, myfriends will loveus this game really because it is amusing andpretty much........zombie roadkill zombies stupid zombies
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