1.0 / March 30, 2018
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Fell Over is a Jenga like puzzle brain puzzlegame you can playtotest your logic and patience. This puzzle games contains99amazingly fun and difficult levels you can challenge yourselfwith!Tap the blocks to remove them and bring the ball safely totheground! Be careful though, with Fell Over one wrong tap can begameover! TEST YOUR LOGIC & PATIENCE WITH FELL OVER Fell Overwilltest the limits of your skills and patience. Remove theblockshapes below to drop the ball down to the base and go on tothenext level. Watch out as gravity pulls you down so thinkcarefullybefore you tap the blocks - it can be dangerous! There are99levels to test your skills - so go ahead and have some fun.Openthe challenge level and test your skills against your friendsandother players. CHALLENGE & BEAT THE SCORES OF YOURFRIENDS& OTHER PLAYERS Fell Over is a fun brain puzzlegame – aJengablock-like puzzle that will test your nerves, logical thinkingandpatience. Tap the blocks to eliminate them so the ball canmovedownwards. Bringing the ball safely to the base means you havebeatthe level! Can you beat them all? Challenge your friends andotherplayers to see who got the best skills? FELL OVERFEATURES:-Challenging & addictive gameplay -Fun colors, soundeffect& music -99 different levels you can enjoy -Tap &play-Challenge your friends & other players -FREE to download&play - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DownloadFellOver, put your logical and patience skills to the test,challengeyour friends and beat all the levels!

App Information Fell Over: Block Puzzle Drop Challenge

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