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The brain possesses a tremendous power, most of it is dormant,there are many reasons to wake some of that potential up, for oncethat would help you live a better life, stimulating areas of yourbrain is a healthy process, in this game we will try to wake up thebrain intelligence potential. This game enables you to enhance theway you use your skills on strategy and planning, the better youdo, the better you show your skills in planning your life.

Fill it, if you can is a 2D puzzle and intelligence game. Your aimfill some empty space of area by means create, increase and move ofobjects different shapes. Brain Training Game.

+ Addictive gameplay
+ Colorful graphics
+ Relaxing music
+ 60 exciting ( and difficult) levels
+ intelligence booster

App Information Filling Shapes Game

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    Filling Shapes Game
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    October 12, 2015
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Lana Cristina
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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    Walter-von-der Vogelweide 6845 Hohenems
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Mine Business Tycoon Games APK
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Try our new Craft Beer Tycon Game:Beer GameThe player's task is to promote in a simulated economic systembymaking a production (mining, oil well, oil platform) over 20rawMinerals, skillful acting and to earn by passing a mine asmuchprofit. In certain intervals includes customer demand andproducessome number of mineral resources. Through these tasks youcan earnmore than if you sell the raw Minerals in the dynamicmarket. All 5to 10 seconds the sale change prices in the market.Wait and soldyour natural resources if the price for it ishighest.The Business Tycoon is easy to play:On the map, the one excel table looks you have to click on afieldand then on the right side the field as the first to exploreanddiscover the natural resources and how much of it there.There are 2 types of sensing: land or water. With waterexplorationcan find their natural gas and oil.All other natural resources can be found withlandexploration.It may be giving on the field erkundetem natural resources thatcannot be mined with mining Level 1 you.Therefore would be good if you click on the raw Mineralsandapproved via which buildings and what level is required.The higher the building level the more minerals species can mineit.Tried many fields on the map to explore, and various rawmaterialsto build production buildings. Forgets not your buildinglevel toincrease regularly.Now you're ready to start your own Mine Business startup.Unlike many other strategy games mining industry is peaceful.Thereare no wars, no spionagen and no sabotage.
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Try our new Miner Tycoon Game:Mine Business Tycoon GameHow to Play:Find different Color.With each level the game becomes more difficult.How colour vision works:Human can distinguish colours when incoming light reacts with thecone cells in the retina of eye.There are three types of cone cells. Based on how they respond tolight of wavelengths you will perceive the three basic colours;red, green and blue. The rest of the colours are perceived as aresult of your brain combining the different cone cells.Often it is claimed that women distinguish colours better than men.This is partly true since 2-3 % of women have also fourth type ofcone cells instead of the normal three.This is called tetrachromacy. A person like this can distuinguishup to 100 million different colour tones.Why are some people colour blindSome people have colour blindness. It is notably more commonamongst the men: in research it's been found that 8 % of men arecolour blind as opposed to only 0,4 % of women.Colour blindness is caused by lack or defectiveness of cone cellsin the retina of eye.For a colour blind person some colours look misleadingly similar.The most common form of colour blindness is deuteranomaly, adifficulty to distinguish red and green.Please notice that on this page you can't test colour blindness,but your ability to differiate colour tones.How animals see coloursBirds are famous for their excellent eyesight. Their eyes can seeeven five basic colours and the number of different colourcombinations is vast.Bees and many other insects can see ultraviolet light. That helpsthem to notice which plants are full of nectar and needpollination.In most mammals' eyes there are less cone cells than in human'seyes which makes them see a smaller-scale colour spectrum. Manymammals hunt at night when it's more important to distinguishshapes than colours.Marine fish register only blue and green light. In turn, fishliving in lakes and rivers see shades of red.
Filling Shapes Game APK
Lana Cristina
Try our new Miner Tycoon Game:Mine Business Tycoon GameThe brain possesses a tremendous power, most of it is dormant,there are many reasons to wake some of that potential up, for oncethat would help you live a better life, stimulating areas of yourbrain is a healthy process, in this game we will try to wake up thebrain intelligence potential. This game enables you to enhance theway you use your skills on strategy and planning, the better youdo, the better you show your skills in planning your life.Fill it, if you can is a 2D puzzle and intelligence game. Your aimfill some empty space of area by means create, increase and move ofobjects different shapes. Brain Training Game.+ Addictive gameplay+ Colorful graphics+ Relaxing music+ 60 exciting ( and difficult) levels+ intelligence booster
Learning Colors Shapes Memory APK
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Wooden Colorful Shape Sorting Board GameforKids,Toddlers,Babys.Kids’ fruitful education is based on three fundamental itemsandthese are identifying shapes and colors, matching similaritems,and proper development of hand-eye coordination. The bestresult inkids education can be enjoyed if the entire learningprocess is setby using a fun and learn teaching methodology. Thefree android app“Colorful Shape Sorting Board” is all aboutoffering an interactiveGame platform for toddler with shapes andcolors and the entiremilieu is set in a delightful mode, which isample entertaining forkids and a simple but extremely interactiveteaching platform forparents. Baby memory learning.How to play the Baby Shape Sorter:This is really a simple to play game but it is quite challengingforkids as well as for adults. The challenge is pretty tough forthekids especially when the shapes are divided into small units.Thereare different colors available. The player has to matchshapes andcolors for each unit. Different shapes and colors arefounddisplayed on the screen. Each session has to be completed asfast aspossible. There is a timer, and it will be displayed aftereachsession gets over: this timer will help you to measure thetimeyou/your kids have taken to complete the matching session, andtoassess if you are performing gradually faster.While playing this game you can ask your kids to completeeachmatching game faster and fastest and that will be perfectlydone bychallenging your previous performance as displayed by thetimer.This faster movement of finger in select and drag style willnotonly improve your kid’s reflex, they will be master inmatchingdifferent shapes and colors and its unique synchronizationat greatspeed with best accuracy.How the app is unique?You can teach your kids to play this app- game simply by usingyourandroid device, it is easy to teach game to Toddlers andextremelyaddictive to play for adults. By playing this game yourkids willbe learning to categorize and name the shapes: even thetoddler of2-year age range will be able to master the game.It will take only a few minutes time to get downloadedandinstantly it will get synchronized on your android device, sothatyou can start playing with this educational puzzle gameColorfulShapes at one go. The fun and learn method will keepToddlersentertained and will improve their learning curve byenhancingcognitive skill, motor skill, and visual perception skill.Beforeyou introduce your toddlers for playing the game on yourdevice,have a look here to learn all the features of this app sothat youcan enjoy best result in your kid’s performance.+ It has a brilliant user interface: it is easy tounderstand,toddlers’ friendly, and it is easy to teach in aninterestingway,+ By playing with this educational game you will be able tolearnskills like identifying different shapes, matching shapes,andhand-eye coordination,+ The app presents infinite levels of matching game: you canplayunlimited as well as your kid can play as much as theylike,+ By playing this educational game your kids canlearnimplementing symmetry and unit shape fragments for adding themin awhole part: the ability of integration is one of the bestresultsof playing with this app.+ By playing this app game, kids will be able toidentifydifferent colors.+ You can use parental control: you need to be opened on lefttopparent button. You need to press and hold the button for 3secondsto unlock the facility.+ Users can play the game with awesome background music,whichcan be put off/on via parental control.This educational app has been developed on basis of theauditrecommendations of the children's education experts; hence itwillsurely be effective for your toddlers basic education.
Junkyard Tycoon - Car Business Simulation Game 1.0.21 APK
Lana Cristina
Want to start your own Salvage yard business? If you lovevehiclesand automobiles, you will love this virtual business gameof cars.It is unique and extremely entertaining. Junkyard Tycoon isaSimulation game where you start your own Salvage yard, buyscrapevehicles, detach vehicle parts, sell them and make profit.Whileyou slowly make good business out of junk vehicle parts, youbecomea Business magnate.Just keep buying and selling car or carparts.The twist of the game is that you can make profit whilesellingdifferent vehicle parts. You can buy Car, Truck, Tractor andSuperHero Vehicles at scrapyard prices and you will be able tosellautomobile parts individually to make good money. You canRepairscrap Cars and sell it as used Cars. Find Car Legends. It isaperfect way to test your business and money making skills.Wreckingyard Mogul is the best time management Simulation gameforunlimited fun and car business. The game is all about right setofWreckers business skills needed at the right time.! Get readyforthe most amazing salvage business game where you can buy junkcars,trucks, vans, or any other moving parts of vehicles and testyourbusiness skills to become a real Magnate. Focus and playcarefully!This is an amazing business strategy game. Decide on yourbusinessstrategy to balance out your income and expenses. TheWrecking Yardeconomy game is really fun with thrilling soundeffects andbeautiful game graphics. Download the game and startyour ownWrecking yard and be a Car Master .************************ SAYHELLO ************************ We areconstantly working hard onmaking the game better and moreentertaining for you. We need yourconstant support to get going.Please feel free to email us for anyqueries/suggestions/problems orif you just want to say hello. Wewould love to hear from you. Ifyou have enjoyed any feature of thegame, do not forget to rate uson play store and share among yourfriends. Junkyard Tycoon Website