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The FIIB Android application is where you get a first handexperience of life at FIIB and introduces you to the vibrant campusand community. Jump in to explore FIIB on mobile. We hope you enjoyyour experience with this app!

App Information FIIB


M-Drona 3.8 APK
This App allows Mahindra Finance employees to access the TrainingMaterial / Courses assigned to them and take on the Flashcards /Tests. This App is made and managed by Chapter Apps Inc. MahindraFinance's Official Mobile and Web training platform Provider.
MFC Times 2.6 APK
Welcome to ‘MFC Tmes’ - the communication & learning app makinginformation and learning even more convenient. Empowering employeesto access important company information. It provides a single viewfor - 1. Top Stories: Organization Announcements, Press Releases,Competitor News & Products, People Policy Changes 2. LearningBytes: Training Courses / Product Trainings, Quiz, Leader-Board,Certification. You can also remind yourself with flash-cardssummarizing your learnings. 3. Company Speaks: CEOs Message, LeaderVideos 4. Rewards & Recognition: You can find about the successstories from Spot Awards, other monthly & quarterly awards 5.Product Updates: Keep yourself updated with the new schemes &product updates 6. Messenger: Chat under discussion topics andgroups 7. My Views: Give ratings, share your feedback
PNB Metlife Pathshala 0.0.3 APK
This App is exclusive for PNB MetlifeEmployees and Agents to provide them the Training assigned by thePNB-Metlife L&D Department and assess their progress.
Prof Resources 1.3 APK
Prof Resources is a FREE, Easy to Use Attendance App forProfessors/Teachers. This app replaces your paper register andreduces the burden of analyzing paper registers. It works inconjunction with a website - attendance.chaptervitamins.com. On theweb, the professor can set up their student registers and then takethe attendance of the class on the mobile app. Mutliple attendancereports such as daily report, monthly report and report for aduration are also available for professors on the app as well as onthe website. This app works in offline mode as well as in onlinemode given that most classrooms do not have good internetconnections.- Take Attendance Online/Offline- Edit a takenAttendance- View Reports - Daily, Monthly and for a duration
ChapterVitamins 1.2 APK
Chapter Vitamins is a quizzing platform forstudents, teachers and professionals to learn and teach moreeffectively through short quizzes. The goal is to have thecandidate learn faster. Ideal for Exam prep for multiple courses.Free for a limited time.Discover a few free quizzes for practicing English, Math andGeneral Trivia. Conduct private quizzes based on content fromcredible and senior faculty members with long and vast teachingexperiences. Students can save precious time and money by takingthese quizzes and learn faster and better for their assignments andexams. The teachers can save time as they do not need to evaluatethe assessments manually.Improve learning outcomes for your audience.If you are interested in publishing your quiz to a private groupusing this platform, please email us at contact@chapterapps.net. Yourquiz can be live in a few hours to your audience!!
com.abhkms.chaptervitamins 2.12 APK
ABC KMS is the mobile application that hosts a number of gadgetsfor the employees of Aditya Birla Health Insurance Ltd. Users canaccess items such as reading material, audio, video,quizze,flashcards etc that admin assigns to them. Users can alsoaccess Success Stories, visit Photo Gallery and chat under variousDiscussion Topics.
FG On-The-Go 3.1 APK
Chapter App's demo system to showcase the features to prospectivecustomers.
YouFirst Summit 1.7 APK
This App allows YouFirst India employees to access the Coursesassigned to them and take on the Tests. This App is made andmanaged by Chapter Apps Inc, YouFirst's Official Mobile and Webtraining platform Provider.