1.0 / February 5, 2015
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☢☢ First of all this app requires root andmayrequire BusyBox. ☢☢

With this app you'll be able to see the files opened/loaded byanapplication. A nice tool to add to your toolbox.

App Information File Usage Tracker **ROOT**

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Hexer 1.1 APK
Hexer lets you hex-edit files right on yourandroid device.Tested devices:Samsung galaxy NOTE 2
SMS Privacy 1.0 APK
SMS Privacy lets you lock your SMS messagesbyencrypting them using the AES256 standard, giving youtheconfidentiality you need.You can choose which message to "lock" and leavevisibleun-encrypted. Also, please be aware that only the textisencrypted. Message attachments are left as is. Perhaps thatwillcome in future updates.EDIT: Some people(mostly Russians) think this was a stolenidea.I don't know who and where I stole it from. But if you think Idid,just do yourself and me a favor, get out of here and downloadtheone you think is the original app. Don't leave negativereviewsjust because you woke up on the wrong side of bed. Thank youinadvance.
UDPDebugger 1.0 APK
Send and receive data with this simpleUDPprotocol debugger.
File Usage Tracker **ROOT** 1.0 APK
☢☢ First of all this app requires root andmayrequire BusyBox. ☢☢With this app you'll be able to see the files opened/loaded byanapplication. A nice tool to add to your toolbox.
VpnTether (Requires Root) 1.1 APK
VpnTether requires a rooted device with iptables and ip modules.Install BusyBox if your device doesn't have the modules. VpnTetherenables sharing of VPN connections to tethered clients when youcreate a portable hot spot. This application works with both USBand Wi-Fi tethering. The permissions are needed to perform networkrelated tasks in order to successfully share a VPN connection withtethered clients. I made this app to for myself seeing as how otherapps that do the same simple task of executing some shell commandshave to be bought and some are full of annoying ads. PRIVACY POLICYThe application does not collect any sort of data. -- Tested onlyon Note 4. Send bug reports my email.
WhatsThatSong 1.0 APK
WhatsThatSong is a community drivenapplicationthat allows you to re-discover songs or sounds that youcan't findusing any other search tools. Often times you can hearthe song inyour head but never know how to search or look for itbecause theonly thing you remember about the song is its sound orhow itgoes.The way the application works is you record yourself "singing"thesong, add certain tags or hints to the recording of howyouremember the song and someone else will listen to yourrecording,and if they recognize the song, they will post asuggestion (alsoknown as a response) to your request.The tags or hints will help whoever is listening to yourrecordingrecognize the song. In addition to the tags, you'll alsobe able toenter the last time and place you heard the song.Since the application is community driven, anyone can likeordislike posts (requests or responses) to reflect theposts'accuracy. For instance, one can downvote a request if itwererecorded poorly or upvote a response if it were theactualidentified song. The more people upvoted a response, themorelikely it turned out to be the actual identified song.