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Fighting in street: crime gang, is a classic free fighting arcadegame. It combines the features of Action Fighting and Role Playing;together have this exciting action game!This simulator is full ofexciting levels. It is having total ten levels in count. And inorder to get into the next level you have to fulfill the taskbefore specific time duration given in every stage. And every stageitself is having some tasks full of excitement. Ultimate CityStreet Fighting delivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you. Challengeyourself in this addictive, easy to play boxing game of 2017.Superbscenes, cool combos and gorgeous special skills, the most thrillingand exciting fighting game! Many props to help you achieve yourhonor! It is a fighting game. Where you have to show your kung Fukarate through master kicks by attacking your rivals.If you likegangsters and boxing, the game will be your best choice. Come andplay as a gangster and chase your enemies.Use super skill to thateffect would win!This game will make you remember your childhoodmemories of playing an action packed fighting simulator. It’s afree game with a bunch of missions.We wish you once again to have agreat time!Let’s start this game.Key Features:• Amazing story•Awesome 3D city environments for you to explore• Smooth, easy,addictive & intuitive gameplay• Awesome Street Fighters tofight the evils of the city with• Amazing attack animations withadvanced features• Surreal visual & sound effects• Amazingflying and jumping kicks & wrestling animations

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    Fighting In Street :Crime Gang
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    December 20, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Game Star Sim Studios
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    P.O.Box 124320 Sharjah U.A.E
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Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPS is a game trying to portray a story ofan army commando whose mission was to save his nation from all theevil eyes. Our mission is to take all those responsibilities whichare used to be fulfilled by a commando hero. It makes you feel likea sniper. Fight with enemies as the mighty Warrior, crush them withthe Gunner Shots and rain down fire upon them as the Hellfire, orcharge them down as the imposing Gunner Combatant. The gamefeatures multiple interesting levels with immersive environmentsand landscapes. The game uses latest 3D development technologies toprovide you the best gaming experience on mobile devices.The mainpart of this game is that this game is an action packed frontlinewar game. Shoot and kill your enemies with modern techniques of2017. This simulator is full of exciting levels. It is havingmultiple levels. And in order to get into the next level you haveto fulfill the task before specific time duration given in everystage. And every stage itself is having some tasks full ofexcitement. Fight like a commando and make your fellows safe frombeing killed and extreme fear. If you survive till end than youwill be given more rewards and bonus counts after you try to runfrom this evil mania. Download this Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPSnow and start your exciting journey to win all the missions.Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare as you fight acritical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim to causedestruction as a terrorist.Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPS is ashooting where you will fight in with your enemies in every stage.Futuristic environment of this game will take you to the real worldof warfare. This game will make you remember your childhoodmemories of playing an action packed fighting simulator. It’s afree game with a bunch of missions. We wish you once again to havea great time. The main thing about this game is that it’s free ofcost you just have to download it by a single tap. Come! Let’s havea battle with enemies. Let’s start this game. Key features forAnti-Terrorist SWAT Team FPS : • Stunning & High Quality 3DGraphics• Amazing 3D indoor environment• Easy and fun to play•Interesting Game Play• Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics•Multiple challenging levels
Underwater spearfishing 2017 1.0.1 APK
Underwater spearfishing 2017 is game with futuristic 3Denvironment. Purpose of this game is to engage you people with thereal life of aquatic animals hunting. In this under waterspearfishing game you have to hunt different aquatic animals inorder to get to know their characteristics and different features.In this under water spearfishing sim your mission is to become asecret agent and have to get diving gear, wear scuba diving dresswith oxygen cylinder and diving mask for underwater hunting withspear gun. Jump underwater deep sea, swim across water inhabitantslike lionfish, goldfish and more. It’s a hostile environment andhungry sharks are patrolling enemy underwater terrain. Engage insea adventure gameplay on a secret operation; watch out for sharkattack with razor sharp jaws to tear you into pieces. Don’t gethook as bait escape white shark and shoot down them withspearfishing gun. Take prices aim with spear gun to kill wildfishes. Complete secret army’s missions and collect jewels, yousunk the guards on small rafts in this intense survival game. Playin single game modes, put yourself to the test and see how far youcan go! Plan the best possible strategy, strike with accuracy andcollect amazing aquatic animals in challenging missions using highspeed scuba diving skills Start your objective of targeting andkilling all the sharks in this under water spearfishing game. Thisis one of the best aquatic hunting games and all the superherosniper kill the shark in deep sea and save the people. This is agame getting rapid downloads. The best part of this game is it’sfree of cost. Come! Let’s have an underwater fishing battle. Let’sstart this game.Key features for Underwater spearfishing 2017 :•Attractive and Realistic 3D underwater environment• Amazing sounds•Futuristic gameplay with a bundle of missions• Attractivebackground music and sound effect
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Its game for fun, you have money in your bag, run to panama toescape police. Police Chase Panama Roads is a new concept inendless running games series. In this game you can enjoy a runninggame by keeping current gossips of leaks in mind. This is only forfun and not pointing fingers on anyone. In start of the game, aperson is shown who is nabbing in tax amount and running towardsPanama to save his ill gotten money. From here this endless gamestarts and goes on by passing different kind of road hurdles. A taxofficer will chase down this person in the curvy roads of Panama.During his run, that person will also collect coins, dollars anddiamonds. We will offer four different characters which will beunlocked on getting a certain number of coins in your account. Youcan choose among Bubloo, Takluu, and Bublli and enjoy this run andchase of a finance criminal who is evading his due tax. Runner willtry to reach safely to Panama with all his money and chaser will dohis best to arrest him before reaching there. This is a highpotential chase with a certain objective to safe money fromtransfer to other country. Police and Tax department will run fastto hunt down this crime and put the thief behind the bars. Once theTax officer grabs that runner, police car will also appear on thescreen and prisoner will ultimately reach to his destination whichis jail. Police Chase Panama Roads has following key features:- Acartoonist city environment.- Four different kinds of characterselection- A hypothetical depiction of current political scenariowhich arises after Panama leaks.- A real time chase of tax evaderwith the help of Tax and Police departments.- While running, evadercan collect more coins, diamonds and money in his Panama bag.-Enjoy and give us feedback
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You might have loved real drive racing games, or other drivingadventure but have you ever thought of driving offroad cargo truckson an unsmooth curvy track?? If yes then your wish of drivingoffroad cargo truck is going to fulfill because in this OffroadTruck Uphill Drive game you are given an offroad truck for uphilldriving and racing. You can drive uphill cargo jeep anywhere on thepath. In this Offroad Truck Uphill Drive game you will witnessfascinating surrounding and eye catching environment while drivingon your offroad jeep. Driving this real racing extreme rally truckon the mountains was the dream of so many but only lucky one aregoing to hit the jackpot, you are one of them who are going todrive this truck which is full of adventure. Offroad Truck UphillDrive game is the only truck driver game, which can fulfill yourtruck racing thirst. It is the dream of every individual to drivean extreme offroad racer truck, and to take part in this extremeoffroad truck racing you have to play all the exciting missions.Offroad Truck Uphill Drive game is great deal of adventure and fun,in this extreme truck racing game there are multiple racing trucksfor different purposes. In this Offroad Truck Uphill Drivesimulator there are crazy tucks for extreme race, you can drivethis real rally truck to give yourself a chance to win. In thisOffroad Truck Uphill Drive you can drive and race with otheroffroad trucks and you can make yourself superior. Now you can alsobe the part of this real truck driving simulator which is just adownload ahead from you. Download now this Rally driver trucksimulator which is full of adventure and start adding fun bydriving this offroad real racer cargo truck. In this truckevolution game there are best game features among other uphilldrive games. There are many offroad racing trucks, play with theone you liked the most. You can drive any with your own choice.This game is filled with extreme power racing cargo truck cum jeepwith futuristic environment and heavy motional physics. This is agame getting rapid downloads. Come! Let’s have a drive. Let’s startthis game.Key features for Offroad Truck Uphill Drive : • Amazingsounds• Futuristic 3D environment• Multiple levels with differentcargo missions• Amazing game play• Extreme driving skills• OffroadUphill track for trucks
An achievable prisoner survival adventure!Here you have to hide andget out from a maximum security prison before any police armcatches and shoots you. Come and plan a strategy to escape andsurvive in the mission. Here you are protected by armed soldiers,trained intelligence agents, spy and expert security team. Policearms have caught you along with other prisoners and make youindulge in unwanted habits like drugs making. Now it’s time tostart your operations to get free from this enemy forces jail. Ifyou like gangsters and boxing, the game will be your best choice.Come and play as a gangster and chase your police enemies.Use superskill to that effect would win!This jail is all alone next to anisland make yourself out of this place. Move as invisible as aghost!!You do not have any weapons to use except the chasing power.Spy the jail guards and fight with them like ninjas and Kill them.Once you kill them you have their weapons and from there on youwould get to the main get to escape. Forces are big in number andcameras are watching too. There is no point you could get caught asyou have been trained on such skills. Use your old MAFIA skillshere by kicking, punching and stabbing these police arms.As a bravemilitary officer you have been trained to escape the prisons andjails even in toughest of conditions. Cross layers of security withdifficult passcode, strong lockers and patrolling armed securityofficials. Fight like a ninja, search for weapons to kill theenemy. Be careful about the security CCTV cameras monitoring thesensitive areas. Kick, punch, shoot and kill!If you survive tillend than you will be given more rewards and bonus counts after youtry to run from this evil jail.This game will make you rememberyour childhood memories of playing an action packed fightingsimulator. It’s a free game with a bunch of missions.We wish youonce again to have a great time!The main thing about this game isthat it’s free of cost you just have to download it by a singletap.Let’s start this game.Good Luck!Key Features:• Amazing story•Awesome 3D jail environments for you to explore• Smooth, easy,addictive & intuitive game play• Awesome Fighters to fight within jail• Amazing attack animations with advanced features• Surrealvisual & sound effects• Amazing flying and jumping kicks withawesome animations
City GT Racing Car Drag 29032017 APK
Do you think racing in a straight line is easy? Come and Try tofind the right balance between power and grip while staying in yourclass. Tune your car and accelerate your way to victory, Here youare having gear shifting for more fun, but don't hit the button tooearly! Go deeper and adjust gear ratios to shave off preciousmilliseconds through all the levels of cars and race categories.This sim is of total 3 missions and each mission is having 7levels. In initial only first level of mission 1 is unlocked.Others are unlocked as a reward of the previous one. The best andamazing thing about this game is that this game is full GTrealistic stunts. City Racing is for individuals of any age.Improve your car racing and drifting skills and keep customizingyour cars as you get new ones as we update the game. Crazy soundplay of this game will take you to real world of racing. This isthe Racing Sim which is presenting extreme Turbo Stunts. Its gearshifting and drifting speed is one of amazing and new feature youare searching for. If you like full and free racing games,challenges and the smell of the real racers than this GT racesimulator is perfect for you!This is the game getting rapiddownloads.Let’s start this game.Key features of City GT Racing Drag:• Easy and fun to play• Interesting Game Play• Amazing sound play•Gear Shifting• Amazing GT stunts• Stunning & High Quality 3DGraphics• High Tech speedy cars• High quality 3d environments