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1 Program - 16 games! Includes the favoritecard games: Belote (2, 3, 4 players), Schnapsen (66), Rummy (Okey),Ludo, Monopoly, Bridge Rubber, Duplicate Bridge, Sergeant Major(3-5-8), Backgammon, Backgammon - Tapa, Backgammon - Gul bara,Backgammon-Mix, Poker Texas Hold'Em and Dominoes all in one singleprogram.

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Bridge 5.21.17 APK
Contract bridge, or simply bridge, is a trick-taking game using astandard 52-card deck. It is played by four players in twocompeting partnerships, with partners sitting opposite each otheraround a table. Millions of people play bridge worldwide in clubs,tournaments, online and with friends at home, making it one of theworld's most popular card games, particularly among seniors. TheWorld Bridge Federation is the governing body for internationalcompetitive bridge.The game consists of several deals each progressing through fourphases: dealing the cards, the auction (also referred to asbidding), playing the cards, and scoring the results. However mostclub and tournament play involves some variant of duplicate bridge,where the cards are not re-dealt on each occasion, the same dealbeing played by two or more different sets of players to enablecomparative scoring.
Belote 5.21.17 APK
Belote is a 32-card trick-taking game playedin France, and is one of the most popular card games in thatcountry. It was invented around 1920, probably from Klaverjas,Klaverjassen, a game played since at least the 17th century in theNetherlands.[1] Closely related games are played throughout theworld, and its rules first published in 1921.[2]In Bulgarian it is called Bridge-Belote (Бридж-белот), in Greeceit is called Vida (Βίδα), in Cyprus it is called Pilotta (Πιλόττα),in Quebec the word was shortened to the first syllable and spelledbœuf, and in Croatian a similar game with different rules exists,called Bela. In Saudi Arabia it is Baloot. In Bulgaria it isusually called Belot (Белот). In Republic of Macedonia it is Belyot(Бељот) and it is especially played in Bitola region. Belot inArmenia, more commonly known as Bazaar Belote, is also a verypopular game, and it is played in a slightly different way. It isalso the number one card game in Saudi Arabia; although, the rulesin the Saudi version are very different from the rules generallyplayed by in Europe.
Favorite Games 5.21.17 APK
1 Program - 16 games! Includes the favoritecard games: Belote (2, 3, 4 players), Schnapsen (66), Rummy (Okey),Ludo, Monopoly, Bridge Rubber, Duplicate Bridge, Sergeant Major(3-5-8), Backgammon, Backgammon - Tapa, Backgammon - Gul bara,Backgammon-Mix, Poker Texas Hold'Em and Dominoes all in one singleprogram.
Okey 5.21.13 APK
TILES AND GAMERSYou can play the game OK with tiles, similar to those one fromthe Dominoes game. Up to four players can play. The tiles are infour colors (usually red, blue, green and black) with numbers from1 to 13 over them, as every tile have two numbers. There are twoadditional tiles (with Star or J over them). The tiles are 106total. (4 x 13 x 2 = 104 + 2 = 106 ) (2 black 1, 2 black 2, 2 black3, ……, 2 green 13 etc.). Plus the two tiles with star (called fakeOK).Every player has a board for ordering of tiles. The tiles areclosed and ordered by five in a heap, one next to the other (21heaps x 5 pc. + 1)For the determination of the OK cast a die, (2 times - the firsttime to determinate the heap, and the second time to determinatewhich tile from the heap will be OK) and then the game is open. Theopen tile (a number from the respective color), with 1 (bigger fromthe same color) is OK (for example if the open tile is black 1, OKis black 2 - two pc.). The OK could replace every other tile whenmaking series (groups).DEALING OF THE TILESSomeone of the players deal the tiles, as the first player have15 tiles (because he is going to play first), and the other threeplayers have 14 tiles each. Every player arranges his tiles on hisboard. With the arranging, if some player before to play have thesame tiles, as the open tile (in the example - black 1), the resultof the other player became with one point down (if the player hasat least three points). The players are doing that before the endof the first round.GAMEThe player, who have 15 tiles play first. He cleans one tile forwhich he suppose, that he will not need in the making of the series(groups), as he puts her on his right side (between his desk andthe desk of the player, who stands on his right side).The players are making moves counterclockwise. Then plays thesecond player, who can take the tile, left by the previous player(the player who is on his left side) or to withdraw one tile fromthe heap in the middle (those tiles, which are not given to theplayers) and then also cleans one tile. Then plays the third playerand after him, the forth player. That is the way to make roundafter round until the moment when one of the players “close” (orderthe tiles in series/groups as it is in the rules) or the tiles arefinished.
Sergeant Major 5.24.7 APK
3-5-8, also known as Sergeant Major for itspopularity among members of Britain's Royal Air Force, is a tricktaking card game for 3 players, using a standard 52 card deck.3-5-8 may be played as a gambling game, or not, and there are manyvariations with names like "8-5-3" and "9-5-2" played throughoutthe world. The version "9-5-3 variation with no kitty" was playedin the Royal Navy over fifty years ago, when fellow crew would sitaround to continue their game from the previous night.
Schnapsen 5.24.7 APK
Sixty-six or Schnapsen is a fast 5- or 6-card point-trick game ofthe marriage type for 2–4 players, played with 20 or 24 cards.First recorded in 1718 under the name Mariagen-Spiel, it is thenational card game of Austria and also popular in Germany andHungary. Closely related games for various numbers of players arepopular all over Europe and include Czech/Slovak Mariáš, HungarianUlti, Finnish Marjapussi, French Bezique and American Pinochle.Together with the Jack–Nine family they form the large King–Queenfamily of games.[1] German Sixty-six is a 6-card game played with adeck of 24 cards consisting of the Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Jack andNine, worth 11, 10, 4, 3, 2 and 0 card-points, respectively. Theother major variant is Austrian Schnapsen, which does not make useof the Nines and has a hand size of 5 cards. The trump suit isdetermined randomly. Players each begin with a full hand and drawfrom the stock after each trick. The object in each deal is to bethe first player to score 66 points. The cards have a total worthof 120 points, and the last trick is worth 10 points. A player whoholds King and Queen of the same suit scores 20 points, or 40points in trumps, when playing the first of them.
Ludo 5.24.5 APK
"LUDO" is a classic dice-and-race game, played with four pieces perplayer and a set of dice. Usually The pieces are in Blue, Red,Green and Yellow colors. The Game is recommend for growing upchildren. The game is played between 2 and 4 players. The goal ofthe game is to move all four pieces to the home position in thecenter. The players start the game with all four pieces at the baseposition. Each turn begins with a dice roll, followed by a piecemovement. If a six is rolled, the player rolls the die again andboth (or more) numbers are used to make a move with the selectedpiece. The moves are made around the game board, clockwise. Inorder to place a piece to the start position, a six must be rolled,otherwise the piece stays at the base position. If a player's piecemovement (or one of its sub-moves in case of a multi-roll) ends ata circle which is occupied by an opponent's piece, this piece iscaptured and returned to the opponent's base. The captured piececan be returned to the board only if a six is rolled. A piececannot be moved to a place which is occupied by another piece ofthe same colour. If no legal move can be made with the currentroll, the player must pass the move. When a piece is moved to theplayer's home, it cannot be captured anymore. The Player whomanaged to move all own's pieces to the home position in the centerwins the Game.