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For strategy enthusiasts only! This is the single player FULLversion of The American Civil War, a risk-like turn-based strategygame. There is a demo version if you want to try the app beforebuying (named "Civil War strategy & risk game" -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kbasic.theamericancivilwar_free).You can play the scenario all the way to the end until victory ordefeat - without ads! Game rules of American Civil War - HistoryGames Goal The goal of this Turn-based grand strategy wargame is tocontrol all states of the USA when you play North. If you playSouth, you need to survive 50 turns to win. A game last about 2hours. Sides You may play the United States (North) or theConfederate States (South). Game elements There is the main mapshowing the US states. North territories are marked as blue andSouth territories are marked as red. Each state can have troops,generals and fortifications. Neutral territories are shown in gray.Reinforcement Troops consist of cavalry, infantry and artillery.New troops can be placed in your homestates only and must be movedto the battle fronts from there. Movement and Attack Movement andattacks are possible between neighbour territories only. When youplan to attack consider your morale level and troop strengthcompared to your enemy's. First press on the origin territory andthen on the destination territory. Select then the amount of troopsto move or attack. Terrain States can have woods, plains, hills andso on. Which are only to be considered to give the defender of astate a certain bonus. Transportation Crossing rivers and theAtlantic ocean is possible if you own a related card. You canalways cross rivers if both the origin and destination territory isheld by you. Railway transporation Large massive troops can betransported across the country by using the railway transportationcard. Crossing mountains The Appalachian Mountains seperatingseveral states of North and South can only be crossed if you ownthe special card. Battles After you hit the next turn button, yourmoves and your enemy's move are considered and executed in abritaryorder. If it comes to a battle, you have the option to use specialbattle cards to help the outcome of the battle in your intension.All battles are automatically played by the computer (futureversion of this game will allow to take command in the battles).Each battle have 20 turns, if the attacker is not able to controlall fields in the middle of the map seperating the two sides, he orshe will lose. The fighting power is directly influeced by theMorale Level, Generals, fortifications, terrain and random throws.Cards Two groups of cards exists. The first group can be played onthe main map, e.g. getting more reinforcement. The second group canbe played before a battle starts only, .e.g changing the bonuslevel of your side. Cards can be exchanged for reinforcment (tradecard) and vice versa (draw card). History and events cards arespecial cards which will have deep impact on the outcome of thegame. You get new cards by random or if you win a new territory.There are history cards which will let you win battle regardslessof the chances of the attack. Fortifications You can build forts,trenches and telegraphs. Forts and trenches help you to defend yourterritories. Telegraphs will show you the number of enemy's troopsin their neighbourhoods. Territories If you double tip on aterritory controlled by you, you will see details about stationedtroops. Sea Battles The Naval Level shows your navy strength. Theoutcome of naval battles are automatically calculated. This leveldetermines the number of troops which can be moved across riversand oceans. If your navy is supriour to your enemy's navy, ablockade is made reducing the enemy's reinforcement capabilites.