2.10 / September 25, 2018
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Felinia and Ribosio are cooking a special pizza that gets alive andbecame the queen of pizzas, she kidnap Ribosio to cook it well intoa Kebab oven, but Felinia with her nine lives will cross fiveamazing worlds rich of food to rescue him and bring it back home.She will battle with food enemies in this crazy world using hercats as only weapon to crush troops of food enemy and special toolsthat give her super powers like super jump or turbo run. Play 5incredible worlds with rich detailed graphics environment andarcade gameplay engine, mind breaking puzzles, course tracking,strategy levels, great theme music, amazing battle, spectacularfood design and rich detailed cartoon graphics, where Felinia willpass all the crazy traps and tricks, collecting score coins tounlock the final Kitchen level to rescue her friend. • Interactivetouch control for tool, run, jump, cat shoot, super jump, turbo runsuper speed and super vision with the magic eye view gadget • 5Levels each with unique game design and original graphics with foodtheme, Food Land forest, Sea Food water river, Dark Roast creek,Sweet Fantasy farm and the Hell Kitchen to the final battle. • 25Scenes for each level with progressive difficulty, strategy andpuzzling, great dynamic gameplay challenge and realistic gravityphysics • Use springs to jump across rivers, holes, pools, poles,puddles, caramel, houses, cracks, boats, trees, barrels, rocks, icecream, sweets, salad, spoons, soups, candies, cliffs and automaticsprings to jump across scenes • Extremely funny battles with catagainst living food • Use chocolate to boost performance and catsto fight sausages, parmesan and several pizza enemies • Complexgame sequences for a mind breaking strategy to unleash yourcreative gameplay genius • Funny dance sequences upon completion ofeach world with Felinia dancing with cats • Collect coins to accessthe kitchen, fight the queen and rescue Ribosio • Use the magicwell to collect infinite coins Copyright 2014 Sketch &Breakfast in association with Tecworks This app follows generalEULA.

App Information Felinia's World Free

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    Felinia's World Free
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    September 25, 2018
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Via Albano 48, 00179, Rome, Italy
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DJ LOOP AUDIO SAMPLES PLAYBACK MACHINESONIC LOOPS PROEDITIONRemember the LIVE ON STAGE Dance music shows of eightieswith techno trance or ambient music?Roland DJ70 and CASIO FZ1 soundsamplers playback performed by professional DJ'S to make danceloops and music live show on stageNow you have the chance doing thesame with your phone, much easier w/this application.ENJOY AUDIOMULTITRACK SYNCHNONIZED PLAYBACK !- LITE VERSION: only 1 bank with8 loops, 8 tracks- PRO VERSION: 8 banks with 64 amazing loops,unlock enabled for continuous playback between loops and managetill 64 tracks simultaneously.Keep continuous loop playback modewithout interruption when switch bank (UNLOCK MODE, available onPRO VERSION)Everything is pre-packed: loops pre-cut, keys, startand stop with a finger, and adjust the trim cut of the sample witha finger.Every key of the keyboard sounds a different sample inautomatic loop, play multiple loops together (8 tracks 1 bank, inLite version, 8 banks/64 tracks sequence w/unlock in full version)and entertain yourself or your friends.Just train yourself to getthe right starting point of the successive sample, if you miss it,an auto-sync feature try to adjust a the sequence a little foryou.Entertain your friends at parties with this incredible loopsampling playback machine.NOTE: IF YOU WANT MORE PRECISE LOOPS, ISRECOMMENDED TO PUT YOUR PHONE INTO "AIRPLANE" MODE AND DISABLE ALLNETWORKS.CONNECT YOUR PHONE TO EXTERNAL SPEAKERS OR HEADPHONES TOHAVE A "LOAD" OF FUN !REQUIREMENTS:- Sonic Loops Lite - 64mb ram -128mb storage space- Sonic Loops Pro - 128mb ram - 256mb storagespace - Powerful android device recommendedCOPYRIGHT AND SOFTWARELICENSE:Sonic Loops (c) 2011 Tecworks SoftwareThere was a hugemusical artwork behind developing of Sonic Loops, so please,respect our work.The software is coded and art designed by TecworksSoftware Sonic Loops is structured of:Original coding byJinedOriginal graphix by Liv-POriginal melody, harmonies andbasslines, composed by the artist Metaphonic for TecworksSoftwareRoyalty free Drumbox rhythms, licensed by M.W. and X.S.G.M,re-processed and re-sync, by TecworksThis program is provided "asis" without any warranty as software general EULA.
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Countdown Timer inspired by the movie PredatorEasy to use kitchentimerFirst button, sets minutes, second button, for seconds, third,start countdown timer. Reset button on the corner.Funny ticklingduring countdown. Very audible alarm, even in distance.In someandroid devices, the screen idle will pause the timer, so ifhappens, just remember to set your screen timeout to a timesuperior of your required countdown.Free app
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Here a set of instruction of how to build yourself a personalstabilization device for your camera phone that helps you to makeincredible steady photos and videos, is it just a home madetechnique to reproduce a functionality similar to the one of thefamous steadycam device.free appEnjoy
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