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Rules of the game Svara ( Svarka )Svara ( Svarka ) is a card gamethat is played with a deck of 32 cards - from 7 to Ace . Theminimum number of players is two . The total number of combinationsin the game is 4960Rules-------------Each player is dealt threecards in a clockwise direction . Each card combination has aspecific numerical value. Winner is the player with highestpoints.The value of the points is calculated by the followingrules:1) Each card from 7 to 9 give 7 to 9 points respectivly.2 )The cards 10 , J, Q, K and give 10 points.3 ) Aces give 11 points.4 ) The cards of the same color have as many points as their sum .For instance :Q ♦, K ♦ 10 ♠ give a total of 20 points and 10 ♠, 8 ♠K ♥ give a total of 18 points ;5 ) Aces can be combined regardlessof the color that is to say two ace are 22 points , three are 33points6) 7 ♣ is called " Ceco Jonchev , Chechak , Chotora , Shpokaor Yoncho " and can be combined with all other cards for 11 points.8 ) Three of a 7 gives 34 points and this is the strongestcombination in the game.9) Three of a kind combinations arecarrying as many points as the lead card. For example , three of 8bring 24 copies / 3x8 = 24 / : three of Q give 30 points / 3x10 =30 / etcexamples--------------7 ♥, 9 ♦ 9 ♣ give a total of 9 points(this is the worst hand ) ;10 ♠, 10 ♦ 10 ♣ give a total of 30points ;8 ♣, K ♥ 9 ♦ give a total of 10 points ;K ♥, 9 ♥ Q ♣ give atotal of 19 points ;Q ♣, Q ♥ 9 ♦ give a total of 10 points ;A ♠, A♦ 10 ♣ givea total of 22 points ;8 ♠, A ♦ 7 ♣ givea total of 22points ;10 ♦, 9 ♦ J ♦ give a total of 29 points ;Q ♣, Q ♥ Q ♦ givea total of 30 points ;7 ♣, K ♥ K ♦ give a total of 31 points ;7 ♣,A ♥ A ♦ give a total of 33 points ;Two of 7 no matter the suitsgive a total of 23 points ;Betting--------------1 ) Before thecards are dealt to the players each player bets a certain amountcalled ante;2 ) Player that is located left to the dealer make hisanounces. Before seeing his cards he is allowed to bet a certainamount called blind bet;3 ) If a player make a blind bet, the nextplayer to his left has the option to double the blind bet;4 ) If aplayer skips the blind bet the next player is not allowed to makenew blind bet;(Blind bets are optional)5 ) After the cards aredealt to the players they make their bets;6 ) If there is a blindbet, the next player should at least double the bet;7 ) If theplayer that made the blind bet wnats to see the cards of the otherplayers he must pay the bet.8 ) If there is a blind bet and no onepay it, the winner is the player that made the last blind bet;9 )The game wins the players with highest points;10 ) If there is noblind bet and no other player makes a bet the winner is thedealer;11) If two or more players have the same number of points wehave SVARA;12) SVARA is a new game that includes all the bets fromthe previous game;13) Any player is allowed to join the SVARA afterhe pay the SVARA join amount.