1.2 / July 13, 2017
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Fidget spinner is now available in new form with super brightflashlight with neon lights.Fidget spinner will be portable in theform of android. The more hard you will spin brighter flashlightyou will be having and you will be having new fun,differentexperience in your life. Flashlight depends on your spinning thefidget spinner.Stress relieving fidget spinner will make your lifethrilling with an additional feature of LED flashlight.When getbored of life no need to worry Fidget spinner with Flashlight willalways help you to have fun. You will be having new type ofbrighter flash light. Stay connected with flashlight off and onusing Fidget spinner.A fidget spinner is a toy that comprises of adirection in the focal point of a multi-lobed level structureproduced using metal or plastic intended to turn along its pivotwith little exertion. Now you are no more restricted to realspinnerBest app of 2017.Features include• Variety of differentfidget spinners• Select your favorite fidget spinner• Spinner madeup of different ceramics titanium.Please contact us if you have anytype of questions.Download “Fidget Spinner Super bright LED” andhave fun in your life.

App Information Fidget Spinner Super Bright Flashlight

  • App Name
    Fidget Spinner Super Bright Flashlight
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  • Updated
    July 13, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Theta Mobile
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    DHA Cantt. Lahore,Pakistan
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Don’t worry if you lost your phone, your phone contacts arepermanently save due to Contact Manager App. This contactsoptimizer app helps you easily find and merge duplicate contactswith one click. Contacts are the most important data in yourphonebook. Contact Manager App will classify your local &international phone contacts with appropriate country codes. Youmay edit phone number, sink phone numbers with email address andmerge duplicate phone contacts. This contact manager is like as MyContacts App that lets you deeply analyze and manage white pagesand manage phonebook contacts in a systematic way.This Contact appis such as drupe ID identifier and phone contact app having builtin intelligence to keep your contacts list safe and secure. Forgetall other phone book app and dialer app, try our advanced duplicitycontacts removal function that will help to remove dual contacts ofthe same number and merge into one. Contact app Manager works asContacts+ Phone & Dialer app that is very useful for all mobiledevice users. SIM contacts manager feature will save your time andcost to manage your phone numbers. CONTACT MANAGER APPFEATURES:Manage & Classify Local and InternationalContactsContact Manager all in one app lets you manage and classifyyour local and international phone numbers. My Contacts appclassification feature will automatically add country code to yourlocal phone numbers and it will ask you to select an appropriatecountry code for your foreign contacts. Merge DuplicateContactsContacts Manager searches for all available duplicatecontacts which are available in your phone device. Drupe IDidentifier function will help you to remove and merge contactsduplicity based on following categories:• Merge contacts by name•Merge by email address• Merge by contact numberContacts SyncingContacts app Syncing feature will help to Sync your phone contactswith their email addresses. You can combine your phonebook contactsfrom phone memory to Google to have them all synchronized whileusing contact manager all in one app. Reverse phone lookup functionis also there to optimize contact list.See Full Contact Details AtOne Screen This smart contacts app is such as contacts+ phone &dialer app that allows to take a look on any contact details at onescreen. You may take a backup of your phone contact list like SIMContacts Manager app.Edit, Save & Protect ContactsPermanentlyContacts App lets you edit your contact list. Thiscontacts manager is such as contacts optimizer that helps to saveand protect your mobile numbers permanently. If you lost yourphone; no worries, your all contact list is saved in this PhoneContacts Manager app. CONTACTS APP FEATURES HIGHLIGHTS:• Addinternational Prefixes and country codes • 100% secure, reliableand fast contacts management service• Save contacts to your googleaccount and access them on any device• Remove all duplicitycontacts and merge in one contact• Quickly delete individual phonecontact you no longer need.• Correct and nicely format phonenumbers• Reverse phone lookup free function• Merge contactfragments into one rich contact• Edit, Delete, select all orunselect all phone numbers at any timeDownload Contact Manager appto manage whitepages and keep your contact list safe and secure.
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Fat Burn Pocket workout Fat loss key to all transformations, Workhard today for a different tomorrowFat Burn Pocket Workout givesyou an opportunity to find whether you are under weight, normalweight or over weight by knowing your BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate). Work hard in silence let your success makethe noise. In this workout burn fat app you will learn how toreduce and lean your body muscles by visualizing the animatedimages. You will also know that which and how much diet you need toshape up your body. It's pocket fat burn workout app which managesyour exercise sets and reputations. This app gives you themotivation to reduce your body fat. The motivational factor is muchneeded when you reducing your weight with or without your personaltrainer. The fat on your body lose it with pocket fat burn workoutapplication. Some healthy foods and fitness calculator are alsointegrated in this app so you can know your BMI (Body Mass Index)and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).Focusing the following musclegroups:✓ Abdominals ✓ Chest ✓ Triceps✓ Biceps ✓ Back ✓ Shoulders ✓Legs Features:✓ Find BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR (Basal MetabolicRate) of your body.✓ Fitness calculator.✓ Healthy Foods✓Instruction with pictures for each exercise.
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Tired of these flabby arms? Get ready to tone them up with thePerfect Arm workout challenge. The best fitness app to help youlose fat and for biceps and triceps muscle development. It is verydifficult to hit the gym everyday with a busy life routine. Butfitness and health cannot be compromised. This workout app helpsyou stay fit and achieve the toned arms that you have always dreamtof. Go through the intense arm workout plan daily for buildingstronger biceps and triceps.Take up this fitness challenge andstart noticing the change in your arm muscles strength withinweeks. Perform rigorous exercises like biceps curls, tricepsextension and dumbbell press everyday to achieve the desiredresult. Complete description and animation is available for userhelp and guidance. You can also calculate BMI and BMR and exerciseswill be recommended for your body fitness. Meal plans have beendesigned for weight loss and management. This fitness app is acomplete package and an intense arm workout session. Features: *Arms Muscle building exercises included* Animations with completedetails of every workout* BMI and BMR calculator added* Suitablefor both men and women fitness*Healthy meal plans fromhttp://www.muscleandfitness.com and" The Build Muscle, Stay LeanMeal Plan" are included.Disclaimer: All copyrights (if any) belongto the original owner of the content.
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Get fit and stay active on the go with Pedometer: track your steps.Maintaining your weight is the key to good health and fitness, yeta difficult task in this fast paced life. But stress no more!Pedometer will track your steps and keep you motivated towardsachieving your weight loss goals. Pedometer is a step counter andbasically records your every step. Walking and running are the bestexercises and help burn calories. People who walk, jog regularlystay fit and have a better health. This application lets you keep arecord of your steps taken and calculates the calories burned.Press the start button and the step counter begins. Either you holdyour phone in your hand or put it in your pocket, Pedometer willcontinue doing its job of recording your number of steps. You canalso calculate the steps per minute and your speed. This data willalso be represented graphically for your ease. Make Pedometer yourultimate fitness buddy and burn that excess fat. Features:*Calculates steps per minute, speed, distance per hour, caloriesburned* Save the recorded data for later observation and analysis.* BMI calculator included * Graphic representation of the datarecordedNote: * Some devices may not record the data when they arelocked. This will be a limitation of the device not theapplication. * Calibrate and adjust sensitivity if you find anyerror with the steps recorded. * Results may vary from device todevice. Devices having dedicated sensor will have more accurateresults.
Theta Launcher 1.1 APK
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The fastest and efficient launcher for your Android device is hereas Theta Launcher. Bored with the look and UI of your Android Phoneand want to switch to something new and exciting? Look no further!Theta Launcher has the most amazing and unique features and letsyou customize the look and feel of your Android phone. Get ready totransform your mobile phone appearance and experience which willhave you hooked in no time. Install Theta Launcher as an alternateto your default home launcher and enjoy a vast array of dynamicfeatures.Responsive gestures: Enhance the overall performance ofyour device with the swift and quick gestures. Folder Management:With Theta launcher, you never have to fret about organizing yourapps as they are put smartly and automatically into easilyaccessible folders so go worry-free.Lightening fast speed: Worriedabout the launcher slowing down your phone? No more! It'slightweight hence mobile phone efficiency and speed is increased.Embedded applications: Various useful applications like adictionary, file manager, notepad embedded in the launcher. Thereis no need to install these applications and you get to enjoy themwithout any ads. Built- in Notifier: Theta Launcher now helps youto be notified about the number of unread messages for all yourapplications. Don't miss a single text or any other notificationswith the help of count shown on each app for any unread/ unattendednotifications. To activate notifier feature, launcher needspermission to access system notifications. **Please enable this asfollows Settings > Sound & Notification > Notificationaccess.**Features:*Swift swipe gestures which makes the device easyto use* Organize your apps in folders * Smooth running and fun touse*A lightweight launcher that saves RAM and battery life*Speedsup your device * Embedded dictionary with word of the day feature*File manager and notepad applications included * Quick and easyaccess to your favorite apps* Compatible with all the widgets inyour device
Advance Battery Saver Booster 1.0 APK
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Advanced Battery Saver Booster is the # 1 battery power manager appthat filters the mobile applications consuming power in thebackground and speed up your device.With just one tap, this appgives longer lasting battery power and monitors its status like anefficient battery doctor. With features like toggle control,battery charging time reducer and apps optimization, AdvancedBattery Saver Booster has complete control over your mobiledevice.Features:Apps Optimizer:It stops power consuming apps in thebackground and detects top battery draining apps to boost phoneperformance. It gives notification and shut down or kills apps whenscreen is off or when apps are not in use in just singleclick.Battery Status:It gives time estimates regarding how muchbattery is charged along with how much time phone will work withoutbeing charged again.Battery Monitor:While power testing, this apptells you battery temperature, voltage and charging capacity.Togglelist:It offers toggle controls to maintain features that squeeze upphone battery like Bluetooth, wifi and location. You can also useshortcuts for volume, brightness & flight mode for bestexperience of extending battery life.Battery cooler:Cool downsbattery while phone is in continuous use (playing games, Wi-Fietc). Download free Advanced Battery Saver Booster right now forthe smart use of battery plus & healthy working of your phonedevice.
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Junk Cleaner – Memory Booster is the most durable & efficientpower saver mobile application that works to transform your slowturtle phone to fastest brand new device. Accelerate your cellphone speed with perfect trash manager, CPU cooler, junk cleaner,memory booster & app manager.This master cleaning app isoutstandingly faster than light android booster that helps improvedevice performance. Junk Cleaner – Memory Booster intelligentlyclean cache & hibernate stealthy running apps with its advancedprocess monitoring method. Restore your device health in one tapboost to release memory and help accelerate RAM. If your phone isdraining quicker and becomes leggy than don’t waste time ininstalling slow clean master apps. This data manger application isthe #1 innovative & fastest phone cleaner that stops deviceoverheat up with perfect accuracy to save more battery life. Junkcleaner – keeps your phone clean all the time from unnecessaryfilesThis easy to use mobile application quickly analyzes memoryspace and battery status to clean up all junk and get rid ofresidual files that you don’t need and occupy too much space.Memorybooster - Speed up cell phone in just single tapWhile playing gamesor using different apps, this data booster free up Ram and savesbattery to reduce power consumption. It’s the coolest batteryoptimizer that auto detect running applications in the backgroundto kill them and improve device performance.App ManagerThis fastand smart mobile application manages application data – uninstallunwanted apps, stores backup and gives details of importantones.CPU cooler Cool down your processor temperature and stops appsto reduce device overheat.Features:Boost RAM & reclaimstorage.A powerful cleaner and battery saver that clean upredundant files.Durable speed rush application that free upstorage.Avoid CPU over heat up.Progress bar for RAM storage and CPUusage. Gives battery percentage and don’t let device freezes allthe time.Easy to use and user friendly intuitive interface.DownloadJunk Cleaner – Memory Booster right now for battery last longer andkeep cell phone clean all the time.
360 Professional Camera Editor 1.0 APK
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Stylize everyday pictures with perfect 360 Professional CameraEditor that offers a global laboratory of professional photoediting tools with beauty & selfie camera. Get ready to connectwith world’s best HD camera for sharing epic moments in life. Gethigh resolution images in daylight & night mode with itsinstabeauty effects anywhere and anytime. Just swipe left &right for camera beautifying filters and creative photography. Itsauto face detection feature is just awesome to take selfies orshoot videos. Create awesome pics, snapshots and photography byapplying beautiful grids & styles. This pro camera app isanother social network that helps you to share your panorama cameraimages in high quality with friends & family. It’s not all, 360Professional Camera Editor also offers video camera with ultimatebeauty tools as well.Features:Take photos anytime in day light,cloudy and night mode.Camera shutter on / off option. Digitalcamera with beauty makeup for everyone.Switch between excellentfront flash camera and amazing back camera.Outstanding selfielight, contrast and night selfie settings.Instant face recognitionwith beatifying color effects.Fabulous beauty camera. Camera timerwith real time filters.HD image and video capture feature.SuperbVideo filters Zoom in, zoom out feature.Variety of photoeffects.Download 360 Professional Camera Editor right now and makecreative library of pictures to share with the world.