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It all started on your touch screen, while you were looking forthatgame you never found. It started with an unexpected hook foranInternet user too tired to continue his navigation. It startedwiththe landing of a malicious drone from the web. Now you knowthatyour personal data will never be at peace; that *they* knowhow totake a familiar form and that you must convince anincredulous worldthat its data must be protected...

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Lycaste 1.0 APK
Lycaste allows you to capture quickly a livevideo that will be available on the dailymotion platform.Fast, easy and without registration!Lycaste allows you to record live and share your video with thewhole world!Features:· Broadcasting of live records using the smartphone camera· Live player to see videos from Lycaste community· Share of live video on your favorite networks· Live video geo-located· Search of Live videos by title
What's That Track ? 2.3.5 APK
"What's that Track?" is a music quiz game. Check your your musicalknowledges either alone or with your friends. Identify more than700 tracks or artists, sorted by musical style: Eighties, Clubbing,Electro Pop, TV Theme, Movie Soundtracks, Rock, Hip-Hop, Metal,Jazz, RNB... You may also create you own quizzes just by usingDeezer playlists. Answers will be automatically generated.Send yourquiz proposal by clicking "suggestion" on the game home screen. Ifyour quiz is selected, it will be integrated in a future gameupdate!"an extremely entertaining game for playing with your familyand friends (...) which is fun and really addictive" - Android ZoomWhat's that Track?" requires Adobe® Air® to be installed.Moreinformation on http://primezone.orange-labs.com
Mon Mobile 2.2 APK
Votre mobile ne semble pas fonctionnercorrectement ? Vous n'arrivez pas à surfer sur Internet ou àenvoyer des SMS ? Votre mobile est lent ? Obtenez avecl’application Mon Mobile un support automatisé pour résoudrevous-même les problèmes rencontrés sur votre smartphone.Une aide au dépannage accessible à tout moment qui diagnostiqueles problèmes :- Lancer des tests automatiques pour vérifier l’état defonctionnement des services de votre mobile : passer des appels,envoyer ou recevoir des SMS et des MMS ou surfer surInternet.- Lancer des tests automatiques ou en interaction pour vérifierl’état de la batterie, de l'écran, du clavier et de la mémoire devotre mobile.- Visualiser le diagnostic établi par l’application.- Obtenir un support vous guidant pour résoudre les problèmesidentifiés en toute autonomie.- Aller plus loin en accédant à des vérifications complémentairessi votre problème n’est pas détecté automatiquement ou s’il n’a pasété résolu.- Consulter des conseils d’utilisation de votre smartphone.N’attendez pas d’avoir un problème pour télécharger l’applicationMon Mobile !La zone supérieure d'informations vous indique à tout moment lenom de votre réseau GSM (très utile si vous vous déplacez àl'étranger). Il vous indique aussi si vous êtes connecté à Internetvia un réseau Wi-Fi ou si vous êtes connecté à l'Internetmobile.Conditions d'utilisation :L’application Mon Mobile fonctionne en France métropolitaine, dansles DOM et à l’étranger.La partie Services (appels, SMS/MMS, Internet) est accessible auxclients Sosh mobile et Orange mobile (hors forfait Orangepro).La partie Appareil est accessible aux clients Sosh mobile et Orangemobile (hors forfait Orange pro), ou dès lors que le mobile a étéacheté auprès d'Orange (sauf cas particuliers).Téléchargement de l’application :- possible depuis un accès Wi-Fi (hors coût éventuel deconnexion)- sous couverture réseau mobile Orange, les coûts de téléchargementsont inclus ou décomptés selon votre offre (voir fiche tarifaire envigueur)Coûts de connexion éventuels en France métropolitaine selonvotre offre mobile :- coûts de connexion liés au téléchargement de l'application- coûts de connexion liés à l’usage de l’application et à ses misesà jour éventuelles (voir conditions générales d’utilisation del’application)Appareils compatibles :- mobiles Android 2.2 et supérieur, sauf mobiles double SIM- non compatible avec les tablettesYour mobile is notworking properly? Can not surf the Internet or send SMS? Yourmobile is slow? Get My Mobile application with automated support tosolve yourself problems encountered on your smartphone.Troubleshooting help accessible anytime that diagnosesproblems:- Launch automated tests to check the operating status of serviceyour mobile to make calls, send or receive SMS and MMS or surf theInternet.- Start automatic tests or interaction to check the status of thebattery, the screen, the keyboard and the memory of yourmobile.- View the diagnosis made by the application.- Get Support guiding you to solve the problems identifiedindependently.- Go further by accessing additional checks if your problem is notdetected automatically or if it was not resolved.- Consult the use of your smartphone tips.Do not wait for a problem to download the application MyMobile!The upper zone information indicates at any time the name ofyour GSM network (useful if you move abroad). It also tells youwhether you are connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network or ifyou are connected to the mobile Internet.Terms of use:Application My Mobile works in France, in the DOM and abroad.The party services (calls, SMS / MMS, Internet) is available onmobile Sosh customers and Orange mobile (excluding package proOrange).The party apparatus is available to customers mobile and Orangemobile Sosh (excluding package pro Orange), or as soon as themobile was purchased from Orange (except in special cases).Download this app:- Possible from a WiFi access (excluding connection possiblecost)- On Orange mobile network coverage, download costs are included ordeducted as per your offer (see current price list)Possible connection costs in France according to your mobileoffer:- Connection costs application download- Connection costs related to the use of the application andpossible updates (see terms and conditions of the application)Supported devices:- Mobile Android 2.2 and above, except dual SIM mobile- Not compatible with tablets
Box Widgets 1.18 RELEASE APK
Get full instant control on your Livebox.Using this collection ofwidget you will be able to : - monitor connected devices- block oneor more devices- shut your Livebox Wi-Fi- restart itWorks on alllivebox models except professional.
Watch That! 1.2.2 APK
Watch That! The new video quiz gameDiscover this free game that far exceeds every quiz that you haveever played, and no longer miss any of the videos that makes thebuzz.Challenge your friends and get at the top of the rankings!Simple but addictiveWatch the video with great care... and then complete the quiz.Unusual videos, or videos that make the buzz all have their riddle,and completing them will require observation skill and memory! Butdo not worry, if you are stuck, you can always replay the videoafterwards.Challenge your friendsFor every riddle you solve, you earn points and progress in theranking. With your Google+ account, compare yourself to yourfriends, and try to become number 1 among thousands of playersworldwide.Always more challengesAlso discover mini challenges in the game: complete allachievements to finish the game. Will you be able to solve a riddlewithout replaying the video?If you like videos that make the buzz, solving riddles, this isthe quiz you need! And it's free!Follow Watch That! on social networks:Twitter:watchthat_gameFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/game.watchthatGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/115875496127257339519Have fun!
EZSender 1.3 APK
EZSender - Dicte ton SMS pendant un appel – is a free voice to SMSapplication.---------------------------------------------------------WHY ?It’s always painful to send a textual information to yourinterlocutor during a call.Whatever it may be (contact number, digicode, address…), youhave to look at the screen of your phone and navigate inside themenus to find the valuable information. You’re not able to speakanymore.EZSender will solve this issue! During a call, just click 3times on the volume button and say what you want to send to yourinterlocutor.A voice recognition process is triggered and the result is sentby SMS to your active interlocutor.You can even send a contact name and number from your contactlist if your message starts with CONTACT (CONTACT MAISON forinstance).---------------------------------------------------------PREREQUISITES ?EZSender must be launched once to be activated.A phone call must be ongoing.The interlocutor should be able to read incoming SMS.---------------------------------------------------------CONFIGURATION ?With the configuration page, you can :- Change the click number to launch EZSender : 2 to 5- Activate/Deactivate sounds- Activate/Deactivate SMS sending to test the application, themessage content would then be displayed on screen after vocalrecognitionWarning :- Some applications which intercept calls (ie. Who’s calling?)might cause a failure in EZSender process.- The contact search is done by matching the exact recognizedspeech. It may lead to some Contact Not Found error if therecognized speech is spelled differently from the contact in yourcontact list---------------------------------------------------------If you have any remark or comment, feel free to write us :ezsender.apps.olpz@gmail.com---------------------------------------------------------
OS4Car - Online Services 4 Car 1.1.0 APK
OS4Car vous permet d’être connecté à votrevéhicule d’entreprise. Vous pouvez ainsi vérifier si le plein decarburant doit être fait, obtenir plus d'informations sur lesalertes techniques en cours, connaître la date de la prochainerévision ou du prochain contrôle technique et obtenir une noteéco-conduite sur votre dernier trajet.Pour obtenir des informations plus détaillées, vous pouveztélécharger les services complémentaires d'OSCAR:- OS4Car – Eco-conduite- OS4Car – En cas de problème- OS4Car – Prise en main- OS4Car – Stationnement- OS4Car – EntretienL’application n’est actuellement disponible qu’aux salariésOrange pour les véhicules équipés de la solution OS4Car dans lecadre d'une expérimentation.OS4Car allows you to beconnected to your corporate vehicle. You can check whether therefueling needs to be done to get more information on technicalalerts in progress, find out when the next revision or the nextmaintenance and obtain eco-driving notes on your last trip.For more detailed information, you can download additional OSCARservices:- OS4Car - Eco-driving- OS4Car - Troubleshooting- OS4Car - Getting Started- OS4Car - Parking- OS4Car - InterviewThe application is currently only available for Orange employeesvehicles with the OS4Car solution as part of an experiment.
Nos Sorties, Voilà ! 1.0.1 APK
Nos Sorties recherche toutes les sortiesautour de vous : concerts, théâtre, spectacles, sorties gratuitesou avec enfants, événements communaux ou associatifs, rencontressportives, lieux de sortie... Vous choisissez.Trouvez quelque chose à faire maintenant, ce week-end ou le moisprochain, autour de vous ou n'importe où en France... Nos Sortiesvous accompagne au quotidien pour que vous ne soyez jamais à courtd'idée.Peu importe où vous êtes, il y a toujours quelque chose à faire àproximité, et l'appli Nos Sorties vous le proposera !Our research outputs alloutputs around you: concerts, theater, shows, free trips orchildren, communal or associative events, sports events, places togo out ... You choose.Find something to do now, this weekend or next month, around you oranywhere in France ... Our outputs accompanies you every day thatyou are never short of ideas.No matter where you are, there is always something to do nearby,and outputs Our app you to do so!