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Play as Fidget Shadow gangster & be a boss of town by killingrival ganglands & Criminals with super hero powers of fidgetspinner. Use your fidget spinner & fighting skills to kill citypolice, criminals & mafia boss. Do crimes in the city &escape from police chase or they will put you in prison. Use yourSuper hero powers of fidget spinner & spread terror on citystreets by killing and fighting. Start the ultimate battle betweena fidget gangster Warrior and the downtown police. The Missions ofthe Ultimate stickman gangster is fighting , assassination andguerrilla warfare. Fidget Shadow Gangster is a crime game in whichTaz runs a gang in the city & they have been involved inillegal cars exports . According to Tax , a new gang callingthemselves ‘ Fidget Gangsters ‘ is secretly working in the city& they interfering with Taz’s work by stealing his cars . NowTax wants Ricky to join the Fidget Gangster to finds out who iscontrolling that gang & bring their stolen cars back fromthieves . and you are going to Fight & kill rival Vegasgangsters with your mighty fidget spinner & fighting skills.Police and armed forces are chasing you in crime city so withoutgetting caught escape safely in this fidget spinner game. You haveto act like a evil killer monster stickman to put the big city onultimate survival with your amazing super hero powers. It's time toturn on the real ultimate adventure of stickman hero fight skillsin this stickman games. There is rival Gangsters & criminalseverywhere in the town to snatch your fidget spinner, kill them& escape. Now it's your turn to fight like a boss and killcitizens. This An ultimate street fighting adventure with epicfighting skills for fighter action game lovers! Start slashingenemies with your fidget spinner in this Ultimate stickman Survivalgame. Crush your enemies with your angry shadow stickman agilityattacks. Be fast, stealthy, and deadly to sneak up on enemywarriors and kill them all with your strong hits. Slash evilgangsters with warrior fidget spinner. Take revenge & killrival gangsters with fatal spinner blade in this stickman game.Enjoy latest Action game of Crazy shadow stickman , blessed withthe spinning powers ! The Fidget gangster is on fighter mission tokill rivals. Heroic battle between super hero stickman and policetake a new twist as you acquires special powers of fidget spinner!Play this action packed city battle and kill rivals criminals andgangsters with fidget spinner powers. Try your dangerous Kung Fuattack & spread terror among the people. Enjoy this funaddictive game with a true fighter legend like a mafia underworldboss! Play as stickman shadow for an extreme crime simulatoradventure! Features of Fidget Shadow Gangster: Stealth mode andstickman master battle style in shadows Multiple weapons andaction pack combat gameplay Stealth and combat movements betweenshadow wars Engaging Background music with HD graphics Realisticstealth and combat movements Player Punch, Power ups and CombosIntuitive controls and modern weapons Live the life of a Crazyshadow stickman

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    Fidget Shadow Gangster
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    October 21, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    SMG - Super Megatron Games
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Prison Escape Survival Island is the game to let you escape islandprison by fighting off the guards and completing missions. PrisonEscape Survival Island starts with you getting unlocked from yourprison cell where you are kept as a victim not as a convict. PrisonEscape Survival Island allows you to escape the dreaded island andprove your innocence. With Prison Escape Survival Island you willbe able to escape to your country from this dreaded island. PrisonEscape Survival Island will ensure you have the missions to keepyou hooked while playing the game. You have been a secret agent foryour country but got caught while fulfilling a covert mission.Enemy forces have imprisoned you in the deserted island with hardlyany life except for the tight security and guards. Your aim is tofight your way to your independence. You will have to use your fistand intelligence to ensure you are able to get out of this hell ofa jail. Your goal is to get to the escape point after you havedodged the guards and fought them off. With Prison Escape SurvivalIsland you will be tested severely while trying to escape and thesurvival will depends heavily on your training as a spy. You willhave to follow the missions as told or else it would be verydifficult to leave this isolated and deserted island. Prison EscapeSurvival Island offers amazing features and entertainmet- BeautifulIsland Landscape- Realistic Jail Environment- Thrilling Game Play-It's FREE!!- Great Missions to keep you hooked!- Amazing UI/UXEnjoyplaying Prison Escape Survival Island!
Prison Escape Sin City 1.6 APK
Prison Escape Sin City narrates the journey of a mob boss breakingout of prison. The mob boss has been jailed for over a few yearsfor crimes he didn't commit. He has no visitors or family to meethim. There was a time when the whole city was under his influence,but he left everything for his family. When his enemies and otheraccomplices found out that he has left the life of crime to live afamily life, they framed him for crimes he did not commit. PrisonEscape Sin City narrates this story of proving his innocence.Prison Escape Sin City would unravel the journey he would take toprove his innocence by first breaking through the jail to go outand prove his innocence. Prison Escape Sin City is amazinglydetailed game in a beautiful city. Prison Escape Sin City coversthe first leg of his journey where he would escape and make himselfstrong financially to ensure he has the funds to destroy hisenemies while proving his innocence. Your job in the game is toplay the Mob Boss and ensure he is able to get out of the jail andfollow through on all the missions and eventually escape the cityto collect evidence for the crimes. The Sin City is the ultimatecrime city for all mob bosses to perform their illegal activities.You have to ensure that the Mob Boss escapes the prison andcompletes all his mission given to him. Prison Escape Sin Citycomes loaded with below mentioned features:- Amazing and BeautifulCity environment- Full of action!- It's FREE!- Excellent UI/UX- Youcan learn to help an innocent man and increase your running andfighting skillsWhat are you waiting for? Download Prison Escape SinCity NOW!
Prison Escape Bus Transporter 1.7 APK
Prison Escape Bus Transporter would let you get escape from theenemy country's police bus where you are taken from the jail to thecourt. Prison Escape Bus Transporter allows you to use multipleskills you have as a trained spy for your country by fighting,running, shooting and driving cars. Prison Escape Bus Transportwould allow you to fight police and security officials of the enemycountry. Prison Escape Bus Transport would let you chase, fightcriminal and on duty police squad of the enemy country. PrisonEscape Bus Transporter would ensure you escape given you havenecessary skill to change clothes into normal people, sneak out ofeye sight of the police, fight with the on duty police, use anescape car as well as fight the criminal police that is taking youto the court house for trial as a spy in the enemy country. PrisonEscape Bus Transporter will let you jump out of the bus and breakopen the door and run without a chase.You are a veteran policeofficer who has years of experience working under cover and you arenow asked to goto an enemy country to serve as an under cover spybut you are caught while doing so. You only hope is to escape theprison during bus transfer and you will then escape to your countryusing a helicopter. Prison Escape Bus Transporter lets you fight,kill, avoid chase of, an drive off in a car where a helicopter iswaiting for you to take you home. Prison Escape Bus Transporter isthe game to show your ultimate survival skills by ensuring you dontget caught and you escape police custody with a fight and completeyour mission of escaping to your own country. You must jump onboardthe opportunity to escape the prison bus and fight the cops andcriminal police. Your years of training as a spy allow you tofight, avoid chase and drive car to safety where a helicopter willtake you to the safe land of your own country. Prison Escape BusTransporter is the best game for prison escape during bus transfer.It has different levels and each level has a different mission toaccomplish. Each mission you complete, you get one step closer toyour freedom. Each mission is as important as your life, so playwith all your skill to fight, avoid chase and win your freedom byending the game with a helicopter ride.
Sniper Shooter : City Assasin 1.8 APK
Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is the mission based game to freeyour city of the unlawful elements by playing shooter, sniper andassassin to the enemies of the peace in the city and bring the cityback to its former glory. Sniper Shooter : City Assassin lets youenjoy the immersive 3D experience, with realistic arms andammunition powered by the realistic and real city life experience.Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is the game to play for an immersivecity life exposure while fighting the crime and being the assassin,killer and shooter of the terrorists disrupting peace in the city.Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is one of the best games availablebased on the city wide terrain to fight crime and terrorists whilegiving a real time experience of using a sniper rifle to shoot,target and kill the terrorists and assassins.You have been anexperienced shooter, killer and a sniper for your country havingserved in many wars and missions, official missions or black ops.You are now requested by the government to take control of yourcity back from terrorist organizations by helping them target thepeople guarding the buildings in the city that are controlled bythe terrorists for their evil plans. Sniper Shooter : City Assassinhas given you the opportunity to target and kill the terrorists andtheir killer guards by sniper rifle. Sniper Shooter : City Assassin3D would help let you bring peace back to your city by utilizingyour sniper and target skills by aiming the target on terroristsand killing them by being the terrorist killer and assassin.SniperShooter : City Assassin lets you learn the sniper rifle usage inthe game as well as help you restore peace in your city with thethree missions that involve you kill, target and assassinateterrorists. Sniper Shooter : City Assassin is the 3D game to shoot,target and kill terrorists.
Survival Island Battle Hero 3D 1.6 APK
Survival Island Battle Hero 3D is the ultimate guide to survivaland defiance in the face of odds. Survival Island Battle Hero 3Densures you survive the rough and scenic terrain and environment ofthe jungle. Survival Island Battle Hero 3D will bring out the bestin you, by ensuring you battle the toughest animals and creaturesand turn out as a hero. Survival Island Battle Hero 3D will testyour fighting skills and survival instinct to the maximum. Be theultimate hero of the island by playing Survival Island Battle Hero3D.You wake up after a ship wreck and find yourself at the shoresof a seemingly dead and deserted island. Your survival instinctwake up, and gives you a major adrenaline rush to find a way toescape this dead island and battle your way to safety. Little didyou know, you will be faced with the toughest challenges, battles,fights and brawls to get through to safety.Survival Island BattleHero 3D comes loaded with lots of features:- Beautiful IslandEnvironment- Amazing Jungle in 3D- It's FREE to play- Help youreact according to your survival instinct- Be a hero by survivingthis island full of beasts and animals- Enhance your fightingskillsWhat are you waiting for? Time to play Survival Island BattleHero 3D NOW!