1.0.7 / August 6, 2016
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Fast shooter, adventure is a sports game,shooting and archery, with a variety of weapons and levels, inwhich you can compete alone or against the AI, beating the highestscores in their entertaining variety of modes and shooting targetswith generosity and global Rankin.

fun shooting game and shooting for all ages and for those wholove games will enchant weapons, no doubt this game will be to yourliking weapons.

Shooter and target shooting.
special effects.
sounds and effects of weapons and shots.
background music.
achievement system and global ranking.
integrated purchasing application.

Video trailer:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExtanDnB
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LivenDnB
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/extandnb

In the music game:
"Sneaky Bastard" and "revealed" by "David Fau Casquel"

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App Information Fast Shooter Adventure

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    Fast Shooter Adventure
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  • Updated
    August 6, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    ImpactAR Games Entertainment
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email [email protected]
    Mar del Tuyu. Partido de La Costa. Provincia de Buenos Aires. República Argentina (7108)
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Fast shooter, adventure is a sports game,shooting and archery, with a variety of weapons and levels, inwhich you can compete alone or against the AI, beating the highestscores in their entertaining variety of modes and shooting targetswith generosity and global Rankin.fun shooting game and shooting for all ages and for those wholove games will enchant weapons, no doubt this game will be to yourliking weapons.Characteristics:Shooter and target shooting.special effects.sounds and effects of weapons and shots.background music.achievement system and global ranking.integrated purchasing application.Video trailer:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExtanDnBYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LivenDnBSoundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/extandnbIn the music game:"Sneaky Bastard" and "revealed" by "David Fau Casquel"https://archive.org/details/freemetalsongsvolume1/v2https://www.youtube.com/user/FreeMetalSongsThis game is adapted to the new policy of cookies for optimalperformance.Do not forget if this shooting game is to your liking can followall our channels of contact, you can also give us +1 Google to helpspread it.
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Profesor Q es un divertido juego tipo Casual ydel estilo Brain Games, en donde deberás exprimir al máximo tucerebro para ir superando cada nivel del juego (resolviendoacertijos, jeroglíficos).-El mismo consiste en ir descifrando una serie de acertijoscompuestas por imágenes, letras y/ o números que juntos componenuna palabra (jeroglífico), para ello tendrás un teclado virtual dediseño propio para escribir cada consigna y descifras así cadaacertijo o jeroglífico.-Características de este juego de acertijos-jeroglíficos:*Gráficos HD (Alta Definición)* Divertido y Carismático personaje animado, el cual te alentara aseguir adelante en cada acertijo y expresara aciertos y desaciertosmediante festejos, movimientos, etc. el cual a su vez cuenta conuna agradable voz indicativa de cada estado en tiempo real cadaacertijo.-* Dos Modos de Juego disponibles para resolver losacertijos-jeroglíficos:1-Modo Free Time: Como bien lo dice el nombre modo libre de tiempo,en este modo seras libre de poder elegir cada nivel (acertijo) ycada jeroglífico del nivel para jugar tranquilo y sin la presióndel tiempo.-2-Modo Time Attack: El modo principal de juego, el cual debes irsuperando cada acertijo-jeroglífico teniendo en cuenta que eltiempo corre rápidamente, si adivinas el jeroglífico obtienespuntuación extra para continuar jugando y a su vez cada ciertosacertijos superados accedes a un modo bonus, el cual consiste enresolver operaciones matemáticas en muy poco tiempo, obteniendotiempo y puntos extra.-*Tabla de Máximas Puntuaciones (Highscores), en donde podrás dejarplasmado con tu nombre los puntajes máximos obtenidos y sistema deestadística que indica los progresos y acertijos o jeroglíficoscompletados del modo libre de tiempo.-*Menú de Opciones: donde podrás habilitar o deshabilitar Música ySonidos o borrar todos los datos restableciendo los datos acero.-*Un total de 85 Niveles (Acertijos) (en posteriores actualizaciónse aumentara el numero) para jugar 100% Gratis.-*Posibilidad de Pagar un módico precio y desbloquear la publicidadincluida dentro del juego (Único medio para poder solventar losgastos de esta app).-Ahora con mas de 150 niveles (Acertijos-Jeroglíficos) para jugar100% gratis.-Adaptado a la nueva política de Cookies para un correctofuncionamiento.Una aplicaciones para pasar un divertido y agradable momentoresolviendo acertijos o jeroglificos. Descarguen y comenten si esde su agrado este juego de acertijos y no olviden darnos +1Google.-juego brain game, juego de ingenio, gratis, juego para chicos yadultos consistente en resolver acertijos y jeroglíficos.-Professor Q is a fun typestyle Casual and Brain Games, where you must squeeze the most ofyour brain to go beating each level of the game (solving riddles,hieroglyphs) .-The same is to go deciphering a series of puzzles composed ofimages, letters and / or numbers that together make up a word(hieroglyphic), for it will have its own virtual keyboard designand slogan writing each and every puzzle or decipher jeroglífico.-This game features puzzles-hieroglyphs:* Graphics HD (High Definition)* Funny and charismatic animated character, which encourage you togo ahead and expressed in each puzzle and wrongs by celebrations,movements, etc. which in turn has a nice voice indicative of eachstate in real time every acertijo.-* Two game modes available to solve the riddles-hieroglyphs:  1-Mode Free Time: As well the name says free time mode,in this mode you will be free to choose each level (puzzle) andeach hieroglyph quiet level to play without pressure time.-   2-Mode Time Attack: The main game mode, whichmust go beating each riddle-hieroglyphic considering that time isrunning out quickly, correctly guessing the rebus get extra scoreto continue and playing turn every few puzzles overcome access abonus, which is to solve math very quickly, gaining time and modeExtra.- points* High Scores table (Highscores), where you can leave your nameembodied the maximum obtained scores and statistics system thatindicates the progress completed hieroglyphics and riddles or freemode time.-* Options Menu: where you can enable or disable music and sounds orerase all data restoring data to cero.-* A total of 85 levels (Puzzles) (in later update the number beincreased) to play 100% Gratis.-* Ability to pay a small fee and unlock the advertising included inthe game (the only means to cover the costs of this app) .-Now with over 150 levels (Riddle-hieroglyphs) to play 100%gratis.-Adapted to the new policy Cookies for proper operation.An application for a fun and enjoyable time solving puzzles orhieroglyphics. Download and comment if they like this puzzle gameand do not forget to give us +1 Google.-game brain game, puzzle game, free game for kids and adultsconsisting of solving puzzles and jeroglíficos.-