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🔑 🌸 ☯Are you feeling stressed out? Are you looking for a relaxing“app lock” with “fidget toys” to brighten your day? Install 🔑Fidget Spinner on Your Phone Lock 🔑 and lock your phone with this“hand spinner” “lock screen”. ☯ 🌸 🔑 The standard “lock screen apps”are boring, so change yours with our “fidget spinner lock screen”.This amazing “app locker” with “fidget spinner pictures” willprotect your privacy! Spruce up your device with beautiful “lockscreen wallpaper” designs and “cool fidget spinners”. 🌸Get this“finger spinner” “free app” and match your “fidget hand spinner”“home screen wallpaper” with the best “lock apps” theme!🌸If you areaddicted to “stress toys” and “fidget spinner games” then you willlove our “privacy lock app”! Your device will have a “securitylock” and you will get visual “stress reliever toys” therapy!Customize your “phone lock app” to suit your needs and enjoy yourcool “screen lock” “fidget spinner wallpaper”! 🔑🔑🔑🌸🌸🌸☯☯☯🌸🌸🌸🔑🔑🔑Howto set 🔑 Fidget Spinner on Your Phone Lock 🔑 🌸 Activate the app bychecking the box field next to 'Enable lock screen'; 🌸 Enter your“app lock password”, then reenter the same password forconfirmation; 🌸 Now you can customize your “lock screen theme”. ❇FEATURES ❇🌸 Get one of the best “password lock screen” apps forfree;🌸 Set “fidget spinner unlock” theme on your home screen;🌸Choose “fidget spinner images” as your “screen lock wallpaper” -this year's leading “spinner toy” fad is finally here in the formof a ”lock screen widget”; 🌸 You can choose am/pm or 24h timesetting;🌸 Turn date on/off and choose the date format on display;🌸Show or hide the battery icon;🌸 Install 🔑 Fidget Spinner on YourPhone Lock 🔑 now, and don't forget to rate this “screen lock app”and share it with your friends! 🔑🔑🔑🌸🌸🌸☯☯☯🌸🌸🌸🔑🔑🔑You will fall inlove with our “slide lock screen” with the “best fidget spinner”pictures. Become the next fidget master and match your fidgetspinner pack with this fantastic “applock theme”. The biggest hitof all fidget toys for anxiety is so addictive! Don't miss out onthe fidget spinner mania - install this “phone lock screen” app.Set this app as your “passcode lock screen” and impress all yourfriends!🔑 🌸 ☯ Keep Calm and lock your phone with this 🔑 FidgetSpinner on Your Phone Lock 🔑! Decorate your phone and protect yourprivacy with the best “password lock” app! ☯ 🌸 🔑Are you worriedabout securing your privacy? Try one of the best “lockscreenthemes” that you can find! This “finger spinner password” “privacyapp” will keep your information safe. Change the settings and picka HD wallpaper to beautify your phone screen. If you are lookingfor an app lock download this phone locker theme and worry no more!Now you can turn your screen off and lock your phone, and neverworry about your privacy again!🔑 🌸 ☯ Protect yourself from privacyintrusion and sleep soundly from now on! Our 🔑 Fidget Spinner onYour Phone Lock 🔑 is full of cool lock screen backgrounds withfinger spinner images to choose from!☯ 🌸 🔑In life it is importantto find balance with stress relief! Playing with stress toys is acommon practice, and even looking at one can reduce anxiety. Findthe yang to your yin! Try one of the best “cool lock screens” tosuit your fidgety personality! Customize your phone with the best“fidget spinner toy” designs in our lock phone app and find yourinner peace! Install this “screen locker” and feel serenity washover you with our screen lock password app!

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    Fidget Spinner on Your Phone Lock
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    June 30, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Teddy App Mania
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