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BMI Calculator offers to calculate Body Mass index, Weight toHeight ratio, Body Fat Percentage, Weight Loss Percentage.BMICalculator helps you to know the your BMI Score and respectivecategory i.e Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese, Severely Obeseor Severely Obese. You can save your BMI score and keep track of itwithin App. BMI Calculator supports both units imperial and metricunits, You can easily change units.What is BMI ?Body Mass Index isa person's weight in kilograms divided by the square of height inmeters. A high BMI can be an indicator of high body fatness.MetricMethod - The metric formula accepts height measurements in metersand weight in kilograms. BMI = (Weight in Kilograms)/(Height inmeters * Height in meters)Steps - 1. Multiply your height byitself.2. Divide your weight in kilograms by the value calculatedin step 1.Imperial (US) Method - The imperial formula acceptsheight measurements in inches and weight in pounds.BMI = (Weight inPounds * 703)/(Height in inches * Height in inches)Steps -1.Multiply your weight in pounds by 703.2. Multiply your height ininches by itself3. Divide the figure from step 1 by the figure instep 3.How is BMI interpreted for adults?BMI - Weight StatusBelow18.5 - Underweight18.5 – 24.9 - Normal or Healthy Weight25.0 – 29.9- Overweight30.0 and Above - ObeseHow good is BMI as an indicatorof body fatness?The accuracy of BMI as an indicator of body fatnessalso appears to be higher in persons with higher levels of BMI andbody fatness. While, a person with a very high BMI (e.g., 35 kg/m2)is very likely to have high body fat, a relatively high BMI can bethe results of either high body fat or high lean body mass (muscleand bone). Hopes BMI Calculator helps you to stay healthy.