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Andy is on world’s tour. He passes byanamazing and dream island full of wonder creatures andanimals.There he say some injured dolphins suffering fromdifferentinjuries. He decided to help them and tries to cure themandmakeover them to retain their beauty. Andy is alone on thefairyisland help him in treating the dolphins like a doctor,dressing upthe dolphin and then play with the dolphins to make themhappy.This dolphin care and fun game is for kids fun and awesometimepass. In this game kids will perform multiple creativeactivitieswhich will give them full on adventurous experience.

First kids need to examine the dolphin and identify theinjurypoints. Little kids act as crazy surgeon and doctor tooperate andcure the dolphin like a pet vet. Use medicine to healthe injuries.Boys and girls now dress up and makeover the petdolphins like abeauty parlor salon. Select the best attractive anddesignerdresses and with other different wears like caps and hats.Dolphinsare looking very beautiful.

Now make the dolphin happy by playing different mini gameswiththem. Make the dolphins jump through the circles and play withthewater ball. Jump and dive the dolphin perfectly to completetheamazing mini games. Vet the dolphins and complete yourisland’sstory.

Now download this children game and have fun!

App Information Feed the Dolphin & Care

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    Feed the Dolphin & Care
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    September 10, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    FrolicFox Studios
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    1,000 - 5,000
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