1.0 / June 7, 2017
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Most relaxing fidget spinner dash simulatorinyour own pocket! You can play it anytime you want, anywhereyouwant. Fight and compete with your friend for high score anddashfor more score by upgrade your fidget spinner.

You have unlimited swipes to set the best spin you can. Useyourhand finger to swipe the spinner left or right, wait for it tostopand sweep the sweet rewards!
Each spin brings you closer to discover a new hand spinnertoy.Dash, jump as far as you can and win this spinning waradventure indifferent castle, jungle, and temple world.

Game Features:
- Realistic powerful endless simulator with authentic motuspinningphysics
- Dozens of fidget spinners to choose from
- Glow, laser and shin neon graphics shown even more details ofthespinners

Download this Fidget Spinner War Dash 2017, today and startplayingwith your friend, girls, kids and family. Beat them withyour bestscore!

App Information Fidget Spinner War Dash 2017

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