1.2 / March 14, 2013
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With Fast Launcher, programs can bequicklyfound and called. The more frequently an app with the fastlauncheris called, the higher the listing. Thus you will find themostfrequently used apps at the top.

Optionally, each app can be prioritized. Programs withhighpriorities, taking into account the views also appear at thetop ofthe list.

Upon request, the program remembers the last selectedapplicationand offers these at the start of the same.

App Information Fast Launcher

  • App Name
    Fast Launcher
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 14, 2013
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
  • Google Play Link
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TimeBook 340 APK
Overview Timesheet: - No Advertising - Evaluations any time periods- Calculate Overtime or absenteeism. - Grouped Calculations. Forexample, After a project, activity, year/month/calendar week, etc.- Long and short notes - Money amounts can be introduced into thecalculation with - Recording of performance possible - Hours andwages by project - Mass deletion by project and period - Capture ofmachine hours - Backup/Restore - Independent back up to any Clouds- Sending data... - Export as an Excel or CSV file - Filter bykeyword in the note - For long documentation, there is a compactview - Prefix for the Export file name The hourly wage will besaved in the project. A project can be, for example. A constructionsite, a Person or an object. With the button, sum (Su.) you willreceive a summary. To do this, select any period of time. Also aFilter to a project or activity. There is an additional note field.A field Amount exists for the notes as well. Enter materials thatyou have purchased. This amount will also be taken into account inthe evaluation. This book of hours is used to record hours of work.In particular, for artisans. All the information will be written toa table. Each entry (record) is typically a day. They can alsograsp several activities per day. The hourly rate you enter in thesettings. This is not saved if the individual observations. WhenCalculating wages, this is read from the system setting. Before theevaluation, you can change this also. Are you looking for anactivity or a project? You can use a Filter! The database islocated on the Root of your memory card. It is a SQLITE file, youcan use a SQLITE Editor on the PC. The Export as an Excel file isalso possible. Backups are important. You use third party programssuch as Dropsync or Foldersync. These programs back up yourdatabase, and changes, in a Cloud.
SeniorsSpeedDialer 2.5 APK
Seniors Speed Dialer – A useful gadget forseniors and people with disabilities. Now you are able to call afriend with a simple click on his picture. All you need is thisApp, where you create your own picture menu. You can use thepictures from your library or you can directly take them with yourmobile-camera. You choose the size of your menu, where the pictureswill be organized vertically or horizontally. Example:If you want to use bigger pictures, the space will be smaller.You can use up to 36 pictures/buttons. Every picture will become abutton with a phone number of a friend. By clicking the picture youwill immediately call this person. If you connect a picture with“0”, it will become “x”, which will be the button to exit theapp.
Fast Launcher 1.2 APK
With Fast Launcher, programs can bequicklyfound and called. The more frequently an app with the fastlauncheris called, the higher the listing. Thus you will find themostfrequently used apps at the top.Optionally, each app can be prioritized. Programs withhighpriorities, taking into account the views also appear at thetop ofthe list.Upon request, the program remembers the last selectedapplicationand offers these at the start of the same.